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  1. luke8878

    Browns to interview McCarthy

    So now who is out there with head coaching experience? I'm sick of coordinators. So here we go again.
  2. luke8878

    Official Bills @ Browns Gameday Thread

    If that extra point was no good,. neither was Denver's field goal back in 86.
  3. luke8878

    ***Browns @ Broncos Game Day Thread***

    Maybe he going through his reads. On another note, let's throw it to Callaway, when we have Beckham and Landry.
  4. luke8878

    ***Browns VS Seahawks Gameday Thread***

    Well Hodges, a undrafted rookie is more accurate than Mayfield.
  5. luke8878

    ***Browns VS Seahawks Gameday Thread***

    Isn't that a 15 yard penalty for taking off your helmet?
  6. luke8878

    ***Browns VS Seahawks Gameday Thread***

    What was the penalty on Landry?
  7. luke8878

    1st pre season game and drive

    True but we haven't even tried it again. We ran no huddle, quick hit passes.
  8. Remember the very first pre season game and drive where we went no huddle and scores liked in 98 seconds? What happened to that?