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  1. Duckpins

    Browns new Coach....

    Anyway possible to get Urban Mayer? Please excuse the spelling if wrong...he has the gravitas to keep OB and Baker in line. Otherwise I don't know if the Baker ship has sailed? I'd like to see a proven winner coach this team. McCarthy I thought would be an upgrade. But gone. Pettan (again please excuse spelling) did a fine job with Hoyer but the pressure to play Johnny highball and the horrible wasting of draft picks that prior year did him in. He is respectable as the D coach at Green Bay. What is the news now from Cleveland? I just looked at a picture from an old box of photos of my dad and cousin Ed in front of Municipal stadium. My Dad claimed you got a parachute when sitting in the upper deck in left field!
  2. Duckpins

    Browns new Coach....

    well we learned one thing....no one wants daboll But without daball you can't never score?
  3. Judgement is necessary in competition to bring out the best in others. We have two buffoons in critical positions. Baker has yet to show he has Championship brains and Fat Freddie is a classic case of Murphy's Law. Who would you want Baker or Bernie, Otto, etc.. He may grade out to be the worst of the big five chosen in the 1st round. He is already behind hopelessly Lamar, etc..
  4. Duckpins

    Looking back - Josh Allen vs Josh Rosen

    RG3 was a low IQ runner. He banged into people out of bounds and broke his arm, could not slide. Lamar is the Walter Payton of zig zag.
  5. Duckpins

    Freddie fired

    OBJ is not the problem. It is the dynamic he sets up with Baker hunting for him instead of the open man like last year.
  6. Duckpins

    Freddie fired

    The only question is what are they going to get for OBJ, a 3rd round pick and a player? And who replaces Fat Dumb Freddie? After the turnover you can't get less than a field goal attempt. Run 2 times with Hunt or Chubb. See how close you get to the 20. But Baker on 3rd and long will try to make something happen and get sacked. Bet on it.
  7. Duckpins

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    Clock management in the pros and college is so bad, you wonder if these guys understand basic logic? Stupid is as stupid does. Mike McCarthy next year because discipline needs to be there before the talent can assert itself.
  8. Duckpins

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    Watt has a pedigree. Played in the B 10 at wisconsin. How do the Browns miss him in the draft?
  9. Duckpins

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    One of the worst plays which shows Baker's lack of judgement was after the turnover or maybe later he had 5 easy yards and could have run out of bounds on his predictable scramble to the right but just heaved it out of bounds for no reason. The three or four yrds that were right there are what Wilson and Rodgers do.
  10. Duckpins

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    Duck sat there with more time than to throw than the guy had to read books on Twilight Zone after WWIII! The D Line could not have hit him with shotguns! He was in a pond by himself.
  11. Duckpins

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    Take the Badgers with the points and LSU. GA is way over rated like most SEC teams. The last game was 10-7 in the 3rd before the Badgers fell apart.
  12. Duckpins

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    Can't agree. Tomlin made a few dumb calls but Freddie made a few good calls. He is in the wrong play with the wrong part. Baker wants to make the big play so takes sacks because he does not care about winning. He just wants to be a star. This team needs to reboot again. Switch to Mac and get rid of the windows machines! After the turn over passing 3 times was just dumb. This is not Aaron Rodgers. Hunt has the most juice of any of the players, the rest look like they are just playing for the next contract.
  13. Duckpins

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    Freddie does not know what he is doing. Baker makes bad judgements so you have to limit him to quick throws and run more. Hunt actually has enthusiasm. When they got the turnover the 3 stupid pass plays lost the game and momentum. Zero excitement everyone is on the ground building there brands by faking injuries. What a circus. Beckham needs to go. And the pressure on the qB of the steelers was non existent he could have had a cup of coffee if he had a table. Unbelievable.
  14. Duckpins

    No suspension for Rudolph?

    Welsh is from the Greenspan-RR-Ayn Rand-Milton Friedman world view. It is never enough for me. And always noting for society or other people.
  15. Duckpins

    Freddie actually did a decent job

    Do you listen? This guy says he doesn't coach fighting? Who does? He is the worst coach the Browns have ever had. Listening to him talk is like listening to a high school coach from Dirt poor Alabama.