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  1. SdBacker80

    Browns Board Draft Round Three

    http://www.espn.com/nfldraft/columnist?id=1545117 not the first time it has happened
  2. SdBacker80

    Browns Board Mock Draft

    Not going to stop people from taking road trips to Pennsylvania - just when they want people to stay at home. Im a responsible Drinker (weekend)I drink a tad more on Sundays during football season but when I heard a rumor that stuff was going down the first trip I made was to liquor store after I bought baby formula and diapers. If I have sit at home for weeks which grinds my gears as it is let me drink a beer or take a shot a whiskey. That’s ridiculous. I can see Gavin Newsom pulling that too - maybe I’ll stock up.
  3. SdBacker80

    Browns Board Draft Round Three

    Well go ahead it’s only 8 hours. dont the Lions Have Ragnow at Center pretty dang good but oh well If he wants Ruiz I’ll take Tyler Biadasz, C, Wisconsin. I had them 1a 1b Biadasz more of the road grader less polish in pass protect but a steal here as well and maybe he gets Lev Bell going a little more this year.
  4. SdBacker80

    Trivia Question of the Day March 28, 2020

    Brett Farve, Rivers, Peyton Manning, Elway
  5. SdBacker80

    Browns Board Draft Round Three

    Woody takes Buzz Lightyear. NYJ select Cesar Ruiz Center *ichigan. Good reviews at the combine...appears to be the most athletic of the group. If you get a franchise QB you need to surround him with pieces. Last year L. Bell RB. This draft the Jets have taken Thomas LT and a speedy WR. You need a future 10 year Center now to complement all these pieces. sorry I was tired of checking the site
  6. SdBacker80

    Browns Board Mock Draft

    I think the Gov knows better than Restricting The Lawful sale of liquor and guns.
  7. SdBacker80

    Left Tackle - Flugel Faves and Hopefuls

    You definitely notice the Great feet.
  8. SdBacker80

    Sean Payton Tests Positive

    Yes we have the "X" on the floor six feet from the register and the plexiglass covering the cashiers. I'm wearing gloves at all places- I have a 4 month old at home can't take chances.
  9. SdBacker80

    Trivia Questions and Answers

    Cunningham is a surprise. 82-52 record. almost 5000 yards rushing 35 rushing TDS. Pre-Vick days which was very uncommon 207 Passing TDs 4 Pro Bowls 1 All Pro
  10. SdBacker80

    Trivia Questions and Answers

    I’d have to say Randall Cunningham tops my list. Phil Simms next. and then hometown love for Bernie- he had a 4-5 year period of mostly brilliance at the position.
  11. SdBacker80

    Sean Payton Tests Positive

    We have had at a stay at home order since last Thursday here in CA. We had about half of the people here take it seriously. They posted pictures of crowds at the beach and people shopping for non-essentials. They initially Said exercise and going outside is fine so everyone congregated to the parks!!! They closed those Monday- finally. Loads of people complaining about the lack of testing but they aren’t even taking social distancing seriously. Stay away from people it is pretty simple. It is getting a little better this week. They’ve ordered fines for people out and about for no reason. I’m a 50% essential employee working half home and half in the office. It is little strange driving in downtown San Diego with a handful of people walking around. Strange times indeed.
  12. SdBacker80

    Browns Board Draft Round Two

    Steelers Jake Fromm QB. Almost turned in Jake From State Farm
  13. SdBacker80

    Browns Sign OL and rework another

    Keeping Hubbard is a great move. He had some bad games no doubt about it. But Baker and the play caller let us down more often than anything last year. On to the draft These tackle prospects have solid potential at the next level I wouldn’t call any of them all pro level talent at any point. We are talking about putting one of them at left tackle in their first year too. Let’s hope!!! I guess.
  14. SdBacker80

    Browns Board Draft Round Two

    Jets. Jalen Reagor WR TCU. Area of need and a speedy weapon for Darnold. Return guy too.
  15. SdBacker80

    Browns Board Draft Round One

    Raiders Select Kristian Fulton CB LSU. Huge need at corner for the Raiders.