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  1. SdBacker80


    They are still a step ahead in two key areas: HC and QB but that is not say we can’t be better (on the scoreboard) than the Chiefs over a 60 minute period next January and our coach and QB are pretty dang good too. Those two areas while arguably the most important areas are complicated by the fact that We are better with our OL vs Their DL vice versa (in the trenches). And most of us know this can tip any game as it did Sunday if not for our mistakes in our favor. They can whine about Honey Badger/Frank Clark but we can whine about OBJ. Ronnie Harrison and Grant Delpit would have helped our cause too. We were a better team Sunday…and it is hard for some of those Ozark Simpletons to figure that out I just hope they aren’t surprised by that come January when punt snaps aren’t dropped. Please give us relatively good health and some improvement with our young guys over the course of the year.
  2. Carr was throwing behind WRs all night. Carr, their secondary and that division will keep them out of the playoffs. That was a bad loss for Baltimore.
  3. The Rats are vulnerable…as long as we stay away from Humphrey we are fine. Last year we went right at him. As soon Carr and Co figured that out there was yardage and points to be had. The secondary looked weak. I love the Rats D coordinator for one simple reason HE ATTACKS the QB. He knows their secondary is vulnerable and their only chance is to disrupt the passer. Food for thought…the Orlando Brown Jr. trade really helped out the Browns. You take a guy better suited in a run scheme and put him in a more pass heavy scheme in KC and you weaken two of our threats with one deal. Villanueva looked old last night. Orlando Brown he’s going to be serviceable but nothing like he was or could be with the Ravens. It is downright hilarious listening to Rats and Chiefs fan try to spin it like they got one over on the other. We have some time before we face Lamar and maybe we get a teaser with Kyler Murray next month. Although Kyler is better. Joe Woods we are calling on you for a better scheme with Lamar. Make it happen
  4. You are asking a safety to cover one of the fastest guys in the NFL on a broken play never mind the safety was actually in position to make the play.
  5. I don’t think any team has solved that Mahomes scrambling QB issue because you need to account more for his arm and his weapons. I’ll take it easy on us there. I feel there is no excuse for Lamar though. He has to beat us with his legs or the Ravens aren’t beating us. Hopefully they don’t spread us out and we go man coverage with our backs to Lamar…and God help us if Mack Wilson is taking snaps in that game too.
  6. I’m with Tia…not enough cowbell. I would have been fine spending the second half with Chubb and Hunt trading blows one gets two carries the other gets two carries...if either need a spell you have a good 3rd in the depth chart back behind them. Have I said recently how much I love the angry style that Hunt employs which I think is invaluable in the 4th quarter when hands are on hips? I also like the sending our WRs deep early and playaction early because we’ve established enough of a league wide identity that teams prepare for us by focusing on the run and we are becoming the standard when it comes to running the ball. So the HC has astutely noticed this and he had a lot of game plans dating back to the second half of last year where we went air and then run. I don’t fault JJohnson he was the victim of what happens at times perfect coverage and then back shoulder stuff happens. This was chasing a blur across the field and having to shift that momentum when Mahomes had an errant pass. And I think some of these games it would be nice for Myles to take over and come up with a big second half sack when it’s feeding time. Like 22-10, 22-17, 29-26…the Chiefs had no ground threat so he should have been coming. He was largely quiet in the second half. He needs to be loud if the defense is going to do well. we are all hungover hopefully the Browns aren’t next week at home against a feisty Houston team.
  7. SdBacker80


    I think he could do it all underneath and top buster…but to the degree he can top bust like Schwartz remains to be seen.
  8. SdBacker80


    Schwartz filled the role of OBJ top buster better than the other two IMO, which I think was needed given OBJs absence.
  9. SdBacker80


    No different issues at play. It could go the other way and based off these last two meetings would it even be a surprise? We got valuable experience for our next meeting which I feel/hope we can cook up something better against Hill and Kelce. The Chiefs have a wide gap with almost every team when it comes to signal caller and HC…not the case against the Browns. And We need our D coordinator to cook up something for guys like Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. Right now, those two are standing in our way of a division and a super bowl…and Joe Woods Defense vs. Jackson and Mahomes…the numbers are supporting their MVP runs. I’d like more of run commitment from the Browns against the Chiefs. We need to cut down on mistakes…two fumbles and two short fields and another INT. it was 33-29 against the defending AFC champs in their building with those mistakes. i had to laugh when Chiefs fans claimed we played as well as we could play. Even with the Mistakes and a costly ejection first series…not hardly. PeeWee, PopWarner, Jr. High, HS, College, etc…sideline support staff (including coaches) you don’t lay your hands on opposing players. Let’s talk about this…Andy Reid and the Chiefs. The coach should be suspended.
  10. SdBacker80

    Tale of the Tape - Browns vs Chiefs

    It is never a good idea…coaches, sideline officials or personnel or aquatic engineers…you aren’t in the game…so sit yourself out of the game.
  11. SdBacker80

    Tale of the Tape - Browns vs Chiefs

    For a Browns playoff game…absolutely
  12. We can run on them. We need to double Kelce and put Ward on Hill. And no dropped punts and fumbles
  13. SdBacker80

    Tale of the Tape - Browns vs Chiefs

    Ward on Hill and we are fine part 2. It Would be nice to see Ronnie Harrison, ObJ, Honey Badger and Clark play too. See you in January hopefully in Cleveland
  14. Next time Ward vs. Hill…no zone no other rbullsh@ut
  15. Ward needs to be on Hill all day every day