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  1. Obviously they just got caught and they’ve probably ran recon numerous times this year. unless they are just getting ready for their big game against the Bengals
  2. SdBacker80

    Browns Bengals Gameday Thread

    Njoku could be the most overrated guy on the team. We aren’t paying his next contract either. Id deal him this offseason. LT, S, TE this offseason
  3. SdBacker80

    Browns Bengals Gameday Thread

    Offense going through the motions now pathetic second straight week
  4. SdBacker80

    Browns Bengals Gameday Thread

    defense Going through the motions. 2nd week in a row.
  5. SdBacker80

    Browns Bengals Gameday Thread

    David Njoku. Good for a drop and bonehead play each game. Which one was this?
  6. SdBacker80

    Draft order today; Tankathon

    Trade down in the first take a sandwich eater there are plenty available in the top 30
  7. SdBacker80

    Browns Bengals Gameday Thread

    Charmin coverage. glad we have Randall back
  8. SdBacker80

    Ron Rivera

    Riverboat Ron. Defensive coach yes I’d co-sign on that move. Hes been labeled as “players coach”. I think we need a Coughlin and Mangini type in that regard.
  9. SdBacker80

    CB problems

    Joe Haden didn’t play well here towards the end and never hung onto any INTs. Randall should be that guy as should Carrie both guys were guys we acquired that had experience.
  10. SdBacker80

    CB problems

    I’m a devote OSU fan probably have a few on here as well. Ward had better technique at OSU. Played the ball nicely avoided contact and stuck like glue to elite competition.
  11. SdBacker80

    CB problems

    Greedy was an on field spectator all game and then did us all a favor by taking himself out. Carrie had his worst game as a Brown. Ward made a few nice plays last season playing in zone he’s given up a few plays in man this year. He’s one of the guys on our team that seems to have a good football IQ. He’s not a tackler not a sturdy guy either. He won’t get paid like a top 5 corner or at least he shouldn’t. Redwine isn’t ready yet maybe never will be seems to have athleticism but probably not the ball skills needed at this next level. He made one play. We saw maybe 4 total defensively last week WE need to make Safety a very high priority this offseason. Randall didn’t earn his next check here he’s been average all year and hurt too. If you are dishing out checks next year you keep Hunt and Show and let Randall walk. overall you see a secondary with speed some skill But in a scheme that’s still up to debate if it’s useful here AND we now have no pass rush. It’s going to make a pretty average secondary all season perform below average and even poorly.
  12. SdBacker80

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    We went ball control prevent offense. At one point we had 13 carries to start to the game and I believe Baker was 6/8. We were running into 8 man fronts with blitzing linebackers. I don’t agree with the ball control keep away approach when Facing a rookie QB. If the Steelers get one or two more possessions that’s a couple more occasions for rookie mistakes. the Steelers actually took more shots down the field with their best WR out!!!! We took the wrong approach to the game and the defense put on a disgusting display. I’m not talking about the newbies just entering the game and signed off of practice squads I’m talking about Guys like Carrie, Greedy and Wilson.
  13. SdBacker80

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    On that half yard Line play...Mack Wilson didn’t seem too interested in squaring his shoulders and taking on the blocker. He had another moment in first half where he MAYBE got held a little and he appeared to give up on a run to the outside. Flailed his arms looking for a call instead of playing through contact. Runner went right by him it wasn’t a good day for Mack, Greedy or Carrie
  14. SdBacker80

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    Defense Tackling, hustle and effort was disgusting today. We can focus all we want on the defense being out manned. The Steelers had their top back, top WR, starting center and “duck” playing QB and we were tossed around chewed up and spit out with a conservative steeler game plan. There was nothing to be proud of on that side of the ball
  15. SdBacker80

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    I agree and The Steelers with Duck Dynasty took more shots down the field.