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  1. SdBacker80

    Malik McDowell Arrested

    Yep. DT was a need it is now the highest priority. Id probably take someone Day 1 or Day 2 and spend some $$$ in the free agency market as well.
  2. SdBacker80

    It's All About The QB! Always has been!

    Wow Bad injury there hope he’s okay. That arm and entire side was out after that collision
  3. SdBacker80

    It's All About The QB! Always has been!

    But Have you been inside…meal+drinks+cheesecake+fancy coffee Drink= premium paid for chain food and most married people aren’t walking away with a happy ending. But Im with you the cheesecake is very good.
  4. Ball in our FO court now…sounds like a classy but subtle you want me come get me kinda message
  5. SdBacker80

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    Cam Akers torn Achilles 173 days ago looks great…wow.
  6. SdBacker80

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    And there is Cam Heyward FF… And the Chiefs have Mahomes and they get cute with the Wild cat
  7. SdBacker80

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    Maybe…he played for Tressel. I remember him just dominating the Sugar Bowl game (game that didn’t count for anyone outside of OSU) against Arkansas. That was very satisfying win as an OSU fan conquering all that SEC speed
  8. SdBacker80

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    I was just telling my family this…and his whole dang career too as a Steeler.
  9. SdBacker80

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    No. They had a good season and fixed a lot of the issues they had in the previous year.
  10. SdBacker80

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    WTF is Randy Gregory doing?
  11. SdBacker80

    It's All About The QB! Always has been!

    The “Experts” weren’t that far off with the 2018 draft. The consensus: Mayfied had the highest floor. Darnold and Allen were Boom or Bust picks. Allen improved his accuracy (concern at Wyoming) where Darnold didn’t improve on protecting the ball (concern at USC) Rosen many were wrong but there were some red flags with Work Ethic at UCLA. Jackson is he still anywhere close to being a passer in the league??? he came into the perfect scenario with Baltimore and credit to them for utilizing the athletic skill set he possesses and they have had a stroke of luck with his health. Knowing what we knew in 2018…I’m sorry I would have been upset with picking Allen and I can’t fault the front office at that time for not picking Allen.
  12. SdBacker80

    You're the GM...

    There was a seven or eight year period where I didn’t like any first round pick except for Trent Richardson and then Jim Brown called him average and he went downhill after that early season Bengal game. admittedly I wanted us to take Brett Huntley and Aaron Murray when they entered neither did a lot.
  13. SdBacker80

    SO WHAT DO WE DO FOR 2022?

    Yeah why not. Kyle Schwarber…Left Field for the Tribe and MLB for the Browns
  14. SdBacker80

    You're the GM...

    Let’s just draft another offensive lineman in the first round and make another lineman the highest paid at his position….that should fix Bakers problems
  15. SdBacker80

    You're the GM...

    But Jimmy Graham needed to get separation on coverage and occasionally block some of the best athletes (DE) pound for pound on the field.