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  1. SdBacker80

    Quarterback Merry Go Round

    forgot that point...yes it is nice to not hear it...but it will be replaced by what will the Cowboys do with Zeke? He’s a goner next offseason I believe. The Dak dilemma you had to answer two questions Is he as average as fans make him out to be? When you dig into things and see everything out there Did Jerry really have a choice?
  2. SdBacker80

    Quarterback Merry Go Round

    Dak gets paid because Jerry realizes he has no choice. 4yr. 160M. 126M guaranteed
  3. SdBacker80

    Browns Roster Moves 2021

    Carlson and Gustin are no brainers for me. Re: Carlson- has played well when he’s had the opportunity. He had a huge onside kick recovery. We also need TEs with our offensive scheme. I can’t see Njoku being a long term option and maybe not a short term either
  4. SdBacker80

    2021 'Who are you watching?' NFL prospect thread.

    I don’t see Ray Lewis. Im Seeing Lavonte David. Cox would instantly become the best coverage backer we have and he looks like he wraps up better than most of our guys. He plays like a safety.
  5. SdBacker80

    Free Agent Tracker

    Agree on the wait and see. The list of starter and depth quality CBs in the free agent class is long. But 2yr. 6M in a heartbeat
  6. SdBacker80

    Browns Draft Needs

    Vernon wasn’t valuable to this team before the Achilles injury. If he wants an incentive laden 1 year prove it deal fine otherwise he’s out. Richardson saves 10.5M. My preference is restructure but I think you can find a comparable player in this free agency class (especially with all the cap issues of other teams) for half the price. Njoku saves 6M. Landry is a restructure candidate. Going to say this but I don’t know if I mean it. OBJ for a 2nd rounder. And it also saves 15M. ive said it before we don’t have the bad contracts that many teams have. Our long term commitments are coming though but there are guys that everyone is chalking up as “we have to save now to pay them later” don’t be surprised when it doesn’t happen and they turn into 3rd and 4th round compensatory picks. Three keys...Berry nails these middle round picks the next three years, Baker continues to develop and Myles becomes the best defensive football player in the NFL.
  7. SdBacker80

    Risky Business?

    Well Brown was hurt and Kam had a long career. Yeah the Browns have stunk at talent assessment: Danny Shelton was never a 1st round talent. I got nothing for Mingo Warren or Taylor.
  8. SdBacker80

    Browns Draft Needs

    I don’t have an argument with your assessment of our needs but what has Greedy done that instills any confidence that he is 1) going to healthy and durable 2) can hang in the League after teams target him. Mitchell can hang. He’s a must sign IMO.
  9. SdBacker80

    Risky Business?

    This covers my second point. If you find the QB and you take him but you don’t have support around him - they sit Year 1 (Mahomes he started end of Year 1). I’m not saying pass up the generational talent QB. You sign a McCown type to play competently in the interim. The argument years ago- “they are making too much money to sit” is that solution when you are paying a broken down QB in years 2,3 and 4? The Browns back in 1999 had Pro Bowl players that they could have taken as a bridge guys like Wil Wilford and Daryl Johnston- I think they could have picked up a blitzer coming after Couch.
  10. SdBacker80

    Risky Business?

    There were a lot of reaches of this list. Go back to 2011. Jags and Vikes need QBs badly so Jags come up and take a project in the top half of the first round. Vikes take a guy that had no business being a first rounder. So you set the franchise back 2-3 years with continued bad QB play and the team waits during that time of development. Perhaps even passing on better options the following year. You compound the problem. My feelings 1) you don’t take a chance on a QB in the first round. The consequences are harsh. The argument there were some positives on each of those guys mentioned above- there were also red flags with each. 2) If the QB doesn’t have support around him yet (line, WRs) he sits. Next offseason you stockpile talent in support of the QB position.
  11. Aside from a brief stretch of games Vernon has been unremarkable the past two seasons. Did he finally get healthy during the stretch (but now he’s hurt)? Or was it just favorable matchup (Eagles game)? Carl Lawson looks like possibility. A Vet and a 1st or 2nd round pick rotating in and splitting snaps is kind of the direction I’d like to see us take.
  12. SdBacker80

    Cue Up the Twilight Zone Theme. Baker spots UFO

    I live right by a common Miramar Base flight path. The odd lights and sounds are so common I laugh anymore when someone by us claims they spotted a UFO. Lake Travis TX, or some other area where non commercial aircrafts aren’t so common- who knows
  13. SdBacker80

    Cue Up the Twilight Zone Theme. Baker spots UFO

    To Serve Man...one of my favorite TZ episodes
  14. SdBacker80

    JJ Watt to Cardinals

    You could argue our most important players are the draft picks we pick in the next two-three years. We need to draft productive talent and have them on rookie deals. Our Cap will be Myles+Baker+Discounts+ring chasers
  15. SdBacker80

    Survey Wednesday March 3.

    1. Yes to an extent. I do not see us as a society being nut to butt in cramped settings for awhile. They will space out seating probably allow 30-40%. COVID can be harmless for Many of us and deadly to some. 2. “You are right honey do you mind if I retire and become a consultant for the Browns.” 3.First Russ is going nowhere. Miami, NO, Indy. 4. Myles should hire a cardio coach. 5. Indians. Development of position players and no devastating injuries to any of their young promising arms. That could Be good enough for another first round exit. 1997 and 2016 were there opportunities- who knows maybe the next is 2035. Baseball just pisses me off. The Yanks can sign Fried arm Kluber for 11M he doesn’t work out it is no big deal. 6. I went to the Keys in 2002. I had a good job one summer during college the Summer before and did a spending splurge. It was a great time from what I can remember...I didn’t die. Not the wisest thing I did as I needed money the next year when I moved across the country. Nothing since that time until the end of this month and I’m off to Hawaii which will be 99.9% less crazier than that last trip. Wife and kids with me this time.