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  1. Counsel would probably say he’s under no legal obligation to answer. And what damage control is necessary??? he’s not being asked because quite honestly people/media don’t care as much about him given the way he played last season. Is this on First Take or Get Up or front and center on Yahoo Sports?
  2. SdBacker80

    Our current free agents.....

    Carrie was available 32 of 32 games. Started almost half of those because guys who were preferred and some better were not available. It has historically been a tough buyers market for free agent CB.
  3. SdBacker80

    Our current free agents.....

    But what do you do...go with another rookie back there? or sign a vet and hope he’s available 16 games? What’s the market rate for a serviceable vet CB?
  4. SdBacker80

    trade Njoku?

    I’ve said this a few times on here...he’s seemingly good for a drop, a dumb penalty and A Key missed block - but every so often he sprinkles in that 2018 red zone magic and high points a throw in the corner of the end zone. Another thing, He makes me nervous as heck when handles a ball although ball security hasn’t been a huge issue with him i think he’s working on the football IQ aspect but I think the next team that provides the next contract probably benefits from it. at the end of the day...I Probably draft his replacement and I definitely field offers for this year but I certainly would not want to pay him his next contract and even compete with some team that sees his “potential”.
  5. SdBacker80

    Our current free agents.....

    We saw the last incomplete skinny post inside the red zone to a double covered Harris with OBJ singled up and Chubb uncovered in the flat. Although I’m not too thrilled that we lost a corner that dressed each Sunday and had the best hammies of the group
  6. Look up Bretts second full season numbers. Eerily similar and Brett had more success his first full year
  7. See (insert any man) that cheats on his wife.
  8. His decision making on the field is indicative of a larger problem. His On the field problems mirror a young Brett Farve. The hope is he fixes things along the way as Brett Farve did.
  9. I’m all for that. You have Chase Young and Derrick Brown as Top 10 front 4 guys. Any team targeting those two probably won’t touch Armstead. Redskins have former first rounders Sweat, Kerrigan and Allen. Adding Young and Armstead doubtful. But I think Young is headed there for sure.
  10. Like most stories there is probably some truth but it will be somewhere in the middle of her story and if it comes out his story. But Listening to her I think most of it is fabricated. I didn’t get through all of the video- where is she from? And Just because his wife is nice looking doesn’t make him immune to bagging some slutty looking strange.
  11. They could..... probably the worst case scenario 3 QBs taken, all the OT worthy of Top 10 gone and elite defenders off the board. I think Tua slides maybe Herbert too. In that case..our potential picks are gone but we get calls from 12-16 to go get one of those guys. These teams probably don’t want to mortgage their entire future for a bigger move up too
  12. Depends on where he landed... Washington? why would Washington sign a guy like Armstead when they have a cheaper arguably more productive option available with Chase Young.
  13. Well actually the more QBs that are selected 1-9 would push quality non QBs to us. But I think a guy like Tua or Herbert slides in that 10 spot - we are Money. There are a glut of teams just behind us with potential QB needs anyone could trade up and we really don’t fall that far.
  14. SdBacker80

    Our current free agents.....

    I’d rather see what’s out there then overpaying or even getting a discount for Randall. Joe Show flashed big time in some games played pretty average in others. I believe we will now have to seriously compete with other offers. Anything crazy or Top 3 type money for that position and I let him walk. Kareem Hunt should be kept. Seals Jones is more reliable than Njoku he stays Cox is good depth piece. He should be more productive second go round than a rookie or any other FA at his level. I give Burris and Hollywood fair offers too ....all else time to move on
  15. If i put 100 on this I’d spread it out like this $25 Mahomes get money back. I’d go long on Brees and Murray. $25 each. I thought Murray would be a little longer. Then give me $15 on Baker and $10 Barkley