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  1. SdBacker80

    Survey Black Friday

    Sports tickets sales- Not really. For instance, Stubhub will offer sets of tickets (they name the exact location) they are all at different prices. Some are great deals others not so much. Once the ticket or tickets are sold at that price - they don’t appear in the listing anymore. Now I guess if you bought stubhub tickets at a great price you could turn around an re-list those tickets at a higher price. There are stories of ticket fraud (fake tickets) on stub hub. My near fraud experience happened strangely with Ticketmaster. I bought a set of tickets last year for Niner Browns Monday Night game and right before kick these Niner fans thought we were in their seats. Well we were in their seats but they had seats for a Niner game that would take place a month later. Somehow they got in stadium. When the attendant rescanned their tickets at the gate they were escorted out. Ha!!! with the TV Couldn’t Walmart have a TV or maybe 3 TVs at that price and sell out at 7:00 with the common disclaimer supplies are limited (customers never know the true number of supplies). Anyway there are always lots of TV deals at this time and you don’t have to wait until cyber Monday.
  2. SdBacker80

    Survey Black Friday

    1. Yes and it’s going to be close. Ravens and Raiders are the threat for the wildcard both have favorable schedules to end the year. 2. No and No. It will be close Sunday but I could see get right game (fix things get Landry involved more) for the pass offense. Good weather for once and the opponent has secondary issues. 3. Washington. Their D Front should do enough, they have a couple good backs and QB that plays smart football. 4. Alabama Auburn 5. Absolutely. I can’t wait. I was huge Mike fan back in the day. 6. New microwave. Mine just went out yesterday morning.
  3. SdBacker80

    The Way-too-early 2021 Mock Draft Thread

    if we are making just a couple offense selections in the upcoming draft Definitely need a WR and I’d say interior line depth. Ty Fryfogle Indiana Amari Rogers Clemson Trevon Grimes FLA Jalen Tolbert S. Alabama Probably 3/4/5 round type prospects
  4. SdBacker80

    Who Is the Browns MVP

    Yes I did. He’s the most complete player on our team. He could come back and win the NFL Def. MVP award. Stef was a clever answer and he’s been instrumental this year Chubb is my favorite player since Byner and he’s a decent choice too minus the extended time off.
  5. SdBacker80


    I’m not even surprised anymore. He shows up fashionably late on plays but celebrates other guys plays pretty well so I guess there is that. I think in the grand scheme of things he’s waiting to pull out some miracle game saving INT against the Steelers to get us in the playoffs.
  6. SdBacker80

    Who Is the Browns MVP

    why not nominate the guy that is being considered by many as a top contender for the NFL Defensive MVP award.
  7. SdBacker80

    The Way-too-early 2021 Mock Draft Thread

    But yet in recent history two guards have reaped big dollar contracts with the Browns. I don’t think anyone is really arguing against Wards ability. I wish it was that easy. Is he holding up each year and as he gets older? He’s one part of the pie and we are running into this fortuitous situation heck I’ll give some credit a situation by design too where we are actually paying multiple guys second contracts.
  8. SdBacker80

    The Way-too-early 2021 Mock Draft Thread

    It is usually the last guy that’s due that gets paid. So I agree he ain’t Ramsey...and what Ramsey did to DK two weeks ago- wow!!! But it is a year later. You also brought more mouths in this post than I think we can feed under our restrictions and under the cap. i like Ward a lot but if he gets 20M or close to it of our cap what guys are we letting walk out here. Baker? Chubb? Teller?
  9. SdBacker80

    The Way-too-early 2021 Mock Draft Thread

    Did I say anything about Vernon? Of course not. We had multiple people here talking about Wards next contract early in the year and last year when he had a pulled hammy. After yesterday of course no one thinks backing up the big truck and paying him is unreasonable. He’s not a big guy. Hasn’t played a full season yet. He has some durability concerns. Am I assuming he will want money - of course he’s a very good player. He played a heck of a game yesterday. He’s Getting an MRI too. You paid Garrett 25M annually. Chubb will get paid soon. Baker Too...Unless you want to draft his replacement. we made a big splash with a TE and a RT this offseason. so talking dollars and cents here- cap stuff and risk/benefit. Do you go long term with Ward at 20M a year? that is a question we may have to answer. No right or wrong answer. My opinion - No.
  10. I thought Baker had a good game. Sure he missed a couple throws but no INTs. He got by my count 3 offside penalties on hard counts. He had a genius play fake that made Josh Sweat look foolish. Lots of little things this game. He Made some big third down conversions on good throws. Ward had maybe his best game as a Pro. Big hit on the INT, but just played a good young WR very tough. I thought the Oline played a good front very well. Wills gave up the sack early in game I thought played well then throughout. Schwartz sold out to stop the run and it didn’t matter in the 4th. I said welcome to Cleveland to Vernon. Father Time caught up with Peters but Vernon had a couple bull rush high motor sacks that made me think of his days with the the Dolphins. Doug Pederson play calls wow...awful. What happened to Wentz?
  11. SdBacker80

    Drunken' Thoughts

    “Here we go again, just like the Raider's game". yep...Thank Doug Pederson for that. We also tightened up a bit and made a few plays. I have to also say very coherent drunken post. I’m jealous I just get buzzed for Browns games these days.
  12. SdBacker80

    Who Is the Browns MVP

    easy one... Garrett. 9.5 sacks 4 FF. Completely dictates the other teams game plan Lost the NFL Def. MVP by not suiting up and playing that trash Oline today and getting a handful of sacks
  13. SdBacker80

    The Way-too-early 2021 Mock Draft Thread

    Ramsey, Humphrey, White, Slay, Howard 15M- 20M. That’s his likely company.
  14. SdBacker80

    Learning how to win

    Good team a playoff capable team but not playing good consistent football
  15. SdBacker80

    The Way-too-early 2021 Mock Draft Thread

    Well let’s see if he gives the Browns a hometown discount and let’s see if he avoids injuries. he played a GREAT game today