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  1. Icecube

    Joe Thomas on the Titan games

    I watched this on TV. I am amazed at how trim some of these massive OLmen get after they retire. Joe is a winner, period.
  2. Icecube

    How much will rush D improve?

    Ouch. That much? Seems high.
  3. Icecube

    How much will rush D improve?

    Sometimes safeties can aid in rush D. Will Delpit help? I think Jordan Elliott (DT, 3rd round) has a shot at contributing, he has the tools, just needs reps to see plays developing. I don't think Phillips (LB, LSU) is going to do that much in 2020; just too raw, but he is listed as the starter in some depth charts I've seen. Hopefully some LBs step up. Takitaki?
  4. If you want to go somewhere, you must be able to stop the rush. The Browns were near the bottom in rushing D last year. What has been done to improve it?
  5. Icecube

    Josh Gordon applying for reinstatement!

    The megalomania is supreme. So funny.
  6. Icecube

    Josh Gordon applying for reinstatement!

    I asked you a simple question, and you won't answer. Just more tap dancing.
  7. Icecube

    The "Q" crowd

    I really want to believe in what Q says, but NOTHING has proven true: no mass arrests of anyone, no tens of thousands of child sex slaves saved, no nothing. Plus, Trump going along with things like vax, pumping more $ to corporations.
  8. Icecube

    Josh Gordon applying for reinstatement!

    I understand, you won't answer.
  9. Icecube

    James Harrison doing James Harrison things

    He gets paid to talk now.
  10. Icecube

    Josh Gordon applying for reinstatement!

    Did you defend him, yes or no? Stop tap dancing, you suck at it.
  11. Icecube

    The "Q" crowd

    I'm kind of surprised it never came up in here; it usually goes hand and hand with Trumpsters. It's supposedly reports from someone very high up the intel ladder who has been reporting behind-the-scenes of a supposed massive coup that is ongoing. The only problem is that a myriad of events predicted by Q have never happened. Time and time again, Q announces that massive arrests are upcoming of all of the swamp creatures involved in pedophilia but nothing happens. Remember the military hospital ships arriving in NY and off the coast of LA? Those were not really for medical help, those were supposed to be holding cells for the thousands of criminals that were to be arrested....over a month ago. No mass arrests, no nothing. There was also to be thousands and thousands of children sex slaves to be rescued as part of all this. Haven't seen any of them, either. IDK, I know some friends who really were grasping on Q as their last hope for this country. They are getting pretty discouraged now. https://www.mtdemocrat.com/opinion/guest-column-avalanche-of-indictments-coming-q-says-enjoy-the-show/
  12. Icecube

    Josh Gordon applying for reinstatement!

    And you defended him then.
  13. Icecube

    The "Q" crowd

    A lot of my Trump friends believe in this "Q" thing, but they have begun to crawl into the shadows as mostly everything Q has predicted has not happened. Is Q now defunct?
  14. Icecube

    CV truth

    I'd have to be lost to end up on this board. Do you get a free box of Coo Coo CoCo Puffs for posting here?