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  1. Icecube

    Trade OBJ... Pa-Leeeze!

    Including a great attitude and work ethic and leadership. He was one of the only players speaking out when that turd Hue and then Freddie were "in charge."
  2. Icecube

    Keenum to start

    IF they get Chubb back and the OL line together, they could still make a run; the rest of schedule is pretty dang soft (other than having to play Balt. twice).
  3. Their next five games are winnable. 4-1 definitely a possibility. Then they will be right in the mix, hopefully getting healthy, hopefully sans OBJ on the field to screw everything all up, as he has all along, and anyone who can't see it are blind.
  4. Icecube

    Still laughing over OBJ trade talk?

    I wouldn't treat it so caviler, he could cost the Browns a Super Bowl run.
  5. Icecube

    Still laughing over OBJ trade talk?

    Huge? He dropped the biggest key pass to a comeback bid to get back into the game.
  6. Icecube

    Still laughing over OBJ trade talk?

    Yea, the story is Baker forces passes to OBJ, hurting the entire D. It was precisely when OBJ went out during the Cinci game that Baker came to life, and for the rest of the year, mind you. They say Baker throws to the open man with OBJ out of the game, but forces passes to him when he's in. It looks true to me.
  7. It probably won't happen because no team will give more than peanuts for him, but it's so obvious it should be done. It's been the talk on sports shows this week.
  8. Icecube

    Tale of the Tape - Browns vs Chiefs

    If he makes any significance towards winning, it will be in spots, not consistent all season. But a key play here and there can make a difference in the sum of a season.
  9. Icecube

    Defensive Tackle

    Billings blows.
  10. Icecube

    Mayfield Contract Situation

    What happens when they get clapped by KC?
  11. And yet you still have to take the time to tell everybody that. Ooooo KKkkaaaay, there, fruit blossom.
  12. It sure looks like then Bengals to me, regardless of who copied whom when.
  13. So, they went for a Cinci look?
  14. Icecube

    Baker's frilly shirt

    They kept asking if he was wearing a robe, saying it was.