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  1. Icecube

    Dwayne Haskins signs with the stoolers

    Emmm, doesn't sound good.
  2. Icecube

    Dwayne Haskins signs with the stoolers

    Hell, they don't even know if Ben will be back.
  3. Icecube

    Here is where we are now.

    And maybe a WR. Mid-round.
  4. Icecube

    Here is where we are now.

    I really doubt he will be there.
  5. " I instead recently upgraded to a iphone 12 pro max" Excellent.
  6. Icecube

    Week 18: Browns vs Steelers Wild Card Game

    Pitt favored by 4 to 4.5 right now.
  7. Icecube

    Meyer to JAX?

    Doubt it. Why add such a headache/head case??? He will go with Lawrence.
  8. Icecube

    Vernon Ruptured Achilles

    The D ended up right in the middle in rankings (16th). That isn't bad considering how many holes they had at LB and DB. Next year will most likely have upgrades in both units. They will focus on LB/DB heavy in the draft and add a few FAs as well.
  9. Icecube

    Haden out with CV

    Ebron out now.
  10. Icecube

    Haden out with CV

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/steelers-joe-haden-flagged-for-covid-19-and-likely-to-be-out-vs-browns-star-corner-reacts-to-the-news/ Not a big deal for tomorrow's game (probably would have sat like most of their starters), but this means he will miss week 1 of playoffs, which will likely be against Cleveland.
  11. What are you talking about? He never did such before. The O is worse with him, the #s prove it.
  12. Icecube

    Browns -10

    The line should be higher.
  13. Icecube

    Mason Rudolph named starting QB on Sunday

    Mason their starting QB? This is an automatic win. Mark it down.
  14. Icecube

    Baker Mayfield

    I see an easy win, I don't think Pitt is even playing most starters, are they?