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  1. Rob_chudzinksi2000

    Who would you pick as an OT for the Browns ?

    none Of them. Since our tackles are shaky already we don’t need to waste a pick to bring in a rookie tackle when we all know that 90% they are horrid the first year or two and if they’re not busts they take like 3 years to develop to around average or above average play. Either you’re sure the guys the next Mitchell Schwartz or you find a guy another team gets rid of as a cap casualty to compete. Cuz our tackles are suspect as hell im tellin ya now.
  2. Rob_chudzinksi2000

    Minimum expectations for the upcoming season,?

    But you’re missing the whole point. First off I’m a 17 year old that can tell is on par with most of you as far as knowledge and x and o’s and all around insight. I said it was bull poop I’m not a moderator as a sheer joke. However you’re ego reared itself as way more profound a long time ago. Oh well. I did come on here aggressive about how I disagree with most that the browns will have a winning record. But I didn’t have a feel yet that this board is just shared by ppl who know each other for the most part. Still you’re a piece of work but best of luck in life
  3. Rob_chudzinksi2000


    This dude has Cody Kessler and Bruce gradkowski syndrome written all over him. I’m sure if Charlie Frye would’ve went to a new start up league after the browns cut him he could’ve looked brilliant for 4-6 games versus defenses that are less organized and talented than some college defenses
  4. Rob_chudzinksi2000


    Burnett is a better coverage guy than Murray. Murray is the new kindred while Burnett is a guy who can tackle and cover reliably. I like Morgan Burnett and his body of work a lot and he played with Randall in Green Bay. Better than peppers as a safety no doubt. Imagine the potent 3 somes with pretty chicks that these dudes are gonna have being the same position and ex teammates
  5. Rob_chudzinksi2000

    Backup QB?

    Garrett Gilbert it is baby. no need to draft a guy this year. Unlike a lot of moves in the Dorset era this was as good as it gets
  6. Rob_chudzinksi2000


    All bust talk aside That’s a big dong on that man
  7. Rob_chudzinksi2000

    Backup QB?

    The brock maestro it is. We paid him 16 million dollars to come jizz on the face of our finest young women but he probably would never come back
  8. Rob_chudzinksi2000

    Browns Resign Orson Charles

    Nah devalve and brown are getting shit canned and same with Harris if they find a rook they like
  9. Rob_chudzinksi2000

    Ogbah Has Been Traded for S Eric Murray

    Are you nuts? He had a few gimme interceptions at the beginning of the year and people automatically think he’s the next tashaun Gipson. The dude was ousted from his own draft team after doing nothing but getting burnt for 3 years. He’s not the worst but try about 22nd best free safety. No quarterback
  10. Rob_chudzinksi2000

    Minimum expectations for the upcoming season,?

    The problem is if they stay completely healthy they’re an 8-8 team at best right now. They went 7-9 because they snuck up on some teams who didn’t take them as serious as they will this year. They’re not the laughing stock anymore but they are still middle of the pack. I’m not being a Debbie downer just calling it how I see it. I think they go 6-10 without a big injury bug. Their o line is the worst since 2006. The secondary isn’t good. Their extremely young- a players prime is 24-28, baker,Chubb,Calloway,njoku,corbett,Myles,ogunjobi,ward and others are all like 22 years old. Young teams never just hop on and make a deep playoff and super bowl run like that. It never happens and they will go 8-8 at best
  11. Rob_chudzinksi2000

    Safety Arriving ....Berry, Boston ?

    Maybe there’s still issues with that injury but I’m thinking the cowboys are just very strapped for cash.
  12. Rob_chudzinksi2000

    Minimum expectations for the upcoming season,?

    Cleveland will finish below the Steelers and ravens the next two years it is what it is
  13. Rob_chudzinksi2000

    Safety Arriving ....Berry, Boston ?

    Name chasing? You’re the kind of guy that’s thinking is the same of many teams who are bounced in the divisional round. Eric berry makes you as good as possible at a position of need period. Let alone he knows Dorsey and the browns can pay him something fine for a year or so.
  14. Rob_chudzinksi2000

    Minimum expectations for the upcoming season,?

    I do though
  15. Rob_chudzinksi2000

    Browns Resign Orson Charles

    This dudes the next Lawrence vickers. Huge man who will pound and fill the hole ferociously. Honestly it’s an underrated skill that’s dying in football today. Browns would do well to do all the little things and this is a good move