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  1. Justin_Gilbert2019

    Bengals fans taking OBJ trade well...

    This post was a big fat mess going in all directions but I agree that they shouldn’t automatically view them as two easy wins
  2. Justin_Gilbert2019

    2016, 2017 Pro Bowl guard T.J. Lang

    Besides the 2019 draft If they don’t add more talent and they still improve from last year’s record than you’re the correct ones.
  3. Justin_Gilbert2019

    2016, 2017 Pro Bowl guard T.J. Lang

    It’s actually way too clear what those posters said. It’d be wise to save roughly x amount of money to carryover for big contracts down the road. Well if there is 7 million we can spend to have Eric berry fill a starting spot instead of a rookie or sub playoff par player than do it as long as you can still resign baker and Myles and maybe Jarvis. It’s about taking a playoff run as seriously as possible if you can do it wisely and you can fall back on cutting a player or 4 to resign players. I.e. every team does it now.
  4. Justin_Gilbert2019

    2016, 2017 Pro Bowl guard T.J. Lang

    But no matter how you look at it the team still gets that much money back from cutting players every year and now more than ever. Therefore they should have the money to add a proven guy or two or they can just start 3 or 4 more rookies and not be serious about winning the afc or actually competing in the playoffs. They have to maximize if/ whatever they can and there are but a few worthy free agents left right now that would inspire a true playoff run.
  5. Justin_Gilbert2019

    2016, 2017 Pro Bowl guard T.J. Lang

    Very well informative article but with the inevitable annual purge of players being cut being at a new height of popularity than something tells me we have enough to still add a big name or two on a short term deal and still have enough to retain multiple cornerstones long term.
  6. Justin_Gilbert2019

    2016, 2017 Pro Bowl guard T.J. Lang

    Well that kind of sucks. So there’s no chance we end up with Eric berry? Or another proven presence
  7. Justin_Gilbert2019

    So if Duke plays well for 8 games, why bother with hunt?

    It’s an interesting but good predicament. Bottom line is duke Johnson is at best a 2nd option pass catcher/ backup to a bigger fast back on a good playoff team. Right now Kareem hunt and nick Chubb are competing for that long term number one spot while complimenting each other. Both are skilled but defenses could adjust to Chubb long term.
  8. Justin_Gilbert2019

    Bengals fans taking OBJ trade well...

    This makes a lot of sense. They’ve had a decent roster built around guys like chad Johnson, tj houshyourmamma, and aj green. And yet they’ve been a poop stain let down every year. This actually makes the most sense
  9. Justin_Gilbert2019

    2016, 2017 Pro Bowl guard T.J. Lang

    We have the fifth most money left still for this year. We can afford more big money players on one or two year deals or as I call them “steals”. Take aways if you will.
  10. Justin_Gilbert2019

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    the thing is Johnathan football was a monstrous of a success on a highly competitive college football platform for two years. Only Clemson and Johnny manziel own the new age bama tide. credit money manziel as he did get to sleep with many hot young brawds but so far that’s his only claim to fame after college ball.
  11. Justin_Gilbert2019

    2016, 2017 Pro Bowl guard T.J. Lang

    Browns offensive line now looks like the most shaky group on team if you think about it. This guy won’t come cheap but why not sign him to a somewhat high dollar one/two year deal? We have $33 million left and there isn’t too many other players who’ll be expensive. We should look to use all our money albeit wisely to get the best veterans possible with our young core. Austin Corbett And no depth
  12. Justin_Gilbert2019

    Bell to jet’s

    It’s absolurely the Steelers fault the Browns will own them for at least the next 4 years.
  13. Justin_Gilbert2019

    Remaining offseason player wishlist

    Who’s on your wishlist to fill out the rest of the roster for the Browns first super bowl run since the internet was invented? Dorsey has enough money to doll out a few more contracts. If they can get one or more of these players before the draft than free agency was an A+ grade. The Browns need to get as many proven veterans and stars being a very young team all around and they’ve done great so far Positions of need: Backup QB, Guard, Tackle Outside Linebacker, Cornerback, Strong Safety QB: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Mike Glennon OLB: KJ Wright, SS: Eric Berry, HaHa Clinton Dix, CB:Ron Darby, Morris Claibourne, Rashan Melvin Guard:TJ Lang, Andy Levitre, Josh Sitton Tackle: Ryan Schraeder, A high draft pick should be used to push the incumbent starters don't sleep on Justin Houston To help create a lethal rotating pass rush. Dorsey connection and cap space available
  14. Justin_Gilbert2019

    Tyrod to The Chargers

    Ryan Fitzpatrick would be fine insurance.
  15. Justin_Gilbert2019

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    Honestly if the reports are actually true and the young girl did call him an N word, I feel as though he should have kicked her harder than what was shown from the tape. it’s unfortunate Kareem can’t stick up for himself especially in the social media age.