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  1. Chris Jester

    Thanks For Welcoming Bake

    I just don't see the argument. If you still don't like Baker Mayfield, just say so? None of this has to do with what I originally posted: hoping the best for your Browns. I never claimed that I was from Cleveland. Whether I like it..or not..I am naturally removed from the Cleveland area by distance and previous tv coverage. Blame that all on me then. I just like seeing you guys get back..even if that never had a thing to do with my favorite CFB QB ever. We are fine watching Heisman Winning QB'S play here and beyond. We are duly ''proud'' of their success and thankful for where they are welcome to perform at their very best. I was hoping Cleveland thought likewise. Sorry for the sentiments, then..? Do you guys follow Oklahoma Football equally then? Of course you shouldn't due to different regions. No offense taken by me because you don't.. You too are also removed by distance, which isn't your fault either? Wow.. I just came here because I like penis. Look for me on Grindr next time I roll through Cleveland on the great surface highway.
  2. Chris Jester

    Thanks For Welcoming Bake

    Do I have one problem about that in the least? I assure I am not immature. Baker advanced to the next level before he was expected to.. just as OU fans hoped he would. As you witnessed for yourselves, he is 'no Johnny' in the least. Get past that lame dude. I thought you already had. Have you? Wow, apples to an orange if ever there was. You should know that at least by now. Baker is serious about football and not some wet nosed rich spoiled prima donna boy pretender. Good gravy.. do you believe all negative sensational press only at face value? Baker owned his all miss steps and is remorsefully humble concerning what, all 2? He ran from what appeared to be a hostile police stop and was then he was targeted by Kansas players who made numerous dirty hits to his injured throwing shoulder. Look into it for yourself. Watch the available videos..
  3. Chris Jester

    Thanks For Welcoming Bake

    I had no idea nor intention to say anything other than that we are both happy for both the Browns and Baker as an OU fan, personally. I happened to have grown up in Oklahoma. If I had grown up in in Cleveland I would be just as happy to watch Baker there. Just, sheesh..
  4. Chris Jester

    Thanks For Welcoming Bake

    Be as misguided as you want to be. I cheered when you took him number one. How much else ''don't you know'', I must wonder? Okay, okay. only Browns fans ''know'' about Baker now.. Sheesh. You guys take the whole myopic cake. Mayfield ''came out of nowhere'' but won the Heisman at Oklahoma without the Browns ''say so''. I am starting to get your vibes now I ''guess''. Sorry to wish you the best..? So odd how you can make even good things out to be such an insult. Truly odd.
  5. Chris Jester

    Thanks For Welcoming Bake

    Yes his family is from Austin..and are life long Sooners, just as Baker always was in even Austin's grade schools. Where have you been in knowing about Baker's favorite life long CFB Team? Why do you have a problem with him? Ask him personally. Just odd, frankly.
  6. Chris Jester

    Thanks For Welcoming Bake

    You made the weird all on your own. Now I am beginning to see why you were in such of a big mess to begin with. Don't buy #6 Jerseys? Oh wait..odd fans posting here? Or is something missing on your part in the conversation? Turn in your recent wins since Baker isn't what you wanted. For sure some weird responses. Antagonistic on your own parts. How were your long seasons without any wins? Fruity responses all. Want to go back there I guess? Missing Manzel that much then? Just crazy?
  7. Chris Jester

    Thanks For Welcoming Bake

    Goofy stuff. I didn't know. If this is what you have become I can't help but wait for you to lose him soon. What a bunch of comedians posting to positive wishes for you. Wow. Great vibe boys..
  8. Chris Jester

    Thanks For Welcoming Bake

    Why go full jerk on OU fans since we both look for the best for the Browns..? Give us back Baker then since you're ''too manly'' for us mere Oklahomans, you weird stay pat fellow? No wonder.. you're just an odd. You had a better win record since when before you claimed Mayfield..? You obviously were riding on your on high horse, if I get you properly..odd post/yours. ''Men discussing football''..rich. Ever once hear of humility? Stop with your superiority complex, or give up your Baker support seeing that he relishes OU from his earliest football love. Now be ''manly''. I take it that most Browns fans aren't so confused as you about your past NFL status before you drafted an OU QB Heisman Winner? I didn't think that, but you ''brought that'' somehow. You go play Browns QB better than an OU Product is. Just an odd response to positiveness and support directed for your franchise..odd, again.
  9. Chris Jester

    Thanks For Welcoming Bake

    I knew that you and he both would be so happy together. I travel surface highways for oil and gas and have also been to Cleveland via family. Cool natural scenery and development. Heck even a business owner in a decent sized town NE of Cleveland knew about Oklahoma Football and instantly called me an ''Okie'' 😎 even though I don't only identify as ''Okie'..lol. We just love our underDawg CFB Tradition/Status same as Cleveland Football Tradition: (OU: Accountable for 7 natty's and 7 Heisman Winners plus the longest winning streak in all College Football History at 47 wins (nearly 5 years) without a single loss or tie, that's all..😉 Go Browns-Go Baker! Ahh, there is indeed some fun to God's given life.