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  1. Gorka

    Kavanaugh accuser investigation

    Not openly. Only to themselves.
  2. Gorka

    Panic mode

    Wtf? Expecting this Browns team to win their first home opener since 2005 is "setting our expectations too high?" Get the fuck out of here.
  3. Oh yes you are! Those "people" you speak of are Trump hating lefties. Agreeing with the SC ruling would put them on Trumps side.
  4. Why don't you discuss your attraction to Steve.
  5. Holy Toledo. This must include going to the movies, and all the other ways you view/rent movies these days? I don't know if I could list 200 in my lifetime...counting movies on TV like The Wizard of OZ as a kid, all that kind of shit. As a kid I remember the very first movie I saw at a theater with my parents. I remember the first movie I saw with a girlfriend as a teen. Some good times there..
  6. Gorka

    ***Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    But it wasn't just our expectations. The national sports talkers had us doing great things...taking the division, playoffs, even a SB appearance. Today was an embarrassment. We're talking 43-13, not 43-41. For us to perform not much better today than we did the opener in 1999 made us a laughingstock once again.. Not listening to these sports talking heads this week for sure, fuck em.
  7. Gorka

    ***Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    Before the game I was pumped, confident, excited, even nervous at times...now i'm just pissed.
  8. Gorka

    Antonio Brown

    That is so clear cut obvious. You'd think shenanigans like this are worthy of some sort of investigation or punishment by the NFL.
  9. Gorka


    I actually liked having Clevis around. There's no greater satisfaction than punking a big mouth who thinks he knows it all. It's kinda boring around here now.
  10. Gorka


    Maybe Clevis used "ngr" or "fgt" one too many times..
  11. Gorka

    Antonio Brown

    Pat McAfee predicted AB to the Pats.
  12. Gorka

    Abortions to combat climate change

    And I bet you got a D or an F.
  13. Gorka

    Prepare for a stinker...

    Thank you Hue Jackson...for the one thing he got right. "Now there was debate between targeting Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett and North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky," Wickersham wrote. "Jackson wanted Garrett and one day made his case by taping pictures of Garrett on the glass walls in [owner Jimmy] Haslam's office as a joke. But Jackson wasn't kidding when he later vowed to Haslam that he wouldn't support Trubisky, publicly or privately. The team ended up deciding in favor of Garrett but kept Jackson in the dark about it until shortly before the draft, for reasons unexplained to him." https://247sports.com/nfl/chicago-bears/Article/Hue-Jackson-against-Mitch-Trubisky-2017-draft-128253300/
  14. Gorka

    Antonio Brown

    I don't know, but someone should remind that murderer that if the helmet doesn't fit he must acquit. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27356491/sources-ab-says-no-football-old-helmet