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  1. Gorka

    Electoral College

    LOL...you've been listening to AOC a lot haven't you? No AOCCC the Elec College it isn't a disaster for Democracy, rather you lefties are a disaster for America. If only you had left the country as promised if Trump got elected... we'd be in much better shape. Fuckin liars.
  2. Gorka

    Electoral College

    Unfortunately that's politics, but this call to make null and void the EC solely because of their butthurt over Donald Trump being president is way over the top. I'm not aware of Reps so desperate to suit their current needs that they've blathered about changing the Constitution.
  3. Gorka

    Electoral College

    Exactly. And the talk of 16yr olds being allowed to vote...and reparations to encourage more blacks to vote.
  4. Gorka

    Electoral College

    Don't believe everything AOC says Tex.
  5. Continue to refuse to pull your head out of the mud and acknowledge the strides this country has made under Trump, but if there's any one thing that you can't dismiss is Trumps greatest accomplishment...that Hillary is not president right now...that's when we'd be talking about permanent damage to this country. Envisioning a quartet of Hillary, Pelosi, Omar, and AOC together makes you wanna puke. It's a fuckin good thing "he has no idea how to run a country" because if he did he'd be just another Obama, Bush, Clinton...a bunch of promise breaking lying politicians who have run this country into the mud. So who do you got in 2020? Sanders? Kamala? Beno?
  6. So what do you hope comes out of this?
  7. I doubt either. Most lefties have already come to terms with this being a nothingburger. It would be the latter who would be the real idiots though. At least 12 of the 17 members of Muellers investigative staff were democrats, some Hillary donors, the remaining 5 unknown. Gee I wonder why he hired so many democrats. The former scenario, perhaps some would. My opinion stays the same. He's a deep stater and looks like a beaten man. The collusion thing was too bogus, too impossible for him to cover up or to fabricate.
  8. You seem to have forgotten where "nothingburger " came from and are using the term in a way that works for you. Those indictments had nothing to do with Russian collusion.
  9. No, It's clearly a nothingburger when the whole point of this investigation was to find evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians. These indictments happen to only be wrongdoing discovered during this charade having nothing to do with Russian collusion. Reps? lol. speak for your own party. They've been the crybabies. Maybe we can watch the dems possibly get back to the adult version of politics....which is highly unlikely. You do know it aint over as these dem a-holes are planning to investigate Trump and his family correct?
  10. Nothing stuck out in that article that gave me the impression that millennials were smart. "Fear of the future"... "safety nets such as social security and healthcare in jeopardy" are motivators for millennials to retire early??? Grant Sabatier, who retired at age 30 with $1.25 million and is featured in Shakespeare's documentary, has said financial independence has always been about time... And we are woefully unprepared to face that because we don't teach financial literacy to anybody." Financial literacy would be knowing that $1.25 mil is not gonna cut it for a person age 30 wishing to maintain his current lifestyle, unless his lifestyle is living in his mothers basement. I looked up this Grant Sabatier. Appears he did move back in with mom. Here's how to get rich: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/14/grant-sabatier-of-millennial-money-how-to-retire-in-10-years-or-less.html
  11. Well duh. Read again the OP wiz kid. ILLEGALS. ILLEGALS cant get SSN's. Florida issuing them drivers licenses would circumvent the requirements you just went through the trouble of posting... would it not?
  12. Gorka

    Electoral College

    How predictable that we suddenly are hearing gibberish from the left about getting rid of the EC, allowing 16yr. olds to vote, and resurrecting the idea of reparations. All because the left's attempt to render Trumps election invalid has failed miserably. "Russian Collusion" HAHAHAHA! Whatever it takes to prevent the election of another Republican.