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  1. Perhaps "circumstantial evidence" was not the proper term to use. How about anomalies or irregularities, which is still "evidence" . Again, there have been an unprecedented amount of irregularities in the election, so much that the integrity of our elections should be looked into. One example...In battleground states Biden did even worse than Hillary, EXCEPT in metro areas which include Pitt, Phil, Det, Atl, Mil. The kicker is that in those places voter participation was 93% . 93% voter participation is fucking unheard of. So lets investigate and get to the bottom of this for the sake of the integrity of our elections. What are you afraid of?
  2. And how did all this affect or was detrimental to him as a public servant, as the leader of this country? None of it. It's been four years, he passed the test. Someone please ask this Texans Ranger....er rather deranged Texan that question. I think he's got me on ignore ...lol.
  3. Gorka

    Unfortunate but not unexpected

    I'm sure there will be a segment of the voting public that regretted voting for Beijing Joe , but don't underestimate the influence and power of the MSM. They helped elect him after all. Joe will do no wrong, and anything that goes wrong will be blamed on Trump. Watch.
  4. There are mountains of unprecedented circumstantial evidence. When the time comes for the actual evidence, you'll deny that too.
  5. Yep. As I mentioned in another post the best thing that Biden could do is do nothing. Let the country continue toward greater prosperity...and then take credit for it.
  6. You're such an idiot. Trump University was in private life, not as president.
  7. If there was ever a time in American history for the expression "Not My President" to have some rationality it is now.
  8. Angry maybe. But who's really in denial? You are cccp. You're in denial over possibility of voter fraud.
  9. How soon Mr. Trump? It better be sooner than the Russian Collusion indictments we've been awaiting.
  10. Gorka

    Unfortunate but not unexpected

    The best course of action for faux president elect Biden is that he should not undo anything Trump. Just sit back, do nothing and let the country continue on its course towards even greater prosperity... then take credit for it.
  11. Not a good start if you expected me to read the rest of that rubbish. Exhibit some self control, you're supposed to be a moderator. Your TDS does not constitute me being a Trump ass kisser. You hate the truth, and anyone who rubs your nose in it is an "ass kisser". But of course, just go with accusations, as you voted for a proven corrupt, hair sniffing child groper. A factory of racist innuendo and a rapist. A trojan horse for socialist agendas who had contributed nothing during his political career. You're so good for America. To prove you are two faced, I am going to for the third or fourth time ask you a question that you refused to answer. Are you ready?
  12. If there was only a way to enforce honest and truthful journalism, but there isn't. If there was honest and truthful journalism outlets such as Breitbart wouldn't need to exist. 95% of the "journalists" and media execs are democrat donors and vote democrat . What does that tell you.
  13. And where were your and your fellow demonrats cries of "threat to our democracy" when for three years we had to endure you scumbags underhanded attempts to try and delegitimize Trumps election, huh? That episode was the most fraudulent and corrupt "investigation" ever undertaken in this country. You fucking can't tell me that if in this election the circumstances were reversed you fucking hypocrites wouldn't want a thorough investigation into voter fraud. There are over 150 sworn affidavits from American citizens and election officials who witnessed voter fraud. There were ZERO from the Russian collusion hoax, so of course you demonrats would be pushing hard to reverse the results this election. You should welcome this investigation. You should want to know that your guy was elected by the people... legally. But you don't give a fuck, by any means possible get Trump out of there. You are one disingenuous rotten to the core hypocrite trying to come off as the opposite. It obviously isn't working.
  14. Haha Woody exhibiting irrational exuberance. The support for Powell hasn't changed. Hope she pulls it off. Powell never worked for Trump. She has been on her own. Giuliani was simply making that clear.
  15. The denial of reality lies with you. Voter fraud is real. You know its real, and how coincidental that it always happens to be the demonrats that are complicit. And in case you didn't get all the news mountain man, Trumps legal team includes Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, both having impeccable reputations and would not risk their reputations over some frivolous claims of voter fraud. Lin Wood won the Nick Sandman libel suit against you liberal vermin if you recall. I would tend to believe what those two have to say over some imbecile just coming down from the Carolina mountains.