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  1. Why was Woody the first thing that popped into my mind when I read these two posts?
  2. Gorka

    Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash

    What the hell are you responding to? Nowhere in Cysco's post did he say or even imply that.
  3. Weirdos. The appendix, wisdom teeth, and foreskin. All nuisances that serve no purpose.
  4. Um,,he didn't need to use a foreign government to go after Biden. Biden admitted in front of the whole world on video for all to see, explaining how he threatened to hold funds if the prosecutor investigating his son wasn't fired. There you'll find actual corruption that you chose to ignore. Secondly, had Ukraine been squeaky clean then you may have a case. Ukraine happens to be a hotbed of corruption. By law, and by an agreement designed to expose corruption signed between Ukraine and B. Clinton, Trump had every right to say what he did. https://www.congress.gov/treaty-document/106th-congress/16/document-text For you and assholes like you who want to tear up the ballots of 60 million voters by removing a president from office over one phone call ..well, like I said, you're assholes. The only way you fuckers will ever get over TDS is by killing yourselves.
  5. Gorka

    Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter accident

    13 yr. old daughter killed.
  6. Why don't they all just kill themselves?
  7. Too bad they don't have short lifespans, especially if they're of the democrat breed.
  8. We've known this for quite some time. Rush made light of this 2-3 yrs, ago. The question is when the fuck is someone going to jail? Frustrating.
  9. Gorka

    Data Dump: Championship Game QBs.

    My my yet another "Your Mom blah blah" LOL Your comebacks are so fresh and cutting edge!
  10. Gorka

    Data Dump: Championship Game QBs.

    I made Dutch Boy lose sleep. LOL
  11. Gorka

    Data Dump: Championship Game QBs.

    OK whatever. Did you see Darryl Lamonica play? Super Bowl II vs. the Packers?
  12. Gorka

    Data Dump: Championship Game QBs.

    That should have been obvious. If I had just said that only one QB never made it to a Super Bowl and left it at that, you would no doubt have come back with " Bernie did with the Cowboys" just to prove how smart you think you are. I was being proactive and shut that shit down.