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  1. I just did an experiment! (Warning: Do not try this at home) I'm sure that most of you who wear glasses had blown on the lenses so as to form condensation so you can clean them. I put a medical mask on and blew across one lens, then blew across the other lens without the mask...both formed condensation in near equal amounts! Proof that the mask does not stop the virus??? For Neo..Condensation is the accumulation of tiny water droplets that form on a surface.
  2. On the subject of masks I heard some Phd explain a while ago that the virus passing through a mask would be comparable to a nail passing through a chain link fence. I must be clear in that I don't remember whether if he was talking about actual medical masks or the homemade cloth ones.
  3. Gorka


    I wonder what the reaction was of the black soldiers mom Villanueva is honoring It was probably something the left and the media don't want to hear
  4. Gorka


    Which guy and what is the contradiction?
  5. You gave reasons for why "a lot" of people now wear them. What about all the rest? Most likely either out of courtesy like me, or just tired of the dirty looks or being publicly shamed. End of discussion.
  6. Gorka


    The one Steeler I have a ton of respect for. The only player to come out of the locker room to stand for the Anthem a couple years back.
  7. No they shouldn't be chastised. Are you that dense not to understand that absolutely no good comes out of that kind of behavior? It only causes the non wearer to retaliate against his attacker. Instead, they should be told by the store employee that a mask is required. Again you're talking about a water under the bridge issue, everyone wears a mask these days. Can't you talk about something else? How about those democrats that shot two cops point blank in Compton California? And all the democrats that cheered it. And those democrats that tried to block the emergency entrance to the hospital? Yep they all vote democrat, and you vote right along side them.
  8. You are bringing up old shit anyway. I don't see anyone not wearing a mask these days, and if I do see someone not wearing one, good, more power to them.
  9. Blacks With Knives Matter Well, brown in this case.
  10. Haha.. someone realizes he's losing an argument. Go with whatever makes you feel better Neo.
  11. No shit Sherlock, they weren't wearing them in stores . That should have gone without you saying. All you did there was give an excuse in order to legitimize unacceptable behavior. The point is that you sanctimonious lefties sitting on your high horses think you know whats best for everyone else.
  12. It's not a big deal if someone wants to wear a mask. Who says it is? It is a big deal to you people however when others choose not to wear them. You openly begrudge and threaten those that choose not to. It's called "mask shaming" ever heard of it?
  13. Gorka

    What would rather have?

    Because you're too dense to pick up on what is clearly sarcasm.