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    Joe Biden has shut down ICE

    Three minutes in Biden says his goal is to change USA into a white minority...
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    WHAT'S UP, DOC? Critics erupt after Fauci says vaccinated Americans still should not eat indoors
  3. FOLLOWING BIDEN'S LEAD Ga. Dem senator admits to spreading false info about own state's voting law
  4. https://www.mrctv.org/blog/blm-activist-dont-be-surprised-when-buildings-are-fire-if-derek-chauvin-isnt-convicted
  5. https://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/andrew-billings-eager-to-find-my-place-on-browns-d-line-after-opt-out-season Billings returns to the Browns in 2021 after he opted out of the 2020 season due to the risks of the pandemic Comment to appease Tiamat63 feelings: Hopefully he will stay healthy and add a positive to the Browns this season.
  6. Politics Marines' vaccine hesitancy presents early test for Biden as commander-in-chief
  7. Politics Texas senator questions who's 'really in charge'
  8. SHOOTING ON BASE Suspected gunman, ID'ed as U.S. Navy corpsman, is dead, 2 injured: police
  9. U.S. Hundreds of counter-protesters clash with 'White Lives Matter' rally-goers in California, 12 arrested
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    MASS DESTRUCTION SEE PICS: Rioters loot, attack Minnesota retailers in aftermath of deadly shooting
  11. Lifestyle45 mins ago Will Smith's 'Emancipation' film withdraws production in Georgia due to new voting rights law
  12. U.S. 35 mins ago Chicago weekend violence: 1 teen killed, 3 more wounded during shootings across Windy City
  13. Politics27 mins ago 'Squad' member manages to tie 'cancel student debt' fight with racism
  14. Developing U.S. 3 Georgia officers wounded after gunfire erupts in pursuit of vehicle going 111-mph
  15. 'ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE' Minnesota police, mayor address deadly officer-involved shooting; play graphic video
  16. https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/homan-on-border-crisis-biden-sending-payments-to-central-americans TOM HOMAN: …as far as sending payments to Central Americans not to come? That's the single most dumb idea I've heard in my entire career. You're going to send money down. That's not what we're going to do. They're going to turn around, take that cash and hire an alien smuggler to get into the United States. So now we're actually going to finance the criminal conspiracy from here down there. Taxpayer money, U.S. taxpayers money being given to them to hire alien smugglers. And let's say they don't hire an alien smuggler. At what point is this just all foolishness? Why don't we start paying U.S. citizens money so they don't break the law? This is just ridiculous.
  17. U.S. Long Island officer critically wounded after being stabbed during traffic stop
  18. NATIONAL GUARD DEPLOYED Violent riots rock Minneapolis again after deadly officer-involved shooting, as Chauvin trial to resume
  19. NATIONAL GUARD DEPLOYED Violent riots rock Minneapolis again after deadly officer-involved shooting, as Chauvin trial to resume
  20. 'ABSOLUTE' POWER GRAB What's next after Biden dismisses 'phony' 2nd Amendment arguments in gun control push?
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    More stupidity