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  1. Taking after Joe Biden , a true Democrat!
  2. Need to go would like to pick up this after I get back. Thank you for the respectful debate.
  3. I'd say they earn every cent that would be given them.
  4. it just proves my point, it's OK to give money to people for nothing as long as it's someone else's money. Sooner or later even that runs out.
  5. OK let's try our own experiment you give everyone who replied to you in this thread say $100 a piece a week for the next year and at the end we can give you a more informed rational solution to your question...OK?
  6. So your idea is throw gas on a dumpster fire. It's hard to come up with a logical fix lacking so many unknowns.
  7. Well you have us at 95% unemployment and giving away free money...do you see any type of a flaw in that scenario?
  8. Well how many years are we talking, lay out your details...what does your fantasy scenario look like.