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  3. Peloton sparks sexism outcry, mockery for holiday ad showing husband gifting wife an exercise bike These leftest folks will complain over being healthy...
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    Great News For Lordstown!

    Eric Swalwell does
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    Pa. Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell, charged with stealing more than $500,000 from her own charity, will resign by Justine McDaniel and Angela Couloumbis, Updated: December 4, 2019 https://www.inquirer.com/news/movita-johnson-harrell-criminal-charges-pa-state-rep-20191204.html?fbclid=IwAR12Enx6PSr9zwo8Cpm33UL6xHQP2L6XWyElo8uy9cdcTtgpuJqFv1k8JQg HARRISBURG — State Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell, a West Philadelphia Democrat, said Wednesday that she would resign after prosecutors charged her with stealing more than $500,000 from her own nonprofit and spending it on family vacations, designer clothing, furs, personal bills — and her bid for the legislature. State Attorney General Josh Shapiro said Johnson-Harrell engaged in “brazen corruption” and systematically tried to cover up her crimes by falsifying records and financial statements. Prosecutors said Johnson-Harrell used Motivations Education & Consultation Associates (MECA) — a nonprofit she established more than a decade ago to assist people struggling with mental illness, addiction, and homelessness — for profligate spending and personal gain.
  6. Odell Beckham vague on future with Browns amid worst season https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28231590/odell-beckham-vague-future-browns-amid-worst-season "No one knows what the future holds, like tomorrow," Beckham said when asked after Thursday's practice whether he wants to be in Cleveland next year. "I couldn't tell you what's going to happen." "I couldn't sit here and tell you whether I'm going to be here, want to be here, don't want to be here," Beckham said. "This is exactly where I'm at now, and I wouldn't rather be anywhere else."
  7. https://www.si.com/nfl/browns/news/cleveland-browns-sign-dt-justin-zimmer-make-chris-smith-release-official-add-one-to-practice-squad The Cleveland Browns have signed defensive tackle Justin Zimmer from the Atlanta Falcons practice squad and made the release of defensive end Chris Smith official. Zimmer will likely finish the season as a member of the Browns as the move to sign him from another team's practice squad requires them to keep them on the active roster for three games and there are only four left in the season. It is an intriguing signing on that end, trying to acquire younger talent while moving on from a player that wasn't producing and saves money on the salary cap. Coming out of Ferris State, Zimmer was an amazing athlete. At 6'2 1/2" 302, he ran a 4.91 40 yard dash, a 33.5" vertical, a 9'9" broad jump, which show off his raw speed and explosion. His agility was just as impressive with a 7.01 3-cone and 4.36 short shuttle. He also put up 44 bench reps. It's one of the most incredible athletic profiles ever put together. He came out in 2016 and he's available, albeit on a practice squad in 2019. So as gifted as he is physically, it hasn't translated to the field yet in the NFL. He's 27 years old at this point as well. It's a shot to see if they can spark something and get all of that athletic ability to perform for them. Meanwhile, Chris Smith endured a tragic year, losing the mother of his infant child in a car accident with a drunk driver. That likely contributed to a truly forgettable year on the field as he's recorded just one tackle so far this season. Last week, he wasn't even active, opting to go with Bryan Cox Jr. and Porter Gustin instead. Combined with the cap number Smith carries in 2020 at $3.75M, this was a move that was going to happen. The Browns opted to do it now, trying to see if they can add a player like Zimmer and see if he can help them now, perhaps be someone they want to keep next year. Smith wasn't going to do that. Last but not least, the Browns signed defensive end Trevon Young to the practice squad. A second year player out of Louisville, Young has pretty good length and size for an edge player and has notable agility and flexibility in his hips. He was reasonably productive for Louisville. Young appeared in two games as a member of the Los Angeles Rams.
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    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    Browns' Larry Ogunjobi says Myles Garrett told him about racial slur immediately after Steelers brawl https://www.foxnews.com/sports/browns-larry-ogunjobi-myles-garret-racial-slur-steelers Cleveland Browns defensive lineman Larry Ogunjobi said Sunday that his teammate Myles Garrett told him Mason Rudolph allegedly used a racial slur before their brawl escalated. Garrett had made the allegation that the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback had used a racial slur before the defensive end removed Rudolph’s helmet and hit him with it during their Week 11 matchup. Garrett made the allegation during the appeal of the indefinite suspension he received in the melee’s fallout.
  9. Trump campaign boots Bloomberg reporters from rallies, events over decision not to cover 2020 Dems