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  1. Maher doubles down on call for recession to oust Trump Millionaire Bill Maher pushes for recession
  2. Federal appeals court sides with White House on key asylum issue A federal appeals court sided with the Trump administration on Friday in the legal battle over its efforts to limit asylum claims from Central America – blocking, for now, a nationwide injunction that blocked the implementation of the rule. Last month a California federal judge blocked the rule that would require migrants to first apply in one of the countries they cross on their way to the U.S. – with certain exceptions. The rule is tailored to target Central Americans from the Northern Triangle of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras who would travel across multiple countries, including Mexico, before claiming asylum in the U.S.
  3. He could have one or two weapons with him or more who knows, if he was smart he wouldn't get caught.
  4. Could there be kids at the whole foods? Do you wait for the suspect to get away or commit other crimes?
  5. Vambo

    I'm not sure this was a good idea

    Why? Are Autistic people bad or something? Why do you hate them?
  6. Social media was quick to deride the presidential candidate for “politicizing” the developing situation before most of the relevant facts were known. “After only one (1) hour Kamala Harris started talking gun control to Wolf Blizer BEFORE the Philadelphia Police had the shooter in Philadelphia out yet or BEFORE all the cops were OUT of their respective hospital yet ! I know that Harris wants to be the President but hey wait,” one person wrote. “Why in the world did you come out with your political statements on CNN during the standoff of police and a madman shooter in Philadelphia?? How stupid and irresponsible of you," another tweeted. 'You used this as a political tool while bullets were flying and two officers were trapped in the house. Just disgusting. I’m from Philadelphia, we see it real clearly," another criticized. One Twitter user suggested her statements weren't worthy of a president. “Before the facts come out you took the opportunity to pre-judge the shooter in Philadelphia ... You have no clue about the gun or individual. Definitely not Presidential." "BEFORE IT'S EVEN RESOLVED YOUR POLITICIZING THE PHILADELPHIA SHOOTER," another wrote. The shooter, identified as Maurice Hill, 36, who has an extensive history of gun-related convictions. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross told reporters two officers with the Narcotics Strike Force were serving a warrant when the shooter opened fire at the home. All of the wounded officers were expected to recover.
  7. I've haven't changed anything since I had set it up, what is it you would like to know just ask jeesh. You sound like Jerry Nadler and the Mueller Report you think there's some hidden gem that will give you that proof everyone who disagrees with you is an ALT. Dear Lord help us! 🙏 ALT must be your equivalence to RACIST