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  1. Vambo

    Master plan

    Master plan
  2. Politics IRS gets more access to your bank account under Biden's $3.5T deal
  3. HOSTAGE NEGOTIATOR Biden infrastructure agenda in limbo as Pelosi plays hardball President Biden's two major economic agenda items hang in the balance this week as Democrats continue "intense discussions" on their $3.5 trillion spending plan and some Republicans are warning that their support for the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill could evaporate Democrats ‘linked’ it with reconciliation.
  4. U.S. Prosecutors can’t show Rittenhouse link to Proud Boys, judge says
  5. NO 'FUN POLICE' Liberal mayor gives defiant response after getting caught maskless in club "I wasn't thinking about a mask. I was thinking about having a good time and in the process I was following the health orders." — London Breed, mayor of San Francisco
  6. Vambo


    BEACH BUM Biden slammed for beach getaway amid growing crises With more than 100 Americans trapped behind Taliban lines in Afghanistan, more than 10,000 illegal immigrants – many flooding in from Haiti after the halting of deportation flights – flowing into south Texas and record inflation and America's oldest ally recalling its ambassador over a slight, President Biden selfishly decided to take a weekend vacation at the beach in his home state of Delaware, Sean Hannity said Friday.
  7. Vambo

    Quick Yes or No Question - Election

    Health Teen gets USB cable stuck in penis in backfired attempt to measure length
  8. Vambo

    Covering up the illegal crisis

    Politics McCarthy calls on Biden to deploy National Guard as pressure builds over Haitian migrant surge
  9. Politics VA to restore benefits for LGBTQ vets who received other-than-honorable discharges: report
  10. Politics France retaliates against America after being left out of nuclear submarine deal
  11. Vambo

    Covering up the illegal crisis

    Politics Biden admin bans drones documenting ‘out of control’ southern border crisis
  12. Media41 mins ago Mother of two receives notice to get vaccinated or face eviction: I was 'very shocked'
  13. Economy White House sounds alarm on debt ceiling fight, warns Medicaid, food stamps at risk The Biden administration is warning state and local governments about drastic cuts to Medicaid, food stamps, disaster relief and other federal programs if Congress fails to raise or suspend the debt ceiling soon.