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  1. Chemist


    He’s not dead. He’s in South America enjoying champagne by the pool right now. Like the guy from Enron.
  2. Chemist

    A hell of alot more exciting than soccer

    Soccer is gay
  3. If they end up sweeping the Twins they will surely be demoralized.
  4. Chemist

    Defensive observations from tonights game...

    I was speaking from an execution/ preparedness standpoint. But hey! You got to be snarky on the internet!
  5. Chemist

    Defensive observations from tonights game...

    Compare to Hue’s first preseason game. Enough said.
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/missouri-gunman-detained-by-off-duty-firefighter%3F_amp%3Dtrue he had a concealed carry permit. Stopped potential mass shooting at Walmart. The Perp had over 100 rounds
  7. Also interested to see how Haskins does
  8. Chemist

    Duke Johnson traded

    Good luck I suppose.
  9. False. They won’t get up on the roof for the same wage an illegal will. Illegals live 20 to a house, don’t pay taxes, insurance, or social security out of their under the table checks. They can afford to work for much less.
  10. Chemist

    Warning to Investors

    The other side of the story: https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/china-harmed-our-agriculture-for-years-soybean-farmer
  11. Chemist

    Let's play the feud

    Capitalism Free Will The Bill of Rights
  12. Hogwash. Nutrient levels are falling in grains grains because of hybridization. Yield is increasing per plant but the roots aren’t getting any bigger. Today’s wheat is far lass nutritious than it was a century ago. Bread used to be kind of good for you.
  13. She was right. The breakdown of traditional values and the traditional family is to blame.
  14. False. You don’t need a license to buy and register a vehicle.