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  1. They’re having less (premarital) sex than the ww1 generation
  2. My mistake. Traditionally, eit have been called engineering interns. Though if you find someone to do engineering work for free, you’re still scraping the bottom of the barrel. Even if they are just sophomores.
  3. What kind of EIT would actually be copying documents and that sort? EIT’s are paid to do engineering work. You don’t pay someone 55 grand a year to make copies.
  4. Trump isn’t coddling and cuddling with the identity politic liberal pussies so I guess that means he doesn’t know how to run the country? He’s not a pushover pussy like Obama who would always negotiate deals from a standing of weakness so he’s a terrible president?
  5. Chemist

    Electoral College

    Actually, the electoral college and a states total representation in Congress are equal.
  6. Chemist

    OMFG SNL is still hooking Trump with RERUNS...

    Caps used for emphasis?
  7. Chemist

    Carl Jung compared Hitler to Muhammad.

    "Aryan" is a term that was used as a self-designation by Indo-Iranian people.
  8. They’ll lose in the wild card round again. Probably three games to one.
  9. Chemist

    Changing of the Guard?

    Didn’t the Chargers play NE in the title game the year they (NE) were undefeated?
  10. The Chinese actually donated to the Clinton campaign. And then Clinton gave them missle technology.
  11. Blast from the past: https://www.nytimes.com/1998/05/18/us/clinton-says-chinese-money-did-not-influence-us-policy.html
  12. Why can’t it just be “Fox News Killed Stormy Daniels”
  13. Chemist

    What is real, and what is an illusion?

    cold hearted orb that rules the night removes the colors from our sight red is gray and yellow white
  14. Well, is there a case other than moral principles that cannibalism be illegal? It’s the same argument that’s being made to legalize prostitution.