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  1. Indeed. But alarmists aren’t interested in the truth.
  2. The record temperature for today in Columbus was 99. Set when? 1930.
  3. I seriously doubt the NOAA has accurate global temperature data from 1880 onward. Aren’t they the ones that got caught editing past data to lower temperatures?
  4. Where where you in July of 2013? Record lows at night, in the 40’s in Ohio in some instances.
  5. I thought we weren’t supposed to use a few days or months as evidence of greater trends or a lack thereof.
  6. Liberal tactic: deflect, control the narrative. So what about the actual content of the article?
  7. You really have no way of knowing that.
  8. So when they say United States do they mean the United States of America? Or the United States of Mexico? What was the first established sovereign country in the Americas? Which country in the Americas actually has “America” in its title?
  9. A huge thank you to the both of you.
  10. Women of color. Muslim is a color? Are colorful people supposed to be immune to criticism?
  11. What do these women claim for their nationality/ ancestry? Are they hyphenated Americans?
  12. I appreciate the correction. I don’t follow Twitter. Still, there’s nothing inherently racist about the tweets.
  13. Bush was a globalist idiot. I blame the Great Recession on him.