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  1. I had a professor once tell the class to obtain skills besides math (he didn’t discount the importance of math). He asked if we wanted to spend the rest of our lives in a room working on hard problems all day.
  2. Stalin was an atheist. All atheists are mass murderers bound to kill millions!
  3. That’s actually calculus. With U substitution and trig identities. Yuck
  4. Woodpecker thinks he’s being clever.
  5. Chemist

    Mattel introduces its San Francisco Barbie

    It’s an inaccurate translation of verbs from millennias ago. It doesn’t mean rape. The passage is simply taking about premarital relations.
  6. Chemist

    Mattel introduces its San Francisco Barbie

    So you admit that women’s rights in the Middle East are lacking?
  7. Chemist

    Mattel introduces its San Francisco Barbie

    We know you’re both assholes. You don’t have to celebrate the deaths of motorists and laugh at their loved ones’ grief to prove it.
  8. Chemist

    Mattel introduces its San Francisco Barbie

    I suppose 2500 years ago that was better than being stoned to death for adultery like modern day Muslim women who are raped (yes, that’s what can—and does— happen in modern day Islamic countries to women who are raped).
  9. Chemist

    Mattel introduces its San Francisco Barbie

    Someone has a very limited, if any, understanding of the Holy Bible.
  10. If I recall there were polls that had Cordray beating DeWine too.
  11. Are those statistics based off of convictions? Because it’s much easier to catch and convict an actual US citizen than a flighty illegal immigrant.
  12. Then he should understand that bias (climategate) should not be inserted into the scientific process.
  13. Lol that is pretty funny I have to admit
  14. Well maybe the retreating ice will expose even more ancient Viking ruins from when they lived and farmed on Greenland.
  15. Funny. Also, when I woke up today Donald Trump was still the President of the United States of America.