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  1. Normally this is done over coals but I opted for the easy (lazy) route. I had seven beef back rib bones that got a couple coats of olive oil and rub. I foiled them and left them in a 250° degree oven for five hours, then broiled to get a crust. My only complaint about beef ribs is the amount of flesh. The first two ribs on the shoulder end are nice and meaty. Towards the short loin end, they cut them a little slim...there's so much meat on the prime rib roast a butcher can spare a little less for the roast and more for the ribs.
  2. Grew up eating a lot of cabbage rolls and stuffed peppers. My mom would put chopped chicken livers in the beef/rice mixture that would send them over the top.
  3. As I stated in my very first post, I read this board to get my Browns' news. I have started live streaming an hour of 92.3 in the morning while I feed cattle, but if there's something better I'm open. What is the best station to get Browns' news? My Dad on I always had 1440 sports talk radio saved on the AM radio dial and on trips back to PA, we'd start trying to pull it in around Columbus...driving on 70 was always a lot faster than our trips on 71, 271 and 90 because we'd get caught up listening.
  4. AP1

    Freddie's Staff searches

    Thanks for the clarification!
  5. AP1

    Freddie's Staff searches

    The Colts parted ways with their OL coach, who was a McDaniels' hire, as Frank Reich wants "his guy." That OL was piecemeal at the start of the season, lost their RG and was regarded as one of the NFL's better lines. I believe he'd be a good addition if an OL coach is not in place.
  6. AP1


    I loved the Webster Slaughter spike between the legs while jumping after a TD. I loved Eric Metcalf returning a punt, crossing the end zone with a full wing span and a bit of a high step and heading for the Pound. I love the Lambeau Leap and any version incorporating fans not done at Lambeau Field. I love DL helmet slaps after a sack or locking elbows a la The Bash Brothers after a big play. I loathe the group picture (arms crossed and peace signs) "taken" after a TD. I loathe forcefully signaling a first down when down by three scores. I loathe the arms crossed, pause and gaze into the crowd after a sack when down by three scores. I loathe the "safe" call, like an umpire, by a DB when he breaks up a pass down by three scores. Celebrations have become tacky and cliche, even more so when the game is out of hand and the losing team facilitates the need to celebrate.
  7. Is it out of the realm of possibility to think that a Hall of Famer, like Munchak, who has been a Head Coach, to be a position coach? If Freddie is going to call plays why not make Munchak OL Coach/OC?
  8. AP1

    Browns Owner screwing it up again

    It'd be funny if it weren't true.
  9. AP1

    Cleaning House

    As far as OL coaches, LeCharles Bentley is one of the top private OL consultants in the nation. He's on the ball. Jeff Saturday, in the mold of Doug Pederson and Frank Reich, is a high school coach in GA and is having substantial success. I don't know that LCB would stray from his personal brand and product and equipment lines. I don't expect coaches with NFL pedigree that are successful in high school to stay at that level long.
  10. AP1

    Cleaning House

    Coaches Leaving ...including some assistants many hoped would stick around.
  11. AP1


    Any flavor of the week DC will be gone after one season, once the Browns do what we know they can do next season. Bringing in an older, experienced coach that enjoys being a DC might be best. Even though that's essentially what just exited the building.
  12. AP1

    Potential Interior DL thread

    And the draft capital to get the one they want.
  13. AP1


    Stefanski, even if the ceremonial OC, gives the whole feeling that somebody felt it necessary to have "their guy" somewhere. They got exponentially more than they expected from Williams and Kitchens and that threw a wrench in the process.
  14. AP1

    Haskins Declares

    This may be a reach but I believe Tom Coughlin is part of Jacksonville's front office. I wonder if Eli's connection to Coughlin could be a one or two year plan for Jacksonville, who thought they had the pieces for a run (especially after last season), while they can develop their next QB.
  15. AP1


    If it is Kitchens, any speculation on OC or DC? Does Williams stick around? Is he asked to stick around? Why wouldn't he want to stick around if offered? Wanting as much continuity as possible, I am guessing that as HC Kitchens would have an OC, that calls plays, which was one of Kitchens' upsides during the last half of the season. Or does Kitchens call his own plays? None of this is devil's advocate.