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  1. Cause Trump a fucking moron most likely. There are some in the GOP who has principles and/or morals. They aren't all klan members, morons or sycophants.
  2. cccjwh

    Covid deaths decline

    Because your record on this virus has been spot on so far right?
  3. Haha, this a-hole reading comprehension is laughable. Try again Porka.
  4. What is the orange of that video?
  5. cccjwh

    Covid deaths decline

    I guess only US young people don't care. Probably cause they listen to people like you.
  6. cccjwh

    Covid deaths decline

    The facts show that you are wrong and what do the trump humpers do? Yeah....
  7. cccjwh

    Covid deaths decline

    I quoted the meme genius, there is nothing about "deaths" in the meme or his post(he only posted the meme). The one that says the spike in cases is because there are more tests being done. That little blue line in the graph is the percentage of positive tests. Non Cheetos Jesus, I'm not sure which is a bigger problem with Trumpers, the arrogance or the ignorance.
  8. cccjwh

    Rushmore speech

    Hey you need to look for the orange of those memes. It's really important to know the oranges of things.
  9. cccjwh

    Covid deaths decline

    https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/testing/individual-states Don't lets the facts get in the way of a good meme.
  10. cccjwh

    Rushmore speech

  11. Not sure how you could live with yourself if ignorance and stupidity triggers you. Keep on blaming the "radical left" for every problem. It is what you have been taught to do. Good boy!
  12. cccjwh

    Rushmore speech

    "Cheetos Jesus proves he is semi-literate by reading teleprompter" Add another new made up word from Cheetos Jesus. So close, I guess he should have practiced more before the speech.
  13. Right.. It's pretty easy to see those who never leave their Fox News bubbles. Most of the posters on this board.
  14. cccjwh

    Covid deaths decline

    https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/505806-mexico-closes-border-in-arizona-as-coronavirus-cases-in-both-country The Northern Mexican state of Sonora — which borders Arizona and a small portion of New Mexico — is toughening border restrictions this weekend as both regions experience a surge in coronavirus cases. In anticipation of the Fourth of July weekend, the state government announced plans to place filters at Sonora's main border cities to turn back tourists and those traveling for other nonessential purposes. “We are all going to be on alert at this time to prevent them from coming, whether they are Mexicans living in the U.S., Americans or those who want to come to spend the weekend and put a greater burden on us regarding COVID,” Senora Gov. Claudia Pavlovich said in a statement to the Arizona Daily Star.