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  2. 8 hours ago, nickers said:

    Elvis - Two weeks before he croaked.. Someone couldn't make it so I got to go see him.. The guy was a great showman.. Even with all the excess weight he had on.


    Triumph - Richfield Colliseum was rocking loud that night. It was the loudest concert they ever had at 92. Decibels. My ears were still ringing 2 days later.. Great show.. Foghat and Kix opened.


    Stevie Ray Vaughan - Music Hall 1986 What a great show.. He broke strings on 5 of the guitars he used that night and didn't miss a beat.


    Albert King - Peabodys downunder . Blues legends come and go.. But this guy was a power house and a huge influence on many including myself


    Dweezil Plays Zappa - Saw him 5 years ago at the House of Blues. The son of Frank Zappa.. Talented guitarist and musician period..That band rocked. They had some chick playing Sax and she blew the doors off the place..


    AC/DC - I had to add this extra one because Angus Young (lead Guitar) is the greatest showman on the planet.. He was non stop perpetual motion..This was the thunderstruck tour 91-92...

    I was at thunderstruck at the omni in Atlanta 

    security let me down on the floor (made it up to 3rd or 4th row ) for a few songs and then tapped me on the shoulder (time to go back to your seat young stoner lad)

    everyone i have talked to said Dweezil plays Zappa is bad ass

    I saw STV on couldnt stand the weather tour in a high school gym in Laport Ind man he was kinda drunk but still just killed it

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  3. On 5/24/2020 at 4:37 PM, Axe said:

    As I mentioned earlier, we ran into Rick at lunch Tuesday.. Was good to see him and Jenda out and about but he's starting to show the miles..

    right on i am glad he is still alive and well

    I saw Wayne Kramer(MC5) last year and he actually looked pretty good considering all the drugs he took but he has been clean for awhile now

  4. 25 minutes ago, mjp28 said:

    Any special plans for the 2020 Memorial Day weekend ?   Family gatherings of 10 or less with masks ?  Fireworks ?  Some good FOOD ?

    And do remember the meaning of the holiday remembering the Americans who fought and some gave all for our country.

    For Friday and Saturday meals we were hungry for pasta but we're planning on meatloaf so what to do.......easy make meatballs with the meatloaf mix.....but we didn't want to bother with meatballs......easy again:

    And today it's definitely ribeye steaks with baked potatoes and spinach !  And the air conditioner will be on later it's already getting warm outside. :D

    got ribeye's myself and today is perfect some clouds and a high of 70 

  5. On 5/18/2020 at 1:43 PM, Tour2ma said:

    Just noticed the setlist link failed to make it into my above post.

    Sorry 'bout that...


    Also thought of another Party on the Plaza player... Ohio native, Rick Derringer.

    All American Boy still gets some play in this house.... Teenage Love Affair... The Airport Giveth... and, of course, Rock n Roll, Hoochie Koo. If memory serves, Rick wrote the latter for Johnny Winter, whose band he was in for a while. I saw them in the Pub Aud one winter... for free. :)Johnny Winter And was opening for Mountain, who failed to make it to the gig due to weather, so all attendees received refunds... and got a full set of Johnny.

    Pop Quiz: What was Rick's first commercially successful Band and what 60's song of theirs not only charted, but made it to #1? Hint: There's a Columbus, Ohio band that still plays it.

    Later on Rick played with Edgar.


    And now I want to say Edgar Winter Partied on the Plaza as well.... but not 100% sure of that... dammit.



    last time i saw Rick was at heinygate  for ttun vs The Ohio State Buckeyes  good times man

  6. On 5/19/2020 at 9:07 AM, Tour2ma said:

    STEAMROLLER!!! You hoser...

    Laughed my ass off first time I saw Strange Brew. Wasn't expecting to as I was never a SCTV fan, but couldn't help it. And I loved the casting of Max von Sydow was brilliant. Why he'd appear in such a film always escaped me, but glad he did.

    Recently learned of Max's passing in March of this year. So many rolls even more memorable than Brew.


    When I think of bad films I love, a/k/a "guilty pleasures", my first thought always turns to Big Trouble in Little China and Russell's Jack "It's all in the reflexes" Burton. Add in a young Kim Cattrall, a handful of Asian-heritage actors you know you've seen in "a few other movies", a magic potion or two... then shake well... and there it is.

    Next one in line varies, but Road House is always in the pack.

    My wife would kill me if I did not give a shoutout to Sharknado... although for me... nah... not in my pack. Something disqualifying about a movie that is intentionally bad. Maybe I'm a bad movie purest... ;)

    One that I originally paid to see and hated, but have since warmed to (a worthy subset?) due to a couple HBO viewings is Mars Attacks. So maybe out-of-pocket cost is a factor...

    Anaconda makes it mostly on the back of J-Lo, but it's the regurgitated Voight at the end of his over-the-top performance that cements this selection.


    Enough for now, but feels like there has to be at least one Schwarzenegger entry for the list to be legit... maybe Total Recall, but it was pretty good at the time. Its FXs have just suffered badly with time... although they sure as hell did not help the remake. So maybe the remake is the one... but that means finding another Ahnold flick.


    SCTV I never knew that the guy who played Saul in breaking bad was a member 

    Bad movies ? some say Bar Fly but i love that movie and Nomads with Adam Ant

  7. 11 hours ago, The Gipper said:

    I heard some discussion on it     on ESPN this morning.  Essentially they came to the conclusion that  Jordan was a little bitch.   Apparently he ratted out anyone and everyone, and like Trump, never took responsibility for anything that ever went wrong....blaming everyone else. 

    you sound like some people out here who hate bronny 

    makes no sense to me

  8. 2 hours ago, Unsympathetic said:

    Just got married on Saturday! 

    Here in Mass the reception once scheduled for October is still up in the air bc gatherings of 50 are not expected to be OK even then.  Maybe instead of the un-anniversary we'll just have a 1-year anniversary?

    Interestingly, of the dozen or so weddings our minister was going to officiate this spring/summer, everyone but us postponed until they could have the celebration same day as the wedding.. I don't understand that: The expensive flowers can wait, put the ring on.


    and as far as going out to eat and such drink and be merry I look at it as a game of chess The Pawns move first

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  9. 33 minutes ago, Icecube said:

    The US military has been dishing out HC for 50 years to the troops, but now they are saying it might not be "safe?" So we've been making our troops take an "unsafe" drug for 50 years? 

    the us military are responsible for The Doors and The Beatles and LSD

  10. 10 hours ago, LBC mike said:

    my wife would always complain about how much it costs.   then I explained that I would have to go to sports bar and hang out there all day.  drink, eat and look at the young waitress all day spending at least 50-70 dollars every Sunday to watch the browns.  16 Sundays add up.    she does not bitch anymore.

    I did the same and it's funny cause it is true

  11. On 5/16/2020 at 5:48 PM, Tour2ma said:

    Ever drop in on the Steve Hoffman Forums? Place is a mosh pit of music junkies. Very hard to keep up any kind of conversation when a hundred posts hit every fricking thread daily and page one of the index turns over a couple times a day.

    There was one running gag tho that was fun until Mods killed it. Every couple days someone would post a Battle of the Bands thread... and Bread was always one of the bands. There were a few Bread diehards there.

    Hell... I owned a couple Bread albums when I was young (one was their S/T and the other was named Manna IIRC... still have them somewhere in a box), but they didn't get played once I found Jimi... and Zep.. and album rock in general.


    First "discovered" Jeff Beck in his one-off, BB&A stint. Then followed him thru Blow By Blow and Wired... both very good efforts. Thereafter not so much... but in the 90's I grabbed a 3 disc compilation release called Beckology. It filled in a lot of gaps.

    Becks daughter is fucking hot she sometimes plays bass in his band 

    are the Steve Hoffman forums still around ? sounds like the Pearl Jam forum (which was also on the sony bbs) unless your fingers went a 100 miles per hour impossible to keep up

    but they would stop by Rogers forum bitching WHY did Roger have 4 different forums,it was funny