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  1. ATOM

    What/Who are you currently listening to?

    another great band from the state of texas forgot to mention zz top approved I think related somehow
  2. ATOM

    JJ Watt Released

    oh so that hack works in seattle now wonder why espn fired him ?
  3. ATOM

    Browns schedule next year

    10-12 wins and going 4-2 in the division
  4. ATOM

    People Should Hang For This

    so u are trying to tell me that over a 1000 antifia could not get into the portland federal building attacked the capitol and got in ? honestly ? aand this comes from a guy who had beers with joey gibson
  5. ATOM

    People Should Hang For This

    I expect no less from you racist
  6. ATOM

    OK, Now I'm Impressed

    warm springs native american area nothing really to do or see there actually it sucks from there to richmond people are nice tho
  7. i believe pit will be at the bottom of the north if somehow cin can protect burrow I can see them winning 7-8 games
  8. ATOM

    People Should Hang For This

    uummmm well really all i have to add is trump sucks dicks from the back
  9. ATOM

    People Should Hang For This

    did I ever tell ya about them following myself and a friend around by them ? it was funny as hell we beat on one of their tents telling them to wake up and riot and that we would be at the yamhill pub they didnt do shit
  10. ATOM

    People Should Hang For This

    ah I thought you were gonna say the assholes who stormed the capitol
  11. ATOM

    Quarterback Merry Go Round

    wow that has to be one of the dumber things i have ever read
  12. ATOM

    I was really impressed by this

    I have told my friends to just take my body weight it down and throw me in the lake
  13. ATOM

    Poet's Post

    oh shit THE BROWNIES made the Playoffs the only silver lining