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  1. ATOM

    Browns Owner screwing it up again

    could be maybe he was innocent of all chargers when his truck stops were under investigation and felt the need to be more hands on to make sure things we being run properly in Cleveland of course only to screw things up,so maybe he learned his lesson and figured out that running truck stops and a football team are completely different animals and stepped back to let the football guys run things
  2. ATOM

    Who is the bigger idiot

    or get a ransom for that pick
  3. ATOM

    Browns hire OC Todd Monken

    pretty damn cool to be looking forward to the next season knowing that we have a coaching staff in place and of course a QB
  4. ATOM

    Browns hire OC Todd Monken

    celebrate good times
  5. ATOM

    Division SemiFinals live Chat room

    former Browns on all of the playoff teams i believe
  6. ATOM

    Who is the bigger idiot

    the A's all ready gave him 4.5 million and are prepared to up the ante but what ever that amount is yep you are correct it will not match NFL money
  7. ATOM

    Who is the bigger idiot

    not sure why he is comparing Murray to huey any way here it is murray was drafted 9th over all by the A's and has just declared for the NFL draft so he will be the first person ever to be drafted in the first round by the MLB and the NFL
  8. honestly i was worried about a lockout before dorsey got here
  9. ATOM

    Who is the bigger idiot

    hue is a happy idiot waving at cars
  10. and build momentum just in time for a 2021 lockout ? would be just are luck
  11. fuck off you racist The MC5 kicks ass
  12. ATOM

    Mike McCarthy Approached

    it should be called The Paul Brown Trophy
  13. ATOM

    Rookie of the year

    orange and brown wifey got me the orange one the kids got me the brown one also got a book called the hard stuff story about The MC5
  14. ATOM

    Rookie of the year

    ha I got 2 for christmas
  15. ATOM

    Browns Free Agents

    Higgins has come so far since first drafted I really do not know what else he could have done not to get resigned Perriman came in what week 7 ? and with a year of ota's and training camp will continue to show his worth and rapport with Baker Robinson and Hubbard both stepped up and helped keep Baker clean and yes I do agree with better play calling having Baker getting the ball out faster helped alot (f you haley and hue)