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  1. got ribeye's myself and today is perfect some clouds and a high of 70
  2. ATOM

    NFL Sunday Ticket Max

    you know i have been with those sorry fuckers for over a decade and i didnt get any e mail for a free ticket fuck em
  3. and for what ever reason madden still had fat freddie as the coach
  4. madden had a lot of play action and Mayfield hitting Higgins for a TD on a corner route to take a 6 -0 lead over the ravens
  5. last time i saw Rick was at heinygate for ttun vs The Ohio State Buckeyes good times man
  6. ATOM

    The Last Dance

    i have em all on record will binge it one of these days
  7. Neil Young with suicidal tendencies and Sonic Youth Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with the Black Angels Plant and Page if was fucking awesome when they came out of Night Flight into Break on Through to the otherside Claypool Lennon Delirium ,Lennon talking about if your fingers could smell like a octopuses Monster Magnet
  8. ATOM

    Bad movies we love

    SCTV I never knew that the guy who played Saul in breaking bad was a member Bad movies ? some say Bar Fly but i love that movie and Nomads with Adam Ant
  9. ATOM

    The last dance?

    you sound like some people out here who hate bronny makes no sense to me
  10. ATOM

    NFL Sunday Ticket Max

    always thought it was funny when The Stones made fun of AC/DC because of their height,oh this is from the SARS concert
  11. ATOM

    NFL Sunday Ticket Max

    sticky fingers but I would still take AC DC
  12. ATOM

    Would you trade Baker to the Dolphins for Tua?

    congrats and as far as going out to eat and such drink and be merry I look at it as a game of chess The Pawns move first
  13. ATOM

    NFL Sunday Ticket Max

    sounds like a cool evening
  14. ATOM

    NFL / Covid Updates

    the us military are responsible for The Doors and The Beatles and LSD
  15. ATOM

    NFL Sunday Ticket Max

    I did the same and it's funny cause it is true