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  1. i hope Stanfanski talks Baker into having a qb coach during the off season as Baker said he didnt need one
  2. ATOM

    Can't wait

    HA that was funny
  3. ATOM

    Bottom line on the virus

    so dude hows your tooth ?
  4. fuck him GO BROWNS Baker to the SB
  5. ATOM

    Can't wait

    peace man im a drinking lots of vodka
  6. ATOM

    Can't wait

    The Buckeyes are headed out here to Oregon for a game I have been jacked for it since first I heard it was gonna happen (BUCKS do not play the NW very often)I believe it will not happen anyway hope you are well and stay that way
  7. NO the Battered Basterds it is a cool watch
  8. ATOM

    Can't wait

    got my REDS hat on (grew up in columbus) fucking missing opening day
  9. i drove past a short bus of field workers yesterday the bus was packed
  10. ATOM

    Trivia Questions and Answers

    yep got a tardis for my birthday
  11. ATOM

    Trivia Questions and Answers

    cleveland 2020
  12. ATOM

    The 2020 Free Agency Thread...

    i remember but cant remember which game where we were short on o-linemen after injury
  13. lst time i was there and it's been awhile their dancers were fucking skanks but hey maybe they changed or just a off night as the strippers are all ways moving from club to club they also can bring you a bottle or two of whiskey
  14. o.k maybe not the best but still damn entertaining hell Kurt Russel played on the team and his father Jack sued the MLB and won