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  1. white russians first vodka drink i have had since august now time to put up some lights go browns
  2. I have been impressed with indiana "s qb
  3. best fucking l.p since FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK Thank You MALCOM for leaving this behind
  4. ATOM

    This Week in the AFC North

    hell ya jake luton dude is a boss
  5. how it gets fixed you say ? get baker some platform shoes may help
  6. ATOM

    Browns shut down facility due to Covid

    Myles is not covid related well so they say
  7. i was at 3 but woke up to late to make the bet but hey johnson won the masters woo hoo
  8. not to be a ass but should we be looking for a qb in the draft or make a trade ?
  9. ATOM

    Chubb playing or not?

    i have mahommie as my qb so played baker FUCK
  10. not hurt as far as i know But coach did say before the game that they did not want to over use him
  11. damn he either over throws or the pass is behind the receiver
  12. ATOM


    who the fuck is adam ?