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  1. ATOM

    Everyone Wants Some

    just threaten to drop directv and i am sure you can get the ticket for free,i did it last year
  2. ATOM

    Baker Mayfield bats left handed

    i throw frisbee left handed
  3. ATOM

    Everyone Wants Some

    A Far Cry from years gone by
  4. ATOM

    Game on Cleveland

    hasnt been proven yet,,,, if true he will never step on a nfl field again (maybe)
  5. ATOM

    Game on Cleveland

    we gotta get that guy
  6. ATOM

    on are way to the playoffs

    ha ha blow me
  7. ATOM

    on are way to the playoffs

    oh no not yet i put the 4 out of division games on top and the away 4 games on the bottom
  8. ATOM


    hear earl thomas may come to cleveland
  9. ATOM

    Is Dorsey making his move THIS year?

    wasnt that because he had no one else to play back there
  10. ATOM


    i for one believe Dorsey can evaluate talent he has all ready proven that so I would Fucking believe that Corbett will be just fine
  11. ATOM

    Analhole Brown Goes to Oakland

    and they got a 1 for armani damn also his contract is for only 3 years then he is off the books
  12. ATOM

    Free agency begins March 11

    so did I he was more than just a blocking TE
  13. ATOM

    Free agency begins March 11

    Fells on the trade block jets seem interested didnt feel this needed its own thread
  14. ATOM

    College Homer Thread - Draft Prospects

    o.k but do y think he would be able to make the switch ? hey woody