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  1. ATOM

    Mack The Knife

    training camp should be fun this year I kinda expect greedy to make it on the first team
  2. ATOM

    Schobert Trade Chances ?

    thats what i read for a day 3 pick
  3. ATOM

    Schobert Trade Chances ?

    i read somewhere that Dorsey may be interested in ex OSU and now jet LB Lee
  4. ATOM

    BOOOOOOOO ....

    really doesnt belong here but since gambling got brought up,HELL YES legalized sports gambling to start in august out here in Oregon
  5. ATOM

    Regular Season Schedule

    only one divisional game before Hunt can join the team
  6. ATOM

    Regular Season Schedule

    NFL network is supposed to have someone at a Cleveland tavern for the schedule release
  7. he's gonna need it ill keep my fingers crossed
  8. ATOM

    Game of Browns - King of the North

    fucking awesome loved the parts when grossi got his head decapitated and when Baker took out cowterd
  9. ATOM


    all i see on the shelves here is that horrible ultra light not the regular
  10. ATOM

    OBJ Press Conference

    haahhaa I havnt seen that one for years cheers
  11. ATOM

    Are you ready for building the browns ?

    last year someone was posting the show here then for some reason quit doing it,hopefully someone can keep up with it this year
  12. ATOM

    Minimum expectations for the upcoming season,?

    minimum expectations ? to pick 32nd in next years draft
  13. ATOM

    Solution to Tanking??

    hahaha no wonder hue looked so confused when he got canned
  14. exactly he always seems thrilled when we do well and wtf we have sucked since 99 what the fuck was there to be positive about