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  1. ya send me some cash and i will give you the winners of tonights nba games
  2. ATOM

    Our Bet, Draft specuation

    would the dolphins take a 4th for him if they do ? maybe even are late 3rd cause i have not scene him play and from what i have read he has not seem to have been given a chance to succeed or doe's he suck ?
  3. ATOM

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    this will all end up as a cash grab for the security officer and will go away
  4. ATOM

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    throw in Baker and we may get a top 20 pick
  5. is Alvin Lee from TEN YEARS AFTER in ?
  6. ATOM

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    ha ha maybe you should read the board more often
  7. Wow I had forgotten about Frank saw em once open for Heart The Joe Perry Project was also there damn that was a long time ago and i agree the rrhof is fucked up
  8. I have other reasons but Soundgarden was the best band ever to sound like Led Zeppelin without sounding like Led Zeppelin
  9. as i said i will not say again Go Browns
  10. ATOM

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    who fucking cares just as long as he can catch td's for us next year
  11. Thin Lizzy are more of a folk blues band not fucking metal and the true best band from Ireland they had their hits here in the us but were also so important because of their bandmates who were a mix of Protestants and Catholics and in that circa was unheard of look man there is more than just music going on here
  12. oh ya they fucking rocked and is one band Black Sabbath said they borrowed from are Black Sabbath in the rrhof ?
  13. all right ill start with The MC5 a counterculture movement that basically invented Punk back in the mid 60's their Rock N Roll was a kick in the face to the fascist's that ran the country at the time That alone should make them worthy