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  1. ATOM

    Chernobyl HBO

    gonna start watching this holiday weekend I had to Finish up Castle Rock on Hulu and if you are a stephen king guy you will love it
  2. ATOM

    ELO with Jeff Lynne

    fantastic show I saw it this past saturday I will suggest getting there on time at watch Dhani Harrison open he also joins Jeff onstage for a Wilburys song side note I went to The Claypool Lennon (johns son) Delirum a few nights prior it was a damn good show Sean was talking about the ability to be able to smell from your fingers and said he would not want to be able to
  3. ATOM

    Supplemental Draft: Jalen Thompson SS

    well with this years expectations being so high a 3rd round pick would be more of a high 4th so why the hell not
  4. ATOM

    Rumor Hunt was in a bar fight....

    some thing happened I mean even if it was nothing why in the hell was he outside of a bar at that time of day
  5. ATOM

    Bengals fans taking OBJ trade well...

    fuck the bengals and their fans
  6. doing a cookout with some family I have know idea what is on the menu but it will be good times hope you can enjoy the weekend at home
  7. ATOM

    Colin Coward

    spam spam spam I like my spam with BEER fucking hacks
  8. ATOM

    Personal Conduct

    well why don't you just freaking get rid of the report button seems that would solve the problem
  9. ATOM

    Building The Browns

    really liked the last episode get a little inside look so as i enjoy this cloudy morning waiting for september to get here I will sip on my guinness cheers all
  10. ATOM

    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    so he only signed a one year contract with the panthers I would not be surprised if he was with us in 2020
  11. damnit man get well I am looking forward to some new game day winning recipes
  12. ATOM

    Stupid Steeler fan jokes/memes

    a song about a arsonist who follows the teachings of aleister crowley
  13. ATOM

    Stupid Steeler fan jokes/memes

    Sean the music well at least to me is kinda like Zappa meets The Beatles
  14. ATOM

    Stupid Steeler fan jokes/memes

    didn't know you were a Harrison fan awesome,i'm gonna go see his son Dhani for the second time when he opens for ELO Side note 3 days prior to that i will be attending The Claypool Lennon Delirium show which of course is Johns son