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  1. AZBrowns

    No QB in 2010.

    Jake Locker is being hyped up by people who watch him on highlights because if you would actually sit down and watch him for a full game, you'll realize how inaccurate and overrated he is. His career completion percentage is below 55 percent and is only completing 56% of his passes this year. If it weren't for his legs no one would notice him. He is below average. No thanks.
  2. AZBrowns

    Per a league source

    A billionaire who cares about soccer.....
  3. AZBrowns

    Steelers agree it was a blown measurement

    I dont get where people think Ward caught the ball. By rules, he clearly dropped the ball. You have to complete your motion as you hold on to the ball and fall to the ground, in bounds or not. As soon as that ball fall out of Wards hands, it was incomplete. I have seen that happen and it has been explained on a few different occasions before.
  4. AZBrowns

    Cribbs on block??

    No, it doesn't tell you all you need to know beause Cribbs isn't the "best" player on the team. He could be the most explosive or even the most athletic, but he isn't the best. The Browns two best players are guys that play in the trenches - Rogers and Thomas-- not Cribbs. Cribbs is a very important piece to the puzzle but not the best player on the team.
  5. AZBrowns

    Browns vs. Steelers...

    I know
  6. AZBrowns

    Browns vs. Steelers...

    Browns 36 Steelers 3
  7. AZBrowns

    NFL Scouts on 2010 QB's

    You guys need to back away from the Locker kool-aid because these guys are dead-on with him. He has a ton of potential, but he came into college with a run-first mentality and Sark has basically handcuffed him and told him not to run unless he has to and the results haven't been as great as you have been led to believe. Washington is playing basically with one legit running back and he's nothing more than a run-of-the-mill freshman and while that would hurt a normal pocket passes, Locker's running ability keeps the opposition more honest than you would think. Even considering all that, Locker struggles as a pocket passer and that's what he will have to be in the NFL. He has a career completion percentage in the low-to-mid-50's and doesn't throw well unless he is given a ton of time in the pocket. He doesn't have the quickest release at this point. He needs to stay for his senior year unless QB's stock plummet across the board and he feels like he can sneak into the first round. With a great finish to 2009 and a great senior season, he could be a top-10 pick for sure, but as for where he currently stands, he's a 4th or 5th rounder. Did I mention he is 6-16 as a starting QB?
  8. AZBrowns

    Cribbs on block??

    They will not trade Josh Cribbs. That is all...
  9. AZBrowns

    Everyone Ready To Go 0-5 ??

    I didn't read your post, but felt like replying anyway. Why is that?
  10. AZBrowns

    Observations for Friday 10/9

    Thank god it isn't someone like Jamie Lee Curtis again
  11. AZBrowns

    I Thought He Missed It, Too

  12. AZBrowns

    Please, beat us.

    Browns 45 Bills 3, TO loses it on the sideline. Someone throws poop at him......
  13. AZBrowns

    I Thought He Missed It, Too

    Dude, getting a tie back could be crucial to the Browns playoff chances
  14. AZBrowns

    Oh no, we don't have a superstar

    In hindsight, Bill Belichick is a Hall of Fame head coach. Nine years ago, he was basically Eric Mangini with a little more experience as an assistant. I know people are tired of comparisons and I don't personally think Mangini will be Belichick in terms of success, but like young players, young coaches progress as they get older. I don't hate Mangini and I think he is much more "there" than RAC was. As far as the MoMass reference. My opinion differs a little from yours based on what I have been told. Everything that I was told about MoMass was on display Sunday. He needs to do it consistently, yes, but I am not one to get too high on a young player (with the exception of Joe Thomas) without having a firm opinion of his talent and I TRULY think MoMass develops into a reliable #1. Time will tell of course, but the way everyone is still flipping out on the guy is insane. They are buying into this media hype bullcrap.
  15. AZBrowns

    Oh no, we don't have a superstar

    Cribbs, Thomas, Steinbach, Mack, Harrison, Rogers and Jackson are pretty damn good players in my book. The idea is to build a TEAM atmosphere and THEN see if a star will come out of the group or fit into at a later point. No one is expecting a Super Bowl with THIS group, however, the pieces they have in place at key positions (LT and NT) are some of the best in the business, some very promising young talent at center and WR. Sure, there are holes all over the place and that's why you see a 0-4 record. However, creating an atmosphere the guys in charge feel comfortable with is essential to what they are trying to do. Even Belichick went 5-11 his first year in New England. Go look at the 2000 Pats roster. There are a few good players on there (their defensive line was awful ), but look at the roster. It doesn't look like anything special to me. A few very good players at some key positions and they built around those. In no way am I trying to compare the Browns to the Pats, but the point is, how many Pats fans were ready to hang Belichick after the Pats started.... wait for it..... 0-4 in his first four game as Pats head coach? Pats fans thought he was a joke. They pointed to his track record and thought the Pats were a lost cause. The next year, with a slightly retooled roster, a new QB who was extremely effective (Tom Brady was a "game manager" as people put it, in his first year) and a little luck against Oakland, they ended up "stunning" the Rams in the Super Bowl and they ended up winning two more. Will that happen in Cleveland with Mangini? Meh, chances are slim. But how are we going to find out if this team keeps firing coaches, drafting me-first malcontents and overturning the roster every three-to-four years like this is a college football program? Chances are, the Browns will keep chasing their tails by keeping players like Winslow and Edwards on the roster and by firing coaches the second they fail to meet anyone's expectations. I am by no means approving of the job that Mangini has done so far, but the more I am watching this team, the more I realize that this teams problems stem much deeper than Mangini. He is gutting this team of the ones that are holding them back, whether the talent exists with that player or not. I like what he is doing for the team down the road. Whether he does a good enough job on the field or not is for another argument, but in terms of building a TEAM atmosphere, I certainly approve of that aspect.