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  1. JDailey23

    You know what's really going to suck???

    History has proven that counting out Pitt and Baltimore is very, very stupid. How many times over the last decade has Pittsburgh finally “come to the end” only to still have a .500+ record and win/almost win the division. Dont be ignorant, I think Baker is a franchise guy, but this team only has potential. If you have watched this current version of the Indians, you know it’s a very short window and it’ll close just as quick as it opened.
  2. JDailey23

    Ouch - Hue going to be gone from Bengals?

    He was a QB coach in Baltimore, 2008/2009
  3. Thanks for the invite, can’t wait til next season!
  4. JDailey23

    ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    This is the day!
  5. JDailey23

    Dutch's '18 Browns Questions

    1. Browns record? 5-11 2. Bengals record? 7-9 3. Ravens record? 9-7 4. Steelers record? 10-6 5. How many points do the Browns score? How many do they allow? 320 - 410 6. How many yards, touchdowns and interceptions does Tyrod Taylor pass for? 2760, 20, 6 7. How many yards, touchdowns and interceptions does Baker Mayfield pass for? 250, 1,1 8. How many yards and touchdowns does Carlos Hyde run for? 865 and 8 9. How many yards and touchdowns does Nick Chubb run for? 530 and 5 10. Who leads the Browns in receptions? How many receptions? Njoku and 68 11. Who leads the Browns in receiving yards? How many yards? Gordon, 950  12. How many sacks does Garrett have? 11 13. Will Hue Jackson be the head coach of the Browns at this time next year? If not, what date is he fired? (I want a specific date. Take a look at the schedule) No, Monday Nov 12  14. What two teams are in the Super Bowl? Who wins? tough, AFC is weak. phily vs......Patriots, I guess.
  6. JDailey23


    Hue sucks
  7. Apparently, I ’m a moron and can’t figure out how to email you. If you need someone my email is jdailey23@yahoo.com
  8. Long time no see, Sir! Would be an honor
  9. He uses the term “ok” loosely lol
  10. Same ole same ole. Work, Eat, Baseball, sleep. In that order. Yourself? How you feeling??
  11. Don’t waste your time on skyline. It’s crap
  12. JDailey23


    Browns for the win in week 1. Book it now
  13. I’m “new” to this board. Was on an old board “Dog Pound”, been on OBR for ever a decade and Real Cavs Fans for many years as well. If you need anyone else, I’ll join. Been playing fantasy forever.