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  1. EastSideDawg

    Please Not McDaniels

    Yea great idea all those belichick assistants have been tearing up the NFL josh is nothing without Brady.
  2. EastSideDawg

    Desmond Harrison is Left Tackle

    please leave your lost and joe T will be a first ballot HOF'er then you will eat Pooo
  3. EastSideDawg


    the bakery? come on man i can see all the corny jokes now ...... just bake the opponents some muffins while we are at it betty crocker browns.
  4. EastSideDawg

    Trade for Khalil Mack

    the thing i like is he is trying to make a good football team with good football players. He isnt worried about number crunching and winning contracts/deals. kendricks is a perfect signing i dont think sashi would have signed him. dorsey seen a chance to make a good LB group potentially great.
  5. EastSideDawg

    Trade for Khalil Mack

    john dorsey doesnt mess around if he really is looking to improve the team any way possible he should call and see. I dont know if it would work out salary cap wise in the next couple years with mack and garrett are going to be $100+ million contract players.
  6. EastSideDawg

    Fear Of WHich Browns Will Be Injured This Year

    considering that injuries most of the time are flukes unless a player has a chronic condition. On top of that being injured has no bearing on being soft...GW even praised Garrett on his toughness playing through his injury last year and said a normal player wouldn't have played a snap.
  7. EastSideDawg

    Josh Allen's first start was.. not good. Shocking!

    Allen will be fine if he doesn't get shell shocked from that o line. i think people forget sometimes how nasty AFC north defenses are, cincy's pass rush is legit with lawson and adkins. remember how manziel looked in his first game against Cincy ? this is the main reason Baker shouldn't start this year rookie= confused sometimes holds on to the ball to long = taking hits from cincy, balt, pitt D = injured QB
  8. EastSideDawg

    Avery and Nassib should be our LDE rotation

    the browns are going to have a legit rush package with Avery, oghbah, og, garrett. nassib is your classic try hard effort guy i would keep him over orchard he seems to make more plays and is trying to get better. He was noticeably bigger this year give him another year or 2 in the weight room he could be something. that is what you want in your developmental backup players.
  9. EastSideDawg

    *GAMEDAY THREADS* Eagles & Lions

    ill be at the game Thursday looking forward to it.
  10. EastSideDawg

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    your lost this is gregg's defense and haley's offense if you cant see this there is not hope for you.