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  1. EastSideDawg

    Hospital Ward?

    ward is going to get a huge contract ... i dont think it will be from the browns they drafted Newsome as his replacement. Also Teller is gone as well just start bracing for it mentally. He will get a huge contract and with paying Tretter , Bitonio and Conklin already its not happening .
  2. EastSideDawg

    the browns plan at QB going forward.

    well its either baker play's better or we put keenum in . This injury isnt going to get better without surgery.
  3. EastSideDawg

    the browns plan at QB going forward.

    any coincidence the offense started sucking when jarvis went out ? hmmmmm
  4. EastSideDawg

    the browns plan at QB going forward.

    my guess is SF they pushed for him this offseason. players love kyle and they have a good roster and a similar system. its a lock in my eyes
  5. EastSideDawg

    The Offensive Line

    the truth is the Oline hasnt played well this year especially in pass pro. last year the browns gave up 26 sacks for the season. This year they are on pace to give up 50+ sacks for the season.
  6. EastSideDawg

    the browns plan at QB going forward.

    No way baker takes this deal. he will bet on himself in free agency. On top of that are you ready for baker snarky comments about the front office in every interview if they dont give him 40 mil a year? sounds great for team culture
  7. not the best week for baker to get back on track. the chargers have i think the best pass D in the NFL. they have faced really really good offenses DAL, KC, LAR they only gave up 237 to Dak with 1 int, 260 to mahomes with 2 int and 196 and 1nt for Carr. if baker can get 150 and no INT with the browns running game maybe they can squeak out a close game with how the D has been playing.
  8. EastSideDawg

    the browns plan at QB going forward.

    No one knows what Trubisky can be away from Nagy change of scenery like Tannehill might do him good. I think most can look at it as no Qb has looked good with nagy and he might be the problem like Gase with Tannehill and Darnold. The only reason i said Trubisky is he is going to be the best out of a bad crop of Free agent Qbs next year.
  9. EastSideDawg

    the browns plan at QB going forward.

    i think trubisky has a chance to be good. He just had bad coaching in Chicago with nagy.
  10. EastSideDawg

    the browns plan at QB going forward.

    I want the browns to win .... the problem is if they sign baker for 40 mill a year he wont have the players around him to pick him up. it sucks and its hard to hear but baker ISNT a difference maker he needs everything around him perfect to succeed. Take Lamar for example they have like 20 players on IR no WR's a bad Oline and Lamar still makes them competitive.
  11. EastSideDawg

    Baker and OBJ

    its a baker mayfield problem not an OBJ problem.
  12. EastSideDawg

    Rate Baker Mayfield's "Performance" today

    so what you are saying is we are good QB play away from a super bowl? not great qb play just good.
  13. EastSideDawg

    Rate Baker Mayfield's "Performance" today

    it is true it's bakers problem not OBj's. he was open all day and baker kept missing him.
  14. i don't think baker is going to be the guy going forward, if he was berry would have signed him already. so what should we do? 1. baker is not worth 40 mil a year.. berry knows it. 2. this QB draft class sucks not really anyone of note. Maybe they draft a developmental QB? 3. free agents pretty much all older guys and retreds..... except for Mitch Trubisky. that is my vote let baker play his 5th year while grooming trubisky as a backup plan if things dont go well as well as drafting a Developmental QB in next years draft.
  15. EastSideDawg

    Defensive Tackle

    it might take billings a little while to get back into it from being off from football for a year. His conditioning, play strength , technique will probably come back after 1/4 of the season. its a bigger risk cutting him IMO. he will get picked up in a second.