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    Dez on his way ?

    Cowboys fan here, I thought I would give you guys an inside take on Dez. -For one, he's not washed up. Physically he came into camp in great shape last year, he looked to be in for a big year but had the inexcusable issue with drops -More problematic than the drops, we suffer from a lack of creatively offensively. Defenses knows what we're doing and opposing defensive backs routinely run our receivers' routes for them. Dak is also wildly inconsistent. Dez would thrive with Hue Jackson. -He's a culture changer (in a positive way). 90% of the media takes on Dez sideline rants are utter cowpoop, it's always from a competitive "want to win" standpoint not "I want the ball" like they would have you believe. DB's would get better competing against him every day. feel free to shoot any questions