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  1. Shady Mccoy

    Cory Coleman Traded

    Remember that time you tried to use corny insults because someone explained what they saw week in and week out. I don't live in Buffalo 🤡🤡. Anyway we had Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods. I wonder why Woods had a career year after leaving the Bills.🤔🤔
  2. Shady Mccoy

    Cory Coleman Traded

    He plays it very safe, that helps him not turn it over. He doesn't throw into tight windows if you aren't wide open the ball will not be thrown.(2 steps or more) He won't see you if you are wide open at times due to his height. The OL has to be good because he holds the ball the longest of any QB in the league. If you fall behind 10 or more points in a game in the second half you can just assume it is a loss, since he has NEVER comeback from that insurmountable 10pt deficit. Expect most games to be in the 200 yard range passing. He had 1 300 yard game in Buffalo and he needed OT to get it. 2 or 3 games a year he will surprise you with less than 100 yards passing. BTW these aren't things I think, these are the facts. I like TT but he's just an average QB if that.
  3. Shady Mccoy

    Cory Coleman Traded

    Just wait till you see TT in action. I don't know what Allen will amount to (career wise) But I'm well aware of who and what TT is.
  4. Shady Mccoy

    Tyrod from a Bills Fan's Perspective

    The weapons the Browns have surrounded TT with can't hurt. I'm not sure if his height is the issue but he misses open guys very often and ends up checking it down to the RB or taking a sack.
  5. Shady Mccoy

    Tyrod from a Bills Fan's Perspective

    If you watched Billsgames you would know that 3 or four games were won on an interception/fumble recovery by the defense. I'm not saying TT is bad but he's mediocre at best. If the Bills had an average QB vs. the Jags they win that playoff game. I already threw this stat out there and it seems like you don't mind it but 8 games he threw for less than 200 yards and he had a 56 yard game in one of those and 65 in another. If that's your definition of good I can argue with you. But to me that's awful.
  6. Shady Mccoy

    Tyrod from a Bills Fan's Perspective

    That's been the case since Jim Kelly. You don't have a 17 year playoff drought with a good QB
  7. Shady Mccoy

    Tyrod from a Bills Fan's Perspective

    We now have 12 and 22 we traded with the Bengals. Hopefully we pick the right guy. The Bills have been in QB hell for a very long time.
  8. Shady Mccoy

    Tyrod from a Bills Fan's Perspective

    It's not the OL he holds the ball for a very long time I think the number was 3.71 seconds ( I may be off on that a bit) if he sees the guy and he is wide open he will throw it but he has no anticipation throws. He doesn't throw picks because he doesn't throw it. He had 8 games where he threw for less than 200 yards last season. He threw for 56 yards vs the Saints. He threw for more than 250 yards 3 times. Again I agree he's better as a stop gap/bridge than Kizer. But he's nothing more than a .500 or below QB. I'm excited for your QB of the future and happy TT isn't with us anymore.
  9. Shady Mccoy

    Tyrod from a Bills Fan's Perspective

    My perspective on Tyrod is a little different than the OP's and I am also a Bills fan that watched every game he played. In the 3 years he started if the team fell behind by 10 points at any point in the game we never came back. He has 1 300 yard passing game in his career and it took OT to get it. TT is a team guy and a hard worker but... Most games he throws for under 200 yards and doesn't see guys running wide open. Landry is a great WR but TT won't be able to utilize him correctly because he rarely throws over the middle and never throws anyone open. He also holds on to the ball longer than any QB in the league causing many many sacks. http://www.wgr550.com/articles/opinion/dear-browns-fans Luckily for you guys he's just a backup plan for the guy that you will end up drafting. In our case he was "the guy" and he's nothing more than a bridge/backup in reality.