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  1. CentralPAdawg

    Jan. 2-3 Gamegear...

    No way, I hate that team up north. That is the high school helmet, where I coach.
  2. CentralPAdawg

    Jan. 2-3 Gamegear...

    I will be watching from my Browns' man cave in Central PA. This shirt says it all.
  3. CentralPAdawg

    Your BROWNS "man cave" collection

    Hope my try at posting my pics work
  4. CentralPAdawg

    Your BROWNS "man cave" collection

    I don't post too often, but felt this was a good time. I have a huge ALL BROWNS man cave- bar stools, beer tap handles, carpets, clocks, wall border, fat heads, flags, pub table, pub chairs, bar lights, lamps, flags, blankets, numerous pictures, etc. I am positioned in the middle of PA, but by looking at my man cave you would never know. I could try to post some pics later, if anyone would like to see. GO BROWNS!!!
  5. CentralPAdawg

    HEY Jimmy put a lid on it

    I live in Central PA. My dad worked in Cleveland for 30 years and commuted each weekend back home to Central PA to our family. He wanted us to move, but my mom didn't want to leave her family who mostly lived within a 30 minute radius of us. My dad NEVER missed a weekend to get back home. He would tell me about driving on Interstate 80 in a snow storm in the 70's and only seeing 10 cars the whole 220 miles. Vacation to me was Sea World and getting to Browns camp at Kent St. when I was 10. My dad passed away 7 years ago. I am also a high school football coach, and can never get to a Browns game until our season is over. We just finished two weeks ago and I can't wait to get to Cleveland for the Bungles game. My two daughters, 13 and 15 will make the trip with me, just as they have for the past 10 years. I have made the trip in snow, ice, sun, and rain. I love it. It can be 50 or 10 below. My daughters know the deal, dress warm and root like hell. The worst part of any trip to Cleveland is leaving. Knowing how much my dad did for me while he was on this earth, he would want me to make this trip, no matter what the weather was like. Can't wait to see the "Welcome to Ohio" sign as I listen to any radio station that talks about my Browns.
  6. CentralPAdawg

    Why was Amos Jones hired

    I posted this very subject the morning after the Jets game. He is terrible.
  7. Finally the win that was needed!!!!!! Now onto a second, third, ........ Special Teams coach must go in order to get to where we all want to go.
  8. CentralPAdawg

    Chris Hubbard is a Brown

    Love this pick up. As someone who gets stuck watching the stoolers most Sundays, this guy is a player. Wherever he was playing- Guard or Tackle- they were able to run behind him. Tired of seeing Coleman do windmills as DE runs past him.
  9. CentralPAdawg

    Shelton traded to the Patriots

    Not too surprised about a move on the D-line, they have been mentioned in trade talks with D-linemen a couple of times in the past week. Unless you are primarily a 3/4 team, Shelton can't provide what you ask of a DT in the 4 front. Never liked that pick when it happened.
  10. CentralPAdawg

    Tyrod Taylor A Brown

    As I continue to see Taylor running the offense, for maybe just a year, his turnover numbers were really good. Does this also raise a red flag to Darnold pick? A kid who had a large number of turnovers this past year? Is that something that this regime is saying is vital to the position? Just thinking out loud, I guess.
  11. CentralPAdawg

    Tyrod Taylor A Brown

    First time poster here. I am in Central PA and a lifelong Browns fan. I get stuck watching the Steelers most Sundays because of the local coverage. I looked at the Taylor trade and how Haley operated the offense in Pisspuke. There, he had Ben and Landry Jones- both with similar physical characteristics. It brings me to this question- does Mayfield have many of the same physical attributes as Tyrod Taylor? Is there something to be said with this trade? I don't know. On another note, I live 20 mins. from Penn State. I coach high school football and get to watch Penn State football practice and play very closely. Barkley was a stud with a below average Offensive line at Penn State. When they needed a play, he delivered. A catch, a run, a return, etc. I want playmakers. Screw waiting for this round and that round, Go get him. He is the Laveon Bell I get stuck watching each week. It is time someone gets worried when playing the Brown's offense.