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    Tyrod from a Bills Fan's Perspective

    I'm sure the last couple days have been unexpectedly exciting for Browns fans and you're wondering just how good your newly acquired players can be. As a Bills fan, I've watched every game Tyrod has played in the NFL and I think you just got one hell of a player at a pretty fair price. Here's a couple of my thoughts on Tyrod: Tyrod is currently the most athletic quarterback in the NFL (though Lamar Jackson could challenge him for that spot soon). He evades pressure and make plays with his legs when his receivers are covered, but he doesn't always keep his eyes downfield. There will be times when a sack seems iminent, but Tyrod will duck under the tackle, roll out and deliver a strike for a first down. He has an excellent deep ball, but has had no viable deep threats with Marquise Goodwin and Sammie Watkins gone. Last year he had the worst receiving corps in the entire league. An injured Jordan Matthews was our most dependable wr and they only had Kelvin Benjamin for six games. With receivers constantly struggling to get open he performed well enough for us to win games and rarely turns the ball over. Tyrod is only about 6'0 and may struggle to see the middle of the field while in the pocket. He has fairly good accuracy, but his ball placement isn't great. He plays best when surrounded by speed receivers who can get separation and run under deep balls. He runs the play action very well and is a threat to run on every play. He will not pass for 300 yards every game and it won't always be pretty, but he can grind out wins. I'm Hue Jackson can work with his limitations better than our coaching staff has. I assume that the Browns front office plans to take a quarterback at #1 or #4 and have Tyrod simply be a stop-gap, but he can thrive with talent around him and an offensive coordinator who is willing to design the offense around his skill-set.