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  1. Undertaker

    Breshad Perriman

    Bad football 💩
  2. Undertaker

    Can we handle Leonard Williams inside?

    Well we shut him out...a couple of their guys did well but we got it done! I am numb..just keep watching highlights over and over...Jarvis Landry's effort was amazing
  3. Undertaker

    Chad Thomas???

    I questioned this pick when it was made and I still think it sucks...has anyone heard about him? I think he had a muscle pull in training camp.
  4. I feel that for Tyrod to have success we are going to have to block Williams very well. He is more of a inside guy than a traditional DE. if we don't...I think he will wreck us stepping up to throw and also taking running lanes away as well in the middle. The Jets don't have an outside pass rush so he is the key for us to run our offense.
  5. Undertaker

    Cory Coleman Traded

    I think at this point it was better for all concerned. Coleman was never going to be a player for us and his attitude was a killer. When you have a player that doesn't achieve on the field and has a questionable character off it...you have dynamite with a short fuse that will destroy the team
  6. Undertaker

    Chad Thomas???

    I'm not mad about it.....I don't see why we take someone that we can get 20 to 30 picks later. I hope he ends up being a solid player but right now I just don't think he is that good. Since NFL draft is such a big deal every year, its fair for fans to be happy about some picks and upset about some as well. After all, when you follow a team that is 1-31 the past two years and spend money on tickets, parking, food, gas, souvenirs, team wear, and other things related to the Browns....you should have the right to at least critique a player that is taken at pick 67.
  7. Undertaker

    Chad Thomas???

    I don't know if Highsmith had something to do with this or not...the guy has some talent but he isn't explosive enough to be a big time edge rusher and isn't stout enough to play DT...he reminds me of another Carl Nassib to be honest
  8. Undertaker

    Nick Chubb

    I like Chubb very much if his knee is steady...he can play
  9. Undertaker

    Chad Thomas???

    Sorry, this DE is a 4th rounder at best...I watched the U several times and he was a guy that you wouldn't know who he was unless you read his name on the back of his jersey.
  10. Undertaker

    Free Agency Frenzy

    Wilkerson is a NO, NO, and HELL TO THE NO. A cancer like that is a disease...it spreads and before you know it, half the team has a lousy attitude.
  11. Undertaker

    Barkley at #1?

    If Barkley is the for sure the best player and you are 1-31 last two years...you take him...end of story. You can get a QB at # 4. The argument that a RB hasn't went number 1 in 23 years doesn't matter. If Crowell leaves and you don't think Johnson is more than a change of pace back and a pass catcher out of the backfield then it makes sense. In the case of Barkley it seems his attitude is good...his college film is good...his combine numbers are good... Bo Jackson, Earl Campbell, O.J. Simpson were all number 1 overall picks. Ki Jana Carter would have been a player if he hadn't shredded his knee week 1 of the pre-season and never really looked the same. The running back can't go first overall statement is horse piss. Do you think he is the best TALENT in this draft? If he isn't hands down then don't select him...if he is then he goes number 1. I am not a scout, not a coach, not a GM so it really doesn't matter what the hell I think...I am just saying...
  12. Undertaker

    Doug Martin

    Maybe if he came in cheap with a prove it deal it would be ok...but counting on him to be a 300 carry 1200 yard back is probably not a good idea. I also am not sure you want a vet with some baggage at this point.
  13. Undertaker

    Glad we didn't draft Reuben Foster now

    Sometimes people do "get it" after they had trouble growing up...but most of the time if they are bad character guys in school they are bad character as adults. Players like Foster can't stay out of trouble in college with roommates, professors, and coaches watching their every move. Then why would you pay them millions of dollars in a big city, turn them loose on their own, and expect some dramatic character change??? You can't hide whats inside
  14. Undertaker

    Super Bowl "Wrap Up" Trivia

    4. Arizona I have no idea on 8. unless one is Ferragammo for Rams in 1979