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  1. Glad we didn't draft Reuben Foster now

    Sometimes people do "get it" after they had trouble growing up...but most of the time if they are bad character guys in school they are bad character as adults. Players like Foster can't stay out of trouble in college with roommates, professors, and coaches watching their every move. Then why would you pay them millions of dollars in a big city, turn them loose on their own, and expect some dramatic character change??? You can't hide whats inside
  2. Super Bowl "Wrap Up" Trivia

    4. Arizona I have no idea on 8. unless one is Ferragammo for Rams in 1979
  3. Super Bowl "Wrap Up" Trivia

    6. Tom Brady? 7. Kurt Warner Rams...maybe Bradshaw during 1974 season?
  4. Super Bowl "Wrap Up" Trivia

    7. Staubach for Dallas 71 season...Kilmer for Redskins 72 season? 8. Morrall with Colts...Delhomme with panthers
  5. Kenny Britt

    No doubt....I cry tears every time he talks....he should donate his checks to his favorite charity
  6. Let’s win now

    I think I would rather hang out at an all night dentist
  7. Let’s win now

    I just threw up in my mouth
  8. Lol well I have to admit I can't wait to be insulted. I get the offense thing you are saying. The Steelers had the curtain but still had Bradshaw Swan Stallworth and Franco. The 49ers had Rice Montana Craig Taylor Jones. The Cowboys had Aikman Smith Irvin Novacek. The Dolphins had Griese Warfield Kick Csonka. Still, you gotta have someone to tackle these guys or it turns into NBA. Brandon Graham is a good pass rusher and Brady did keep it a bit long cause he was trying to make something happen there. New England didn't make a defensive play in the 2nd half cause they just suck. When Kyle Van Noy is your star then that's bad football. Finally, yes, if you give an NFL QB too much time even Jay Schroeder will pick a team apart
  9. Thanks and yes...if that goes into OT it looks like an NBA score
  10. I am new here...all I can say is defense is very important in a game...especially when you have a bad defense...and New England sucked tonight. They don't have any play makers except Flowers at DE and Butler who they chose to arse print the bench for some reason. You have to score points and great offense does win for sure. These two teams just like last year in the Bowl lit it up....but somebody on the other side of the line has to stop those great offensive teams...or at least slow them down. New England has gotten away with bringing in scrubs from other teams the last few years and plugging them in while letting Collins, Jones, Wilfork walk and not drafting well after Ninkovich and Mayo got old...it didn't work this year. They looked like a 13-3 team on O tonight and a 3-13 team on D.
  11. Hall of Fame Finalists

    Butkus is hard to beat. Nitshcke, Lanier, Carson, Lambert, Nobis, Seau and Ray Ray are all tough along with a few others....but Butkus before his knees gave out was a destroyer. Only player that made veteran offensive players piss their pants looking over the line of scrimmage.
  12. Dungy calls Browns the greatest dynasty ever...

    This is so true!
  13. Hall of Fame Finalists

    Not sure if they were related. Brazile was a beast in the late 70's and early 80's. Type of outside guy that could play in a 4-3 or 3-4 strongside. He could blitz, cover, and hit like a tank.
  14. Dungy calls Browns the greatest dynasty ever...

    Well I wish I would have been around for some of it....must have been nice....
  15. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    I like Barkley and he might be the most talent player in this draft....Chubb and Fitzpatrick are tough as well. However, I think Barkley still has to prove it before he is mentioned with Gurley