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    Super Bowl Trivia

    Not Sorry for getting the answers right, mostly. Half of them were already out there, in this thread. Lot of this stuff is basic knowledge. Who doesn't know Joe Gibbs won with Theismann, Williams and Mark Ripien. Like it wasnt blasted all over the tv that Kuibak won with denver, after playing for them. Who doesnt know shula coached the colts.... and then the dolphins.... Guess no one is supposed to know who forrest gregg is Or that Raymond Berry and Mike Ditka - The only two HOF Players who ever faced off as head coaches in the super bowl. Like its some big secret Ken Norton was one of a handful of player who switched between the Cowboys and 49ers back in the day when they were basically winning everything. Just like Charles Haley did. I will admit I looked at the list of super bowls to try and determine who could have been regional match ups, considering you had said the Pats and Giants wasn't the answer - but its not like i went to google maps and measured the distances. Ive researched, compiled information and answered thousands of football related questions on wikianswers. Meh, why bother explaining myself - You think i cheated? get bent
  2. Pape

    Super Bowl Trivia

    Answers in Blue