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  1. bunkster

    Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    Thanks for the welcome, sorry so slow---getting use to this site here. In a perfect world, Cousins would be great (if he's the real deal for us), take Barkley @ #1, and that stud CB @ #4 or the BEST OT. Whichever of these two are not taken at #4 should definitely be picked up in FA. We should also pick up an additional OL and CB/S as well in FA/draft. If they don't get Cousins, and are taking a QB, their guy will be there @ #4, so why pass on the RB if they want him? That was the point of my post because many believe Indy will snag him @ #3. Is he that good? I'd hate to pass on him if he is! If not, I'd just as soon pass on him and snag one of the Georgia backs in round 2! Love your footer, btw. You forgot Air Force, hahaha! Adding, thanks for your service as well.
  2. bunkster

    Chiefs Trade Alex Smith to the Skins

    I honestly believe that with all the new brass in town that the Browns won't have too much problem signing a few big name veterans this year, especially somebody like Cousins (since we have a boatload of $$$$$). He should know the new OC will be pass happy and if we draft Barkley, hmmmmmmmm! Top 10 defense, couple new WRs, etc. I know I'm feeling a little positive, but...money talks!
  3. bunkster

    Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    Many of the so-called draft experts have the Browns going QB first and then taking Barkley @ #4. However, he'll never be there @ #4. I'm sure somebody already said this before me, but unless they are set on just ONE QB and feel they will lose him at #4, they better take Barkley @ #1. (That's if they want him)! At first, I thought they should take the QB they wanted, then the CB @ #4. Then pick up an OT, RB, & WR in the second round. But like many, I feel this guy is just too good to pass up on! I'm also leaning more toward hoping they go after Cousins to--that's if they don't give up the farm for him.