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  1. Pat Mahomo

    Game on Cleveland

    First - If Hill is implicated in child abuse..he should be cut, suspended for life...all that. Also, given his past, Hill doesn't really deserve the benefit of the doubt here....and also, even he isn't the perpetrator, it's a bad look when all this comes up and he is associated with it. This needs scrutiny...but let's keep a few things straight here. In the first report, it says Hills name, but that he isn't a suspect/closed. The second report is interesting because by all accounts Hill isn't in town, and hasn't been, and wasn't when the second report comes out. His name isn't on it. Additionally, there have been social media pictures...that ALLEDGEDGLY show the kid with no broken arm...etc....i know you can post a picture, put a date on it...and it could be from any time...Anyhow....there is no way to say this is good. Even if Hill is cleared....it's not good. Second - LOL about anyone reporting our offense would be dead without Hill. Hill is a very very good NFL player...but YOU GUYS should understand by now that the QB is what makes the thing go. You just traded for OBJ...a top 3 WR for sure...the Giants had him and AND Saquon..and they sucked. Because Manning Sucks. The Patriots just won another super bowl with 3 slow white dudes, a fading Gronk, and a bunch of RB's that aren't stars....because Brady is the man. Patrick Mahomes is THE best QB in the NFL right now...Hill is a nice weapon to have. And he doens't really matter that much because Mahomes will elevate anyone that is out there. It would be a blow to the roster, but not the death of offense you want to make it out to be. Last - ...not that it matters to Cleveland fans that much....but you are watching as we have let Dee Ford and Justin Houston go along with Eric Berry. We were 31st in the NFL WITH THEM. Ford is a talented, but very one dimensional player. Berry is hurt and has barely played for us in two years. Houston would be a good piece to have back, but he was a 21 million dollar cap hit....so the cap got him. Mathiue is a major upgrade. The team was awful against the run. KC also blitzed less than anyone last year...relying on the 4 rushers to get there. And we still couldn't stop the run....Our defense may not be anygood at all next year....but it wasn't this year. They are going to try things differently. It may work, or it may not..but it would be hard to be worse. We are hardly the NY Giants. One more thing....KC plays in the AFC West...that division is about to be the easiest thing to keep winning year to year becasue of the QB situation. Philip Rivers is getting old in a hurry....and no replacement on the roser. Denver believe Joe Flacco is the man! ...and Oakland has Derek Carr or maybe a questionable rookie not named Kyler Murray. We'll be there annually..... Inevitable that we run into Cleveland in the postseason some time soon.. Can't wait!
  2. Pat Mahomo

    Game on Cleveland

    Looking forward to many Chiefs Vs Browns AFC title games at Arrowhead in the coming decade. Going to be fun.
  3. Pat Mahomo

    Who is the bigger idiot

    I have no dog in the fight. I assume you are an Ohio state fan. I like Haskins. I believe he’ll be the second QB off the board and be a top 5 pick if not 2nd overall. Someone will trade into the top 5 for him. I do think Murray is the best in this group even if he is short. And I believe Arizona will trade Rosen and go with Murray.
  4. Pat Mahomo

    Who is the bigger idiot

    Murray is giong to go 1/1 to Arizona.
  5. Pat Mahomo

    Mayfield or Mahomes

    ....even though it was pretty lopsided today, I am pretty sure once the Browns get an actual staff in place that Dorsey can work with, things will finaly turn around for you all. Dorsey has a good eye for talent...just get him someone to help manage the cap and you'll be fine. I think Mayfield will ultimately be a pretty good QB...I've said so on this board several times, long before the draft that he was the QB to get in this draft class. Once you get the mess stablized there, I am sure we'll see some epic KC/Cleveland matchups in the future that have major playoff and championship implications. The Browns just aren't there yet.
  6. Pat Mahomo

    I think we might crush it this week

    You sure?
  7. Pat Mahomo

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chiefs Game Day Thread***

    Refs with the offsides call saving you from the sack fumble. Ford wasn’t offsides. Then the crazy call at the end of the half. ??? It won’t even matter.
  8. Pat Mahomo

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chiefs Game Day Thread***

    Hou is losing that game in Denver. ATL over Wash. KC will cover the 10.
  9. Pat Mahomo

    Browns bring Mahomes down to Earth

    Your notion of a "trap" game might hold some water if we had a major opponenent NEXT week....we don't...we get Arizona at home....no look ahead going on there. You are also way underestimating that Mahomes VS Mayfield element of this...Mahomes is going to want to put on a show...the game is on in North Texas and in Lubbock and in Oklahoma. Mahomes is a showman...and he is going to put on a show. We are second in the NFL in sacks...you are first in sacks Allowed. Dee Ford is coming for you. KC 38, Cleveland 24....after KC gets out to halftime lead of 28-10. Mahomes final numbers 23-30 315 4TDs.
  10. Pat Mahomo

    Mayfield or Mahomes

    who Da Fuq have the Rams played? The Cardinals, 49ers, Raiders ? The Rams have left the state of California TWICE this year. The Chiefs have been on the road at the Chargers, at the Steelers, at the Broncos, at the Patriots, and won at home against the Broncos, Bengals, 49ers and Jaxonville when they still were No.1 in Defense. Our only loss was to the Pats in new england where we put up 40 points and lost by a field goal kicked as time expired. ....The Rams have taken advantage of a WEAK schedule and a lopsided number of home games to start the year.
  11. Pat Mahomo

    I think we might crush it this week

    Chiefs are near the top in Sacks....and might be good for you to look at the box scores of the Chiefs games....it is TRUE we give up a lot of yards and points....AFTER WE GET OUT TO HUGE LEADS. It's still not good, but the element of teams having to try and come back is a factor in why our numbers are terrible. I'd estimate that our pass rush is going to take advantage of your poor OT situation.....your best chance is to see if you can get the run game going and try and grind as much time as you can.
  12. Pat Mahomo

    Chiefs may be looking at kizer

    This has aged well
  13. Pat Mahomo

    I think we might crush it this week

    No...it won't. Enjoy the epic beatdown you are about to receive.
  14. Pat Mahomo

    Next AFC dynasties....

    Will be KC and Cleveland. Going to be some epic Mayfield/Mahomes AFC title games in the next decade and a half on par with Brady/Manning.