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  1. The "Eyes" Have It...

    Clearly these pictures were chosen out of bias in favor of Rosen. Still, cool post and think Mayfield and Rosen both have killer eyes. And don’t forget about how Sam Darnold deals with pressure -he doesn’t. People around him say he doesn’t understand why people feel pressure because to him no matter how big the situation he doesn’t feel it. He just plays football. Could explain his insane amount of comeback wins in college
  2. Baker Mayfield Thread

    Again, I’m no expert, but watching the experts analyze his game they say he does have it between the ears. Many teams, including the Browns with Dorsey having specifically mentioned how quickly he picked up and understood the playbook at the Senior bowl
  3. Baker Mayfield Thread

    Go watch Drew Brees’ college tape at Purdue. It is eerily similar to Baker Mayfield. The way the move in the pocket, the way the extend plays, they way they throw.. all very similar. I’m no expert so I could be off, but on the surface they look like the same guy
  4. Browns Schedule Thread

    Week 1 vs Steelers Week 2 at Saints Week 3 vs Jets (TNF) Week 4 at Raiders Week 5 vs Ravens Week 6 vs Chargers Week 7 at Buccaneers Week 8 at Steelers Week 9 vs Chiefs Week 10 vs Falcons Week 11 BYE Week 12 at Bengals Week 13 at Texans Week 14 vs Panthers Week 15 at Broncos (SAT) Week 16 vs Bengals Week 17 at Ravens
  5. Trade Rumors and Specualtion

    Bucky Brooks, Daniel Jeremiah.. guys that have insider information before things happen and a right more times than not
  6. Trade Rumors and Specualtion

    Just because something isn’t simple doesn’t mean it doesn’t have logic and reason. No one knows what the Browns would get out of it exactly, so no one knows if they’d come out on the short end. Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks commented on it, logic and reason would tell you it’s more likely to happen than not
  7. Trade Rumors and Specualtion

    So where is the evidence it’s a wacky trade that’s not likely to go down?
  8. Trade Rumors and Specualtion

    If it’s in place, probably the final details. As others have pointed out, the Browns get the short end of the stick so if it’s in place they’re all probably hashing it out for the final details
  9. Trade Rumors and Specualtion

    Right. I'm speaking in this hypothetical situation.
  10. Trade Rumors and Specualtion

    If Darnold isn’t their #1 guy, they move to 2 and still get their QB. They get the Bills #1 pick next year, and probably some additional picks.
  11. Trade Rumors and Specualtion

    Lol dude, they’re not taking Lamar Jackson. Obviously their #1 guy isn’t Darnold so they’re comfortable moving to 2. They’re picking a QB at 2, and it’s not going to be Lamar. It’s probanly going to be Baker Mayfield. And check Dorsey’s history, he doesn’t fetch coffee for anyone. He literally wasn’t liked at Kansas City because he didn’t tell anyone who he was going to pick. He does what he wants, he gives no Shmucks
  12. Trade Rumors and Specualtion

    This guy first posted it 3 days ago, he’s not a media guy, but apparently his manager is a part time division 1 ref. Coming from a regular guy, it seems like a whole lotta nothing. But now guys like Bucky Brooks are saying this trade might be looming. Apparently, it depends on if Darnold’s visit with the Bills goes well. If it does, the Bills will pull the trigger and move up to 1 to get Darnold. We will move to number 2, and also get 12 from Buffalo and their #1 next year. Giants will get 4 and 22. Here is the original guy who posted the rumor 3 days ago: Click on the tweet and scroll down to get the whole story. Also, here’s Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah hinting at it as well Now, if the rumor Tour posted was true, that coaching staff wants Darnold, and FO wants Mayfield it looks like Baker will be our guy at #2 after the Bills take Darnold at 1
  13. Where the Shmuck is the source that Baker got wasted the night before the Browns visit?
  14. Yeah, my mistake. Wolf is to his left, Scot McCloughan is behind and to his right
  15. This picture gives this scenario a lot more credibility. Look who is directly to the left of Dorsey, yeah that’s Scot McCloughan