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    New guy here, so feel free to ignore. A scenario i would love to see is the FO use Mr. Haslam's stupid commitments to the Brown's advantage by: 1. Pick up whatever FA QB can competently play in 2018. 2. Have Mr. H give a detailed press conference on the Brown's commitment to Kizer as his long term QB, just like the illogical Hue commitment. This is a Brownsian move, and everyone would believe it. 3. See if any outrageously good trade offers come in for #1. Not like value trades, but crazy good trades. Skill player plus '18 & '19 picks. Enough teams are desperate enough for that #1 QB, and gullible enough to believe that we aren't, that some great offers may come in. 4. If no king's ransom, then keep the pick, and grab whatever QB they want #1. Just cause he said we don't want one doesn't make it true. I know folks are tired of trade backs, but this just seems like an opportunity to make even the Wentz trade pale in comparison. Like trade Giants their 1st & 2nd '18 (plus more) to get our first, then shop that 1st round #2 to Denver or Jets for 1st & 2nd rounders '18 (plus more). Browns end up with 1st round #4 and #5 or 6, plus day 2 #1, 2, 3, and #5 or 8. Start of day 2 would clean house on bpa picks. Just thoughts from a stranger. Rosen`s concussions remind me of Kessler, and Darnold's fumbles remind me of Kizer. These guys at #1 both seem risky, so why not let someone else pay for the risk.