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  1. I have only been a Browns fan since 2015 (nothing to do with JFF), so I don't have all your years of suffering, but this board has a great deal of "don't repeat the past", and then immediately wants to loft a hail Mary savior pass on a QB at #1. I hope the Browns aren`t enamoured with a QB. "Enamoured" is an emotional choice. The last thing we want is for them to be in love. They darn well better be "in logic". Every day, someone on this board or in media posts a barb about passing on Wentz and Watson, two guys with torn ACL's who couldn`t finish a season. If they are hurt again next year, are the Browns still idiots? What if it is only every other year that they are hurt? Are we then still idiots? Did anyone see any evidence that Deshone Kizer got any beneficial coaching? I saw the kid thrown to the wolves, and the only broadcast coaching I saw Kizer get was from a Bengals coach after that loss, while Hue was on his knees in front of McCarron. Did this kid get a chance? The whole silly QB competition last year just wasted practice reps with the full squad, and its sole purpose seemed to be to try to pump up Ossweiller stock to trade him for anything, and to build up Kizer as his equal. So I know I am in a minority, but I would not be upset if this team actually let Haley and Zampese work with Kizer, develop an offense that actually has a running game, and don't throw away reps on a token competition. Teach Kizer a soft touch, and his "accuracy" will improve instantly, and every pass won't be a 20 yard rocket. Get a good RB at the top of round 2, and actually practice with him and the real offensive line. Let them learn the offense with our real offensive line, and not the second string of last year. Too many photos of Thomas and Zeitler on exercise bikes last year.
  2. St. Paddy's Day. Or St. Pat's Day. Patty is the familiar of Patricia. Or a short cylinder of ground beef.
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    Who's #1?

    New guy here, so feel free to ignore. A scenario i would love to see is the FO use Mr. Haslam's stupid commitments to the Brown's advantage by: 1. Pick up whatever FA QB can competently play in 2018. 2. Have Mr. H give a detailed press conference on the Brown's commitment to Kizer as his long term QB, just like the illogical Hue commitment. This is a Brownsian move, and everyone would believe it. 3. See if any outrageously good trade offers come in for #1. Not like value trades, but crazy good trades. Skill player plus '18 & '19 picks. Enough teams are desperate enough for that #1 QB, and gullible enough to believe that we aren't, that some great offers may come in. 4. If no king's ransom, then keep the pick, and grab whatever QB they want #1. Just cause he said we don't want one doesn't make it true. I know folks are tired of trade backs, but this just seems like an opportunity to make even the Wentz trade pale in comparison. Like trade Giants their 1st & 2nd '18 (plus more) to get our first, then shop that 1st round #2 to Denver or Jets for 1st & 2nd rounders '18 (plus more). Browns end up with 1st round #4 and #5 or 6, plus day 2 #1, 2, 3, and #5 or 8. Start of day 2 would clean house on bpa picks. Just thoughts from a stranger. Rosen`s concussions remind me of Kessler, and Darnold's fumbles remind me of Kizer. These guys at #1 both seem risky, so why not let someone else pay for the risk.