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  1. Survey Tuesday

    1. I don't actually own a horse in this race! 2. I can live with any or none of them! 3. There is no bad move, all choices are purely speculative. 4. Franchise Killer - none .... Browns have been dead for at least a couple years now. 2. Assuming the Browns take QB at #1.....who is your choice for #4? Chubb 3. Who is the ONE player that you do NOT want to see the Steelers/Bengals/Ravens get their hands on? Vander Esch 4. Do you have 1 or 2 "sleepers" later round guys that you would like to see the Browns get their hands on? Give the names: Edmonds, RB, Fordham and Toth, OT/OG, Army 5. Mini-Me died the other day. What about it. Being so small, hopefully he didn't suffer so much. RIP - next time maybe he will come back as a blue whale.
  2. My own obituary: "He died alone sitting at his PC doing his 9th straight mock draft."
  3. Pick Six

    Mayfield to Browns Darnold to Giants Rosen to Jets Allen to Bills Jackson to Cards Rudolph to Steelers Lauletta to Pats White to Colts

    RAMS select: Cole Madison, C/OT
  5. Brandin Cooks traded again...

    Pats got lucky to get so much for him. They obviously saw deficiencies in his game, as the Saints did. Both feeling drafting a young WR or finding another some other way would be a better choice than keeping him and paying him what they might have had to in a year. Just the fact that they put him on the market, I would have thought would have signaled the Rams that he wasn't worth near what the Pats gave for him a year earlier. A 2nd rounder would have seemed more appropriate for him to me.

    Cardinals select Mike White, QB, WKU
  7. Browns sign drew stanton

    Their defense, which is becoming stellar it seems, will benefit greatly with Stanton running the practise sessions. The D wouldn't get proper prep with a rookie running those drills.
  8. Browns sign drew stanton

    Maybe Browns go for the whole enchilada with Barkley at 1, Chubb at 4, and then trade up to 5-9 and take Allen. Wow, that would make for one exciting draft for Browns fans. Or some might just jump off a bridge immediately following the 4th pick.
  9. Temporary Round Three Thread

    Cards select: Anthony Miller WR
  10. Our Draft CHAT Thread

    I'm okay with draft going this slow, but it does seem like we could go allot faster if everyone would turn in their top 3 or 4 picks ahead of time, especially whenever it gets within 3 or 4 picks from your upcoming one. I find it quite easy to do. Before I go to sleep if its getting close to my turn, or if I am going out or being away from my pc for hours. Just something to consider.
  11. Our Draft CHAT Thread

    6th round pick
  12. What's your worst case scenario?

    We have our QB for next 2 yrs at least, and we have plenty of picks from R2 on. Thus no need for #1 or #4 this year. Trade both of them for a plethora of only #1 picks: 3 this year, 2 more in 2019, and 2 more in 2020. That would give us 3 R1 in each of the next 3 drafts. Should be easy to find our next QB with one of those, even if we have to use a lower pick or two to move up at some time in next couple years. So we start by trading #4 to Bills, assuring them Mayfield or Allen at worst, for their 12/22 plus their 2019 first. Then offer Broncos our #1 for their #5 this year, along with their 1st in following 2 years. And they get their pick of QBs this year. If Broncos aren't interested, then we trade our #4 with any other team that still needs a QB, worst case being Cardinals at 15, or Dolphins at 11. So as long as one of the trades ends up being with Bills, then Browns end up with: 2018 - 5, 12, 22 2019 - 3 R1 picks 2020 - 2 R1 picks That would be trading 2 first rounders for 6 first rounders. * The question we have to ask ourselves is: Would we be willing to sacrifice 5 first round draft picks in exchange for picking our 'future' QB in the coming draft? Would any team give up that much for a "possible" franchise QB?

    AZ Cardinals select Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M
  14. I like to judge and select players that are the most ahead of the next players at their position. I don't think anyone in this draft is close to Chubb coming off the edge. Most of the other positions have several players each of whom could be rated the best or close. Just the thought of having 2 studs, one on each side, chasing every QB around would be great to watch. Plus I like Guise for RB, or the USC kid. And Derwin at safety, or Reid would be nice. Several CBs will be good once they learn the pro game. Easy to get a CB this year at top of 2nd. Don't wait any longer than that on a CB though. In the 2nd round I would go OT, CB, and WR. Then call it a day.
  15. The Best First Rounds in History

    I predict that this year's draft will be at the top of this list in 20 years. Can you name the 8 top players who will be in HofF on day.