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  1. Mock Fantasy Trades

    What if the Vikings would take the Browns first 2 picks in 2018 draft for Case Keenum? Probably 0% chance Vikings would or could let him go, if nothing else due to fan pressure. But how would you feel about that? Better than gambling on a rookie? Or what about trading one of our 2nds for Bridgewater, 25 yrs old, 65% accuracy for career so far, still learning on the job, big, strong, mobile? Of course, that would be health dependent. Would that be a better gamble than betting on a rookie and cost less? Just throwing it out there!
  2. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    I don't see any way we don't get both, the top QB in our minds and Barkley too. The only way we wouldn't have that opportunity is if someone wanted Barkley so bad that they offered a ton to Indy to jump ahead of us. And that just wouldn't happen. So arguing about taking Barkley over "our" QB seems to me to be a mute point. I truly believe also that looking how the teams lineup from 5-7 or 8, that we could move back and get another great pick or two from Denver or the Jets and still be 90% sure we still get Barkley. Then we could more easily pack those extra picks and maybe another of our original ones to move back up into the higher mid first round where there will be several studs still there for our picking such as a Fitzpatrick, James, Ridley, Edmund, Ward, Chubb, Vea, or Roquan Smith. Hopefully the GM has enough foresight and guts to think big and not just settle for the obvious. The Browns are in an absolute overpowering position and need to make the very most of it while they can.
  3. Survey Thursday. Final Four

  4. Don't you remember how bad Aikman and Bradshaw were their first year and until they were surrounded by talented skill players? Wouldn't it be smart to simply draft your first choice at 1, but still let Kizer have a half year or more if necessary surrounded by talent. Still bringing in an experienced older qb to teach both of your young qbs. You then have hopefully 2 young qbs starter and backup on the cheap for 4 years. The older experienced guy to mentor will come cheap since he won't be coming to actually be a starter ..... ie. Maybe a Josh McCown type.
  5. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    Ideal is get starting QB at 1, and make trade with jets for their 2nd round pick or more to move back 2 spots and still get Barkley. Jets will definitely want to jump ahead of Broncos. Heck the Broncos might even do similar trade just to prevent Jets from jumping them. Indy will be the wild card in such a deal. Hopefully they will covet a player so much that they won't trade back or will ask too much for #3. Now with the extra pick or two from jets or Broncos they trade back up and get Fitzpatrick (or James). If they miss on them, they grab Ridley. Now they are free to get best cb,de, or wr in Round 2, or best available at other need. This kind of scenario is very likely. Brown's are sitting pretty with #1 & #4 picks. Now me being the gambler i am, I make deal with Indy weeks before draft and offer them 2nd round pick to swap 3and4. That makes us the only team someone can deal with if they want one of the top 3 qbs. And they will have to pay plenty for it, such as their 1&2 this year and next.
  6. 2018 NFL Draft ~ You Decide.

    Redundancy is the unnecessary use of either needless, superfluous or unnecessary text, by which one repeats, in duplication, the same, identical, aforesaid things over and over and over and over and over again, beyond what would be needed or required to explain, or make comprehensible, the intended or signified meaning of that which one wishes to convey. These things can be and most likely will be referred to as being redundant. Usually, it is often common in redundancy to repeat, sometimes with different phrasing or words, the same idea or reasoning, thus restating one's thoughts, sometimes paraphrasing oneself and effectively saying the same thing twice, or double, or thrice, or three times, or triply so, or a small handful of times, or any number of excessive, unnecessary restatements greater than zero.
  7. What would you do???

    I'm too new to answer that ? However, I do believe in not reaching, whether qb or other. You take the best players available at any position. And this year, like many, the best player available at 1 is not a qb. A team needs a Prime Objective. And that is always, under all circumstances, to get TBPA. If any GM or coach ever ignores the PO, it is grounds for immediate expulsion. The long term success of team is what is paramount.
  8. 2018 NFL Draft ~ You Decide.

    I can't help but keep thinking about the Steelers and how to match up against them and beat them, the cream of the division. You do that with a Barkley at rb and a great couple of wrs. You have to score points in this league to win. That doesn't necessarily mean having the best qb. It means having great skill players like a Barkley and a Ridley, Sutton, Miller, and Kirk, and a great playmaker on D like Fitzpatrick. Get those guys while you have the chance, like this year when they are just sitting there waiting for too pick them. A guy like Rudolph, Jackson, or even Kizer could flourish with those super players around him. Steelers have the blueprint that works. Why not take it and use it. Get the great RB and WRs and the great safety play maker on D and a big sturdy strong arm QB . Where is Roman Gabriel when you need him? Remember when Big Ben was first drafted. He took them to the super bowl and they hardly let him do anything that first year of two. His playbook was so shortened and he wasn't allowed to throw very often. But they won with the recipe I just mentioned. Ben was like the 3rd or 4th ranked Qb that draft. Surround your qb with talent and let him grow into the position. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it. Not to take Barkley would be a big mistake and whoever your qb is will be effected negatively by it throughout the years of his pro career.
  9. This may be a touchy ?

    If the Browns ever became the San Diego Brown's or London Browns (both being about same distance from Cleve!and I presume), or moved to any city keeping their name and history, would most fans stay loyal and continue to follow them? Or is that just too much to ask after the Baltimore move? I was wondering because as bad as the Cardinals have been over 70 years now, I am always coming across Cards fans that go back to both St Louis and even Chicago. I was a childhood end zone fan club member of the original AFL Dallas Texans and followed them as the Chiefs and was still a fan several decades later.
  10. Mock Fantasy Trades

    I like him too, however Brown's could get their qb and Barkley in first, and still replace their whole DBfield with 3 or 4 solid starters in the second and/or third rounds with guys like Elliott/Harrison, Reid/Watts, and McFadden/Oliver. That way they could have their cake with frosting on the top, and ice cream on the side. Personally, with such a deep draft with potential starters through the 3rd round, I would prefer to pick up 2 extra 2nd rounders or so to assure we will fill our starter need at WR and OT also, in addition to the whole dbfield, qb, and RB. Depth at linebacker, OL, and DT can easily be filled in later rounds. This year I feel that all 2-3 round picks are gold, more so than any draft i remember. My memory isn't very good though I must admit.
  11. Mock Fantasy Trades

    What if Bills were to make this offer: Bills get: R1.4, R3.1, R6.1 Browns Get: R1.21, R1.22. R2.23, R3.30, R5.21 Browns draft could then be something like this possibly: Round 1 Pick 1 Saquon Barkley, RB Round 1 Pick 21 Mason Rudolph, QB Round 1 Pick 22 Calvin Ridley, WR (or Josh Jackson CB, or Roquan Smith ILB) Round 2 Pick 1 Mike McGlinchey, OT Round 2 Pick 3 Vita Vea, DT Round 2 Pick 23 Isaiah Oliver, CB Round 2 Pick 30 Tyquan Lewis, DE Round 3 Pick 30 Kyzir White, S Round 4 Pick 1 Josey Jewell, ILB Round 4 Pick 24 Dante Booker, OLB Round 5 Pick 1 Auden Tate, WR Round 5 Pick 21 Desmond Harrison, OT Round 5 Pick 22 Taron Johnson, CB Round 7 Pick 1 Maea Teuhema, OG
  12. QB mike white

    Smith who?
  13. Top 10 Positions to be addressed in draft

    Well, the following 10 positions stand out as those which definitely need addressing, with WR the position most in need of 2 good players. Seems easy to accomplish with 23 picks in this draft, and/or FA. QB a given CB 15 RB 14 FS 14 WR 12 CB2 11 WR2 10 OT1/2 9/5 LB1/2 7/5 DE1/2 5/4 These following position seem to be secondary as far as need is concerned: C, OG, & SS.
  14. Annual Draft

    Do you have an annual custom or tradition for watching the draft most years? If so, what is yours? I usually just watch one network and record the other to watch later.
  15. Top 10 Positions to be addressed in draft

    Let's get a few more replies.