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  1. Trade down this year would be a great this

    Dude I'm with you. All I remember is how everybody labelled Goff a bust after last year. Four receivers later the Rams are on the upswing. Yup, Kizer didn't exactly shine, but there were times he showed me a lot.
  2. Houston - our 2nd first round pick

    In 1992 Indianapolis had #1 AND #2. Can only pray it turns out better for us than it did for them. 1 1 1 Steve Emtman Defensive end Washington 1 2 2 Quentin Coryatt Linebacker Texas A&M
  3. Anyone Else Going to the Chargers Game?

    Yup $100. Sick Sheet.
  4. Anyone Else Going to the Chargers Game?

    $100!?!?!?!? For real?!?!?! N
  5. We’re in section 121. Row U. Seats 6-7. Let’s have a beer!!!!!
  6. ***Official Browns @ Bengals Game Day Thread***

    Kizer get hurt? Stat line looked good.
  7. Browns vs Lions

    What happened to Shon Coleman? Did he get hurt? Man, Banner looks BIG and slow.
  8. Dude. My blues band Blind Lemon Peel is playing at Harvelles tonight. Come by. I’ll buy you a beer.
  9. Kenny Britt talking about his gameplay

    Any word to if and when Coleman is expected back?
  10. 1st time in Cleveland

    FWIW... A number of years ago I flew in for a game and joined these guys for a tail gate. Some of the most fun I've ever had! Everybody was great, welcoming, hospitable. Awesome to put faces to the names. Don't let this galoots fool ya. They're some of the nicest people you'll meet.
  11. Anybody else see a young Randall Cunningham in Kizer? Big arm, nimble feet, heavy ball, and in his first couple of years couldn't hit the side of a barn.
  12. Memorabilia

    PM me your address. I'll put a bunch of stuff in the mail. Happy to give it a good home!
  13. Memorabilia

    I've been going thru boxes and run across some old Browns memorabilia I don't want to toss. Yearbooks, scorecards, etc. Would be thrilled to pass on to someone's kids to keep the history in good hands. PM me.
  14. 2017's Final Roster Moves: The March to 53...

    Anybody pick up Schult?
  15. 2017 NFL Waiver Wire And Player Cut Thread

    So who's next???? Placed on Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform (PUP): DB Howard Wilson Terminated contract: WR Josh Boyce DL Brandon Thompson Waived: WR Mario Alford WR Rasheed Bailey LB B.J. Bello DB Christian Bryant DB Trey Caldwell LB Ladell Fleming DB J.D. Harmon DB Alvin Hill TE Nate Iese TE Taylor McNamara WR Richard Mullaney OL Kitt O'Brien DL Karter Schult DB Channing Stribling RB Brandon Wilds (injury designation) I wouldn't mind seeing Schult make it to the PS.