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  1. alporcini

    Attending Browns Bills game

    Zom. PM me your PayPal info. Would like to by a round in Stans memory
  2. alporcini


    Thanks I’ve been curious
  3. alporcini


    Is his Browns blog gone from ESPN? Been posting the same piece of shit Modell story for almost two weeks now. I'm an addict. Need all the Browns news I can get. https://www.espn.com/blog/cleveland/post/
  4. alporcini

    ***Jets VS Browns Gameday Thread***

    This is a GREAT observation. Had not been able to put my finger on it. Last season at his best Baker played loose. Good call.
  5. alporcini

    ***Jets VS Browns Gameday Thread***

    What’s going on with Ward? Has he become gunshy?
  6. alporcini

    Darnold ruled out for Monday

    Just beat me to it. Good memory/bad memory!
  7. alporcini

    ***Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    Had to check the box score to see if Vernon played. He tried to chase Mariota down early, then never heard his name again. Was he dinged up? Invisible?
  8. alporcini

    Browns Cuts

    Will not miss DeValve. Harrell to PS? Kid can hit.
  9. alporcini

    Taywan Taylor

    Have no idea if he would even be remotely available but I really like what that kid Chris Godwin from TB has shown the two times I’ve seen him play against us. Wishful thinking.
  10. alporcini

    your last Cajuste to make roster?

    Stay safe bro
  11. alporcini

    Seibert wins kicker job

    Didn’t hurt that Colquitt was holding for him in the Bucs game. From what I’ve read, makes me wonder how much of Seiberts troubles were on the the Hammers lack of experience as a holder Anyone know who handled the snap on the miss v Indy?
  12. alporcini


    Anybody heard his name? Even once? have great hopes for him.
  13. alporcini

    All Time Browns Depth Chart

    The Cube may not have been in their class, but he was no slouch either!
  14. alporcini

    Great Football Names

    Didn't he line up with Jubilee Dunbar? Best pair of receiver names ever. Also, DL St Louis Cardinals--- Odious Lee. Shame Mike Junkin sucked so bad. Hall of Fame name, zero talent.