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  1. alporcini

    Building the Browns 2021: Back To Work (Ep. 5)

    Good to see JOK in there. Haven't seen his name anywhere, thought he was in covid protocol. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  2. alporcini

    The Gipper Rest in Peace

    Thanks Zom. One of these days we'll have to hoist a few in person.
  3. alporcini

    The Gipper Rest in Peace

    LEGENDARY!!!!! Should be hanging in Canton.
  4. alporcini

    The Gipper Rest in Peace

    It’s quieter here already. Miss your lists and trivia, my friend.
  5. alporcini

    The Gipper Rest in Peace

    Me too! I always looked forward to reading any thread Gip started. My heart dropped when I saw this.
  6. alporcini

    Where do we open 2021 season

    Damn man. You got some major frickin’ chops. Impressive indeed.
  7. alporcini

    The Draft: Round One

    That was a very cool touch. How did he get the gig?
  8. alporcini

    A nick-name for a powerful defense

    The Dogpile ”Dont step in it” “Try to avoid it”
  9. alporcini

    Favorite divisonal rivalry

    Like you, I come and go, and actually remember this as an AOL group... Shep and I met for drinks a couple of times. Helluva a nice guy. Knows his Cleveland Browns football.
  10. alporcini

    My Best Birthday Ever !!!

    Happy birthday bro- will never forget this one!
  11. alporcini

    Stefanski tests positive.

    Pluto says the two players are Bitonio and Hodge. https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2021/01/no-keven-stefanski-browns-fans-are-probably-scremaing-thats-not-fair-terry-pluto.html
  12. https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2020/12/browns-jarvis-landry-rashard-higgins-donovan-peoples-jones-khadarel-hodge-bj-goodson-jacob-phillips-on-covid-19-list-and-out-for-jets-game.html At least it’s not Baker.
  13. alporcini

    **** Ravens at Browns Gameday thread

    Can't agree with you more. How many of us marked up this game as a guaranteed L as soon as the schedule was released? We've been growing all season... building capital from our wins, learning from our losses. I am feeling great.
  14. alporcini

    The Defense Played Best Game vs Titans

    I’d add Jacob Phillips to that list. Seems like he’s been dinged up most of the season, but when #50 is on the field he’s always around the ball.