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  1. alporcini

    Browns 2019 opponents are set

  2. Now we can put our focus on improving team and playing some winning football what a difference Baker Mayfield makes.
  3. alporcini


    Dude showed up BIG today. Felt like a breakout game. Why has he not been returning kicks/punts all season? Great hands. Some terrific blocks. In fact, all of our receivers have become seriously beast blockers since the shakeup.
  4. alporcini

    Congrats Browns Pro-Bowlers

    Lindsay has been ruled out for week 17 and the Pro Bowl. Chubb just got a step closer to his first Pro Bowl.
  5. alporcini

    Would You Shut Down Denzel Ward or Baker Mayfield?

    PLain Dealer is reporting Wards injury was a shoulder.
  6. alporcini

    Congrats Browns Pro-Bowlers

    Chubb (2) and Mayfield (4) alternates. Take a bow Mr Dorsey.
  7. alporcini

    Official Jabrill Peppers Appreciation Thread

    Just came away from watching the first half Gotta say, as much as I have often felt Collins has no interest in being in Cleveland, he looks like a different player tonight. In fact he’s picked up his whole game since Kirksey went down. When he makes em he lays hits.
  8. Given the way our D has been getting gashed, how do we even begin to game plan against McCaffrey?
  9. alporcini

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    Was thinking the same thing myself, then I realized if we had won those games Hue and Todd would probably still be here lol
  10. It’s how I spent my bye weekend, Gip. Sorry we won’t have a chance to meet Do you know New Orleans? Happy to make some recommendations. Great music, food, libations
  11. Got invited to go down and play a show in New Orleans with Mojo Rosary, a Cajun punk delta blues. I believe I win.
  12. alporcini

    Crazy game

    One thing I kept wondering was why do we not incorporate Duke into our offense more like KC uses Hill?
  13. alporcini

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    I’m in!
  14. alporcini

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    Oh shot. I’ve never that pic. I’ll PM you my email addy. Would love to have it!!!!
  15. alporcini

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    Damn. I realize now I’ve been pretty much lurking on this board since 2002, back when Shep was a prime protagonist— and actually a hell of a nice guy in real life. I came out on my way to LA for the season opener against the Bengals in 2005. I knew nobody at the tail gait and I doubt anyone recognized my handle. Very awkward! Stan took me under his wing, treated me like a long lost brother. Introduced me to Z, shared a glass of wine with Larry, spent the longest time shooting the Sheet with Rich (whatever happened to Rich). All the time Stan just kept checking in me, the introverted new guy who was definitely out of his comfort zone People who know cannot under my loyalty to this team after all these countless years of losing and frustration. And it’s hard to explain But you guys, you are what it’s all about. The Browns, the Browns Board, Stan, Zombo, roach, Gip (though we’ve never met), those are the ties that bond. Rest In Peace Stan. I’ll never forget your kindness.