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  1. alporcini

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    Oh shot. I’ve never that pic. I’ll PM you my email addy. Would love to have it!!!!
  2. alporcini

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    Damn. I realize now I’ve been pretty much lurking on this board since 2002, back when Shep was a prime protagonist— and actually a hell of a nice guy in real life. I came out on my way to LA for the season opener against the Bengals in 2005. I knew nobody at the tail gait and I doubt anyone recognized my handle. Very awkward! Stan took me under his wing, treated me like a long lost brother. Introduced me to Z, shared a glass of wine with Larry, spent the longest time shooting the Sheet with Rich (whatever happened to Rich). All the time Stan just kept checking in me, the introverted new guy who was definitely out of his comfort zone People who know cannot under my loyalty to this team after all these countless years of losing and frustration. And it’s hard to explain But you guys, you are what it’s all about. The Browns, the Browns Board, Stan, Zombo, roach, Gip (though we’ve never met), those are the ties that bond. Rest In Peace Stan. I’ll never forget your kindness.
  3. alporcini

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chiefs Game Day Thread***

    What really impressed me was the Chiefs speed! On both offense and defense The kid Nelson was flying to the ball We looked like plodders in comparison.
  4. alporcini

    ***Official Browns @ Buccaneers Game Day Thread***

    Officially how many sacks does Garrett have on the season?
  5. alporcini

    Make them know your name by Denzel Ward

    Thanks for posting. That’s the kind of character we want on this team! Players we can be proud to have represent us. Myles is one of those guys as well. That’s how you build positive team culture.
  6. alporcini

    Cutting Corey Coleman

    Great title for an HBO comedy Wonder if the Bills and the Pats have video
  7. alporcini

    Tickets for Thursday Night Game

    What do you guys like to drink?
  8. alporcini

    is hue gone on monday?

    I’d like to see us man up today and show up strong. A W would be a huge statement about who we are as a team. Everything communicates.
  9. alporcini


    I own that I probably know less about football than anyone on this board... But I don't get this one at all. I thought Peppers looked on Thursday night... Made a nice hit on 4th down to stop Philly's first drive. Had at least two other plays I remember being impressed Help me understand. https://dawgpounddaily.com/2018/08/24/cleveland-browns-three-brutally-honest-insights/2/
  10. alporcini

    *GAMEDAY THREADS* Eagles & Lions

    What is Duke’s role in this offense?
  11. alporcini

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    Which leads me to ask, why has DeValve been sitting out?
  12. alporcini

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    It's still talent.
  13. alporcini

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    He’s never had this kind of talent before. I hope he success.
  14. alporcini

    Big Hank

    Dude was a beast with the Giants. Would love this move.