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  1. oneartist

    Josh Gordon - the missing piece

    As I said, time will tell. The Charger's game demonstrated that Gordon can catch the ball. It doesn't look like he has lost any of his 2013 skills. As Kizer and Gordon get on the same page these last games could become very interesting.
  2. oneartist

    Josh Gordon - the missing piece

    Thanks for clarifying. I always wondered why he was let go.
  3. oneartist

    Josh Gordon - the missing piece

    Thank you for your thoughtful, intelligent comments. Kizer is young. Should we have drafted Watson and let Garrret go? I don't think so. I was listening to the Detroit radio announcers and they were praising Kizer's game and even said there could have been a different outcome if he had played the whole game. I come to a Cleveland forum and I see less praise than opposing radio announcers. We need more spirit leaders. I still think we are headed in the right direction. Patience is needed. A little trivia - In 1965 we were were parked next to Jim browns' car in the parking lot and he got in and drove away.
  4. oneartist

    Josh Gordon - the missing piece

    Thanks for all the optimistic comments by Browns fans. Time will certainly give us more information. Let's mark these pages.
  5. oneartist

    Josh Gordon - the missing piece

    Don't forget that Cleveland dropped Belichick to early. I still think Hue Jackson will be a great coach.
  6. Kizer is a very smart Quarterback and his development showed on Sunday. Josh Gordon is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. He has finally recognized the need to drop the drugs and he is ready to really make a difference. Even though the record is 0 and 9, the Browns development is happening. The worst mistake that could be made now would be to start over and get new coaches. Leave everyone where they are and let the development continue. I'm expecting the experienced Kizer and the renewed Gordon to make a huge impact on the NFL.