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  1. Seeking for prayers

    This last Monday, New Year, has been a special day... In the worst kind of way. Just before lunch, we received a message asking to pray for one of my friends from our parish community, who was heading to the hospital in an ambulance. Nothing else. Hours latter we got to know that she had suffered a stroke and was on a surgery. By the end of the day, we were told that she had been on the surgery for 6 hours and his state was critical, currently in coma. She has been battling, though, because on Wednesday she started to move her legs at the doctors' questioning. Her family asked the doctors if they could stop sedating her during that afternoon's visit, so they could talk to her and ask her questions. She moved even her arms or mouth a bit. There was hope. Thursday she started to breathe on her own (though she stays intubed) and this Friday she was able to directly answer questing halfway moving her eyelids up, confirming that those weren't reflexed but straight conscious answers, though she didn't move extremities as other days. There's hope, but the battle is far from being won. We are worried now because they have seen in the last scanner a lot of liquid, and she has a bit of fever (infections are very risky at her state). She keeps fighting. Her name is Marta, she's 32, married and mother of two gorgeus girls of 4 and 1. It's overwhelming because her mother died in 2001, and her father in 2013, both of cancer. She has 3 sisters and 1 brother. The death of their parents made them bond together as a very united family. I didn't plan or want to post this here, I'm a quite shy guy myself. But if posting this here adds a person remembering her and her family in their prayers, it will be worth it. All the parish has her on their prayers, there are some praying groups that have been created to pray for her, and even other parishes or monasteries have been noticed about this. But there's never enough. Thank you very much for your time.
  2. Rosen

    If you read carefully what you said, I also asked a legitimate question. Tour probably has eaten more burgers than I have (simply because of the age difference), thus knows more about the situation.
  3. Rosen

    Tour, I have a question for you and your mailbox is full... What's your take? Should I put on my burger mustard and then ketchup, or ketchup and then mustard? While you're at it, classic mustard or honey mustard? In Spain we have less variety in mustards. Thanks, Nero
  4. Our Draft CHAT Thread

    Now that you have explained it, I see where are you coming from. Yeah, many teams see the Colts as a potential landing for Chubb, so if you have 3 QBs rated the same, I would go Chubb on #1. I just hope the real Browns don't do that
  5. Our Draft CHAT Thread

    I liked both picks. I think both fit really well as both teams need to work on their defense. I think Chubb is going to be there at #4, so I don't understand what Darren did.
  6. All Saquon, all the Time...

    I don't follow college football, so it is going to be ironic if we end up not drafting Allen or Saquon and we draft people I don't know anything about because for months it's always been about Allen and Saquon...
  7. Jets trade up

    It is not about what they will end up being (HOFers, busts, whatever). It is about teams evaluating them and placing them in their board. If 4 QB needy teams evaluate the QBs, it would surprise me that all of them have every QB in a different position. Maybe 1 and 2 can be different, but number 4? Each of these quaterbacks have veeery different skillsets, and you start making your team in FA. If you go in one direction in free agency, you should not suddenly go in other direction in the Draft. Let's say you want to have a very vertical attack. You sign 2 WR, one of whom is a speedster and a TE who can go deep. In that scenario I see more a QB like Allen drafted than Mayfield, for example. So you put Allen in the top and Mayfield on 4th. If you are Denver or Buffalo, are you trading up to #4 if only Mayfield is available?
  8. Jets trade up

    I'm late to this thread, but these news mean a few good things for me: 1. Browns are not trading down from #1, thus taking the best QB in their board. 2. NY is taking a QB or waiting for the Bills/Denver to get nervous and make the most out of #2. Either way, #2 is a QB too. 3. Jets take a QB at #3 4. The draft starts again for the Browns with the overall #1 pick but with the addition of a promising QB (let's hope he becomes a good franchise quaterback). Therefore, we can take BPA, or even trade down with Denver and take BPA anyway (this is best case scenario, with NY taking a QB too). Anyway, I guess #4 pick has rised its stock, but I doubt anyone will go crazy for the 4th QB: it would show bad planning by a team if ANY Qb would fit into their system, as they're very different prospects. It would be weird for me if the QB board would look COMPLETELY different between NFL teams... There will be probably a consensus on who's 4th best among QB needy teams.
  9. I think I had heard that somewhere... Anyway, genetically speaking, it sounds peculiar to me that Black Irish would come from the Spanish, and not from the English, with whom the Irish have had more history in common (in peace and in war).
  10. Happy belated St Patrick's Day, guys. I'm curious, who has Irish heritage in the Board?
  11. You Decide - NFL DRAFT

    It's Friday night (Saturday morning already in Europe). Don't expect people going crazy about a poll about a draft that is going to take place in one month and a half. The constant talk about Saquon and Allen makes me want them less and less in the Browns. We have other 8 picks, dammit.
  12. I am hispanic, catholic and I read a lot about History. I know I would fit perfectly there, but I'll pass.
  13. Anyone who read all what Cal wrote on this thread should be paid... It's up to an hour of hard work.
  14. Barkley at #1?

    I would consider Wentz a Superbowl winner because: 1. He was in the team, so he's got the ring. 2. He played 15 games
  15. Kevin Hogan resigns with Browns

    Dorsey is the one that drafted him back in KC, so there could be some bias regarding that decision... I just hoped that PoG could swallow both pills (not drafting Barkley and cutting Hogan) at the same time. I just want the best for the man's health...
  16. LOL. Long time with no Peppers comments over the forum... With another Safety, I see ourselves targetting Chubb at #4 just like Hoorta said, and Peppers playing as SS.
  17. Joe Thomas has retired

    I respect the man for all the effort he has put through all this tough years, and I understand that at one point you have to think how do you want to live the rest of your life. NFL takes a lot from the players' body. Take care, Joe and hopefully we'll see you around in some other way! (broadcasting, HOF...)
  18. Another signing, a DB, Terrance Mitchell

    He was the weak side of Chiefs' secondary, he was targetted many times.
  19. Carlos Hyde is a Brown

    I love this hiring. If there was a FA RB I wanted, it was Hyde.
  20. Free Agency Frenzy

    That's the one that hurts the most. I wished we could have landed Trumaine...
  21. Throwing away money and picks

    Paint (from painting) > peint Pint (beer) > paint The thing with English is that you have to learn BOTH how it is written and how it is pronounced. Same goes with French. But in Spanish and German, for example, if you know how it is writen you can pronounce it and vice versa (though in Spanish the H alone doesn't make a sound and both the V and B are pronounced like a B )
  22. Throwing away money and picks

    One day the rest of Europe will work out that one of the things that makes us Spaniards different and proud of ourselves... It's our sense of humor, even in our darkest hours. I hope you didn't take it seriously. I don't consider you a drunk and this has gone like this because this very Saturday you said you were back from the pub, and friends are the first ones to make jokes taking an act and generalizing it...
  23. Throwing away money and picks

    Well, I had never written pint and it turns out that, like every other freaking word in English, it is written differently than it is pronounced...