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  1. Let's go NY shopping

    As all of you know by now, the NY Giants have fired their coach and GM. They have also been in the news lately for benching their 13 year franchise quaterback and 2 Superbowl winner Eli Manning. In addition, they have a top defense with some stellar free agents that are going to become a salary cap problem in the next years. I would forego this year's defensive stats as their offense has been horrible and has kept the team down. All of that makes me think that it's going to be a team interested in trades and who is going to let loose some veteran players in order to begin a much needed rebuild. Therefore, I propose the following exercise: who would you like to get for the Browns? I would like to generate two kind of answers: first of all, one closer to a wish list, forgetting the contract situation/real expectations and just thinking who would fill a main hole in our roster, and another one who could be a more real acquisition possibility. Wish list: Jason Pierre-Paul Realistic list: Brandon Marshall PS: I haven't thought my lists thoroughly, I just wanted to set a discussion.
  2. This Week in the AFC North

    This week in the AFC North... Sheet throwing
  3. Kiser not the reason folks.

    Honest question here: what does mean 'when kept clean'?
  4. OK. So do you think is viable to attract Alex Smith into that scenario? - Hey, Alex! Come here, you will play one year at most!
  5. Instead of going to the main point of the thread, you focused on the prospects that Taco referred to, when what he is suggesting doesn't really have anything to do with the prospects. That's one of the main reaons why I don't believe we are landing Alex Smith next year. Even though I wouldn't start the rookie QB until he's ready, let's say you sit him for one year. A veteran QB is going to go to the Browns just to play one year? We are closer to attract a solid veteran backup than a veteran starter.
  6. Jimmy Grabsapillow Traded to....

    I don't think he is going to sign with anyone else but with SF. They already threated him like their future franchise quaterback not making him start from the beginning.
  7. New Roster Additions

    I thought OSU was only Ohio State, indeed.
  8. Jimmy Grabsapillow Traded to....

    I don't buy that theory, I stated mind earlier in this thread. They didn't want to get into negotiations so they thought (correctly) that the 9ers were the easiest path.
  9. Let's go NY shopping

    Since this thread was posted just before Sashi Brown was fired and it fade into oblivion, I'll give it a bump, as I still think NY Giants will be very active in this FA, mostly selling. Eli Apple doesn't seem to have the best of the times in NY, and was a Buckeye. Any thoughts? Would you like him? http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000892930/article/landon-collins-i-guess-eli-apple-dont-remember-things
  10. Dorsey lays it out there.....

    Well, maybe it makes sense that I'm 24 and I don't see them as kids. I am not saying that it's OK what he said, but that they should use it as a motivation. I have always thought that most soccer players (I am sorry I'm commenting again about soccer, but that's what I live around here) are idiots simply because they have reached a level in a sport others just get to dream of. We are about 50 million people living in Spain, probably 10-20 million love soccer. Well, there are just 28 players in 20 teams in Spanish First Division. Many people watch Second Division too, and there are 28 players in 22 teams. That's a very low percentage of the people that was raised playing the sport and love it. Surely it happens the same in America, football players are idiots simply because good players are idolized since they are kids. One thing that I don't like about American College Football is that guys who should focus on studying play for colleges winning millions of dollars with them and get to go to professional football not ending their studies. They are in a college, a place where wisdom should come first, and they are evaluated and given scholarships for a sport. And I don't say that they shouldn't play, I'm just saying that it being linked to universities is pretty weird in my opinion (and many people here in Spain). If the sport was complementary, it would be okay, but their evaluation is primarily based on the sport. So now they are professionals, finally they have reached their dream, but how have they done it? Even the most talented ones must have "sweated" their way up, and surely they have dealt with an idiot coach or two. C'mon, it's a brutal sport, if there are stupid violent coaches in soccer, I can imagine how many of them are in american football. All of those players were rated as good football players in college, probably they didn't have to worry a lot about making the team or anything, it's just for fun! But starting with the combine and Pro days they must have realized that their dream is reached by very few people and that nobody is going to make it easier for them. They have to play with people many years older than them for the first time in their life: married men with families and in another page in life. Nobody plays/works harder than somebody who has to provide for their family. So they are priviledged to be paid for playing the sport they love to play, and there is only one way up: growing up. If the first thing their GM says is that they are bad, they simply have to try to prove him wrong. Even if he shouldn't say that. I prefer Tom Bradys that face adversity than players who quit when their feelings are hurt. It takes a lot more than feelings to be in the top in any sport/career. EDIT: I would like to add that all of the above is referred to them as a group. You have to handle individuals and rookies or youngsters are not dealt the same way as veterans, but that's a job for the coach. Same goes with not fu*king up your rookie quaterback's mind and confidence, like Hue did.
  11. Denver Browns?

    I did some research on 'Houston, our 2nd pick' and we actually need Denver to win. Well, we don't 'need' strictly, but it would be better for us.
  12. Dorsey lays it out there.....

    I'd never say that about my players, because there's no reason to it, as there isn't a reason to put Sashi under the bus. You have to let your actions talk. And if their GM puts them down, they're not going to play hard for him? They play for THEMSELVES first. If you go almost winless 2 straight seasons you are not doing any good to your career, so better take all the comments on you as a motivation to try your best both in practice and in game day. Once again, let your actions talk. They are grown ups, not kids.
  13. Dorsey lays it out there.....

    Well, hurting players' feelings is something that I don't care about in this scenario. They are 1-28 too. If they had 5 wins this year I would understand being cautious about what was being said about them, but they haven't won a single game in this season yet. BUT, I'd never, ever, throw the guy that I'm replacing under the bus. I don't care what does he do/say privately or in the facility, I'm talking about the media. I don't like people whose first words are about how bad the guy before was. You can think it, you can try to solve all what he's done wrong, but you don't say it. I don't care if it was Sashi Brown or a monkey making picks. I don't care what is Dorsey's career, not in this case, not in any. You cannot live of your past. It's gone. You can speak of your actions: the present. You can only talk once you have achieved something in a place. And Dorsey hasn't achieved anything yet with the Browns.
  14. NFL Name Game

    Do you want us to google it or to try to guess it? It could be great if we actually knew how many are there in each category. Like: 1 Presidents (3 players). I guess they ARE/WERE players called Washington, McCoy, Scott, Starr, Aaron, Cobb and I'd say Spain just for patriotism, though I don't see anyone having a country as a last name.
  15. Patriots Sign Kenny Britt

    Man, this is 3 day old news and there has already been a thread about it...
  16. Bottom going up

    Agreed. The 'bend but not break' defense makes rivals throw short passes and that way is difficult to get any pressure on the QB. I would like to know how many seconds do rival QBs average before throwing a pass. Also, I'm sure that's a way to rise rival quaterbacks' QB rating, as you allow more passes and more completions. I hope this defensive strategy was chosen due to our secondary problems, as we could easily have some blown up coverages with such a young team. If we could get a good FS and a good CB, defense shouldn't worry that much about their back, teams would have to try deeper routes and pass rush would benefit from that.
  17. What is or isn't rock is going to be harder to tell as the years go on. The RRHOF was founded in 1983, but since then, more genres have appeared, and though they may not resemble rock at first listening, they exist thanks to it and keep some of its heritage. Imagine if there was a Classic Music Hall of Fame: few people write something similar to Classic Music nowadays, still there are the roots of most of the music we listen to. At the same time, music changes and the mainstream varies as the years go, so if the RRHOF still wants to be popular in the news, they're going to start inducting people that current generations of music listeners know about. That being said, of the finalists I give recognition to Radiohead and Rage Against the Machine. Radiohead could be considered closer to Pop, but RATM is a great mix of powerful Rock riffs with Rap, a great original and succesful combo, in my opinion.
  18. 2018=2011 but no Newt?

    If we have Alex Smith, Rosen and Kizer next year it would be great. I haven't seen all the prospects but I loved what I watched of him. Alex Smith is not only a reliable starter, he's also a serious guy who hasn't made a lot of noise both with Kaepernick in SF and with Mahomes in KC. He is not fireworks, but makes few mistakes and it would be a huge upgrade to our offense.
  19. If it's not Hue than who?

    Neither RB Ajayi, SB winner Blount, a good offensive line, a MVP candidate (who just lost his opportunity) QB in Wentz, an injured Sproles... Of course, no talent at all.
  20. Houston - our 2nd first round pick

    I thought about your #4 and #5, and the result affects their playoff seeding, so I didn't comment on them. The only team whose seeding isn't affected by the last game, if everything goes in a range of 'normal' and they don't suffer two straight loses, would be Philly.
  21. Houston - our 2nd first round pick

    Then we are on the same page, only that I wanted to check out how does this pick look like in the future.
  22. If it's not Hue than who?

    I thought of Jim Schwartz too, but I think after proving what is it like to be a head coach, he could feel comfortable staying as a DC. And he hasn't got a great record but he took a team that had been 0-16 to the playoffs after a few years, so there's that.
  23. If everyone here is really thinking about drafting an OT (it could be baptized as the 'Joe Thomas first longterm injury effect'), I would draft it in 3rd round rather than in 1st, certainly.