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    You Missed this, No?

    Sometimes I think the only thing keeping USAns suffering the coexistance with us, peasants, is that the Earth is the only planet within your reach to live at.
  2. Nero

    You Missed this, No?

    Well, it's simple: it is played during scholar year. From late August to May. Usually when there is a Euro or a World Cup (every 2 years), the season ends closer to early May, so these events take place from June to mid July, so even the winning players have a chance for a short preseason until next season.
  3. Nero

    Mayfield or Mahomes

    I just checked, it was Reposado. It was in a bachelor's party, with a barbecue in a hot sunny day, while playing cards, but I can tell it was very good, I enjoyed it a lot.
  4. Nero

    Mayfield or Mahomes

    I tried Jose Cuervo once. Best tequila I ever had.
  5. Nero

    Big Gay Soccer Thread

    I'm not trying to convince anyone to watch soccer, but if anyone wants to give it another shot... Watch the Belgium - Tunisia that ended 5-2 and was played today. I think it'll be a better fit for you if you only get to like goals.
  6. Nero

    Big Gay Soccer Thread

    Well, what I'm talking about is that ''NOTHING'' works every way. Any soccer fan I introduce to american football, I have to explain the importance of a guy running for 2 yards and being stopped, and then another time when a QB misses a pass, and then a punt. In soccer you have more real action time, and a way bigger percentage for the overall match time. But in American Football, you have way less playing time, but I'm not going to be the one saying it is action packed and more intense. The point I'm trying to get across is that, to put it simply: -Soccer fans enjoy a sport where most of the time the ball is moving, with the tactic consisting on playing both at the same time defense and attack, thus making it a more easy paced sport that never stops. -American Football fans enjoy a sport where most of the time the ball is dead, with the tactic consisting on trying to solve the position that is given any given time by the rival, and with short time spans of action, thus making it a sport of top speed, and phisicallity. So, the same ''rarara nothing happens in soccer, it's boring blablabla'' can be said to American Football too. Furthermore, now that I'm thinking of it, I'm going to say that if there was NO TV (no replays, no different angles, etc.), I would probably enjoy more soccer than american football.
  7. Nero

    Big Gay Soccer Thread

    Three key games? There were only three games played. There were many attempts in at least two of them (the other one was Serbia-Costa Rica and I know anything about it). It is all about perspective. If you ONLY value goals, then you have a point, but goals are more scarce in soccer thus making them more exciting. I love american football but I tell you that I celebrate 10 times more a goal than a touchdown due to this condition. Following that kind of perspective, the sport this board is about could be a bit lame because you are given 4 DOWNS TO ADVANCE 10 YARDS. And in baseball IIRC very few batters reach even 0.500, meaning that more than half of the time there's absolutely nothing happening. EDIT. Both american football and baseball games average more than 3 hours of time. You have (in football's case) 1h of game clock. Real playing time? 10-12 minutes of REAL ACTION. Soccer: a match lasts 1h 45min, many times more than that because of extra time. Let's say 2h. You have a 1h 30min (90min) game clock, with 40mins of REAL ACTION. 12/180 = 6.67 per cent of real action time per overall time. 40/120 = 33.33 per cent of real action time per overall time in soccer. See that I've been generous towards american sports and there's 5 times more action in soccer.
  8. Nero

    Tank Carder Question

    You fell into Zombo's hands... Now you'll probably end up as "Fa.g attack" or "Gun my pants"
  9. Good news, in my opinion. He has been the only consistent playmaker with no help at all during these years, so he's worth it.
  10. Nero

    Hue To Jump In Lake June 1st

    It was players' Cardiologist
  11. Nero

    Delete This Account

    That was an interesting story, Zombo. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Nero

    Delete This Account

    Guys, I just hacked his account and found his e-mail, so we can send him death threats, viruses and spam e-mails. That's the modus operandi when someone leaves the board, right?
  13. Nero

    Delete This Account

    Sober Poet has finally become drunk and wants to forget his past?
  14. Nero

    Foles spurns Browns

    To me, it says more of the Eagles not being certain on Wentz status for this season than of Foles himself. But if he did ever have to make that decision, not accepting Browns' job was clever. Being a back up quaterback who has won a Superbowl ring is like retiring in the summit of your career and keep getting paid for it.
  15. Nero

    Browns at Texans... Dec 2

    Nosebleed seats... That's an interesting term I'm going to save in my vocabulary!
  16. Nero

    WR position

    This comment made me think about the following: we are in an enviable position at 'WR mindset'. We have Gordon and maybe even the recently dad Callaway one suspension away from ending their careers; Coleman, Ricardo and Higgins need to prove they're worth keeping; Ratley is a late round pick and has to earn the position and Janis is in a one year contract. That leaves Landry "without pressure", but I'd expect a player with a big contract relaxing and not playing as hard maybe in year 3 or 4, but in his first year? I'd say he will show gratitude and bring some of the magic he had in Miami, to say the least.
  17. Nero

    Browns at Texans... Dec 2

    How is it that two years in a row, the game is AT Houston? I know last year we played against AFC South and this year Houston as the 4th in that Division, but what determines which games are home and away?
  18. Nero

    Seeking for prayers

    This last Monday, New Year, has been a special day... In the worst kind of way. Just before lunch, we received a message asking to pray for one of my friends from our parish community, who was heading to the hospital in an ambulance. Nothing else. Hours latter we got to know that she had suffered a stroke and was on a surgery. By the end of the day, we were told that she had been on the surgery for 6 hours and his state was critical, currently in coma. She has been battling, though, because on Wednesday she started to move her legs at the doctors' questioning. Her family asked the doctors if they could stop sedating her during that afternoon's visit, so they could talk to her and ask her questions. She moved even her arms or mouth a bit. There was hope. Thursday she started to breathe on her own (though she stays intubed) and this Friday she was able to directly answer questing halfway moving her eyelids up, confirming that those weren't reflexed but straight conscious answers, though she didn't move extremities as other days. There's hope, but the battle is far from being won. We are worried now because they have seen in the last scanner a lot of liquid, and she has a bit of fever (infections are very risky at her state). She keeps fighting. Her name is Marta, she's 32, married and mother of two gorgeus girls of 4 and 1. It's overwhelming because her mother died in 2001, and her father in 2013, both of cancer. She has 3 sisters and 1 brother. The death of their parents made them bond together as a very united family. I didn't plan or want to post this here, I'm a quite shy guy myself. But if posting this here adds a person remembering her and her family in their prayers, it will be worth it. All the parish has her on their prayers, there are some praying groups that have been created to pray for her, and even other parishes or monasteries have been noticed about this. But there's never enough. Thank you very much for your time.
  19. Nero

    Browns selected for Hard Knocks

    Now, if the season goes south, at least we can say they entertained us! Great news. I will watch every episode.
  20. Nero

    Seeking for prayers

    Hi guys. Now that it's no-news season time in football, I think it's appropiate to give you an update on Marta. She was discharged one week ago and is back home. Her status is as follows: she has complete intelectual abilities and understands everything; she can't keep her eyes focused on people, has a lost stare, but keeps some sense of humor. She can walk but needs help to keep balance as she has none on her own, so she mostly goes on wheelchair. She can eat but hasn't fully recovered her swallowing, so it's mostly purées for her I'd say, but can eat solid. She can barely talk and it's like she runs out of air when trying. The thing is that swallowing and relearning to breathe and speak are the processes that take the longest in these cases, so it's not surprise there. Having her back home has given back some "normality" to familys life (daughters were most of the times at granparents') but it's a whole new battle from now on. An ambulance takes her to rehab every day so she's still progressing but this will be a long process and nobody knows when will she stop progressing. Her family is happy but the one that struggles the most (for obvious reasons) is her husband. He takes care of her and is very caring (more than ever, actually) but suffers a lot. Anyway, he has still faith, hasn't given up and rests in his family, so there's something to be positive about. Thank you everyone again for your prayers, we still pray for them to God, so she fully recovers and gives them strength in this battle, so we are grateful to anyone who joins us anytime
  21. Nero

    Lamar Jackson to the Ravens

    https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/03/22/baker-mayfield-advance-analytics-nfl-draft-oklahoma-pff Probably someone already posted it as it is a predraft article, but it's worth reading. I cannot wait to see him play, let's hope everything works out for us this time!
  22. Nero

    Boring Times - New Era

    I'm not opening the link, but what I mean is that they FOUND America. But it's like when you meet a place and don't tell anyone. Or when someone finds something in an area (Physics, Medicine). You don't DIS-COVER it until you tell the world.
  23. Nero

    Boring Times - New Era

    I would have never guessed that. Interesting stuff.
  24. Nero

    Unreasonably tough schedule?

    For me, there are a few things to be optimistic about: 1. AFC North. The Steelers didn't add a top LB in the Draft and last year their defense disappeared once Shazier got injured. Big Ben is getting older. Ravens are scary, but Flacco is not. Bengals have Marvin Lewis and he has spent all his credit. I'm not saying that he's bad, he has made the Bengals a good team for a long time, but it feels like he should have left this offseason and I have the same sense with him staying than when you now something is lingering too long and not for the good. 2. I'd be more scared had they told us we were playing AFC West LAST YEAR. I don't think that Raiders had a good offseason and they had their share of problems last season. I have my doubts Keenum will excel in Denver and they lost Talib. The only certain thing is that the Miller-Chubb combo is scary, but I don't feel like that defense is getting better other than that. The Chiefs have another big question mark for me with Mahomes, and their defense is completely new, and traded Peters, who despite being an idiot was for me the best of the bunch. With so many doubts, I'd bet there are better chances of being a transition year than a Superbowl year for them. And the Chargers are the best and most scary team there for me. They are a balanced team that didn't go to the playoffs simply because they invented every possible way to lose in the first season games (let's hope they keep that ability when facing us) and Rivers still doesn't have his ring. Overall I think this division is less scary than last year. 3. NFC South. The Falcons and the Saints are beasts, so the only thing to be optimistic about is Brees being one year older and not having a top TE that you want for an aging QB. It's easy to predict that Tampa Bay will do better this year, but Winston at times looks like a threat and at another times he just backfires. He can lose games on his own and that makes his offense unpredictable... In the bad way. Carolina finally went for a top WR for Newton, but I'm going to base my optimism solely in the tendency that the Panthers have to go up and down every other year. I don't know what will do it for them this season. Maybe the ownership change? I know I'm leaving Houston and the Jets behind, but each ended last in their divisions, so there's that.
  25. Nero

    Boring Times - New Era

    Well. Look at your wallet. Open it. Watch that piece of green paper that many people around the world worship. The dollar. Its symbol? $ Why does it have that simbol? Well, during American Independence War, it was not only patriot Americans against silly brits, there were French and Spaniards fighting. Maybe just to kick some tea drinker butt, yes (they've earned it throughout History), but they fought along your ancestors. And most importantly, one of the main contributions was money. In the chaos of correspondency and coins of that era, one coin had way more importance and flowed the most between American peers, and it was the Spanish Crown. And as many Spanish coins and symbols, like the shield of our flag, it has the two Hercules columns with a band tied to them saying 'Non terrae plus ultra', 'There's no more land beyond this point.' To simple note accounts, people started to simplify and wrote it in notebooks as an S with two vertical bars crossing it. Those columns were supposed to be guarding the opening of the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, one in Spain and the other in Africa. As Spaniards were the first modern explorers of America, those columns with that saying became a major symbol, and now you see it everywhere, but many people don't notice. So yes, you have some reason to be thankful and rooting for the Spaniards Note: I posted all of this of the top of my head. There might be some mistakes and not be 100% exact. EDIT: The band says 'Plus Ultra' because we found a land beyond, and it was used as a theme for explorers to go beyond, as that America wasn't "supposed" to be there, to search beyond their limits.