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  1. Nero

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  2. And here I am hoping that our 2 best defenders are going to miss some weeks due to injury/COVID... Just to come back stronger for the season finale and PLAYOFFS.
  3. Nero

    Ok new free game

  4. I've seen police patrols doing alcohol tests by showing Sendejo playing. The drivers who think he does get a ticket for DUI.
  5. We have the best RB duo in the league, and I'm grateful that Stefanski kept calling runs even after many plays with few yards per carry. It's not the first game we come up big on 4th quarter. Defense playing well, Dline stepping up after missing Garrett was a must. Ward is the man. 7-3. Let's fucking go.
  6. This is not the same team that won the Superbowl 2 years ago. But this won't be an easy game. The Browns have to prove that they can win even hard games. GO BROWNS!!!!
  7. Nero

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    I don't know how old is Browns' stadium grass, but nowadays they can absorb a fucking flooding in a few hours. Soccer stadiums turn the sprinklers on 30-60 mins before the match so the ball has more speed, while some years ago that would result in a mudpit.
  8. Nero

    Myles Garrett on COVID-19 List

    Someone here has failed to bring the sacrifices to the football gods. I can smell it.
  9. Nero

    Big Ben sets new record

    Could be. But if it were a 1 year deal, I would trade Ben for Baker in a heartbeat. BR doesn't make as many mistakes as Baker does, and that's what we need at QB at the moment.
  10. Nero

    Big Ben sets new record

    I think that Browns' running corps has a lot to do with how much the Browns offense has produced, so I'm still not giving it to you 100% Gipper. But yeah, none of them have had incredible stats/performances.
  11. Nero

    Big Ben sets new record

    Sometimes you have to swallow your words. Most of the times I read diagonally, so I didn't see that. Yeah. I don't agree on Baker, but I agree on 90% of what Gipper said.
  12. Nero

    Big Ben sets new record

    I can't agree more with Gipper on this one. Steelers' defense is scary, they have a good running back, a good Oline and a very talented WR corps. Sure Ben isn't a liability, but he doesn't make up for the rest of the team, either. He has had better years.
  13. Nero

    This sounds like a fun Pro Bowl...

    Agreed. Twitch is huge. And I think something well done, even with some players playing controlling the same team and with teamspeak or discord to hear their conversations, could be really fun for all the banter. I think if there's a sports media that can take an online production to the next level, is the NFL. I wish they watch online tournaments to see how it is done. It will probably be more entertaining that previous Super Bowls, I only watched the contests' highlights last years.
  14. I like chocolate, but I think that ice cream chocolate is the worst kind of chocolate.