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  1. Nero

    Colin Coward

    The guy lives for controversy, but praising Njoku makes a lot of sense, as it makes it easier for him to critizise Baker. The better the cast around him, the more you can blame him for anything going wrong.
  2. We are in that time of a year when the signing of a 3rd, 4th string tackle is interesting, I guess. Can't blame cal.
  3. Nero

    Player v. Player

    Not yet is a stupid answer, indeed. I mean, even if you think of it, you are showing your cards, so the player automatically loses value for a trade. And then, you have the impact on the player: you have a young star as first string RB, another star comes with a suspension, and there's a young backup, a three of them brought by a guy that says that you're soon to be expendable. That would enrage me. And I don't talk about the money because all of this is about playing time. As for Baker, it may seem harsh but I expect it. If you are looking forward to the season and have high goals, the last thing you want is to talk about people that don't come to work or want out. It's about the guys INSIDE the locker room, and he already sees Duke outside of the team. I keep saying that the math is simple and none of this is surprising
  4. Nero

    is TE our weakest

    De Valve is a huge question mark, and I hope that we don't miss Fells blocking abbility, because Oline is going to need as much help as possible. My definition of Njoku is that he's still a project with a lot of potential. For me he is as of today a "tall WR", though. He had a huge drop rate at the beginning of last season, but played much better later. I may have bad memory, but I don't remember him making a lot of plays with contested catches. Something to bare in mind is that this guy is tall and has a huge vertical jump, which makes me believe that he should be a show when given the opportunity to fly for the ball. As of his blocking abbility, it may have improved, but I can't get out of my mind a play where he granted a sack (not the Kizer one, but to Mayfield) and still thought it was tackle's responsability, when the rusher came obviously from his side (D gap). The rusher was completely free. I love his attitude and I root for him. Experience and a better overall offense will help him a lot this year.
  5. Nero

    Mini- Camp

    Yes, there is. It's called business. I can easily picture Dorsey being a nice buddy with his fellow GMs and a dog when negociating deals with players. EDIT: Also, Dorsey had a plan. And as many people with plans, when something sticks out or doesn't go as planned you can be annoyed. Duke's move was unwanted. Foreseeable? yes, but ideally Dorsey didn't want to deal with any of this. I can't imagine what has been going on there, but if it wasn't pretty I wouldn't be surprised a bit.
  6. Nero

    Cut Browns Find New Home Thread

    I thought of you when watching the outcome of the final! Ham croquettes are a classic, you can have them almost anywhere in Spain. Where have you been to? Nice to see you
  7. Nero

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    I guess there's nothing worse for the media "health" than having two bad reporters of a small market becoming suddenly "mainstream" simply because the lights are suddenly on the team the report about... Now they want to play in the major league, and the only major league attribute they have is that they can become very annoying, I guess.
  8. Nero

    Cut Browns Find New Home Thread

    You gotta admit that you said "no reality, ever", which sounds like "every scenario". Tour wasn't referring to the case in hand. Also, that can be quite disputable anyway, with the importance that interior pass rush has gotten over edge rush lately, thus guards becoming more important than tackles in the eyes of many people.
  9. Never been to a natural disaster scenario. Here we only have very calm earthquakes every 5 years or so. Insulation has very low density, so it makes sense that once unprotected, it can fly miles on a tornado. About trees, IIRC their root volume is similar to the volume of tree you can see above the surface, so it makes sense that they are snapped, as both earth and the tornado interact as a torque, and the taller the tree the bigger the torque.
  10. Nero

    Sheehy-Guiseppi...cool story and fast kid

    Science, bitch!
  11. Take care, H. That's more important than a video.
  12. Nero

    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    I think he is talking about your crush on Ziggy Ansah.
  13. It's simply a 2 hour video of the greatest sports storyteller of the moment talking about athletes named Bob, through statistics and sharing some stories. There's no point in summarizing, as there is no point in complaining. Once you have watched a Jon Bois video you become a fan. How to do that? Simply clicking on it. I've watched videos about sports I don't care about simply because I love the way he tells stories.