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  1. Nero

    ***Browns @ Colts Preseason Game Night Thread***

    5 hour flight Madrid Tel-Aviv. Had to take a 4h 30min bus to Madrid. How was the weather in New England? I know it's a cold place, but in summer?
  2. Nero

    ***Browns @ Colts Preseason Game Night Thread***

    It was some kind of pilgrimage to visit the Holy Land. We slept in the Negeb, we swimmed in the Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea, 4 days in Jerusalem. An amazing trip, mostly if you are christian.
  3. Nero

    ***Browns @ Colts Preseason Game Night Thread***

    Never played golf. But 15-30minutes north of Pamplona there are some very cool golf courses!
  4. Nero

    ***Browns @ Colts Preseason Game Night Thread***

    I've been in Israel and Palestine for 8 days in late July. Currently, I'm on a 4 day vacation in the east coast of Spain (close to Valencia). What are you guys up to? How is summer going?
  5. Nero

    Josh Gordon reinstated again

    Out of topic, but I think it is very curious... In Spain we say cats have seven! About Gordon. Bets. When will we hear about him edging a suspension or having trouble with the Patriots? I say game 5.
  6. Nero

    Redrafting the NFL

    Yeah. Maybe I was driven by his career instead of his current status. But he still is a great defensive mind and nice leader as a veteran for a defense.
  7. Nero

    Redrafting the NFL

    This draft should be focused on choosing the best unique players. If I wanted to get a special player that can lead a defense... I would choose with #8: Luke Kuechly, LB Carolina Panthers
  8. Nero

    Browns Depth Chart 2019

    Changing subject, how is the kicker battle going? I think Joseph has the lead for what I have read though Seibert has been drafted this year. Thoughts?
  9. I won't be able to watch the full game so I just watched the highlights. Nice drive by Baker and seeing offense, defense and special teams making plays was really nice. I don't mind not having our top 2 receivers, better keep them safe for regular season. Higgins can be one of the best WR3 in the league. I dont know if Mack will start but having competition in the LB corp is great. It looks that at least we have some good depth there now. Sheehy (idk if I wrote it properly) is a nice cinderella story and everyone roots for him. His problem is that apart from a PR he is a receiver and we have plenty good ones. Also, good thing about improving the roster is that these guys face each other in practice. If you have better receivers, secondary will improve and so on. There are a very few areas of concern in this team for me and I can't wait for regular season!
  10. Woah! Are you a doctor, a firefighter? Ive been working all week all week mornings and afternoons, I'll go on Saturday morning to a village south of Navarra to a friend's house to enjoy their local fest.
  11. I think we should ignore these "Official" threads and just start chatting ourselves everytime he steps out of his cave and posts one of these. How are you doing, Comeonman? Looking forward to the weekend?
  12. Nero

    If you're going to the Game Thursday

    One of the chosen few to be backup QBs... All hail our heroes.
  13. Nero

    Duke Johnson traded

    He gave us many good years and I keep saying that for a long time he was the only playmaker in the team. He wanted to be traded as I expected him to, he got what he wanted and we got the 4th round we got him with some good production years later. I couldn't ask more. I'm really happy with the trade. Now I would usually say "let's hope we don't miss him" but it had to be done. EDIT: He was taken in the 3rd round. But 4 years have passed and those years are the best in a running back's football life.
  14. Nero

    If you're going to the Game Thursday

    Gotta love the terminology you guys use sometimes! I agree that forcing people to have a smartphone for a game is stupid and careless. Must be un Spanish too?
  15. Nero

    Preseason games..tv schedule

    Worst link ever. One page per thing? Pff. You can make a tortilla with chorizo (I have) though you should call it like that, not Spanish tortilla. You can make it with onion too. Tap water is safe in many places (I only drink tap), but in others not. The hat, broom and salt thing are stupid, never heard of them. Careful with being patriotic in Spain, that one is true. In some places used to have many tourists they count with the tip, most others not. We like our social gatherings and punctuality is not a given in that. Work appointments? Better be punctual. That's what I remember at the top of my head. Generally speaking, you have a bit of a leash when you are a tourist to make mistakes. We are used to havig tourists and we won't make a big deal of it. To each his own. I wouldnt have made that list, for sure. I bet that if they did the same list for the US I would find some stuff weird.