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  1. Nero

    Baker’s Birthday

    Let's pin this thread then, so everybody can see this FAIL.
  2. Agreed that BMI is awful, but 8% body fat? Damn it man. If I ever get close to 10% I'll be really glad. 1,75m 78kg here (the slimmest I've been in 4-5 years). 5' 9" 173lb in gibberish, I guess. EDIT: In some charts I'm 1,77m, so I'm not sure about my height.
  3. I would send him the draft now that we have 6 full rounds... Round 7 will end just in time for the real draft.
  4. Nero

    The Schedule Game

    Week 1 v. Titans. W Week 2 @ Jets. W Week 3 v. Rams. W Week 4 @ Ravens. L Week 5 @ 49ers. L Week 6 v. Seahawks. W Week 7 Bye Week 8 @ Patriots. L Week 9 @ Broncos. L Week 10 v. Bills. W Week 11 v. Steelers. W Week 12 v. Dolphins. W Week 13 @ Steelers. L Week 14 v. Bengals. W Week 15 @ Cardinals. W Week 16 v. Ravens. W Week 17 @ Bengals. W 11-5 for me too, but I switched some games... No losses in Cleveland, let's get the city rolling!!!
  5. Nero

    Regular Season Schedule

    Guys... We have 3 home games (TEN, LAR, SEA) among first 7 games, not 2. Game 8 is away, though.
  6. Nero

    Game of Browns - King of the North

    I was like, ummm... But watching Myles Garrett as the giant made me lose it, that was funny.
  7. Exactly my thoughts. If they dont watch film WHILE they talk, why couldn't they add videos of Myles or the people they are talking about in the edition?
  8. Don't forget to update ALL the picks, Tour...
  9. With the #191 pick the Baltimore Ravens select: Karan Higdon (RB - Michigan) An elusive running back to team up with Mark Ingram. With the #193 pick the Baltimore Ravens select: David Sills V (WR - West Virginia) A big frame guy (1,93 m, 93kg metric FTW) that compliments the WR room and can also help the running game with his blocking ability. PS: I had this reply saved in the editor so I could post it while at work, but darren scared the shit out of me And here ends my watch.
  10. Nero

    Building The Browns

    The Lonnie Johnson bit reminded me of that of Denzel Ward last year in OSU's Pro Day...
  11. I'm grateful for the gesture, but with only two picks remaining and both grouped on this Tuesday, I'll probably make my pick myself that very day at 10 EDT or something like that.
  12. Maybe we could make a schedule, to meet the goals for each Round, and updating it we can know if we are on time, ahead of schedule or delaying, therefore we know if we have to push and make it faster or take it calmly... We delayed the beginning of the BBMD one week due to not having GMs for all the teams, so we are "missing" that week... At the same pace we would have now 2 weeks for 2 rounds, which is nice.
  13. I'm waiting on my two remaining picks (in 6th round and almost consecutive) to end my colaboration. I'm afraid it has been enough for me to follow this to even try to help taking extra teams for the latter rounds.
  14. In round 3 they picked Baltimore first, so that's why I messed up.
  15. OK. So I've been getting crazy because the numbers I have for overall picks didn't match the draft order (in my draft board, I had picked 159 and 160 when my picks are meant to be 160 and 161 overall).... I didn't know that the Giants pick was forfeited... So it still counts in overall count, but they don't pick. Thank you NFL for being so American