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  1. Nero

    Win-Loss predictions

    I posted 8-8 in Dutch's questions, but let's see what I come up with now... @Baltimore-L Cincinnati-W - - - Redskins-W @Dallas-W Colts-L @Pittsburgh-L @Cinci-W LV Raiders-W Houston Texans -L Philadelphia Eagles -L Jacksonville-W @ Tennessee Titans -L Baltimore Ravens -L @NYG-W @NYJ-W Pittsburgh-L 8-8... I think we're not winning Ravens and Steelers with this D. They have good offenses and their defenses can kill our offense, or that is the feeling I have now...
  2. Nero

    Fake Crowd Noise

    Kind of both. To get some of the attendance feeling and not to let us hear all the trash talk and complains. I have always been fan of the mic'd up videos, so I would like to be able to hear them even if there's a bit of fake crowd noise.
  3. Nero

    OBJ trade whispers bubbling once again

    Also, to me it works like an anti jinx gone wrong. You know like those "send this message to 5 friends or you will die tomorrow." But in this case is like "Post this every other week in order to piss on the day of the rest of the Browns Board." He might end up getting us to love OBJ when I really wouldn't really mind if #13 left.
  4. Nero

    How did the Defense get so bad?

    I never thought it was good, but during the worst years it was definitely better than the awful O we had, so I guess the offense doing better than the defense makes some people worry aabout the defense.
  5. I despise how Joe Buck casts the games. No-emotion. Last week I realized that he was the caster for the Catch of David Tyree in the Giants - New England Patriots Superbowl. For one of the most memorable plays in SB history (I think it was voted top 3 or something like that) he expressed the same emotion I express when watching the microwave working.
  6. Nero

    The Offensive Line

    It looked good in the first game too. At least pass protection was always on point in front of Ravens' defense. Playing to our strengths should be a must: OBJ and Landry can be great, but Baker is not one of our strengths, so FIRST run the ball and THEN spread the ball to all receivers; tight ends included.
  7. Nero

    Classic uniforms of the good old days

    I've honestly always preferred white pants. But the worst were the now gone orange numbers.
  8. Hey, Browns fans!!!! Today we're tested in the Thursday Night Football. At 8:20PM ET (fuck:you PM European Time). 100 years ago, the NFL was born in Canton, Ohio, so no better moment for The Battle of Ohio. Each of the 2 contenders lost the opener, so it's time for the Browns to show they're the better team, work their offense and WIN!!!! I have a lot of work, so won't risk my national health care system in order to watch the game or post the news, so I'll leave you with reporters @Tour2ma, who will bring the injury report for both teams, @mjp28 will tell us the odds of the game, @tiamat63 the pregame analysis and @Gipper will tell us the stats of all the previous matches between both teams. Let's fucking GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BROWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Nero

    OBJ trade whispers bubbling once again

    It's like predicting the Browns will suck this year. It has worked what, 18 out of 21 years since '99? Can't wait for a OBJ trade then.
  10. Nero

    OBJ trade whispers bubbling once again

    From all the people that could have started a thread like this, I didn't expect it from you. Some people are incredibly predictable.
  11. I thought Zane was promising on his first season, because as it went down he started kicking better and did well in winter IIRC. I'm not calming down, we're talking about one of the only 2 players who kick the ball in American FOOTball and I am a Spaniard
  12. He had a wayyyy worse rookie season. And he missed like 5 fg in 2 games.
  13. Nero

    Would You Undo the Giants Trade?

    That's what I felt when the trade was made. We needed a receiver? Yes. But I would have gone for a bigger body and not someone who pretty much has a similar to Landry skillset. You could have paid way less and have a reliable 2 punch duo. Landry+OBJ is mortgaging the house on Baker, and it hasn't paid off.
  14. Nero

    BillB vs. TB12 Debate Tracker

    Why would you do that to yourself? It is forbidden to watch a good team after the Browns, our life line assistants do not suggest such thing. And switching back to the Browns next week after watching the Patriots? Are you a masochist?