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  1. In my opinion, she does what many would do in her position. She has to try to get the best out of the situation being a single mother, who just happens to be the mother of a NFL player. The criteria for the amount of child support is a formula and the article says it. Does she need that much? Probably not, but if you have a child you try to get the best for him/her, right? I'm not going to judge the woman behind this kind of lawsuit. And about Gordon: if he has to pay, he has to pay. Probably a person with his problems is not the best economy manager and he truly doesn't have the money, but if so, this will serve as a life reason. You have a son, you have to support him and you share it with the woman you slept with. There's no time machine. I don't want to know what is it like to have your parents in such lawsuits. And last but not least, if Gordon has the money, he should have paid for it fast and discreetly, preferably not stepping on a court. You don't want to be in the aim of the media when you are probably at your last chance to succeed as a professional athlete and you already have to deal with a lot of off field attention and problems.
  2. To each his own. I consider you BULLSCHIDT expert
  3. Nero

    Paxton Lynch

    I never thought of it. Do you think it's Paxton's problem? That he lacks agility and that makes him clumsy?
  4. Nero


    @Dutch Oven, you promised me it was a joke! 😨
  5. Nero

    Pro pick'em legue

    I already signed.
  6. Nero


    I'd join this one too. It consists on picking a single winning team each week, using only once every team and losing a life if you miss, right?
  7. Nero

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    I'd say that it's a sport where roles are very different that you can have a guy analyzing an entire defense like a QB or a Running Back that only needs to know when and where he has to run or block and the name of those 8 different plays. To reach that level in sports, probably most of them don't excel at intelligence tests. Yeah, there are clever players and they can be intelligent independently of they position, but we watch a sport to enjoy men at the summit of athleticism and technice. The same way I watch a play to stimulate my brain and enjoy with the intelligence of the artist behind it. I don't need my artists running 4.4 the 40 yards.
  8. I think they leave right after the final cuts and once there is a 53 man roster (Monday after last preseason game?)?
  9. Nero


    I loved what I saw of Mayfield. Probably he didn't face 1st stringers, yes, but he threw out of bounds, ran and took risks when needed. Overall I'd say good decision making. I really liked both the sideline pass running right and the TD pass to Callaway, and the TD pass to Njoku is a play we need if we want to improve our Red zone offense: second read, near the middle between defenders.
  10. Nero


    I think I will only see the highlights of preseason games for 2 reasons: 1. I won't be able to watch them (travels, and stuff), or I don't want to lose any sleep (very late night game time). 2. I prefer to not get ANY enthusiasm. I was pumped up last season after 4-0 in preseason and it went downhill from then on.
  11. With the "6 quarters" thing I couldn't help but remember that in the five games he was in last season, there was a huge difference in his contribution if you compared his second half performance. Probably he noticed, wanted to be in the best shape possible and focus. It's not only about Hard Knocks being in town. I'm sure the "brotherhood" kind of environment in the team can lead him to do drugs (marijuana and alcohol are very "social" drugs), and he prefers not to take any chances for as long as possible.
  12. Nero

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    I felt exactly the same. I never like when someone uses as the argument ''I was in your position, and thought the same. But if you were in my position, you'd do as I''. Maybe I didn't fully understand, but they were talking about making the injured players (or players with the risk of getting an injury) at least dress up for practice, right? They have to work on the work ethic and mentality. Even with the new additions, this team needs to play to its best to get a W. They're not earning one playing worse than the team in front of them, as some great teams do.
  13. Nero

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    Finally, I got to watch it after surfing for a while (420p but I'll take it). It was an entertaining episode, but apart from Landry being a blessing to the team, I sensed that not much action was going. I know that they have limited contact training and they had to focus on Hue's family plotline, but I want to see some fights, some fire. There are 90 players in the roster, only 53 staying by the end of the month, on a 1-31 team. That should push each one to their limit. Good to hear about Josh Gordon. Funny thing: Mayfield starts the episode introducing the RV and saying that ''in other teams rookies get the drinks to the vets and all that... Not here''. 30 minutes later on the episode, 4th string rookie Quaterback is buying and filling the snacks for the rest of the QBs, lol.
  14. Nero

    Callaway Cited for Marijuana Possession

    Who else wants to keep all the players in a fridge until the season begins so no one fu*ks it up anymore with an injury or a silly suspension? It's going to be a long August.
  15. Nero

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    I guess, not? Even if I changed my VPN so it looked like I'm in da USA, certainly Spain is not part of the US neither part of any US territories (thank God ).