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  1. Nero

    It’s still not enough

    Is that a joke? If I were going to make a film, it would be about Napoleon's russian campaign. The heroic march, conquering Smolensk and Moscow, and how the war turns against an invisible enemy and the freezing winter when trying to reach back Smolensk (which they found out was devastated) and friendly lands. It would be a contraposition of patriotism-survival, blind faith in a leader, comraderie-desperation, the human limits, the homeless, the importance of soldiers in a big scale war... If you ever read about it, it has a lot of food for thought.
  2. Every gameday there is a poster who starts an "official" game thread, with a little preview of the game, but never posts anything else. I just wanted to know what did you guys think about him.
  3. Nero

    Derek "Horseballs" Anderson

    I never make jokes about moistures in buildings...
  4. Nero

    Derek "Horseballs" Anderson

    Wow. Who puts bricks without a base to get them separated from the ground?
  5. Nero

    Hyde traded

    To get things right, I don't like Hue and I think Dorsey has nailed it so far. I like your narrative, and being Dorsey's first year, it makes a lot of sense. Problem is, I don't like it if his modus operandi as GM that wants something done is to directly trade the 1st string RB 2 days before a game, no matter if the HC is Hue or Vincent Lombardi. I hope there has been some communication between FO and coaching staff -as they have to work together- and that we are getting a player in exchange somewhere. Because if it is about Chubb getting experience in a rebuilding+fire Hue year, I see two problems: 1. You're using his body in a meaningless year. 2. You probably don't protect as well as earlier your rookie quaterback, either because Chubb still needs to improve picking blocks or thanks to a worse running game (Not that Hyde was stellar, but I liked our trio). I don't think Dorsey really needed to force Hue's hand, he knows his situation and is already giving him ball games...
  6. And he is literally moving to the 1 spot...
  7. Nero

    Hyde traded

    Thinking the same way.
  8. Nero

    Hyde traded

  9. Nero

    It’s still not enough

    Buy post its. They are useful.
  10. Of the guys that post analysis of players in YouTube, I like Samuel Gold and he posted yesterday about Denzel Ward on his weekly film room. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  11. Nero

    Auden Tate

    As a son of a chemical lab boss, I approve this comment.
  12. Nero

    The Big Four Rookie QBs

    It's not an easy task to be Cardinal s' QB right now: new coach, bad Oline, defense getting worse... Even David Johnson looks average now, when he was a league top player with an old Palmer. I cannot judge if he is really bad.
  13. Don't you dare mention good sized WR. Do you want to invoke the kraken? (Totally agreed)
  14. Draft? Nananananananananana
  15. It costs a roster spot... Plus the headaches, plus the talk, plus all the attention, plus Huey wishing for him to come back wearing a red cape...