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  1. I wish I could be at his first game back in the game to show some support. Forget about the player, for me it's primarily about the man. He is in a tough spot. I know he's an athlete that can/has earned more than I will in my whole life, but being an addict in the spotlight must be hard. Depending on his actions he might be leading to a life or fame or to a life of misery.
  2. I'm not going to defend the salary cap approach. I've criticized it in other posts, and I think that things could have been done differently, mostly in FA and particulary with receivers. I'm going to try to explain what I think they might be doing. You get a team with losing record, and with many years of misery. First of all the things you can see in such a team is a 'losing spirit'. There are few who believe they can do great things with the team or they give up as soon as results start being bad every season. This has happened with many teams that through years have become 'retirement houses' for players who have already hit the top of their game and are in a downhill. They rip off the team, and try to get a young team that grows together. I repeat, I'm not defending it, I think they should have kept more veterans. And as the players are young, they have rookie contracts, increasing the cap space. They make mistakes together, they lose together (they have done this greatly), they learn together. In FO eyes, this protects them, as they have put together another 'losing team', but much younger, so you can say that they can get better, and much cheaper, so you can say 'well, they suck but we're not spending much'. The same goes with the QB, they haven't drafted one in the first round because if you do it and fail, is an early ticket to be fired. Any Front Office which drafts in the first round a QB, links its destiny to him. Once you have your new team's core set up, you can see what is missing and add it via FA, in a way that the new free agents can't screw your locker room. I hope this changes and the FO becomes more aggresive as the defining years for the process come (year 3 and 4), aiming higher both in draft and FA, but for me what they have done, after studying it, makes some sense. I hope we don't sit over a 60 million cap space next year. And again, I'm not defending them, I'm trying to understand their approach.
  3. This Week in the AFC North

    He edited later his message. I don't recall what's that term in Spanish, but we have definitely one.
  4. This Week in the AFC North

    I never support rival players getting injured... But I do support taking their time to heal injuries. Come on, Leonard, you don't have to take risks just for this Sunday...
  5. This Week in the AFC North

    OK. And the YTD? It amazes me how much you americans enjoy acronyms. It's a pain in the butt when you're new to something lol
  6. Go Vikings

    Well, they would deserve it. Losing Bridgewater for more than a year, then Bradford after a promising start, and Cook who was one of the best backs in the league, receivers I believe have been injured too... They have been doing it very well, adapting to the circumstances and playing with Case Keenum. Other teams with one of their injuries would have gone down in the standings a long time ago.
  7. Wide recievers

    Ricardo Louis would be the current leading WR in receiving (Duke Johnson is first) with 307, and continuing the progression he would end up with a whopping record of 548 yards. Last year the QB position wasn't established either and Pryor did quite more yards. We need receivers and Coleman or Gordon's contrubution can't be taken for granted.
  8. Another example of how short-reading leads to misunderstandings. That sentence alone can be taken both ways, but if you look for the source and read further you can see that he was just trying to give an advice non-jokingly. Here's the link http://www.firstcoastnews.com/sports/nfl/jacksonville-jaguars/blake-bortles-advice-for-struggling-browns-qb-kizer-throw-to-your-team-as-much-as-possible/492081005
  9. This Week in the AFC North

    You nailed Titans - Steelers game, definitely. Props, man. If I read the table correctly, 'Straight-up' means that you guessed who wins, and 'Vs. the Spread' that you guessed by how much? What does YTD mean? You can guess I'm not a better myself, but now I regret not signing for this years Pick'em, Fantasy or Survivor!
  10. Wide recievers

    It would be amazing if we didn't need receivers next year... I want to see more yards after catch, more jukes. Fighting for an extra yard. With the current "no name" receivers' corp we have, each one has to try to make a difference. And if Britt wants to stay he has to do a million times better than the rest. He's the most expensive player in the unit by far.
  11. Go Vikings

    It's sad when someone who you love passes away, only people who have been able to make us happy are the ones able to make us cry. But we can be grateful that they have been in our lives to make us happy. And will live forever in our memories. Take care Go Vikings!
  12. Houston - our 2nd first round pick

    I'm a Spanish grammar nazi myself, so I accept corrections gratefuly!
  13. Houston - our 2nd first round pick

    things and thrown were the corrections? if you don't mark them it is difficult for me to see them! Thanks, lol.
  14. Houston - our 2nd first round pick

    Of course. Garrett showed some promise but if he keeps having ankle problems, he won't be a good draft choice. BUT, everyone would have chosen him, and you cannot guess that kind of things. Drafts can be evaluated after some years have passed, but I understand that meanwhile opinions can be throught out there too.
  15. Houston - our 2nd first round pick

    Well, we can agree that he looked great on the field. But also, no one can guarantee that a player who has already had ankle problems will not have more in the future. Judging if we did well or not drafting him by only 4 games it's quite hasty. If he gets injured every season I guess we won't miss him that much. It's not the same as comparising passing on Wentz.