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  1. Nero


    Mahomes/Hill/Hunt with no doubt would have been my choice till Hunt was cut from KC, also because there is a guy calle Kelce... Id agree on the Saints having the best triplet, but Brees is a few years older than ideal. I'd put Brady and company on the conversation: they might not be spectacular, but damn they work well. If Marlon Mack establishes himself as a great runner, I'd put the Colts in the top too.
  2. About Boddy-Calhoun, I think he is a useful piece to have, as he can add depth both at CB and Safety and in my opinion doesn't suppose an unsourmountable step down comparing to the starters. He did some plays when he stepped into the field, IIRC. If we are not overpaying for such a role I would keep him.
  3. Nero

    Flacco is going to Denver

    It is a surprise for me, I didn't think of the Broncos as a possible destination for Flacco, but it may work for both parts. If it doesn't, I think Elway will lose all the credit he had: how many quaterbacks has he brought as starters? The only one that worked was Peyton freaking Manning.
  4. Nero

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    I don't like woman beaters. I don't like abusive people. I don't reach the point of wishing them hell, but I don't like them. Having said that, these guys play in a very violent sport, where the alpha men are praised and they get paid a lot of money. I can see them derailing and acting like that, mostly when they have reached that level through working their bodies out. Many people lose their mind when they become millionaires, so I don't know what we expect from them, really. The only thing we should care about is his performance. The rest, like in any other job (I think bjh said it) is superfluous. Did he commit a crime? He should be punished. But I am nobody to judge that. Likewise, we shouldn't be surprised or pissed when the same happens in other teams and other players. It's all about sports, all about business. I don't seek moral references in football.
  5. Nero

    AAF question

    I watched the highlight reel and didn't think that Richardson had a good game, but damn those stats... And Hackember was plain awful.
  6. Nero

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    I'd say that nowadays Duke is more like a 3rd down RB who sometimes runs the ball. I'll never complain about having too many good players in a group...
  7. Nero

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    Interesting news... I hope that he can make up for the chance he is given. I'm excited. This could be huge, or a low risk failure.
  8. Nero

    AAF question

    Not a passing league? The 5 men blitz rule makes me think it is even more a passing league than the NFL. I think it is going to be used as a lab for future NFL rules or changes in the game. No kickoffs, for example.
  9. Nero

    AAF question

    The hit in the San Diego-San Antonio game was brutal, lol.
  10. Nero

    Denzel Ward or Quenton Nelson?

    Is this real life?
  11. Nero

    Imagine Saquon at 1 and Mayfield at 4

    This is one of those comments that you don't know if it is a compliment or just the opposite...
  12. Nero

    Free Steven Avery and Brenden Dassy

    I'm just a poor boy, I need no sympathy
  13. Nero

    Free Steven Avery and Brenden Dassy

    Is this real life?
  14. Nero

    Imagine Saquon at 1 and Mayfield at 4

    I'll only make take someone that was available 16 picks later... Tom Brady instead of Spergon Wynn in 2000.