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  1. Nero

    Another feather in the cap of Mayfield

    Oh, that was a great one! David threw the rock in stride to the target. Awesome spiral.
  2. Nero


    Congratulations, Mark. It's been a pleasure watching the finalists play... And asking for a Jets' victory in the Tavern, lol.
  3. Nero

    Damarius Randall Vid at Bengals game

    I like seeing offensive and defensive players pushing each other. Andthe good vibe overall. Let's keep fighting!
  4. Nero

    Rookie of the Year Award

  5. Nero

    Browns Playoff Odds Calculator ..

    A win is 82%, a tie keeps us with 75% (both scenarios winning all remaining teams). A tie would be nice. Your beloved soccer fan
  6. Nero

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    For me, it is huge winning games. Most likely we come up short for the playoffs, but giving playoff teams a challenge on the way to January can be a lot of fun. This youn team needed a boost of confidence to look forward for the next season and work as a team and victories are the best path for that.
  7. Nero

    Freddie Kitchens

    Who would have said last year that by this time we would have as OC Cardinals' running back coach and a rookie QB playing lights out under his command. Future looks bright.
  8. Nero

    Jags Bench Bortles

    Adding both would be amazing. I think our Dline needs some depth so Garrett can rotate more, along with our secondary: I still remember how thin we were when we faced KC of all teams...
  9. Nero

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    A sacrifice needed to be made...
  10. Nero

    I hate Thanksgiving

    At work we have the radio on at all times, and it was a pain in the ass listening to all Black Friday commercials. Even more when it's not a Spanish holiday thus we have a regular Thursday and Friday. Nonsense. About Thanksgiving, I like its spirit, being grateful about what we are given is important, but nowadays any holiday can turn into a frivolity. Though I'd be more worried with Halloween (praising death and monsters? Really?)
  11. Nero


    I'm no one to say anything, I lasted very few weeks... But I would have never picked the Titans against a decent Colts team. They have been inconsistent and the Colts are on fire. Anyhow, well played, Hoorta!
  12. Nero

    Bell done in Pittsburgh

    I dont consider to be myself in a position to judge whether he did well or not. I only remember Maurice Drew Jones saying that as a running back, he did regret not keeping the hold out longer. The first game after he came back (after keeping training during the hold out) he hot injured and never had a chance for a big contract. Everyone plays the cards they are given, and though these players earn way more than most of us do, I can't say I wouldn't do the same if I were in that situation, mostly considering how short their careers are (and even more as RB) and the physical toll this sport gives them for the rest of their lives: back, head, knee problems, etc.
  13. Nero

    RIP Stan "Atenears" Aten

    I am new here, Ive been around only for a year, so I didn't know him well, but rest in peace, Stan, and thank you for all your many contributions to Browns fandom. My prayers are with his family and friends. God bless you all.
  14. Nero

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    In following polls, if there is anybody to blame, I'll always put "Hue Jackson" as an option... No matter if we're talking about climate change and it's already been years since he was fired.
  15. Nero

    2018 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Week 10

    Now I understand. I'm fine on this side of the Atlantic