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  1. You must have liked the idea behind "The Purge"
  2. Nero

    Happy Forgot to Pull Out day!!

    Huge like for the title, lol. Happy Father's day everyone.
  3. It's surprising to see Garrett on this list. Only one year as a team mate, must have made a great impression in the future HOFer.
  4. Tell me this was all set up. 3 seconds into the thread I was thinking about PoG. He predicted a Superbowl win before the 0-16 season (after a 1-15).
  5. Nero

    Hue Jackson the Author

    I'll never say he had an easy position, but he didn't make his players better and ended up throwing people under the bus even after becoming the worst coach ever. Proof being that when he finally got fired, the same seaaon with the same roster we ended up performing much better.
  6. Nero

    Browns Offering Clowney the most cash

    When you have as many injuries as him thus become an inconsistent asset... Don't expect the teams to fight for you so much.
  7. Nero

    Browns Offering Clowney the most cash

    Better for us.
  8. Nero

    Dorsey —————- GONE

    That call on 4th and 9 only could be made with Micharl Vick in his prime or Lamar Jackson as QBs. And even then many of us would argue against it.
  9. Nero

    Joe Thomas on the Titan games

    You are talking about how Joe played his last game against the Titans, right? It was unexpected that a player with the record of most snaps on the field and 5 knee surgeries was sidelined for good with a huge triceps injury. Glad that he put the weight down, he looks awesome, though I saw a video of him stating that he won't run no more due to his knees (he swims instead).
  10. Nero

    Would You Trade 10 for Jamal Adams?

    Nice video of Jamals commenting on his own film.
  11. Nero

    Josh Gordon applying for reinstatement!

    It is as ordinary as other yearly events like heat in summer and leaves falling in the fall.
  12. Nero

    NFL / Covid Updates

    That's really interesting, and it makes sense. About people going bankrupt many times, IIRC I heard that many fortunes were made by people who failed and even went bankrupt several times.
  13. Nero

    Would you trade Baker to the Dolphins for Tua?

    That sucks big time. I'm sorry for that. My friends are doing kind of the same. They're not moving it but reception is in the air... They're getting married the 4th of July and the groom said "It's ironic that Independence Day will be the last day of my independence" LOL.
  14. It never ceases to amaze me this kind of stuff happening... But a NFL player??? Really???
  15. Nero

    Would you trade Baker to the Dolphins for Tua?

    Paella ain't the most popular thing in my region. We like it, but it's not "our thing". We are more about good meat and vegetables in Navarra. I love fish, though. Travelling through Spain will teach you how different we are from one place to another. I would dare to say that in a sense Spain is like the United States but in a much smaller scale: we have very different climate zones thus creating more variety in lifestyle and gastronomy.