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  1. The number #1 pick

    I think it would be funny if we picked Rosen, simply because he has been linked the least to the Browns. It would also mean that Dorsey has done a hell of a job hiding the pick.
  2. Draft Supplies

    THE FOLLOWING WILL BE ABOUT SOCCER, DON'T READ IT, GIPPER Well, I can see how you play a 2-2-4, even a 3-2-3. But 4-1-3? I imagine it is more likely a 2-2-1-3, with 2 strikers and the other 2 somewhat behind and close to the sideline like wingers (I had too look it up, I don't know the soccer positions in English...)
  3. Draft Supplies

    Nice! But 9v9? What's the scheme with that number? 3-3-2? 3-4-1? I only play friendly matches of futsal.
  4. Draft Supplies

    You play 11 v 11? Indoors? Position? I'm gonna watch it on my own and by the time it starts It'll be 2AM... I have to wake up at 7AM to go to work. I hope that cheers you up, lol. No beer no nothing for me most likely.
  5. Hard Knocks ....Looks Like We Are Up

    Even if it keeps being a dumpster fire, at least we will be able to see the flames from the inside!
  6. Building the Browns 2018: Episode 3

    Coming in BUILDING THE BROWNS: Episode 4: The Draft. Allen #1, Jackson #4. The incredule faces from all the staff while Jimmy Haslam is smiling... Episode 5: The Cleveland Riots of 2018. I can already see it...
  7. It's confirmed ... Sashi Sucked

    Thanks. I've been saying this for months. Anyway, I think that 2017 being a poor QB class and as promising this 2018 class was at the time had something to do on taking a shot with Kizer in the second round instead of taking it with any other in the first round. We don't know how good is Mahomes, Trubisky looks average to me and Watson played lights out... Only the 7 games he was available. Yeah, Kizer sucked. But other teams which drafted QBs last year didn't end up with way better scenarios.
  8. It would be useful to add a "no thanks" button so I could use as a reaction to this post, Tour...
  9. Skinning a cat is the closest simile I can think of for the Browns not taking a QB with #1...
  10. Pick Six

    Did he ever get back from vacation? It didn't look like that the entire last season!
  11. Browns Schedule Thread

    So our best shot at getting a win is week 11, and I'm not even sure about that one...
  12. Browns Schedule Thread

    I don't think so. Itjust came to my mind that the Spanish sports journal where I read info about NFL (they even got a podcast) put on the front page the Superbowl article when it was over. Something you can understand about the second most followed sport event behind the World Cup final in s freaking Sports journal... Well, there were like 20 comments saying that what the heck was an american sport in the front page, that it's not interesting to anyone... Comments full of hatre in some cases. So no. You'll see earlier NFL Game in Germany than in the "solo fĂștbol" Spain...
  13. Second Draft I'm going to watch. Maybe I'll print that! Though I think I'll only watch Rounds 1-2 and probably all of them sound familiar to me .
  14. Browns Schedule Thread

    Maybe in 1-2 years I can go to a London game...
  15. Boom or bust prospect. It'slike "yeah, his floor is very down, but he's so raw maybe he becomes a HOF!" Like every other prospect didn't have a chance to make a name of themselves...