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  1. Let's hope Spain follows this trend. The epidemy in both countries has followed the same trend, difference being that in Italy the health care system has been way more overworked in general. In Spain I'd say only in Madrid and maybe in Vitoria there has been a lot of trouble.
  2. Nero

    Marvel NFL Helmets

    Only thing that comes to mind is that the p if you turn it 180 degrees becomes a d, so my mind said "fuck it, good enough".
  3. Nero

    Marvel NFL Helmets

    FFS: I know it's stripes. And what is strides too. I don't know how I made that mistake, LOL. And I wrote it the wrong way thrice!
  4. Nero

    Marvel NFL Helmets

    I wouldn't stop the stripes and even less to put the elf there. No way. Maybe in the side, but not stopping the stripes. Maybe you could stop the stripes using a kind of an arrow ending, but I wouldn't put anything else in that axis. As an architect with many colleagues and friends working in design/art, I can tell you it's not a complete waste of time. First, you develop your skills through practise, second, these kind of "unpaid" works can be added to your portfolio and increase your opportunities when trying to get a job. They can be pictured as some kind of investment.
  5. I can see how Gipper became successful in a law related career. Always trying to find excuses and arguments beyond a reasonable point, throwing water and mudding the field for the fight if needed... Because that is what it feels like, not a discussion, a fight. A war of constant siege. He will dedicate hours to counter attack the most miserable point and will never concede that he was wrong, but he wants you to do that with him. It must be tiring always being right. I don't have the time. In my opinion, Tom Brady is the greatest of all time.
  6. Nero

    mini poll

    1. 1: I'm 27 with no earlier conditions. I used to have Asthma when I was a kid but that's long gone. I think that at most I would be really sick for 5 days. 2. 6. I live with my parents (69 and 74) and my brother (21), who has diabethes. So I don't enjoy living among people with risk, but they're staying home all the time and only going out to the supermarket nearby, due to the quarantine (though we started doing it on our own last week). I think that I feel easy now because we've been almost a week with no big exposure and no one has developed any symptom. Thus the rest of my brothers and sisters have no risk and I can check on the ones who have because they are at home. 3. 10. I have worked from home since last Wednesday. Went to donate blood that day and every day since I have exited home just once everyday and it was for errands. Hygiene and being careful with what I touch outside. 4. 3. I think that Spanish Health Care system will do fine on most regions but in Madrid, and I think we are preventing it a tad better than Italy. I've been following stats and I think we are not completely following their trend: we have a lower critical cases proportion (even France beats us) and a lower death rate. I think economy will struggle the most, and some people will die, but the country won't collapse and we'll get over all of this.
  7. Nero

    Just got put under quarantine

    Take care, man! I also live with my parents (69 and 74) and my brother has diabethes, so I can see the sense of responsability you have. I know that if I get it (if I haven't already) I will probably do fine, so I'm in the same position. Let's hope it just ends on an anecdote for all of us.
  8. I have never "liked" him. He is a quite socially awkward guy with an enviable life (and wife), but I never got to hate him. I always rooted against him because he had already won everything when I started watching the NFL and I'm all in for underdogs. However, he made the unthinkable, won more than anyone and everything thanks to a great work ethic and team play (he has been paid less than other lesser QBs in order to have more cap for his teammates). And that deserves my admiration, which he has.
  9. People are saying Tampa? It makes sense to me. Arians got the best out of Carson Palmer before retiring. Thoughts?
  10. I thought I'd never see the day, but finally it happened. Wonder how are both Belichick and Brady do without each other. I think both of them are great, but made each other better.
  11. Most of us will get coronavirus, if we haven't already. The difference is the amount of exposure we get. Picture the virus as a gas. It's not the same having someone spraying it to you once, like cologne, and entering a room full of that gas. Your system will take it anyway, yes, and fight it from the very beginning, but some situations are more overwhelming than others. So preventing it from spreading only makes more sense. Because if health care system collapses, you're not only going to have more coronavirus fatalities, but also fatalities related to other conditions that in normal circumstances you could have taken care of. And I know that in the US the situation is not that critical, yes (wait for it), but countries don't put themselves in state of emergency for the pure pleasure of doing so. The economic impact will be notable, but for example in Italy they are in such position that they have to decide who gets treated and who doesn't because they can't save everyone. I have 3 very close friends from the same family who just lost their grandmother from coronavirus. She was old so no surprise there. But we couldn't meet them, only 16 people were allowed into the cementery and she was buried in plastic. This is no joke.
  12. Yes, Spain is having a hard time. See you in a week. I bet it spreads even faster in the US, not that I wish so (stay safe, fellas) . I've always had the sense that Americans travel alot between states and today's active cases come from 1-2 weeks ago's contagion, so we will know the real magnitude of the disease in 1-2 weeks. Once again, take care and be very cautious. EDIT: 4th day I stay at home, only getting out once for errands.
  13. Well, I guess we will find the COVID-19 vaccine, but later we will need COVID-21 etc. Also, we are going to develop antobodies through being in contact with it. It means that the virus is a close relative to other viruses we are able to fight against. In fact, coronavirus is a group of virus we have known since early 2000 (SARS, for example). The other fact is that the pangolin transports it and it is close to extintion, so maybe we don't have to endure it in future years.
  14. Nero

    Coronavirus as political weapon

    It pretty much works like the US, my friend. In the borders with countries out of the EU you are asked for your passport, but for example not when travelling by car from Spain to France. You can use your ID when travelling by plane between member countries, but it is recommended (and I think almost everyone does like this) travelling with your passport. UK wants out of the EU simply because they feel special. Very special. They already had a special treatment with the EU and wanted more of a special treatment. Spain and Italy have suffered way more problems with immigration through the years and had to cope them on their own, but when that problem started getting to them (Eurotunnel, for example) it was "too much" for them, when they have been ignoring boats in the Mediterranean for decades. Don't bite it. They didn't want out for the immigration, they used it as a scapegoat. They wanted out because EU means teaming up not only with Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, but with many other minor countries aswell. They wanted all the benefits from being on the EU with none of the cons. For instance, EVERY important country had to endure a small recession on their own when changing to the Euro, so they decided to stay with the Pounds.