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  1. Nero

    Corbett traded to LA Rams

    LOL. In some kind of sense, the mob was a bank at certain points in time...
  2. Nero

    Browns trading for Skins OT, Trent Williams

    Therefore they are.
  3. Nero

    Corbett traded to LA Rams

    Everyone is like that untill you don't have money to pay your OWN bills and the bank is at the door.
  4. Nero

    Corbett traded to LA Rams

    Well, it makes sense for me. Current money has more value than future money, because it gives you option now. It's like having 1000 in cash instead of 1100 in unpaid bills by your employers.
  5. Nero

    Corbett traded to LA Rams

    I agree that we should be glad that he didn't keep him around because it was 'his pick', but drafting with the 33rd overall pick (one pick away from being a first rounder) a guy and 6 weeks into his second year trading him after 15 snap counts as a Brown (per Pro Football Reference) while having concerns and injuries in the Oline is a big miss in my opinion. Today is not a day to applaud Dorsey.
  6. Nero

    Corbett traded to LA Rams

    A 5th rounder in 2021 is like a 7th in 2020 in trading standards, right?
  7. Nero

    Browns Board Survival!

    I decided to note which teams I would pick at the moment for every week till 16th, based on what have we seen so far. I hope it helps me to make decisions when choosing between two teams looking forward for future weeks. Having said that, and after taking some time for this... Murphy's law will apply and most likely I'm getting eliminated soon, lol.
  8. Nero

    Corbett traded to LA Rams

    Bet: a 7th. He didn't win a spot even when we were running thin of Olinemen. That tells you a lot.
  9. Nero

    Odell = Braylon

    I guess you're 10?
  10. Nero


    If that's a plan, it's a stupid one. Every good coach in the league, when close to the 2 minute mark on a good drive, will use up all the clock possible, even forcing the other team to use its timeouts. And you have to take shots in dire situations. This team can't handle big score differences, so if you have to take 3 points take them. Mostly if it's in fourth and long.
  11. Nero


    The worst thing for me is not Mayfield regressing, I think he can turn the trend if he focuses only on football and works on his footwork and reading defenses. For me the worst thing is that this team had a bad 3rd quarter against the Titans, a bad first half against the 49ers, a bad 2nd and 3rd quarter against the Seahawks and it didn't seem like it was going to make a comeback. They need to have things going for them and it reminds me Hue's team which always was a blocked punt, missed field goal or a turnover away from winning the game. Everyone in the building has to keep quiet, put their heads down and work hard. It's a game of inches, you have to fight for every one of them and you can't give up when facing adversity. That's what good teams do.
  12. Hopelessness. That's what I feel now. Our playcalling is stupid, we have a great running back and he should be given the ball way more. Not only that, we don't use PAP but we use the RPO. If that's because the coaches don't trust Mayfield's dropbacks under center, then he should train his footwork the whole offseason instead of making that huge amount of commercials that we get to see every Sunday. Here comes 3rd and short. Let's play with an empty backfield just to make sure that the defense gets the memo and they cover the pass. Mayfield is off more times than not, and the playcalling is not helping him one bit. Nick Chubb is a beast and the team should be grateful he is a silent worker, because if he was a loud mouth a lot of shit will be going in the locker room. Defense. If our defensive line is top-league... Why the fuck didn't we win in the trenches against Seattle? Are you kidding me? I don't like having deja vu's of Williams' "bend but not break-80 yard 8 minute TD drive" defense, and that's what I'm getting at the moment. Coaching. Apart from the bad playcalling that I mentioned earlier, the timeouts and challenges are poorly handled. The shitshow that went with the TD-then fumble in the endzone is as confusing as it gets. I thought he was using the TO to give some time to the guys upstairs so if they saw the replay they would tell him to challenge the call or not. They didn't and he was challenging the call just in time for Chubb scoring a TD. I feel that Kitchens is over his head. Refereeing. What we saw today were some shitty calls. That fumble was already a TD, but I will take the time to explain the Landry call to my fellow fans: Landry is going upfield, sees a defender facing him, and they class with hands first and then heads. So it's a blindside call, because reasons. That's the most stupid thing that I've ever witnessed. This season they're calling blindside any call made going to your endzone, so it's not even a close call. It's someone flagging something because it's No Fun League. I wish I had something more positive to say, but I don't feel like it. I will only add that we had a nice 8 game run last year to end the season, with record breaking QB and running back, Gregg Williams as HC and Freddie Kitchens as Offensive Coordinator. This year, with an arguably better roster, we have a panicking QB, a lone warrior running back and a 2-4. Make the math.
  13. My bad. That american R it's almost unrecognizeable when listening to the word and it's easy to skip when writing. It would be cool if he was a quarterflash, though.
  14. Hello, Browns fans! Most of the media would recognize our fanbase for a jersey. Colors don't matter, neither does the name, but it will have a long list of names attached to it, a list trying to stich what was teared, trying to change what seemed impossible. Starting with Couch, then having some unpopular names like Weeden, McCoy or Manziel, to end up in Mayfield. Mayfield. A cocky texan, who played college in Oklahoma, now trying to play in one of the most difficult places in the Midwest. He, as every great man when given an impossible task, will always feed himself with the thought of being the one who turned everything around. Who made it possible. The One. But today, we don't need a hero. Browns fans don't need a Hall of Famer quaterback, not even an All Pro. What they have wanted, in the most secret part of their heart, is to have someone to look at, someone who, in difficult times, would give them hope, a chance for finally turning it around. A leader. Baker Mayfield is a second year quaterback, and as the Browns fandom itself, has been made fun of. He has been a walk on, someone nobody counted on. A short QB with not so much mobility, in a top program, surrounded by a great cast that would make anyone wonder if he was the reason for their success. A loudmouth, overrated idiot who makes too many turnovers. If somebody expects a Montana, a Brady, or a Brees playing for the Browns' team that finally makes it, keep waiting. This season, whether we win or lose, we will do it together as a team, with our leader. Today at 1pm ET, our defense faces a quaterback with a hot hand who makes rushers look silly, our running back will have to rush through a good run defense, and our rookie coach will face a veteran that has won it all both in college and in the pros. But battles aren't won by the best soldiers, but by the best armies. And we have a good army. Let's win one for Cleveland. Go Browns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I don't care that it's the Steelers or Rudolph. Humanly speaking, I would even consider suing them if I were his family. No matter if Rudolph himself wanted to get up on his own. You simply don't let him.