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  1. Tbh, Kirksey is the most expensive cheerleader ever. I love the guy, not the player.
  2. Nero

    Pro Pick'em!

    Getting 32 points in a 3 week span is quite a thing. Only one player in all the season has done something similar and it was mjp and he got 31 to start the season. They have to cut 8 points (2 per regular season week) and that's a lot. In other news, I was happy for finally winning a week with 12 points (first time ever) but now it seems like I'm back at my 7-8 point average trend...
  3. The thing with imparting discipline is to make players forget about themselves and think about the team first. If you think about the team first, you go to every meeting in time, you practise every assigned day and, if you have to, you practise in the cold. If you think about the team first, you swallow your pride and don't use a fucking 6 lb helmet (more than three times heavier than a motorbike helmet) and smash another persons unprotected head. Maybe setting discipline can make you lose a game, but it makes you win championships. And I'm fine with it. Some people will always complain on Belichick for sitting Butler in the Superbowl they lost, but I bet you he doesn't question himself imparting discipline even in the most important stage. Because that's the same discipline that had given him 5 rings prior with the Patriots. The same discipline that handed him his 6th for New England one year later.
  4. Nero

    Browns at Steelers Official Gameday thread

    You mean the kind of looks you use when you are only facing a single backup in a good Oline and he is the center? I don't either.
  5. Losing a key player before a big game sucks, but no one should be above the team. If you fuck up, you pay it.
  6. You could say that for every injury in the team, lol.
  7. Nero

    Lawrence CUT!!!

    This reminds me of the Nassib movement. When we got rid of our financial expert, he hadn't put big numbers, but he had made some big plays that made him look like a reliable rotational player. Is this a bad movement? Once again, it will come down to who steps up and how those players perform. But, as of today, I haven't seen the Browns as a dominant force in the interior of the line, so I'm not an enthusiast of this move.
  8. Nero

    The Tavern

    Well, Mark. Though this year has been hard for me to stay in the Tavern (scheduling, life...) I will miss having you there.... Insulting all the downers
  9. Nero

    The Truth about Myles/Rudolph

    I haven't read 20% of the thread, but here it is what I think: Myles drags him, they exchange words and Mason says SOMETHING that infuriates Myles and sets everything off. Myles, ashamed, doesn't speak to nobody but his coach, knowing that he shouldn't have reacted that way, no matter the word, even if it is the N-word. (it's a disgusting word, but if someone whispers it and it sets you off you're only acting the way the "offender" wants you to). Myles wasn't called the N-word, but something else. His agent and lawyer, knowing that it is his only possible defense, convince him to declare it using the N word, because in the end it was an offensive word what set him off. Someone leaks it, and the NFL has audio evidence of both players in the wrong (Mason saying something he shouldn't, Myles being proved a liar), so Godell decides not to take any further actions. That makes sense to me.
  10. Nero


    I'm posting here because this thread is only taking into account the number of games. I heard a reporter say that it would be logical for Myles to be suspended till game 1 of next year, only to have next season a remainder of what should never ever happen in a football field. It makes all the sense in the world to me.
  11. Nero

    This Week in the AFC North

    Same here. Maybe I'm getting European.
  12. Nero

    No suspension for Rudolph?

    So now we have a strong candidate for "Least useful thread of the week"...
  13. Nero

    The Tavern

    You're having the same problem Falcon did. The solution is what bjh and I have explained before. See you in the Tavern
  14. Agreed. Should have thought of it more thoroughly.
  15. I knew that something like this was coming, but that's an over the top comparison. It is closer to a thief with no weapons breaking into your house, and you once he has surrendered shot him in both legs with your shotgun.