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  1. 1st time in Cleveland

    Getting ready to book our trip for the Chiefs game in November and saw my post from last year. I am now rooting for Baker!
  2. 1st time in Cleveland

    I wanted to follow up on our first time in Cleveland. WE WILL BE BACK! We've been all over the country and numerous Caribbean islands, this was one of our best trips. The hospitality of the Clevelanders was second to none. Everybody was extremely nice and helpful. We really enjoyed downtown, 4th street was a lot of fun. Westside market had some of the best produce we've every seen, and a portion of the cost. The Cavs games was amazing and our hotel couldn't be beat. The Jags stayed there and we joked about pulling fire alarms all night to possibly help the Browns. We didn't get around early enough to tailgate on sunday due to early checkout, but the Dawg Pound was awesome and even my 12 year old daughter is now a Browns fan. Fans mentioned coming back in the summer and visiting the islands on Lake Erie and we are going to check it out and for sure be to at least 1 Browns game each year going forward. You are all very fortunate for what you have, look out once the Browns turn the corner! As a side note, being a big 12 fan, I'm hoping they stay away from Mayfield. Reminds me a lot of Johhny... Kizer may come around, but the 4 turnovers really killed them.
  3. 1st time in Cleveland

    It was a great night. Had a couple drink on 4th st. Ate at Harry Buffalo and got to see an awesome game.
  4. 1st time in Cleveland

    The trip is finally here and we are preparing for the weather on Sunday. Are there any bars that are a must to hit prior to the Cavs or Browns game? We get in tomorrow around 11 and will have some time to kill before the Cavs. Game. Thanks
  5. 1st time in Cleveland

    So by the looks of the attendance yesterday, there looks like there are seats available. Think I can sit in the pound for the 1st half and if its too bad just move to an empty seat?
  6. 1st time in Cleveland

    Im contemplating selling the tickets I currently have and purchasing alternatives.
  7. 1st time in Cleveland

    Thanks again and the map is helpful. Looks like we probably wo t go east of 9th, how are the flatts? I assume pretty safe since west?
  8. 1st time in Cleveland

    How far East? I didn't intend to get east of the lakefront airport. We've been in some pretty rough areas in the past and try to keep track of our surroundings.
  9. 1st time in Cleveland

    Thanks we ended up with Hilton Cleveland Downtown. Looks like it's centrally located
  10. 1st time in Cleveland

    Thanks. Really enjoying Campbell. Not many coaches can take a qb who really hasn't played and beat the #3 team on the road. My wife is a chiefs fan due to kc being a couple hour drive, I've started to follow Hunt this year. I believe Matt recruited him and he's impressive. Hoping to bring that level of talent to Ames.
  11. 1st time in Cleveland

    Perfect! My wife doesn't drink and my kids are too young so that leaves more for me!
  12. 1st time in Cleveland

    Thanks for all the help and feedback. I chose to go with section 122 row 24. Iowa state installed end zone club seats a couple of years ago with access to beer and mix drinks and we prefer to sit there. Iowa state typically isn't a very good football team so we tend to tailgate and party throughout the game. Being an ISU and Browns fan, my expectations for a win aren't that great so I wanted to try to take in the whole experience and watch the game from the pound. I'm thinking the price of 4 Browns tickets were less than 1 Calvs ticket, it will be a great trip and we are very much looking forward to it.
  13. 1st time in Cleveland

    Sorry for all the questions, I found some good seats in the upper level I am leaning towards. Is the dawg pound a great experience? I've always wanted to watch a game there and am having a hard time going away from it. I thought about buying 1 in the pound and watching half there and half with my family?
  14. 1st time in Cleveland

    How is the Marriott down town? It's pretty close to the same price as by the airport. Can't wait to see Cleveland an all it has to offer!
  15. 1st time in Cleveland

    Would you recommend section 508 row 2 or dawg pound section section 122 row 13?