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  1. TypicalBrowns50

    Our Wide Receivers Blow

    I knew at halftime that we fucking sucked. I was at the game. We got outplayed. There’s way too many questions with the team right now. Stefanski has done a terrible job this year.
  2. I think it’s fair to be critical of the team this year. It’s kind of been a mess. We are 4-3 but it’s not a strong 4-3. We win ugly. That’s how Stefanski rolls. No style points. Not many big plays. And the defense is Jekyll and Hyde. before the year started, by week 8, I would figure the browns could’ve proven by now they are the best roster in the AFCN. it hasn’t happened. It is what it is. I really wish baker wouldn’t of tried to attempt that stupid tackle during the Houston game. I was there and there were so many times when I’m yelling at baker “what are you doing”. He seems to play hot and cold and I expect nothing less this Sunday Vs Pittsburgh. please protect baker this Sunday Kevin. Please. No 7 step drops please
  3. I think he has some points. The system is built for the quarterback to facilitate, not dominate. if you look at the bengals, they can score quickly, due to their downfield aggression throwing the ball (which the league is built for). Stefs offense rarely scores quickly, especially this year. But that’s our game, cuz we shorten the game and milk the clock and take away possessions from teams like cincy that can score quick, we have a dominate run game. the issue with running 70 percent of the time is guys will get hurt. Holding also happens a bunch. The league is built to throw the ball. We do the opposite, and I think we’ve seen some pros AND cons of the offense this year. It’s unique and very methodical and based on attrition. Baker does what he’s asked to do by the scheme, we aren’t built to throw deep like cincy, or built for a skill set of Lamar Jackson where improvisation is key. We are boring and old school. Conservative, and safe. Baker is capable of running the offense. I just hope he’s healthy. Pit will be gunning for him. We gotta protect baker with short throws, screens, and runnin the ball. Stefanski is what he is. We aren’t changing the offense.
  4. TypicalBrowns50

    Keenum to start

    Gold hammer is cancer for sure. He only got the gig cuz of his daddy being a higher up. Can’t stand listening to him.
  5. TypicalBrowns50

    Keenum to start

    Von Miller is going to destroy us.
  6. TypicalBrowns50

    Supply chain

    The problems are without a doubt from liberal policies and they won’t admit it cuz it wilL make the majority of this board look like the morons that they are.
  7. TypicalBrowns50

    Supply chain

    This comment is about as steady as the browns defense. Get your head out of your ass. Ugh our country is screwed.
  8. TypicalBrowns50

    Supply chain

    Where’s all the Biden voters? Where you guys at huh ? maybe orange man wasn’t so bad like the tv told you to think. what a disgrace.
  9. The browns are basically screwed. We can’t scheme you throws down the field cuz baker can’t make throws down the field. OBJ is worthless. He was Open all day today and we couldn’t get him the ball. injuries to the oline are definitely to blame but I’m not going to keep blaming injuries for a loss. A BAD loss. we are done. We’re not better than the bengals or ravens. Those teams will wipe the floor with us. It’s about coaching more than anything. We dont have consistent coaching.
  10. TypicalBrowns50

    Baker Mayfield

    Agreed, we aint going anywhere with baker
  11. Baker has done a wonderful job here. I will commend him forever for what he’s been able to do for the Browns. he’s not the future. Hes not a franchise qb. He is done
  12. Stefanski is a complete moron going for these 4th downs. It needs to stop,
  13. Baker is gone. Doubtful he lasts til next year. stefanski is terrible. Over coaching. Over thinking. Out smarting himself. we have lots of things to correct in the off season. I doubt we make the playoffs