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  1. TypicalBrowns50

    Freddy Got Fingered

    Tom Green made the film after having a good career for like 4 years on tv grossing ppl out with horrible nasty jokes and set pieces. The film Freddy Got Fingered is an epic horror show of his “comedy” and how cringe it all is. I actually somewhat recommend the film, cautiously. It’s like a “so bad it’s good” kind of experience
  2. TypicalBrowns50

    Freddy Got Fingered

    Also, the actual film Freddy Got Fingered sums up the 2019 season well
  3. TypicalBrowns50

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    Lamar chokes twice in a row In The playoffs. Wow.
  4. TypicalBrowns50

    Dorsey —————- GONE

    Typical Browns
  5. TypicalBrowns50

    Freddie fired

    Freddie got fingered
  6. TypicalBrowns50

    Week 17: Browns at Bengals

    Yep I’m glad they lost, got a better pick and it gets Freddie out
  7. TypicalBrowns50

    Week 17: Browns at Bengals

    The browns suck, and have a long way to go. It’s insane how much of a whiff this year was. Hopefully a competent head coach can get them to relevance next year. Silver lining is we could get the 9 pick in the draft
  8. TypicalBrowns50

    Freddie fired

    Yes please
  9. TypicalBrowns50

    Week 17: Browns at Bengals

    I agree. I think he sucks and has a shitty attitude to back that up. It’s not clicking right now. Maybe a new coach will help him.
  10. TypicalBrowns50

    Week 17: Browns at Bengals

    The browns offense still looks like poop. I’ll be glad when Freddie is gone
  11. TypicalBrowns50

    Last game as Browns Fan?

    do not blame us for you giving up on the team lol I honestly wonder what the hell your expecting ppl to say You know how many threads by countless browns fans have been made just like this over the years?
  12. TypicalBrowns50

    Week 17: Browns at Bengals

    Our d line is really really bad right now. Bengals are gonna score a lot today
  13. I’ve learned that truly there are no good Browns stats
  14. TypicalBrowns50

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas ya filthy animals
  15. TypicalBrowns50

    Ratbirds @ Browns Official Gameday thread

    kitchens over thinks way too much. It’s hard to win when you have a coach calling the sequences he does. He sucks completely. If he isn’t fired in the off-season, It will officially be a twilight zone episode