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  1. By now, we are all SICK and TIRED of our troops, our flag, and our national anthem being disrespected in the name of "protest" Many of us have suggested that we simply don't watch the NFL if we don't like seeing the protest and hit the league where it hurts -- right in their unendingly deep pockets. That sounds good in theory... Except it's not accounting for one thing. We LOVE football. If you are anything like myself, you have had a love affair with football since you were a little kid. The thing is, football is so much more than just a game for some of us. Many of us still have life wisdom imparted to us by coaches that lives on with us today. So it's not as easy as just don't watch the game, or just don't go to the games. It's a way of life by now for many of us. It gets in your blood. When people tune out of watching the games all together, or burn tickets/jerseys it only lasts for a short while. Yea the ratings dip, but they will be right back up the following week or so, and sadly we cheated ourselves out of good football and money spent on jerseys or tickets. So that means not watching the games or burning jerseys/tickets out of protest is not a viable long term solution for the large majority of us. Another solution was to boo during the protests. When people boo at the beginning of games when players are doing their anthem protests, it only lasts as long as the anthem protest. After the anthem protest is gone, so is the booing, and then everything goes on as if nothing happened. So what then? I, like you, asked myself that question. Because I sought results to this situation that would give us just as much coverage, just as much unended talk in the media as the anthem protests, really, I sought a solution that would guarantee that we would have an ace in the hole that would give us even more coverage in the media for our distaste and let it be known exactly where we stand to shut this down once and for all at ALL times. What is the one way that we could show everyone where we stand in a way that would be completely impossible to ignore? What do we do? We stage the largest and longest counterprotest in television history, all done peacefully and within the guidelines of peaceful assembly. I know what you are asking, how do we do that? By being visible and impossible to hide for very long periods of time on televison. We accomplish this in one of the most simple methods of all time. A shirt. I know what you are thinking. What? A shirt? You've gotta be kidding me, right? No. I am completely serious. The best solution is often the most simple solution. You see, no matter what the league tries to do when they broadcast games, they cannot hide the fans. Mainly because without the fans, it's just a bunch of athletes playing a pickup game. The fans. US -- we make the atmosphere what it is! Those stadiums were built for us! And honestly by us, with our tax dollars in most cities! They have no choice but to show the fans during a broadcast at various points. During the many times of the game that the fans are shown to millions of people watching, they will have no choice but to see the flag, a salute to our soldiers, and these simple words boldly emblazoned on our shirts -- "Real men never kneel. They stand." It will be drilled over and over again into the public consciousness and we will be directly in everyone's face at no less than 20 times per game, for each of the games that take place on sunday, monday, and thursday. So the simple act of kneeling will be nullified, because everytime someone sees a player kneel, their mind will be subconsciously triggered to remember a soldier and the words -- Real men never kneel. They stand. It will be one of the most effective peaceful protests in history. Impossible to ignore. Simple to remember. All the while paying the utmost respect to our beautiful country, our flag, and our irreplaceable servicemen and women who guarantee our safety and our right to be free. The shirts are available in colors that coordinate with all 32 NFL teams, sizes S-5XL -- because this is about solidarity among fans for a common goal. We'll have plenty of time to trash the other teams fans later anyway lol. Will you be on the right side of the fence and join this movement? The choice is yours. https://teespring.com/for-our-men-who-stand