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  1. Marc1971

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    Forgot to mention fourth place: Joe Flacco 7
  2. Marc1971

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    Baker's got his work out cut for him. Since 1999 we've been "graced" by the following: Overall record of "top" QB's, sorted by wins Tim Couch 22-37 Derek Anderson 16-18 Brian Hoyer 10-6 Most wins in Cleveland's "new" (post-1999) stadium Ben Roethlisberger* 12 Derek Anderson 11 Tim Couch 8 Most touchdowns in Cleveland's "new" (post-1999) stadium Tim Couch 25 Derek Anderson 23 Ben Roethlisberger* 18 * denotes player does/did not actually play for the Browns Literally the only other situation I know of where a quarterback has dominated an opposing team in the last 2 decades in its own stadium so consistently is Tom Brady in Buffalo. He has 14 wins there (more than anyone but Drew Bledsoe who also has 14), but actually has thrown more touchdowns (38) in Buffalo than any actual Bills QB during that same era including Bledsoe. The earliest any Browns QB could hope to get 12 wins in Cleveland is October 2019.
  3. Marc1971

    Shmuck you haslem

    Just fakk that peice of fraudulent scum. We're going -/-1 and 17 this year.
  4. Marc1971

    The number #1 pick

    "The Cleveland Browns have traded the first pick to the New England Patriots, and with the first pick New England selects..." Trade: Pats get: Browns #1 Browns get: Tom Brady's diet book Jimmy Haslam: the homeless drunk told me to do it.
  5. Marc1971

    What's your worst case scenario?

    Mine too. We need to use our 1st and 2nd round picks for ourselves. Trade lower round picks, that's fine. Another nightmare would be to lose 5-6 winnable games because of idiot HC Hueless Jackass, the worst NFL HC of all time. Hueless needs 10 wins in his next 23 games or else he breaks Dave Shula's HC 4.5 year record of losing and futility (HJ is 9-39 incl Raiders, DS was 19-52 w/Cincy).
  6. Marc1971

    Darnold at #1?

    Exactly. Stop trying to outsmart ourselves, and make picks, not trades.
  7. Anyone who wants to keep Hue-Hue is insane, imho. Worst head coach of all time.
  8. Marc1971

    Todd Haley

    Soooo... by mid october?
  9. Marc1971

    This may be a touchy ?

    Cleveland football, not a legal entity.
  10. Marc1971

    Pat Shurmur set to become Giants HC

    Does Shurmur call the actual plays in Minny or does Zim have a huge say?
  11. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000907026/article/giants-expected-to-hire-pat-shurmur-as-head-coach "I know you're wrong on that one" "Do you know of any team that does that?"
  12. Big Ben & co are getting assr@ped... Long may it continue.
  13. Marc1971

    Elliot Wolfe

    And Haslam is the #1 problem. He's a control freak. We got worse under him nearly every year so far.
  14. Marc1971

    Elliot Wolfe

    The idiot Haslam and his dumb wife are still there.
  15. Marc1971

    Support Hue For One More Year?

    It takes real magic to go 1-31, Jimmy the crook ain't wrong.