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  1. Rex started losing in NY once Mangini's picks were phased out and he had brought his own in. Plus he nearly destroyed a solid Bills D.
  2. Browns Take on the Titans

    Just as long as we don't wear mixed fabric clothing, eh? Which as you know is forbidden as per that 18+ rated book called "bible"
  3. 2018 Draft

    So far he's more the second coming of Ryan Leaf.
  4. Believe me I'd love to blow it all up now, get all these losers out of our Browns. Problem is that we're in such a bad situation that next man up isn't going to improve anything. Might as well let the Hue-Sashi-Baseball train ride all the way to its final destination, whether that's gonna be a crash or not.
  5. a tease

    The razz smiley should have given away I wasn't entirely serious. Plus, I probably hate Ratdell even more than I hate crooked Jimmy.
  6. More Peyton Manning speculation

    This. Can't stand the mofo (Peyton, not crooked Jimmy) but he ought to know a thing or two about signalcallers.
  7. a tease

    Commie? Only anti- Americans support international games. The N in NFL means national. Make the Browns great again and make the NFL national again.
  8. That draft cannot be underestimated in terms of how important it is. It should make or break the current regime. If it doesn't work crooked Jimmy should sell up.
  9. Ok are we done with hogan now?

    They both s u k k monkeyballz until I see evidence to the contrary.
  10. FO you are much too good to us

    Yup. "You are what your record says you are".
  11. Somebody already post this?

    That was when Johnny Failure had disguised himself as a hobo, right? Also, for a brief moment I thought the article was by Matt Millen, of Detroit Lions infamy and I was thinking just how bad are we when this guy is criticizing us?
  12. He Said, He Said

    "I did not have text conversations with that quarterback, Deshaun Watson." "We misunderestimated Watson, and Wentz." "We hope Kizer can bring change." "We're gonna pick Kizer, it's gonna be great, it's gonna be fantastic, we're gonna do so much winning you're going to get tired of winning. Only the fake Browns fans are against Kizer."
  13. I don't agree wit Jimmy, Jimmy is the problem, dare I say Jimmy is the #1 enemy (a Steelers loving crook).
  14. They ALL must go

    I don't love any kind of losing record. But the roster we have now is without doubt the s h i t t i e s t we've had since Browns 2.0 were born. It would take an absolute miracle to go 3-13 this year. And our current FO is also the worst in the Browns 2.0 era. These people are clueless.
  15. ***Official Browns @ Texans Game Day Thread***

    Well in that case, no lube...