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  1. Todd Haley

    Soooo... by mid october?
  2. This may be a touchy ?

    Cleveland football, not a legal entity.
  3. Pat Shurmur set to become Giants HC

    Does Shurmur call the actual plays in Minny or does Zim have a huge say?
  4. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000907026/article/giants-expected-to-hire-pat-shurmur-as-head-coach "I know you're wrong on that one" "Do you know of any team that does that?"
  5. Big Ben & co are getting assr@ped... Long may it continue.
  6. Elliot Wolfe

    And Haslam is the #1 problem. He's a control freak. We got worse under him nearly every year so far.
  7. Elliot Wolfe

    The idiot Haslam and his dumb wife are still there.
  8. Support Hue For One More Year?

    It takes real magic to go 1-31, Jimmy the crook ain't wrong.
  9. Thoughts On Today's Parade

    GTFO Haslam
  10. Seeking for prayers

    Don't believe in any of those gods but best wishes. No one should have to go through that especially not at 32.
  11. NFL Playoff pickem

    Chefs Rums Jugs Stains
  12. Its as simple as 1,2,3

    That would imply he has a plan. The dumb hillbilly just wants to be a 1990s Jerry Jones. We are better off without this Steelers loving crook and his ugly bitch wife.
  13. Can the Browns repeat 0-16 in 2018?

    So Huey Fester will need to go 8-8 at least to avoid yet another ignominious "record". He's already on course to do worse than Mike Shula the worst 5 year coach ever.
  14. Alonzo Highsmith - VP of Football Operations

    It does not matter as long as Steelers loving criminal and moron Jimmy H and his ugly dumb wife are around. The Haslams are the cancer eating away at the Browns. Their idiotic decision to cling to the worst coach in NFL history says enough.
  15. Can the Browns repeat 0-16 in 2018?

    Think we'll need 7-8 wins in order for it to NOT be the Browns.