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  1. Go Lers

    Thank you, Jimmy Haslam!

    Not that too many will care about soccer in NE Ohio but Jimmy Haslam is buying Columbus Crew SC Most important thing to take away from this is that he saved this team from being moved out of Ohio by our &%$#@ owner (sound familiar) No, these aren't the colors but I'm ready to change them 😂
  2. Go Lers

    Big Gay Soccer Thread

    ...Or maybe perhaps the better title for this post would be that I now know what it means to be a Browns fan. But what in the heck does 1.) a Pittsburgh sports fan born in Western PA who is 2.) currently living in Columbus, OH know about being a fan of the Orange and Brown? put simply, A LOT. Let's start with the elephant in the room, I am from Pittsburgh. BUT I, too, know what it means to root for a once-proud franchise that has been mismanaged and is far too often the but of jokes. YES, I can relate... I root for the Pirates 😕. Everyone knows how deep the roots of football are in NE Ohio, the baseball roots are every bit as rich in Pittsburgh (My grandfather actually played as an amateur in old Cleveland Municipal Stadium for his mill team AND batted against Satchel Paige, not bad eh?). Wether it's me rooting for the Pittsburgh Pirates or you rooting for the Cleveland Browns we both are fans who recognize that our teams aren't as competitive as other teams but who cares, we love 'em! Then there is living in Columbus, this is where it gets painful... Long story short, I'm a Columbus Crew SC fan. I've been a season ticket owner since I moved here in 2011. All of my other sports fan loyalties were set in stone but this soccer team was new to me. A team of my own in my new home, it was love at first sight. I'll skip the details but as some of you are aware our a**hole owner is trying to move the FIRST team in the league all the way to Austin, TX. He had only owned the team for 2 years when he made the announcement, he hates our city and never for ONE. SOLITARY. SECOND. every intended to keep this team here. All of the things he says about our city and our fans are infuriating. I can only imagine the things he says about Columbus are just like what Art Modell said about Cleveland and your fans 23 years ago. They said our cities can't support our teams. LIE! They said our fans aren't supportive. LIE! LIE! LIE!!! These past few months have been hell for the fans of Crew SC. But that is why I wanted to post this here. They say you can never really understand someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes. When it comes to the Browns I may be on opposite side of a rivalry BUT respect will always be front and center with me. So fight on Cleveland, you're incredible. P.S. - Every Browns/Steelers game I've every seen in Cleveland everyone has been very nice to me, so thank you!