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  1. JimboJones

    Hue fired

    Zac Taylor seems to be the favorite RAMS QB COACH ZAC TAYLOR (Photo: Mark J. Rebilas, USA TODAY Sports) Rams quarterback coach Zac Taylor has already seen a swing in the odds. He went from +550 to +200 this afternoon and is considered the favorite for the job. The 35 year old has been learning under head coach Sean McVay the past two seasons. He spent four seasons with the Miami Dolphins earlier in his career before serving as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach of the Cincinnati Bearcats in 2016. Young offensive coaches are all the rage in today's NFL, especially those that have coached under McVay. https://247sports.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/LongFormArticle/Browns-head-coach-betting-odds-released-Lincoln-Riley-Sean-McVay-123989568/#123989568_2
  2. JimboJones

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    Mid round pick imo
  3. JimboJones

    Draftday Re-Do, By You

    I woulda picked Aaron Donald instead of Gilbert and Derek Carr instead of Manziel and it would be glorious to look back on.
  4. JimboJones

    POLL: When will Baker start?

    Mayfield will win the job during the preseason.
  5. JimboJones

    Draftday Re-Do, By You

    I love your thread idea, but if we didn't move up in the 4th to pick Calloway, we'd still have an extra 6th! But I understand, your thread your rules.
  6. JimboJones

    Draftday Re-Do, By You

    Just noticed, If you're not moving up in round 4 to pick Callaway, you should have an extra 6th round pick (#178 overall). You still have one more pick to make!
  7. JimboJones

    Callaway Cited for Marijuana Possession

    Antonio Brown has 'special affinity' for kids from Miami, will mentor Browns' Antonio Callaway Antonio Callaway was widely considered one of the most talented wide receivers in the 2018 NFL Draft. There was, however, never an expectation that he'd be picked as early as his talent would suggest, because he's had so many issues off the field. Callaway was suspended by the University of Florida for allegedly using stolen credit card information to fund bookstore accounts. He was investigated for sexual assault. (A Title IX hearing officer cleared him of the allegations.) He was cited with misdemeanor marijuana possession, and he failed a drug test at the combine with what he says was a diluted sample. Now that he's in the league, Callaway has a new mentor in one of his rivals: Steelerswide receiver Antonio Brown. Brown even attended Callaway's draft day party. The new Browns wideout is from the same South Florida area as Brown, and Callaway's agent says that's what inspired the connection. "He has a special affinity for the kids that are from here," Malki Kawa told ESPN.com. "He's showing him not only what it takes to be a pro, but be one of the best." In turn, Callaway is trying to show Brown some stuff, too. "[Callaway] is trying to show Antonio that there's a difference in him," Kawa said. "And all the kids [Brown] talks to, he can tell them he was a troubled guy, too -- 'I've had my struggles, but look what I'm doing, look how my life has changed for the better, the fruits of my labor.' He shows young players this is attainable, this is reachable." Only time will tell if the Browns' investment in Callaway proves worthwhile, but having Brown in his corner can probably only help his chances. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/antonio-brown-has-special-affinity-for-kids-from-miami-will-mentor-browns-antonio-callaway/
  8. JimboJones

    Austin Corbett

    By these stats, it seemed pretty average other than the right side. But yeah could use some improvement.
  9. JimboJones

    Draftday Re-Do, By You

    Damn, my draft looks a lot like Tour2ma's and Gumby's. Hmmm maybe I'll change it up a bit later to be a bit different.
  10. JimboJones

    Austin Corbett

    Joe Thomas thinks Corbett is a RT: "There is no doubt in my mind that those two guys (Bitonio and Zeitler) are going to be playing. There was some speculation that Joel Bitonio was going to move to left tackle. I don't think that's going to happen. I don't think you take one of the best guards in the NFL and say 'hey, go try to play a new position.' Because that has the potential of making two positions worse. As soon as a I saw that pick and I started watching a little bit of the film on Austin Corbett, I said 'oh man, this guy has actually got pretty good feet.' Instantly, without talking to anybody in Cleveland, I thought this is definitely going to be their plan; I think what they are going to do is put Shon Coleman at left tackle. Keep the guards where they are. Put JC Tretter at center like he was last year. And then Austin is probably going to start at right tackle," Thomas said via UNINTERRUPTED's 'The ThomaHawk Show' with former Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins. "I know the Browns picked up [Chris] Hubbard from Pittsburgh last year to play right tackle but I have a feeling that Austin Corbett is going to start his career at right tackle. Then they are going to try to see if he can be the guy at right tackle. They are also trying to figure out if Shon Coleman can be the guy at left tackle. Now you have kind of three tackles and then with Don Stephenson, you kind of have four guys that are fighting for two positions. They kind of want to see how that shakes out. I think they feel comfortable with those four guys being able to shake out into those two positions for this year and then see how it goes. Then, after this season, if they need to make some adjustments and pick somebody else up, they can do that."
  11. JimboJones

    Draftday Re-Do, By You

    1 (1) QB Sam Darnold 1 (4) DE Bradley Chubb 2 (33) CB Josh Jackson 2 (35) RB Darrius Guice 3 (3) FS Justin Reid 4 (114) DT Maurice Hurst 5 (150) DT Tim Settle 6 (175) CB Parry Nickerson 6 (178) CB Holton Hill 6 (188) WR Equanimeous St. Brown
  12. JimboJones

    Lamar Jackson to the Ravens

    Wonderlic scores for 2018 QBs Josh Allen: 37 Josh Rosen: 29 Sam Darnold: 28 Baker Mayfield: 25 Lamar Jackson: 13
  13. JimboJones

    Lamar Jackson to the Ravens

    I'll bet the Browns would've taken Jackson at #33 if he was still there and I'll bet there was some sort of fumble by management when it came to trading up one spot to #32. Baker Mayfield Lamar Jackson Tyrod Taylor