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  1. Plumcray73

    Long time

    I was on Akron Beacon Journals Browns page when that folded then came over here. Not sure what year.
  2. Plumcray73

    Long time

    Unless the board changed servers and your join date reflects that date
  3. Plumcray73

    Long time

    Well DieHardBrownaFan I when I was coming around was prior to your join date. Nice to meet you.
  4. Plumcray73

    Long time

    Nope Chris Weaver , I was in the Browns Board quite a bit , but it had been a long time. Came back tried to sign in and found my account was no more and screen name available again so I took it back.
  5. Plumcray73

    Long time

    Been a long time since I been on here , so long my account seems to have been removed. How is everyone?