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  1. ChicopeeJohn

    Can Brady win if he has to do it on his own merit?

    Ok Shep. Er, Gipper
  2. ChicopeeJohn

    Joe Thomas Says Haden Release "Demoralized" Team

    They might have been 2-14?
  3. ChicopeeJohn

    Brady Injured?

    To those who cannot or do not watch Brady's post-game or weekly interviews, he NEVER says anything. Don't read too much into this - despite fan's jealously about the Patriots. Brady and Belichick are kindred spirits. They might not share a toothbrush or sleep in the same bed, but they both have a driving force to succeed. Hope all you folks want to hope. When you cheer against somebody else, you have very little self respect and - even - less knowledge about whatever game you rant about.
  4. ChicopeeJohn

    Let the hand-wringing begin

    Women's March Madness: "The day's biggest cheers came when activists in Las Vegas thanked Senate Democrats, and said that the government shutdown should not end until immigrants brought to the United States as children won legal status." "We stand in solidarity with the Dreamers and with the senators who are fighting back and saying, they are Americans too", said Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards". - Both quotes came from an AP article written by Haven Daley and John Locher. Published in the Hartford Courant on January 22, 2018
  5. ChicopeeJohn

    Let the hand-wringing begin

    My life is completely out of order!!!!!! Sometimes - oftentimes? - the government works BEST when it's shut down.
  6. ChicopeeJohn

    Can Brady win if he has to do it on his own merit?

    First, Belichick is an average coach. Then you say Belichick wins only because he has Brady on his team. Now you say Brady wins because the referees make it SO he wins. You're sounding pathetic, Gip. PS Stop trolling, Tommy V. We all know you've been a BB fan since day 1
  7. ChicopeeJohn

    Elliot Wolfe

    Agreed, Larry. However, Jr must be tickled pink the 'home team' passed on him. At least they didn't completely blow that draft though. Although not a playmaker / game changer as is a dominating LB, at least Alex Mack proved to be a pretty good NFL player. Jack Lambert always held a grudge about not being drafted by the 'home team'. No sure if Roth. thought the same way, but he is another HOF player (Matthews is not, at least at this point), the 'home team' passed on. However, this doesn't mean the Browns should draft a kid simply because he went to OSU, for example. The above examples are HOF and/or PB players.
  8. ChicopeeJohn

    Pettine interviewing to be Packers DC

    If he doesn't appreciate his opportunity to coach an NFL team - in Cleveland or anywhere else - he'd have to be a fool. I don't believe he is a fool. Bittersweet, maybe.
  9. ChicopeeJohn

    Support Hue For One More Year?

    Do you support the Browns, or not? Supporting Hue, basically, is a non-issue. He will probably keep his job if the team wins a certain number of games next year. He will probably - and, IMHO, should get fired - given a sluggish start next year. It is incredible that he is still employed, if you ask me. What does supporting Jackson - or not - have to do with the price of tea in China?
  10. ChicopeeJohn

    Oprah for President 2020

    Please explain.............................................. Backlash against the 'Hollywood Elite' was clearly in play a couple of Novembers ago. What demographic watched that Award Show last night, any way? That is a real question, not a rhetorical one. I could give a rat's butt about Tony Awards, Globe Awards, Oscar Awards, etc. One big country club patting each other on the back. Deja Vu all over again.
  11. ChicopeeJohn

    Alex smith

    Well, Dorsey certainly knows Smith and he knows the Chiefs' organization. There has been noise the second half of the season about starting the young QB- Patrick Mahomes. If the organization believes Mahomes is their future QB, I believe they'd give up Smith for a 3rd Rounder. Why keep him around - on the bench - to maintain / create a(nother) QB controversy. Smith = Gary Danielson. Kosar = the QB drafted in the first round this year - either at #1 or #6. The new QB plays Aaron Rodgers to Brett Favre / Garropollo to Brady. - except the new guy stays and plays in a year or two. Smith - even if he is still a top-flight player in a couple of years, certainly cannot sustain like Brady.
  12. ChicopeeJohn

    Oprah for President 2020

    It is sometimes said that the definition of ignorance, is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. If the 'Dem-Heads' refuse to confront reality RE: the last election, they will make the same mistake again. Be it Whinfrey, Warren, etc. FWIW, Hillary is married to 'The First Black President'. I don't know if an Oprah - in this instance - could, even, equal the number of 'Black' votes Hillary got. Keep the Hollywood elite on the front burner and keep a Dem President out of the White House.
  13. ChicopeeJohn

    Trade down this year would be a great this

    It is my knee-jerk reaction - I haven't looked at the evidence one way or the other - that GOOD teams can trade up or trade down. Good teams generally have good organizations and good organizations make good decisions. Bad teams draft earlier but, somehow, stay bottom feeders, oftentimes because they 'are preyed upon' by good organizations. Multiple picks are great IF you can draft NFL-caliber players. One pick can be more than enough IF you can draft NFL caliber players. If I were the Browns, I'd stay pat. They need players all over the map and, hopefully, they can find another Clay Matthews / Ozzie Newsome type of draft. They have plenty of picks this year and next (I believe). Chits - alone - can be worthless. I know it was a different organization but the Browns passed up a goldmine in 1999 (the infamous Ditka trade) and, instead, stayed put to get one year out of Tim Couch.
  14. ChicopeeJohn

    States Rights?

    Like Reagan used to say - the States formed the Federal Government, not the other way around. Thanks for the explicit law, Die, but we both know a State usurping the authority of the Federal Government ain't even going to happen. And I hate to use the word, "Never". Sounds like a legal Catch-22 to me.