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  1. Hunter33109

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    Good bye. I thought the Browns could not get worse but they did. Baker is just a shade different than Manziel and Baker's anger at being compared to Manziel makes Baker realize that these comparisons have merit. With two picks in the top FOUR and blowing them both I'm beginning to think that Dorsey may have gotten a kick back from the Broncos and Jets to throw the draft and create a losing team for the next 5 years. This has to be a ploy to move the team to another location with the NFL owners and upper team management working in concert. The Browns faithful are looking at another Perfect Parade in January 2019. The owner and head office has given up on the Browns by selecting a not-ready-for-prime-time QB that is short and will not likely tolerate the cold Cleveland winters and makes statements such as "I'm not going to try to prove that I'm not Johnny Manziel". Wow a double negative so he's going to try to prove that he is Johnny Manziel and we all know what an excellent role model Johnny is. Good bye Browns I'm leaving because your owners and management have already left you!!!!
  2. Hunter33109

    2018 Mock Drafts

    Here's my take and in keeping with the Brown's inability to effectively draft: The Browns trade all their first draft picks for Drew Brees and Fred Jackson and then trade their second round picks for a sack full of magic beans that will rejuvenate both Brees and Jackson. This trade shocks the NFL establishment which launches an investigation that results in the commitment of Jimmy and Dee Haslam to the Rupert Murdoch Psychiatric Hospital and Truck Stop, LLC. Hue Jackson puts up feeble resistance resulting him being committed to the Detroit Lion's Home for Almost Winless Coaches and Truck Stop, LLC. The NFL unsuccessfully tries to sell the Browns but since there was no takers the league decides to take ownership and move all of Cleveland Ohio (everyone with the exception of those in and around Shaker Heights) to Panama City, Florida. There is much joy and adulation. In 2019 the Panama City Sunburn (formally the Cleveland Browns) will win the Super Bowl with Drew Brees throwing for 5,622 yards and Fred Jackson running for 2,451 yards (who know the magic beans actually worked) but this Sunburn (Browns) team is the first to get into the playoffs and win the Super Bowl without scoring a touchdown... But seriously Here are my votes for picks 1 and 4 Sam Darnold Minkah Fitzpatrick Just my two cents with a bit of humor added in.
  3. Hunter33109

    Chiefs Trade Alex Smith to the Skins

    So we'd have to wait till 2025 to accumulate that may wins!!!!
  4. Hunter33109

    Chiefs Trade Alex Smith to the Skins

    I agree. It appears we are looking at drafting a QB and having to wait at least two seasons for the fruits of the draft. Cleveland just isn't lucky at the QB position and cannot land that quality sleeper QB, like Prescott in Dallas, that will be successful. It appears the Browns will be forced to stick with it's "veteran" QB Kizer for as long as Hue is in Cleveland then Kizer will be the starting QB. May be the Browns can spend some of the salary cap $$$$ on some quality play makers in the receiving corp. In either case I don't expect a turn around season this year but I'd be happy with 2 to 4 wins.
  5. Hunter33109

    Mel Kiper says

    I don't put much stock in this prediction, this is just an attempt by Kiper to be the message broads going.
  6. Hunter33109

    Some other rookie qb's stats with Kizer's

    I disagree with comparing Kizer with QB’s from the past; it’s highly unlikely to forecast future results. There are too many variables that prohibit that, like holding the ball too long and not looking off safeties, both of which Kizer showed no improvement on as the season progressed. During the season many sport writers were call for Kizer’s head until the last game but once the season was over they came out and changed their tune by saying you “have to look at things in perspective”. Perspective bought the Browns a 0-16 season and the everlasting hope that next year will be better. I have to tell you next year never comes. The definition of insanitary is doing things the same way and expecting a different RESULT.
  7. Hunter33109


    I agree the Browns need to take Fitzpatrick 4th. Maybe with Fitzpatrick in Williams' arsenal the Browns will play close and give up the short slant routes and should I dare say, have Peppers play a bit closer to the line of scrimmage?
  8. Maybe we can pull a Sashi Brown and trade our first two picks for some magic beans and a broken QB like Luck. At least we will get even more draft picks for 2019 and 2020 then we can accumulate more draft picks by trading our first draft pick in 2020 for a first round in 2021, then we can trade our........ It will never end and all Browns fans will always think of next year that will be our year. By 2025 maybe we can look forward to the St. Louis Browns!!!
  9. We'll show him. We'll go 0-16 next year and then get the top draft pick again. He again may duck the draft 1n 2019 but eventually he'll run out of years in school then he'll be ours...I love this evil plan.
  10. Hunter33109

    Josh Allen - Potato Bowl game

    I like Josh Allen. I know many others that don't care for him. Josh will be a starting NFL QB and will thrive. I pray he doesn't go to the Browns. The Browns will draft Baker Mayfield (Manziel 2.0) first in the draft which will set the Browns back another two frustrating year.
  11. Hunter33109

    ***Official Browns Vs. Packers Game Day Thread***

    I saw that play after the fact and I have to agree a mugging is a mugging. The Browns have been on the wrong side of plenty of blatantly wrong calls since coming back to the league. I use to think the referees just didn't like the Browns but I believe that once the Browns get on track (I can't tell when that will be) and become a contender then the calls will change. I can see a referees' point in that only one team last Sunday was a contender and it wasn't the Browns and that the referees are going to let them (Packers) play, even if the Packers are mugging our receivers.
  12. Hunter33109

    ***Official Browns Vs. Packers Game Day Thread***

    Where I live I cannot, thankfully, get the Browns on TV and I am relegated to "watching" them on ESPN or on an on-line broadcast. Well each week (with the exception of the bye-week...oh yea they screwed that one up too) the Browns reinforces the notion that they are complete losers. Not your everyday day luckless losers but those types that would "get hit by a cck if it was raining pu$$y". I really wish they would announce that they are forfeiting the remainder of the season because the only realistic chance they have is against the Steelers if the Steelers start the third team along with some aged season ticket holders from the first row. Forfeiting the remainder of the season would allow the starter to get a head start in resting up for next year and get mentally prepared to return to work next July or August for another attempt at NFL immortality, going 1-47 (with two back-to-back 0-16 seasons) under Hue Jackson and being part of the most failed team in NFL history. That doesn't mean that I will not be "watching" them next week and praying to the good Lord above that they win.
  13. I have a strong feeling that Josh Allen will be an excellent NFL starting QB but his talent would be wasted with the Browns. Josh Allen needs to be groomed by a team that sees him impacting the team and league in 2 to 3 seasons. That's why I believe that he would be a great fit in Pittsburgh. The QB for the Browns is someone that can bring his talent to bear right now, having said that I think that Josh Rosen would the best. There are plenty of concerns with having a rookie start, having been through a DeShone Kiser season but Josh Rosen appears to have the tools and experience to adapt to the NFL game more quickly. Of course my thoughts could be off base and Browns pick a right guard from Ozarks Technical Community College first in the draft...Go Eagles!!!
  14. Hunter33109

    "With the First Pick of the 2018 Draft, the Browns Select..."

    He'll be a NFL QB and will do well. He's big, strong and has an arm. His accuracy is on very good and will only improve once he adapts to NFL play. He has adapted, improved and succeeded at each level he's competed in. Intangibles such as adapting and improving are a commodity in the NFL and is a foreign concept to the Browns. The Browns' FO fixates on flash and past performance and is blind to other traits such as a QB's consistent overthrowing of receivers (which Josh Allen has demonstrated) that indicate his arm strength out paces his supporting cast. Although he is big he can move which will allow him to extend plays when the pocket breaks down. The Browns will not select him for a plethora of reasons but I believe that Josh Allen will be picked up and he will succeeded in the NFL. So I haven't given up on Josh and he's no Savior for the Browns because they'll select another with flash and no substance just like the party boy from A&M.
  15. Hunter33109

    "With the First Pick of the 2018 Draft, the Browns Select..."

    Gosh may be we'll be lucky enough to draft another Johnny "Where's My Beer" Manziel to lead us back to sub-average