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  1. Baker Mayfield Thread

    It's half and half over here. All shops/ stores had to switch to kg/g a number of years ago. All road signs and car speedometers are in miles and mph, weather reports are in celsius/centigrade but when discussing the weather people generally go with Fahrenheit for warm temperatures and celsius for cold
  2. Baker Mayfield Thread

    How has the baker mayfield thread become a discussion about the metric v imperial systems? I can't be bothered to read back
  3. Throwing away money and picks

    No matter what the situation, any team of any sport needs experience mixed with youth. I get that in in the past a lot of time and money has been wasted on mercenaries but this seems a different approach with dorsey. I'm very new to this sport so yes I'm a bit naive maybe but the TT deal for example....I just don't think we could have wished for anything better. In my eyes he's exactly what we need along with the #1 QB of choice. The likes of cousins and smith were never even considering the browns given where we're at at the mo. Yes i dont know a great deal about some of the other guys signed but they all have a level of game time/experience under their belts which will get us a few wins I'm sure. Then we can start looking at the next level of improvement and so on. Maybe I haven't followed this team long enough for the negativity to have set in but things look a hell of a lot more positive for next season.....and we've got the draft to come yet, to trade all those picks away
  4. Throwing away money and picks

    Typical villa, do all the hard work then throw it away against the lesser team.
  5. Throwing away money and picks

    Oh and stick with it London, I like hearing a fellow brits opinion. All my love, birmingham
  6. Throwing away money and picks

    I think it's a case of getting the balance right. To me it looks like it's swung one way then the other, as in overpaid experience then a team full of rookies. I think building for the future yet winning games now is definately do- able. Just having TT has improved our chances of winning massively imo.
  7. Todd Haley

  8. Todd Haley

    The lady doth protest too much, me thinks
  9. Joe Thomas is on NFL Live again today... 1/24/18

    Got a link??
  10. Annual Draft

    Who did you think they were going for rather than kizer? I'm new to it all, only saw that clip of jim brown the other day.
  11. I met someone

    More pics needed to make up my mind
  12. Browns newest fan

    There's definately more than a few of us going on what I read on villa forums. Glutton for punishment Do you know where I can get a browns shirt from this side of the pond? Doesnt have to be the latest style. Cheers
  13. 2018 picks, as it stands

    So for one 10/10 player we got ten 7/10 players? And we could have no.1 overall pick next year too? Yeah that sounds like a deal
  14. 2018 picks, as it stands

    Jeeez....can someone talk me through that!! I'm just getting my head round the draft system etc but that is too much too soon! (New british fan)
  15. Browns newest fan

    RL made the same mistakes over and over from what I've read on browns forums. Well intentioned but hadn't got a clue what he was doing so employed inadequate people to do it for him. Fortunately for the browns and the nfl league structure, there is no relegation. Villa are now out of the premiere league just as a new tv deal has kicked in guaranteeing even the last placed team £100 million. We need to get back...and fast!