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  1. Claret&Brown

    CowTurd: Apparently does not do his homework!

    I'd go as far as to say he's won the room
  2. Claret&Brown

    CowTurd: Apparently does not do his homework!

    He love carpet...he love desk...
  3. Claret&Brown

    CowTurd: Apparently does not do his homework!

    Is it Brick Tamlands brother?
  4. Claret&Brown

    CowTurd: Apparently does not do his homework!

    Never encountered this cowturd bloke before, (british fan) is he always like that? He looks like he's wearing someone else's teeth 😁 Oh yeah, that broad....when she starts messing with her hair 😍
  5. Claret&Brown

    CowTurd: Apparently does not do his homework!

    Who is this??? How many times has he said 'win the room?' I'll go 47. Who's gonna count em? 😁
  6. Claret&Brown

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    It's half and half over here. All shops/ stores had to switch to kg/g a number of years ago. All road signs and car speedometers are in miles and mph, weather reports are in celsius/centigrade but when discussing the weather people generally go with Fahrenheit for warm temperatures and celsius for cold
  7. Claret&Brown

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    How has the baker mayfield thread become a discussion about the metric v imperial systems? I can't be bothered to read back
  8. Claret&Brown

    Throwing away money and picks

    No matter what the situation, any team of any sport needs experience mixed with youth. I get that in in the past a lot of time and money has been wasted on mercenaries but this seems a different approach with dorsey. I'm very new to this sport so yes I'm a bit naive maybe but the TT deal for example....I just don't think we could have wished for anything better. In my eyes he's exactly what we need along with the #1 QB of choice. The likes of cousins and smith were never even considering the browns given where we're at at the mo. Yes i dont know a great deal about some of the other guys signed but they all have a level of game time/experience under their belts which will get us a few wins I'm sure. Then we can start looking at the next level of improvement and so on. Maybe I haven't followed this team long enough for the negativity to have set in but things look a hell of a lot more positive for next season.....and we've got the draft to come yet, to trade all those picks away
  9. Claret&Brown

    Throwing away money and picks

    Typical villa, do all the hard work then throw it away against the lesser team.
  10. Claret&Brown

    Throwing away money and picks

    Oh and stick with it London, I like hearing a fellow brits opinion. All my love, birmingham
  11. Claret&Brown

    Throwing away money and picks

    I think it's a case of getting the balance right. To me it looks like it's swung one way then the other, as in overpaid experience then a team full of rookies. I think building for the future yet winning games now is definately do- able. Just having TT has improved our chances of winning massively imo.
  12. Claret&Brown

    Todd Haley

  13. Claret&Brown

    Todd Haley

    The lady doth protest too much, me thinks
  14. Claret&Brown

    Joe Thomas is on NFL Live again today... 1/24/18

    Got a link??
  15. Claret&Brown

    Annual Draft

    Who did you think they were going for rather than kizer? I'm new to it all, only saw that clip of jim brown the other day.