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  1. Claret&Brown

    Puppy Pound

    Yes. It was drafting deshone that swung it for me 👍
  2. Claret&Brown

    Puppy Pound

    As a browns fan, up until the jets game last season I had never seen them win. There was no 'cardiac kids' bandwagon for me to jump on back then. You old bastards don't know you're born 😁
  3. Claret&Brown

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    Oh look, a contrarian, how clever
  4. Claret&Brown

    I don't get all the Baker hate

    This exactly. Keep telling him he's no good please 👍
  5. Yorkshires with chicken??...you'll be pouring mint sauce on it next!! 😲 Must be a southern thing 😉
  6. Claret&Brown

    Aaron Hernandez - Gladiator podcast

    All the guys you mentioned! You replied as though I somehow made light of the hernandez case. Yes, I've heard of oj Sampson 😁
  7. Claret&Brown

    Aaron Hernandez - Gladiator podcast

    I don't doubt for one minute that they are all murdering bastards.
  8. Claret&Brown

    Aaron Hernandez - Gladiator podcast

    Funny you should mention this....listened to part 4 about an hour ago. Im pretty new to nfl so didn't really know this guys story. Crazy stuff and more wasted talent and wasted lives unfortunately.
  9. Claret&Brown

    To best fans in Nfl

    Mmm...yeah I like your thinking here...perhaps you could suggest it to her for me? 😂 Tbh my little girl has just turned 1 and I just can't imagine being away from her at the moment for more than a day 😚 Maybe in 15 years or so when she hates me!!
  10. Claret&Brown

    To best fans in Nfl

    That doesn't sound too bad...i would have to multiply that by 5 though...missus and 3 kids!! 😥 Would love to do it though at some point. Have fun and let us know how it went 👍
  11. Claret&Brown

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    And so it begins 😁
  12. Claret&Brown

    To best fans in Nfl

    Where are you flying from/to ian?...(fellow brit in birmingham). Expensive to get there?
  13. Claret&Brown

    Jarvis Landry

    Hope he ain't contagious
  14. Claret&Brown


    On his returns he just looks hesitant and lacking in confidence...and the opposition sense it. On the flip side...watch other teams v us on returns...they get it and run, at speed, make bold moves and keep going forward, it all stems from how the returner sets off imo.