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  1. We have nothing to lose 😀 Go browns!!!
  2. It's been a long time coming! Been following the browns from afar (uk) for a while but started watching them at the beginning of the kizer season. Unrecognisable from that shit show to last night. I couldn't watch it live last night, got a 3 yr old who has not been sleeping great, and work at 6am this morning. I woke at 4.24am and looked at my phone.....a smile as wide as the atlantic! I liked the lack of celebration from the players after the game, as if to say....'we got the job done, who's next' Browns is the browns 😉
  3. Claret&Brown

    Odell Embarrassing Us Yet Again...

    'I made it as sexy as possible' 🙄🙄 How? 😃😫
  4. Claret&Brown

    Browns Puzzle

    That's what I thought...hitler with a fat neck 🙂
  5. Claret&Brown

    NFL / Covid Updates

    The mask wearing hasn't been implemented here in the uk because the government are scared the general public will buy all the available masks and leave the nurses/healthcarers without them, such is the shortage of masks. There is still quite a few people wearing them but a minority. I've hardly been out the house for 6 weeks now but if I had to wear one I would do so no problem. A relative of mine who is a healthcare worker has bemoaned some of her colleagues turning in to work kitted out in masks/visors/gloves by stating that no one has covid19 at their care home so why are they wearing all of that?!!! She has also said that anyone who will turn into work knowing there is covid19 present doesn't care about their own family!! I'm quite glad that I am unable to see her for the forseeable future.
  6. Claret&Brown

    NFL / Covid Updates

    It's the inverted commas that suggests he doesn't believe that it is a disease. What these type of morons don't understand is that yes, covid doesn't really do anything to the majority of the population, thank god. The mask wearing is to protect the vunerable, not the fit and healthy. These pricks could have had zero symptoms and infected 100's without even knowing. Everyone can have an opinion, everyone can look completely stupid too.
  7. Claret&Brown

    WR3 possibility ?

    Do we still have the willies?
  8. If you predict the browns are gonna suck next year chances are you will be right. It doesn't make you some sort of sporting guru that should now be taken seriously.
  9. Hearsay Noun Information received from other people that cannot be substantiated; rumour
  10. Claret&Brown

    Coronavirus and the NFL

    If you knew he said it why are you asking him who said it? 🤤 I read more than I post on here and Nero comes over as a nice guy and fair poster that's why I've came to his defence here. Perhaps if you clarified what people are saying and why they are saying it, before going 'off on one', then you wouldn't need to be so aggressive in forcing your opinion down everyone's throat. Keep safe.
  11. Claret&Brown

    Coronavirus and the NFL

    Nero did. Oh the irony.
  12. Claret&Brown

    Building the Browns 2020

    On the face of it I don't think you could have a more different vibe than this time last year with stefanski/Berry coming over incredibly professional and with a seriousness about what they intend to do, compared to kitchens/dorsey strolling around chewing gum and back slapping, & with the inspiring tag line..'if you ain't brown 'n orange you don't matter'. Feels better already....but....we will see 🤔
  13. Claret&Brown

    ***Browns @ Broncos Game Day Thread***

    Can we get this wrapped up by half time please....20-0 should do it. I can then sleep soundly knowing a 30-3 scoreline will great me at 5am tomorrow morning. These later games are a pain in the ass this side of the atlantic. Go browns 😁
  14. Claret&Brown

    Baker attacks Cleveland media, walks out

    Talk about mountains out of molehill's! Baker has every right to snap back at a reporter, especially one that continually asks stupid questions. You don't have to 'earn the right' to call someone out if they're being a dick. He still needs to start winning games though 👍
  15. Claret&Brown

    Corbett traded to LA Rams

    Just read that. Think we must get the news quicker this side of the atlantic 😁