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  1. Claret&Brown

    ***Browns @ Broncos Game Day Thread***

    Can we get this wrapped up by half time please....20-0 should do it. I can then sleep soundly knowing a 30-3 scoreline will great me at 5am tomorrow morning. These later games are a pain in the ass this side of the atlantic. Go browns 😁
  2. Claret&Brown

    Baker attacks Cleveland media, walks out

    Talk about mountains out of molehill's! Baker has every right to snap back at a reporter, especially one that continually asks stupid questions. You don't have to 'earn the right' to call someone out if they're being a dick. He still needs to start winning games though 👍
  3. Claret&Brown

    Corbett traded to LA Rams

    Just read that. Think we must get the news quicker this side of the atlantic 😁
  4. Claret&Brown

    ***Browns Vs. Titans Game Day Thread***

    I'm hoping that this was the hard smack in the mouth we needed to bring everyone back down to earth. Despite the shit show with penalties we were still right in it at 13-15, then panic set in. Spent the summer doing a lot of talking, well let's start seeing the walking. Lot of pressure now on the jets game.
  5. Claret&Brown

    Puppy Pound

    Yes. It was drafting deshone that swung it for me 👍
  6. Claret&Brown

    Puppy Pound

    As a browns fan, up until the jets game last season I had never seen them win. There was no 'cardiac kids' bandwagon for me to jump on back then. You old bastards don't know you're born 😁
  7. Claret&Brown

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    Oh look, a contrarian, how clever
  8. Claret&Brown

    I don't get all the Baker hate

    This exactly. Keep telling him he's no good please 👍
  9. Yorkshires with chicken??...you'll be pouring mint sauce on it next!! 😲 Must be a southern thing 😉
  10. Claret&Brown

    Aaron Hernandez - Gladiator podcast

    All the guys you mentioned! You replied as though I somehow made light of the hernandez case. Yes, I've heard of oj Sampson 😁
  11. Claret&Brown

    Aaron Hernandez - Gladiator podcast

    I don't doubt for one minute that they are all murdering bastards.
  12. Claret&Brown

    Aaron Hernandez - Gladiator podcast

    Funny you should mention this....listened to part 4 about an hour ago. Im pretty new to nfl so didn't really know this guys story. Crazy stuff and more wasted talent and wasted lives unfortunately.
  13. Claret&Brown

    To best fans in Nfl

    Mmm...yeah I like your thinking here...perhaps you could suggest it to her for me? 😂 Tbh my little girl has just turned 1 and I just can't imagine being away from her at the moment for more than a day 😚 Maybe in 15 years or so when she hates me!!
  14. Claret&Brown

    To best fans in Nfl

    That doesn't sound too bad...i would have to multiply that by 5 though...missus and 3 kids!! 😥 Would love to do it though at some point. Have fun and let us know how it went 👍