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  1. Yorkshires with chicken??...you'll be pouring mint sauce on it next!! 😲 Must be a southern thing 😉
  2. Claret&Brown

    Aaron Hernandez - Gladiator podcast

    All the guys you mentioned! You replied as though I somehow made light of the hernandez case. Yes, I've heard of oj Sampson 😁
  3. Claret&Brown

    Aaron Hernandez - Gladiator podcast

    I don't doubt for one minute that they are all murdering bastards.
  4. Claret&Brown

    Aaron Hernandez - Gladiator podcast

    Funny you should mention this....listened to part 4 about an hour ago. Im pretty new to nfl so didn't really know this guys story. Crazy stuff and more wasted talent and wasted lives unfortunately.
  5. Claret&Brown

    To best fans in Nfl

    Mmm...yeah I like your thinking here...perhaps you could suggest it to her for me? 😂 Tbh my little girl has just turned 1 and I just can't imagine being away from her at the moment for more than a day 😚 Maybe in 15 years or so when she hates me!!
  6. Claret&Brown

    To best fans in Nfl

    That doesn't sound too bad...i would have to multiply that by 5 though...missus and 3 kids!! 😥 Would love to do it though at some point. Have fun and let us know how it went 👍
  7. Claret&Brown

    Josh Gordon Traded to Pats

    And so it begins 😁
  8. Claret&Brown

    To best fans in Nfl

    Where are you flying from/to ian?...(fellow brit in birmingham). Expensive to get there?
  9. Claret&Brown

    Jarvis Landry

    Hope he ain't contagious
  10. Claret&Brown


    On his returns he just looks hesitant and lacking in confidence...and the opposition sense it. On the flip side...watch other teams v us on returns...they get it and run, at speed, make bold moves and keep going forward, it all stems from how the returner sets off imo.
  11. Claret&Brown

    Some thoughts (Browns at Raiders)

    Yeah I'm no expert on punt/kick returns but it did seem like EVERY god damn time peppers or whoever ran straight up the butt of his own team mate
  12. Claret&Brown

    Main rivals (Derby Match) grudge match

    Everton v liverpool is no villa v blues tho 😉
  13. Claret&Brown

    is hue gone on monday?

  14. Claret&Brown

    is hue gone on monday?

    Only yesterday someone was bemoaning the fact that coleman was now with the pats....as in, he's not good enough for the browns but he is for them. Yeah well now he's not, binned in the blink of an eye. Josh could well go the same route...BB certainly won't be swayed by sentiment, it will be yes or no.