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  1. Todd Haley

  2. Todd Haley

    The lady doth protest too much, me thinks
  3. Joe Thomas is on NFL Live again today... 1/24/18

    Got a link??
  4. Annual Draft

    Who did you think they were going for rather than kizer? I'm new to it all, only saw that clip of jim brown the other day.
  5. I met someone

    More pics needed to make up my mind
  6. Browns newest fan

    There's definately more than a few of us going on what I read on villa forums. Glutton for punishment Do you know where I can get a browns shirt from this side of the pond? Doesnt have to be the latest style. Cheers
  7. 2018 picks, as it stands

    So for one 10/10 player we got ten 7/10 players? And we could have no.1 overall pick next year too? Yeah that sounds like a deal
  8. 2018 picks, as it stands

    Jeeez....can someone talk me through that!! I'm just getting my head round the draft system etc but that is too much too soon! (New british fan)
  9. Browns newest fan

    RL made the same mistakes over and over from what I've read on browns forums. Well intentioned but hadn't got a clue what he was doing so employed inadequate people to do it for him. Fortunately for the browns and the nfl league structure, there is no relegation. Villa are now out of the premiere league just as a new tv deal has kicked in guaranteeing even the last placed team £100 million. We need to get back...and fast!
  10. Browns newest fan

    This was the statement that he released on selling the club after the clubs first relegation in nearly 30 years http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3597737/Randy-Lerner-releases-bizarre-statement-fans-selling-Aston-Villa.html
  11. Browns newest fan

    Yeah I too have wondered what randy his now doing with his millions. Judging by his leaving statement from villa, I wouldn't be suprised if he's in a padded cell somewhere! Didn't know LeBron was a local boy. Yes looked at tickets for london game, not many left and best part of £100 for a shite view! The game also clashes with our local 'derby' match with birmingham city so I will probably miss this one. Would love to come over to cleveland for a game though, to take in the atmosphere proper nfl style. So realistically, how do you think the browns will do this season? I've been impressed with preseason results but they haven't really played any of the better teams have they. There does seem a lot more optimism for the coming season, can't do much worse than 1-15 though I guess
  12. Browns newest fan

    Thanks. Yes the hatred of man utd over here is everywhere due to their success over the last 20 years. Is the hatred of the steelers due to their success or of their close proximity to cleveland?? Our biggest rivals are Birmingham City who's stadium is 3 miles across the city. WSS????
  13. Browns newest fan

    Hi guys. New to this forum and new to the sport!! I'm a 'soccer' fan from birmingham, england and I have chosen the browns as my team! Had a brief flirtation with the nfl back in the 80's when some games used to be shown over here. Never really picked a team though. Why the browns?? This is due to your absolute failure of a former owner, and former owner of my hometown soccer team...Mr Randolph Lerner He sold my team, Aston Villa, last year to a chinese billionaire. During randys last year in charge I started reading up on him and his time as your owner. This of course led me to fans forums and the 'brownsboard'. I love an underdog, and who wants to be a plastic pats fan anyway?? So I will be popping in to keep up on opinions about the new team/season, and probably asking some pretty basic questions about the game that need explaining to a newby. I'm under the impression we don't like the steelers...is this correct?? Go browns