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  1. Haha, trump trolls kim hard at the u.n

    McNerd, Bush was a rightwing nut Rupub not a liberal.
  2. This Is Steeler Week - At Home

    You are a load.
  3. This Is Steeler Week - At Home

    Grow up. Do you talk that way in front of your daughter? You claim you were a court clerk. You sure you wasn't a court jester?
  4. This Is Steeler Week - At Home

    Hi toejam. If you want to give head to the senior citizen with nothing better to do known as Gipper, be my guest. I'll tell you what your mother told you when you axed her " why does everyone make fun of me mommy" , and she told you to go fuck yourself. Peckerhead.
  5. Blow me you Trump cum sucking queer.
  6. This Is Steeler Week - At Home

    Aren't you like in your sixties? Why don't you grow the fuck up. You sound like a jack off. Just saying.