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  1. Disrespect

    Just wanted one last comment to you people. I watched today and saw how Cleveland really felt about the people who protect them. Players ran out with cops and the military. I don't know how I was stupid enough to come on here and ask idiots about pride and respect. You bozos need a life because the browns aren't going to give you one. Good riddance.
  2. Disrespect

    Ah anathema, had to look that one up. In other words, you hate expansion. It's progress my man, and we and the other expansion cities deserve our teams. Mr. Richardson isn't Art Modell who left in the middle of the night. The Panthers will be in Charlotte for many years. Our trips to the playoffs, make Charlotte a wealthy city. Can you say that about the Browns? Of course, the Indians may do something. If y'all don't put together a winning season soon, another expansion team might get the Browns.
  3. Disrespect

    Sorry, I should have went on the political board, but I just wanted to hear how you guys felt about the players taking a knee. By the way, I started out as a Browns fan because my half sister married a dude from Cleveland. They lived in a Cleveland suburb. I liked them during the time they were the "cardiac kids". I really liked Kosar and then Belichick put in Testaverde. Man, that was long ago. When Modell moved the team, we got a team in Charlotte, and I've been a Cat fan ever since. No more politics from me, and you guys talk like I figured the Dawg Pound would.
  4. Disrespect

    Sorry, I don't rant. By the way, on the Red Sox thing in NC, I liked how they always played hard and seemed to come in second to the yanks. Red Sox nation is all over the world. And I'm not a troll, I am a NFL fan and especially a baseball fan. Well, got to book so I'll be back to talk, after the browns first loss against the Steelers. Until then, go Panthers and Sox.
  5. Disrespect

    A lot of good people died in the War of Northern Aggression. Under the embarrassment, obama, he o disrespected our flag that caused a lot of pain and death in the South. With the fascists now trying to knock down our statues, it goes on. Someone mentioned bathrooms. Our past Governor did his best to stop transvestites from coming in any bathroom they please. I'll stop lecturing you when you stop your liberal ways that are destroying our country. I used to think that real men lived in Ohio but I'm finding out it's liberal twinks who can't type a sentence without the F word.
  6. Disrespect

    Oh and by the way, I'm a Red Sox fan and have been for a long time. The Indians have the best manager in baseball. Fraid we're going to beat them in Oct. though, but unlike the brownies, I have the utmost respect for the Indians.
  7. Disrespect

    Don't understand the anger. Just coming on about players disrespecting the flag, our troops, and the police, and you start getting personal. Gumby, I don't know what you are. Y'all have a good day and again, I didn't mean to upset you fans.
  8. Disrespect

    Didn't mean to disrespect your fine team. I know it's piling on, to add your disrespectful players onto an organization that loses year after year after year. Hear there are conversations with Manziel and Kaepernick. Anyway hope you fans set your players straight, because they will be booed more than at home.
  9. Disrespect

    Ok, just wanted to see where you stand. Your team has been a disgrace every since it replaced the one in Balt. Keep on disrespecting our police and troops and only good things will await you. Bye bye and you will reap what you sow. Not at all interested in a reply.
  10. Disrespect

    Saw where some of your players have not been standing for our National Anthem. Shows disrespect for our troops and the police that do their jobs. Hoping you fans let them know it.