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  1. Gruntlocal

    Haden a Steeler

    Oh I agree on Tomlin. Seems more like a motivator than a coach.
  2. Gruntlocal

    Haden a Steeler

    They'll still be winning though. Let's get there and then talk smack.
  3. Gruntlocal

    Haden a Steeler

    The Browns are paying 4 million of his salary for this year. The Browns asked him to reduce his salary from 11 mill to 7 this year and he refused so they cut him. He agreed to play for the Steelers for 7 million this year. The Steelers are only paying him 3 million this season. It's a good move by both teams. Browns cut some money and and got younger like their plan. If the Steelers improve their secondary they are Superbowl contenders. If Haden struggles they can cut him and only pay the dead money. Good move for all 3 parties.