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  1. Wake up, it's GAMEDAY you PANCAKE-EATING MOTHERFUCKERS . Browns 2021 ... Let's Roll!!!!! Z
  2. A perfect start for The Great Zomboni ... 4-0 Against the Spread. But we need an actual Browns victory before Selma will let me do a tequila shot off her cleavage. So let's see what is in store for this week... Cincinnati at Chicago, Sunday 1:00 PM Nice little win to start the season for the Bungles. But we all know Cincinnati can't have nice things ... so this week they lose to the man they belovedly called the Red Rifle. Dalton's boys pull out the win after the Chicago Front Seven control Cincy's line all day. BEARS 23 BUNGLES 17 Houston at Cleveland, Sunday 1:00 PM When I see Houston @ Cleveland, I get visions of the baby blue run-n-shoot offense taking on the Dawg Defense in the Pound with biscuits flying. But, alas, it is just the Texans, which should be a good opportunity for the Browns new defense to shine. Ground and Pound. BROWNS 27 TEXANS 10 Las Vegas at Pittsburgh, Sunday 1:00 PM On the other hand, when I see "Las Vegas" I have a soulless feeling. But ... Raiders @ Steelers ... Now THAT was the best rivalry of the 70s. But Jack Tatum is not walking through that door, so this version of the Raiders will fall short at the confluence. STEELERS 34 RAIDERS 27 Kansas City at Baltimore, Sunday Night Football 8:20 PM The Ratbirds get to start the season losing two straight games in Prime Time ... Because there is no way they are beating these Chiefs. CHIEFS 37 RAVENS 26 TGZ
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    Here we go with one of our most popular games ... Two Strikes and you're out! My Week One pick is locked and loaded! https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/register/joinprivategroup?gid=2757&invitation_key=461e080529e49a36 Group ID 2757 Group Password beer Start Week 1 Two Picks Required Never Deadline 5 minutes before the first game of each week Number of Strikes 2 strikes and you're eliminated Don't let Ralemon Rail your Mom Again! NFL SURVIVOR LEAGUE 2010 BrownsROCK & Ballantyne Boozers 2011 RunninUover 2012 D Bone 2013 Jrb12711 2014 Kamac19 & #Freejoshgordon 2015 D Bone, Beanpot & London Brown 2016 London Brown, Curmudgeon 2017 Endymion 2018 Mark O 2019 DieHardBrownsFan 2020 Ralemon
  4. Zombo

    Anthony Walker to the IR

    For some reason, this is not bothering me. I think we rotate the MLB, Jok is ready for extra snaps as the second linebacker, SS Johnson wears the green dot and Delpit allows us to deploy the dime and keep a spy on Tyrod whose most dangerous assets are his legs. They have three old running backs who aren't gonna make the edge and probably won't get past the Malik Brothers. Z
  5. 15 yards for TMI. A simple "I fell asleep early" would have worked. Z
  6. Zombo

    Hudson may start on sunday

    Ya, I'd rather go with a guy named Ba Lacke. Z
  7. Our Top 3 Tackles and Tretter didn't practice yesterday, hopefully they are a go come Sunday ... and OBJ out again. But good teams win at home against the Texans ... and we are a good team. Z
  8. Zombo

    Pro Pick'em!

    The Grandaddy of them all! You aren't Browns Board Cool until you win a Pro Pick'em Title! https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/pickem/5788 Group ID#: 5788 Group Password beer Confidence Points No Spread Yes Tiebreakers Yes Start Week 1 Drop Scores No, use all weeks Deadline 5 minutes before each game Playoffs Yes Last Year we had False Hope ... This year, The Great Zomboni Knows All! NFL PRO PICK'EM LEAGUE 2003 Dolfan 2004 Rich4Eagle 2005 KSHutchins 2006 The Great Zomboni 2007 The Great Zomboni 2008 Lumbergh 2009 The Great Zomboni 2010 BrownsFan17 2011 Hogtusk 2012 Browns 57 2013 Ralemon 2014 Jrb12711 2015 Brownie Beater 2016 Balpeen 2017 UGOTBLITZED 2018 Tour's PrescientPigskinPicks & Browns 57 2019 Endymion 2020 False Hope
  9. Zombo

    Pro Pick'em!

    The Great Zomboni leads both Pro Pickem and College Pickem. The Great Zomboni Knows All. Z
  10. OK, time for the focus to turn from Free Agency to the Draft, so let's see how we line up: QB B.Mayfield, C. Keenum, K. Lauletta FB A. Janovich, J. Stanton RB N. Chubb, K. Hunt, D. Johnson, J. Kelly WR1 O. Beckham, D. Peoples-Jones, K. Hodge, J. Natson WR2 J. Landry, R. Higgins, J. Bradley, R. Switzer, A.Hollins TE A. Hooper, D. Njoku, H. Bryant , S. Carlson , K. Markway, J. Franks LT J. Wills, A. Taylor, G. Senat LG J. Bitonio , B. Hance, A. Fabiano C J.Tretter , N. Harris RG W. Teller , M. Dunn, C. Iwuagwu RT J. Conklin, C. Hubbard DE M. Garrett, J. Jackson, C. Malveaux DT S. Richardson, J. Elliott DT M. Jackson, A. Billings DE T. McKinley, P. Gustin, MLB A. Walker, S. Takitaki, M. Wilson OLB M. Smith, J. Phillips, E. Lee, T. Young, G. Obinna, C. Weaver CB D. Ward, A.J. Green, CB G. Williams, R. Jackson, B. Allen NB T. Hill, MJ Stewart, FS R. Harrison, G Delpit, J. Moffat, E. Benton SS J. Johnson, S. Redwine, M. Meander K C. Parkey, M. McCrane P J. Gillan LS C. Hughlett KR (J. Natson)(D. Johnson) PR (J. Natson)(D. Peoples-Jones) Just my opinion of the 55 (in bold) that would make up our roster as of today and who I see starting after camp ... A LOT of names still to be added and jockeying for position, so consider it just a pre-draft pencilling it at this point to help with draft needs ... When we start practicing it gets real. Biggest Draft Needs IMO: 1. Edge/DE (Find Garret's future running mate) 2. DT (Only Elliot under contract for next year) 3. WR (always need another Burner) 4. CB (Lacking depth/ Greedy insurance) 5. OL (interior depth) 6. LB (Keep drafting mid round guys until we find the right guy) Zombo
  11. Zombo

    Kicking woes all ready ?

    I imagine I can, I need to be on a PC, so I'll look into it in the morning. Z
  12. Raiders! Nassib! Entertaining game. Z
  13. Zombo


    Higgins had 4 snaps, appear he is 5th wr. Z
  14. Zombo


    We'll see when we get our rematch in January. I don't think Baker is going to let Mahomes be our Elway. Z
  15. Zombo

    Dutch's 2021 Browns Questions

    Yes we can. You homosexual. Z
  16. It's a brand new season, and it couldn't come at a better time. We've lost our Brother Gipper. We're praying for our Brother Tour. We're recognizing the 20th anniversery of 9/11. Heavy Stuff. So I think we all need some ... HEAVY TITS! Selma Hayek, The Mexican Muff, has signed on to be The Great Zomboni's Assistant this year ... as long as we win ... Which should be all season. So let's skip the football pleasantries and get right to the games: Pittsburgh at Buffalo 1:00 PM While I haven't joined the Pittsburgh death march just yet, it seem like the baton passed to the Browns in the playoff in Heinz Field. We will find out a whole lot about the Steelers ths week as they head to Buffalo to play a talented rough and tumble team that has been seething since their AFC Championship loss, in front of a crazed crowd of Bills Mafia. The Zomboni 2000 Computer says 6.5 is too much to give in Week one, so .. Bills by 6. BILLS 30 STEELERS 24. Minnesota at Cinncinati 1:00 PM The Bungles won't make a major leap this year because they are not well coached, they still seem very Bunglish despite talent upgrades. I'm kinda rooting for the Vikings to lose this season because their QB is a dick knot for not getting a vaccine, but they should be able to outbungle the Bungles. VIKINGS 17 BUNGLES 16 Cleveland at Kansas City 4:25 PM The Chiefs come into 2021 with 5 new starters on the OL ... Including three that have never played in an NFL Game. They will have their hands full with Myles & Clowney, an athletic interior, and JOK Blitzing and covering Kelce. JOK is the key here, plus the Browns have a much improved secondary. Offensively, when you have the NFL's best running tandem & the NFL's best O-Line, you can win a lot of different ways ... Today it will be Mafield on play-action boots to the Browns Wide Receivers who will see a lot of celebrating in the KC end zones ... Bring on the ribs! BROWNS 37 CHIEFS 23 Baltimore at Las Vegas 8:15 PM, Monday Night Football The Raiders always seem to start the season hot under Gruden. The Ratbirds are starting Willis McGahee at rb, I think, so all the pressure is on Action Jack-O, and he'll try to do too much and smacked around by the Raider D. Stands finally full of Raiders fans! What happens in Vegas ... is going suck for the Ratbirds. RAIDERS 30 RATBIRDS 20 TGZ
  17. It was awesome talking to you on the phone today, Tour. Your sense of humor is intact and your wife sounds like the kinda co-pilot that can take the controls for a little bit while you put all of your efforts into your health. I don't have a favorite poster ... But you're my favorite poster . Keep keeping your chin up, and enjoy the Super Bowl Season! Zombo
  18. Covid killed this contest this year, so it's time to bring your A Game again. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/college/4362 Group ID#: 4362 Group Password beer Confidence Points No Spread Yes Tiebreakers Yes Start Week 1 Drop Scores No, use all weeks Deadline 5 minutes before each game Games To Include Use Yahoo default games I am sorry to report that Woody the Wolverine has held the trophy for two years now ... Please take it away. NCAA FOOTBALL PICK'EM 2003 BUCKS RULE 2006 WVBrownsFan 2007 THE HAMMER 2008 Timugen 2009 DieHardBrownFan 2010 Buckeyes Baby 2011 Why Can't We Win 2012 Furnier 2013 DiehardBrownsFan 2014 The Great Zomboni 2015 Buckeye (Flying J) 2016 Tour2ma 2017 MJP 2018 MJP 2019 MLD Woody 2020 Covid-19
  19. Here we go with the 22nd Season of Fantasy Football here on the Browns Board The Grandaddy of em all, Otto Graham League, is back, everyone has been auto-renewed, and if you are a member please check in on the site, PM me if you got lost and need directions. Our draft is LIVE at Tuesday, September 7 @ 7:15 pm EDT I'm also a member of the Phil Dawson League, a draft date has not been set in that league yet, so get on that, commish. (Edit ... I see you were already on this yesterday, sending out a notice, thanks!) Please report all leagues here that are Browns Board Leagues, so we can follow along, and post any and all openings. If anyone wants to volunteer to be the "Fantasy Football Czar" and coordinate draft times, get each team to report weekly standings, and/or even organize a system that declares an overall winner, or special champions league for next year, etc... apply right here, I just like to play and report on my own league ... if someone wants to really organize this ... go for it! Last year's Reported winners: 2020 Beanpot, Multiple Scorgasm, Venom
  20. Zombo

    Bet Buffalo...

    No one upon no one is sleeping on the Steelers. You have a hell of a coach and HOF QB. You have a very, very good young set of receivers, a badass defense featuring two mega-stars, and you drafted your biggest need, running back. I have you going 10-7 and second to us in the division. Most folks feel that with a 38 yo no longer mobile qb and questionable offensive line, you are not a safe bet to make the finish line intact, and that is reasonable. You are defending division champions and will be treated as such. Z -- Even if we have already beaten you twice in 2021.
  21. Zombo

    Where to Watch - KC Game

    He's playing. More worried about Chase McMunchkin. Why can't this franchise find a kicker? Z
  22. Zombo

    Browns Board Fantasy Football 2021!

    So we've got 1 & 4 (Graham and Dawson) and the points league ... is that it? Is there still a League 2? Z
  23. Zombo

    Defensive Tackle

    This is the most intriguing position to me, and I keep having a problem shaving the room down to the right 4 or 5, and then I realize what the problem may be ... assuming Andrew Billings is the starter. He's done absolutely nothing in the two preseason games and I saw him getting pushed around against Jacksonville. Granted, I'm not at practices, but the four best defensive tackles that I have seen in the two games are: Jackson, Day, McDowell and Jordan. So what if we keep those four and 4th round draft pick Togai and CUT Billings? We didn't need him last year, he's not signed for next year... and he just looks like a big nobody so far. I know Tia is going going to shit himself and lecture me on the 1-tech position, but I just want to keep the best talent and, regarding Billings, in the words of Charlie Sexton ... "I am not impressed". Z
  24. Zombo

    Tale of the Tape - Browns vs Chiefs

    Fisher and Schwartz were Pro Bowlers for Mahomes. Yes, they broke down at the end of last year, but they were more than solid before that. I fail to see how having 5 new starters on the offensive line makes it magically the best he's ever played behind when they've never played together, three of them have never played in the NFL. The Browns have a veteran, and dangerous defensive line, Myles Garrett is the best defensive end in the league, and we have a super experienced and athletic line ... so you may be a wee ahead of yourself here. Z
  25. Fuck you, Mahomo. Just show up either way. Z