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  1. Zombo

    Mock depth chart?

    The mock part was they were speculating who gets cut and who stays. Z
  2. Zombo

    Tampa, Who's Going?

    I'll be there. Naples Browns Backer will bring about 50 strong. Z
  3. Zombo

    Mason Rudolph

    Btw, Wilson and Rivers are pretty damn good. Z
  4. Zombo

    Mason Rudolph

    And? Z
  5. Zombo

    Mason Rudolph

    How'd Belichick do with average QBs? Kosar, Testeverde, Bledsoe ... those are actually above average QBs. If you include the year Matt Cassel started, I think that is one playoff season out of six without Brady. Tomlin is already a good coach, Bud, whether you like it or not. Z
  6. Zombo

    Ghoolio Iglesias

    He was born in Spain to a Spanish mother and Spanish father. His mom was of the Jewish faith. That's how he describes it. That makes him a Spaniard. Your tough behind a keyboard, Jhoolie, but doubt you'll ever show up to Browns Board tailgate. I'll be at all of them. Zombo
  7. Zombo

    Ghoolio Iglesias

    So if you are a jew born in Spain you're not a Spaniard? Does it work that way in America, too? Zombo
  8. I think we are just waiting on Wes Mantooth then. Z
  9. Zombo

    Mason Rudolph

    If you hate Tomlin, you musta really hated Marty ... All that winning and no rings. Zombo ---He had Montana, Rivers and Brees, no?
  10. Mitchell is in, btw, waiting for two confirmations, if we don't get them by the first preseason game, we will open a spot or two. Zombo
  11. Anyone wanna host or renew a Yahoo League? Noonan? We can always go with one League, that will solve the multiple winners dilemma. Zombo
  12. Zombo

    Ghoolio Iglesias

    Good Lord. Julio Iglesias is not Italian and doesn't wear a scarf. I thought it was William Conrad channeling Andrea Bocelli singing the Willie Nelson part of "all the girls I loved before". Normally, I'd send this to the Barber Shop, but I think more people need to see what we are dealing with here. BTW, looks like a lot of lube and meds on that butcher block, bro. Zombo
  13. Zombo

    Browns and “The Office”

    Find on youtube and just copy and paste url. Zombo
  14. Zombo

    Steelers writer Ed Bouchette

    Vagitron and I finally agree on something. Somewhere in hell, Art Modell just got frozen over. Zombo