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  1. Week 11 - You Decide~

    As a backup, he is a little more mobile and resourceful than Kessler. Sorry for all the hype. Zombo
  2. This Week in the AFC North

    Whoops ... fixed. The Steeler game that is. The Browns will indeed win ... take it to the bank. Zombo
  3. Week 11 - You Decide~

    Hogan should clearly be the backup and Kessler should be cut so we can give that roster spot to someone who will be on our team next year. Coleman and NoJoke will both score, Coleman will have the bigger day and score first. The Browns will win as Myles Garrett has his coming-out party. Zombo
  4. Good thing my lovely assistant was rubbing my ball early this morning, reminding me that we have an early week AFCN Contest. Being 7 games back with 7 games to go, the Browns may be reduced to hoping for a Wild Card, but the Steelers can't get complacent with the other two. Tennessee at Pittsburgh 8:35 PM Thursday Night Football Big Ben Rapeasouras having his worst seaon in a decade with the best weapons of his career has to be a concern for Stiller fans going forward, but TGZ considers the Titans the most overrated team in the NFL according to his own personal power poll, so the Steelers should be in good position standings-wise, with or without a decent QB, with another home win. STEELERS 30 TITANS 21 Jacksonville at Cleveland 1:00 PM Unlike the Tits, the Jags are the real deal and will win the AFC South. But they are walking into a trap in the AFC North this week. The Browns have played three consecutive tough opponents tight into the second half in recent weeks, and they are due to catch one off guard playing at home. Deshone Kizer looks like he had the light come on after the botched A.J. McCarrion trade, and gets his #1 WR back this week. Myles Garrett will rattle Balaky Bortles into a couple costly picks. BROWNS 28 JAGUARS 26 Baltimore at Green Bay 1:00 PM The Packers will lose to all of the good teams without Rodgers. Hell, even the mediocre teams like Baltimore. RAVENS 23 PACKERS 20 Cincinnati at Denver 4:25 PM Gonna be honest, I have no idea which way to go with this one. I didn't see neither Denver's defense nor the Bungles offense being this inept ... but they are. Let's take the Broncos because Bengal fans are a bunch of pussies, but I wouldn't touch this one as a betting man. BRONCOS 21 BUNGLES 16 TGZ
  5. Haden a Steeler

    Well, he didn't have a bad injury history when we signed him, so we're just unlucky but the Steelers are stupid. Zombo
  6. Haden a Steeler

    That's what he does. He gets injured. Great pick up! Zombo
  7. Well, the Browns finally did it. They turned the franchise around. And in typical Brownsiness ... they backed into it. By Botching the trade with the Bengals, the Browns saved themselves from making a knee-jerk reaction that would lead to 2-3 more years of guaranteed mediocrity ... and instead will stay on to the path of developing Deshone Kizer and/or drafting a QB high in the first round this year ... BOTH of which are far better options than A.J. Fucking McCarron Browns: You're either going to get a gold mine out of Kizer who has all of the NFL tools, or you're going to get the best available QB in a rich QB draft. Think about that. Thank you dude that botched trade, thank you. *****************************************************GREAT ZOMBONI GUARANTEE****************************************************** Cleveland at Detroit 1:00 PM The Browns took the Titans to overtime and led the Vikings into the third quarter in their last two games. They are coming around. They have had two weeks to gameplan and get healthy for this game. The Lions are coming off a short week after an emotional MNF contest with their arch rivals. TOTAL TRAP GAME for the Lions. BACK UP THE TRUCK on the Browns. There is a lot of young talent there, and this week it comes together. BROWNS 24 LIONS 17 ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Pittsburgh at Indianapolis 1:00 PM Andrew Luck won't be back this year, and the Colts didn't have a whole lot going on to begin with. Walk in the park for the Steelers. STEELERS 40 COLTS 14 Cincinnati at Tennessee 1:00 PM Titans are giving 4.5 points ... take the Bungles all day ... they'll probably win the game outright. BUNGLES 20 TITANS 19 TGZ
  8. Kubiak

    He'd be dead within a week. Z
  9. Why is this board Censored now?

    So let's review: ...You're into "likes". ...You don't get satire ...Picking the Browns to win bothers you. ...You don't like someone signing their name to their work. We are truly blessed to welcome such a scholarly Assfuck into our midst. Zombo
  10. Why is this board Censored now?

    Nope, don't care about post totals. Don't want my ass kissed. Couldn't care less. As an Administrator, I just want to see quality posters ... you are not one. Zombo
  11. Why is this board Censored now?

    My life is fucking great. Sorry you still don't "get it" around here. Some never do ... There's other message boards. Z
  12. Why is this board Censored now?

    Have you had one meaningful post on this board yet? Just one ... C'mom, Bitchtits, you can do it! Zombo
  13. Why is this board Censored now?

    What you practice is not sarcasm ... It's douchebaggery. Zombo
  14. Two Picks in the Top Ten

    Never mind ... I see now, two picks in top 10 ... ours weren't top ten ... but They were damn good ... further proof that only fools root for the Browns to lose to get better draft picks. Z
  15. Why is this board Censored now?

    Cool. Thanks for backing down. Because you were an assbag for taking a swing at me for something I had nothing to do with. Z