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  1. Zombo

    Cut Browns Find New Home Thread

    Well, he should be set for life if he was smart with his money. Maybe even own a boat and name it "Sashi". Zombo
  2. Zombo


    I was starting to think the Jets might be good this year, but Gase grabbing control sounds like a shit show, they'll be throwing out talent accumulated in last few years, blowing up and starting over again. After paying a billion dollars for a running back. Z
  3. Zombo

    Personal Conduct

    Nothing offends me. We just delete shit that makes people cry, OK? Zombo --And, yes, I determine that
  4. Zombo

    Personal Conduct

    It's the free-swinging offseason, time for a primer. 1. Don't hit the "report" button if you are offended by something. It goes directly to Kathy and she will have you banned. (I saved two regulars the other day) She doesn't like snitches and complainers. PM Me, Hoorta or Mark. We probably won't care, but we will likely delete the post and any ongoing argument about the post if it is truly offending. If it is not, we will laugh at you. 2. Don't bring your beefs from the political board on to the football board. We don't care about your politics. It all gets deleted anyway, so don't make us work. 3. This is not a heavily moderated board in any way. Enjoy it. We let you act like adults. You can swear, post pictures of women, beat up Steeler fans ... we don't care. Don't go after a dude's family. Don't be racist. Don't be Ghoolie ... and we'll be fine. Zombo
  5. Zombo


    Interesting that you admit to being 5"10 now. I'm 5'11" Zombo
  6. Zombo


    OK, got it ... and I agree. Zombo
  7. Zombo


    Yes, he is a former right tackle for the Browns too. Zombo ?
  8. Zombo


    You're benching him for a 6th round guard? Zombo
  9. Zombo


    So, we're down to Nickers flipping people off and Diehard patting him on the back for it ... gonna close this one down
  10. Zombo

    Donovan McNabb said...

    Like I said, Blake Bortles ceiling. Zombo
  11. Zombo


    This organization was "garbage" because we didn't have enough good football players. He's a great one. We're not concerned with what he wore to the Met Gala, just take us to the Promised Land ... He's pulling hot chicks and scoring touchdowns for millions ... you're Nickers. Zombo
  12. Zombo

    Donovan McNabb said...

    Couch wasn't that good. Even when he was completely healthy and had decent blocking. His ceiling was a Blake Bortles or Sam Bradford. Not McNabb. Zombo --But he was better than Akili Smith, so there's that.
  13. Zombo


    Where is the love for Chris Hubbard? Really played well down the stretch. Zombo
  14. Zombo

    Hello....did I miss anything...???

    Camp Sashi still keeps Garrett in their clutches.. The Steeler fans are seething with jealousy. Other than that, our biggest controversy is that some people like our 5th round linebacker better than our third round linebacker. Zombo
  15. Zombo

    Browns Depth Chart 2019

    Sprinkled in some UDFAs. Training camp in a month and a half! Updated 5/3/19 QB B.Mayfield, D.Stanton, G. Gilbert, D. Blough FB/H-B O. Charles RB N. Chubb, D. Johnson, D.Hilliard (Hunt Susp.) D. Johnson WR1 O. Beckham, A. Callaway, D. Willies, B. Jackson WR2 J. Landry, R. Higgins, D .Ratley, J.Strong TE D. Njoku, D. Harris, S. Devalve, P. Brown LT G. Robinson, D. Harrison LG J. Bitonio D. Forbes C J.Tretter K. Kalis RG A.Corbett, E. Kush B. Witzmann RT C. Hubbard, K. Lamm B. Seaton DE M. Garrett, C. Smith, C. Thomas DT Ogunjobi, C. Davis, D. Lawrence DT S. Richardson,T Coley, B. Price DE O. Vernon, Zettle, MLB Schoebert, M. Wilson R. Armstrong OLB G. Avery, A. Taylor, A. Stubbs OLB C. Kirksey, S. Takitaki D,.Young CB D. Ward , T. Carrie, T. Thomas, J.Burris CB T. Mitchell, G. Williams, D. Lewis, P. Gaines FS D. Randall, S. Redwine, J Whitehead SS M. Burnett, E. Murray K A. Seibert, G. Joseph P Colquitt, J. Gillan LS Hughlett KR (Hilliard) D. Sheehy-Guiseppe PR (Callaway)