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  1. ***Official Browns @ Colts Game Day Thread***

    The Colts are Fucked. Zombo
  2. The Great Zomboni is going to have to produce one more abbreviated version, and then we'll get back to so mome traditional forecasting next week. A Major Hurricane making landfall in your city eats up a lot of time ... But we're all good down here. Except the people whose homes are flooded and those still without power. But you get the point. Let's rub this ball and see what happens: Baltimore vs Jacksonville 9:30 AM, London Improved Jags scrape one out. JAGUARS 17 RAVENS 16 Pittsburgh at Chicago 1:00 PM Bears should get first win in a tight home contest. BEARS 24 STEELERS 22 Cleveland at Indianapolis 1:00 PM Browns defense should chew up whoever Dolts throw out there at QB. Browns 20 Colts 3 Cincinnati at Green Bay 4:15 PM Start the "Fire Marv" chants ... PACKERS 41 BUNGLES 14 TGZ
  3. Survey Wednesday

    ere is This week's survey. Give your thoughts/opinions: 1. On a scale of 1-10 rate Hue Jackson's performance so far as HC of the Browns. 5 ... or rather , Incomplete. I think he's a real good coach, but can't grade him up until the wins come. 2. The next 4 games on the Browns schedule are the Colts, Bengals, Jets, and Texans. How many do they win? There is not one chance in hell that they lose any of those. 3. Corey Coleman is out...again...with a broken hand. What, if any, bones have you ever broken? Broke my arm in two places playing football when I was 7. Broken toe here and there. Broke my penis during a weekend bender with a fat assed girl in a hotel room. 4. A. Who is the best looking rookie QB you have ever seen on any team. B. Same for the Browns Marino. Cody Kessler. 5.A. Who was the most overmatched rookie QB you have ever seen on any team. B. Same for the Browns Terry Bradshaw; Spergon wynn 6. Per a recent article I read, it questioned the existance of certain historical or mythical figures. Tell whether or not you think the following were actually real, or purely mythical: Robin Hood King Arthur Homer William Tell King Midas Confucius King David Moses John Henry Paul Bunyan Joan of Arc Betty Crocker The acutally 4 Musketeers: Porthos, Athos, Aramis, D'Artagnan Walter White All real, or based on real people, except King Midas, Paul Bunyan, Betty Crocker and Walter White.
  4. Nope. Nope, it doesn't. White sand, sea oats and palm trees. Unbroken miles of natural beach. All props to that beach, but it looks like brown sand that was trucked in and fully clothed folks dipping in a cold lake. Do you have a February picture? Zombo
  5. Yep. Cane came inland. Beaches minimal difference, just a little wider and sandier. Zombo
  6. So fucking glad I won't run into you on my Beach.
  7. Nope, don't live in a swamp, never going to live up North, and the Real Estate market will be booming by November. We live in paradise. We know the cost: Three hurricanes in 100 years. You buy insurance, and then lock up and go. Knoxville was fun. Zombo
  8. Some PFF grades

    You can't be serious. Zombo
  9. I'm home, still beautiful. All the landscaping got a shave and a haircut. Many without power still (Including my home, staying with my girlfriend) and parts of Bonita Springs still under water. Lot of mobile homes ruined. But we'll be better than ever. Zombo
  10. Southwest Florida is wonderful. Much less riff raff in Naples/Marco Island/ Sanibel than anywhere I have ever been. Zombo
  11. Thanks for taking the mantle, Tour. This is our 12th day of being displaced Evacuees, as neither The Great Zomboni or his lovely assistant have power yet. But we are back in Naples and took up someone's kind offer of their home on the Beach ... and no major damage to our houses .. so we are thankful. Had to charge the Crystal Ball all night after a week of being buried in the family trickster, and here is what it spat out: Houston at Cincinnati, Thursday Night Football: Sputtering Bungle offense causes embarrassing loss tobrookir QB at home. TEXANS 13 BUNGLES 9 Minnesota at Pittsburgh 1 PM Steelers were lucky to get young Browns in Week one, but now thr sputtering has begun. VIKINGS 27 STEELERS 21 Cleveland at Baltimore 1 PM Ratbirds not lucky to get Browns in Week two. Nassib makes an accordion out of Flacco's spine and Kizer throws 2 TD passes in first win. BROWNS 24 RAVENS 10 TGZ
  12. Kizer

    What the fuck do you guys want out of a 21 year old starting against a Final Four Steeler team in his first time out ... Seriously, wtf? And yes, Westside Steve, I gave the same leniency to Brady Quinn and Johnny Manziel ... difference is ... I already knew they sucked. This kid is special. Z
  13. Kizer

    He's a baller. 21 year old kid, baby deer on ice skates ... but he's a football player with a rocket arm and fast feet. We finally nailed one. Hallelujah. Z
  14. Some Bitch named Irma is knocking on my door down in Naples, but the Great Zomboni escaped with his crystal ball to Knoxville, and there is nothing I can do about what is going to happen to my beloved hometown of Naples, just like there is nothing I can do about what is going to happen on the field in Cleveland ... but TGZ has a prediction for both. If you are in downtown Knoxville, join me at the Downtown Grill & Brewery. I'm the guy in the Browns shirt enjoying the storm that is about to hit the Pittsburgh Steelers. Baltimore at Cincinnati 1 PM Whatever. Bungles by a field goal. BUNGLES 24 RATBIRDS 21 Pittsburgh at Cleveland 1 PM Greg Williams' defense will cause chaos from the beginning in this one, at least 3 turnovers and 4 sacks. With all that support, Deshone Kizer will have a smooth debut, with a couple big plays before he puts it into autodrive and enjoys his first Victory Formation in the NFL. BROWNS 37 STEELERS 10 Irma at Naples 4 PM Irma will fly by as a Category 4 Hurricane and do destructive and catastrophic damage to my hometown, but we all will survive due to extraordinary preparation, and we will rebuild with determination and be stronger than ever. #NaplesStrong! TGZ