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  1. Zombo

    All Time Browns Depth Chart

    We may be one of the only teams that could start an entire offense of Hall-of-Famers at every position, including three Running Backs, and when JT gets in, three Tackles. Zombo
  2. Zombo

    All Time Browns Depth Chart

    I'll go with the four "most painful": 1. The Manziel/Gilbert Exacta: Not only did they suck, they never cared about the team. Sets the standard for blowing a first round. 3. Brady Quinn: Traded a first and a second to get him and he was a walking dud. Won 3 games as a Brown 4. Mike Phipps: He was awful and the Browns won in spite of him for a few years until the entire franchise tanked. Most painful part is we traded Warfield in his prime for him. Shout out to Mike Junkin as well ... that guy went #5 overall?? Zombo
  3. Zombo

    All Time Browns Depth Chart

    Rubin, Logan and Fichtner are good nominees. Seems there are a lot of WRS that could be nominated, besides Logan there's Langhorne, Kevin Johnson, Dennis Northcutt, and everyone's fan favorite, Brian Brennan. I think every year I will honor two more guys with admission to the "Honorable Mention" Club, one on each side of the ball. So this year it is Felix Wright on defense ... and you guys nominate an offensive guy that I didn't list ... Logan has an early nomination vote. Zombo
  4. Zombo

    All Time Browns Depth Chart

    The Felix Wright thing got me thinking. He's a guy that had a pretty significant role on a very successful team. So I am changing the "Excellence in Longevity Club" (Not much of a ring to it anyway) to "Honorable Mention", and Felix is the first new inductee. Zombo
  5. Zombo

    All Time Browns Depth Chart

    Don Rogers didn't make my three year criteria, but he was on pace for a roster spot for sure. Felix Wright is a guy who slipped through my cracks but definitely deserves a mention. Probably a better safety than Clarence Scott, but Scott made the team for his longevity as both a CB and a Safety. Scott was a Pro Bowl Corner and amassed 166 starts with the Browns and 49 picks, Wrights Browns career wasn't as prolific, but he deserves "Honorable Mention". Zombo
  6. Zombo

    All Time Browns Depth Chart

    Thanks, I was working on this when you guys were discussing MLBs, and at the time, I had Dick "Bam Bam" Ambrose backing up Mike Johnson, but the discussion about the recently passed Vince Costello spurred me to look further into his career, and although he was never named a Pro Bowler, he definitely earned a spot on this team. Bam Bam will get over it, he has a nice job as a judge. Zombo
  7. Zombo

    All Time Browns Depth Chart

    My Browns Mt. Rushmore would be Otto, JB, Groza, and Coach Brown.... saving the 4th player spot for Mayfield. Go get it, Baker! Zombo
  8. Zombo

    All Time Browns Depth Chart

    Metcalf was a hard guy to leave off. Perhaps I should add a "utility" designation for a player. As a running back, he has three Hall of Famers, plus the Pruitts, and Mack and Byner ahead of him. He played six seasons with us and never had more than 600 yards rushing, but was an electrifying receiver from the RB spot as well. As KR, his problem is Josh Cribbs. I didn't have room for a KR and a PR, so I had to combine the skills. As a Punt returner Metcalf was a 10.6 ave and 5 TDs, while Cribbs was 11.0 and 3 TDs. But as kick-off returners it wasn't close. Cribbs has the NFL record with 8 TDs as a Kick returner, all with the Browns, while Metcalf had two, Cribbs averaged 25.9 on kick returns, while Metcalf was 20.2. Metcalf was lightning, but Cribbs had that strength to break through tackles and get those extra yards. Cribbs had 14,065 all-purpose yards with the Browns and 11 return TDs, Metcalf 9.108 all-purpose yards and 7 TDs. Hopefully the NFL will expand rosters and I can add a Punt Returner or a utility guy, in the meantime, Metcalf is on the fringe with me. Zombo
  9. Zombo

    All Time Browns Depth Chart

    Well, Lou Groza was Joe Thomas and Phil Dawson together. He was a nine-time Pro Bowler at Tackle, so that is where the HOFer starts. Phil Dawson was a 84% Fg Kicker over 215 games, and single-handily kept a bad team competitive at some points, so he earns a spot as a specialist. Zombo
  10. Well Training Camp is almost here, so time to unleash something I have been working on for awhile: My Browns All-Time 53 Man Depth Chart My Guidelines: --Needed to play three full seasons or more with the Browns --Players are only rated on what they did with the Browns, the rest of their careers is not weighted in --You are rated on how you performed against your peers. In other words, I don't need to hear the 240 lb. lineman versus today's lineman argument, we're not actually playing a football game, we recognizing accomplishment with the Brown & Orange. --Feel free to suggest your favorite players, I will update the list every year, maybe you will get through to me Notes: I tried to keep a balanced depth chart, but I ended up keeping 4 QBs because those four meant so much to the franchise and I don't want to demote them until Baker makes me. I also kept 4 running backs because it was bothering me that HOF Bobby Mitchell was not on the squad even though he only played four years with us. Also, I added Doug Dieken in favor of a third TE because we all know Doug would have been the best blocking TE ever ... and he can catch TD passes! I learned a LOT about the guys in the 50s because I had to research them, stats are not as applicable and I couldn't rely on Pro Football Reference's AV, because they don't apply it before 1960. So I had fun learning about these guys, and the guys from the 60's too, although I pretty much knew their reputations. From 1969 on I've watched just about every Sunday of football so those guys were easier to slot. There was no set formula to making the roster, i.e. Your # of All Pro Seasons, Pro Bowl Seasons, AV, years of service, etc ... It's subjective ... my opinion weighing everything I know about these guys. I didn't count our long snapper against the 53 because I wasn't about to drop one if these guys for a long-snapper. So many good players were left off the 53, that I found other ways to recognize them: --The Practice Squad: Basically these were the hardest cuts and I balanced it out by positions like a real practice squad. So Eric Metcalf didn't make it because I already had 4 RB and a KR on the roster and 2 RB on the practice squad. We have a great history at RB. Some spots, like TE, MLB and DB I had to dig a little further to fill spots down a list of all-time Browns (this is not just an All-Time list, it is a depth chart). --Legends Club: These are simply guys that have been recognized by the Browns Organization as "Legends" who did not make the 53 or the PS All-Pro Club: These are guys were recognized as First team All Pros during their career with the Browns, but did not qualify for the above categories. Pro Bowl Club: These are guys that were Pro Bowlers with the Browns but did not qualify for the above categories. The guys with multiple Pro Bowls are listed first, otherwise they are listed by order of their Browns debut. Excellence in Longevity Club: These are guys that didn't make my squad and never made a Pro Bowl team, but had long distinguished careers with good production and I wanted to recognize them. Futures Club: These are the ten Current Browns who I feel have the best chance to make some noise on this ranking in the future. Must have played one season in the Brown & Orange, sorry OBJ fans. Hall of Famers in Gold, All Pros in Orange, Pro Bowlers in Brown, the rest in Black. So, without further ado: All Time Browns 53 Man Roster QB Otto Graham ’46-55 / Frank Ryan QB ’62-68 / Bernie Kosar ’85-93 / Brian Sipe ’74-83 FB Marion Motley ’46-53 RB Jim Brown ’57-65/ Leroy Kelly ’64-73/ Greg Pruitt ’73-81 / Bobby Mitchell ’58-61 WR Paul Warfield ’64-77 / Ray Renfro ’52-63 / WR Dante Lavelli 46-56 / Mac Speedie ’46-52 / Gary Collins ’62-71 TE Ozzie Newsome ’78-90 / Milt Morin ’66-75 / T Joe Thomas ‘07-17/ Dick Schafrath ’59-71 / Doug Dieken ’71-84 T Lou Groza ’46-67 / Mike McCormick ’54-62 G Gene Hickerson ‘58-73 / Jim Ray Smith ’56-62 G Joe DeLamiellure ’80-84 / John Wooten ‘59-67 C Frank Gatski ’46-56 / Tom DeLeone ’74-84 DT Michael Dean Perry ’88-94 / Walter Johnson ‘65-76 DT Jerry Sherk ’70-81 / Bob Gain ’52-64 DE Bill Willis ’46-53 / Bill Glass’62-68 DE Len Ford ’50-57 / Paul Wiggin DE ’57-67 MLB Mike Johnson ’86-93 / Vince Costello ’57-66 OLB Clay Matthews ’78-93 / Walt Michaels ’52-61 OLB Jim Houston ‘60-72 / Chip Banks ’82-86 / Galen Fiss LB ’56-66 CB Frank Minnifield ’84-92 / Joe Haden ’10-16 CB Hanford Dixon ’81-89 / Bernie Parrish ’59-66 S Thom Darden ’72-81 / Clarence Scott ’71-83 S Eric Turner ’91-95 / Warren Lahr ’49-59 K Phil Dawson ’99-12 P Horace Gillom ’47-55 KR Josh Cribbs ’05-12 (LS Ryan Pontbriand ’03-11) Practice Squad Mike Pruitt RB ’76-84 Kevin Mack RB ’85-93 Pete Brewster TE ’52-58 Webster Slaughter WR ’86-91 Cody Risen T ’79-89 Abe Gibron G ‘ 50-56 Bob Golic DT ’82-88 Don Colo DT ‘53-58 Don Paul DB ’54-58 Tommy James DB ’48-55 Legends Club Dub Jones RB ’48-55 Eric Metcalf RB/KR ’89-94 Tony Adamle LB ’47-54 Ernie Green RB ’62-88 Erich Barnes CB ’65-71 Don Cockroft K/P ’68-80 Robert E. Jackson G ’75-83 Dick Ambrose MLB ’75-83 Eddie Johnson LB ’81-90 Earnest Byner RB ’84-88, ’94-95 All Pro Club Tommy Thompson LB ’49-53 Ron Snidow DE ’68-72 Lyle Alzado DE ’79-81 Jamir Miller LB ’99-01 Josh Gordon WR ’12-18 Pro Bowl Club Alex Mack C ’09-15 (3) Milt Plumb QB ’57-61 (2) John Morrow C ’60-66 (2) Weldon Humble G ’47-50 Ken Carpenter RB ’50-53 Chick Jigade FB ’51-53 Ken Konz S ’53-59 Carlton Massey DE ’54-56 Fred “Curly” Morrison RB ’54-56 Art Hunter C ’56-59 Johnny Brewer LB/TE ’61-67 Dick Modzelewski DT ’64-66 Fred Hoaglin C ‘66-71 Ernie Kellerman S ’66-71 Jack Gregory DE ’67-71 Ben Davis CB ’67-73 Bill Nelson QB ’68-72 Gerald “Ice Cube” McNeil KR ’86-90 Leroy Hoard RB ’90-95 Rob Burnett DE ’90-95 Pepper Johnson MLB ’93-95 Kellen Winslow TE ‘04-08 Braylon Edwards WR ’05-09 Derek Anderson QB ’06-09 Shaun Rogers DT ’08-10 TJ Ward S ’10-13 Jordan Cameron TE ’11-14 Tashaun Gipson S ’12-15 Gary Barnidge TE ’13-16 Honorable Mention Monte Clark T ’63-69 Charlie Hall LB ’71-80 Reggie Rucker WR ’74-81 Mike Baab C ’82-91 Paul Farren T ‘83-91 Felix Wright S '85-90 Dan Fike G ‘85-92 Tony Jones T ’88-95 Orpheus Roye DE ’00-07 D’Qwell Jackson MLB ’06-13 Futures Squad Joel Bitonio G 2014- Christian Kirksey LB 2014- Joe Schoebert MLB 2016- Myles Garrett DE 2017- David Nojoku TE 2017- Larry Ogunjobi DT 2017- Baker Mayfield QB 2018- Denzel Ward CB 2018- Jarvis Landry WR 2018- Nick Chubb RB 2018-
  11. Zombo

    Desmond Harrison , good timing Dorsey!

    Something was wrong last year when he was listed out with an "illness" every week and never played another down after being replaced, not even on special teams. There was more to the story when he was cut for missing a flight ... Kitchen's look said it all. Kudos to the Browns to keeping it in house until they had enough. Guy's career is over now ... Lived up to his red flags unfortunately. Zombo
  12. Zombo

    Duke Dumps his Agent

    Mack and Byner were both battling injuries and Curtis Dickey, who was at the end of his career, filled in. That's one of the best arguments for keeping Duke, injury insurance. Hilliard is a good receiver and can handle being the third back. Ideally you keep Duke half the season and then trade him because, hopefully, it is another team that has injury problems and needs a veteran back, Zombo
  13. Zombo

    RIP Walt Michaels

    Browns Linebacker '52-61, 5-time pro Bowler, 2-time NFL Champion Some may remember him as Head Coach of the Jets. He was Jets DC when they beat Colts 16-7 in SB III Zombo
  14. Zombo

    Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs Baker Mayfield

    Girl hit the gold mine, and so did we ... keep this guy upright and alive, all great teams have a special leader and we have ours. Zombo
  15. Zombo

    Crazy/Bold Predictions....agree or disagree

    1. The Cowboys will finish last in the NFC East 2. Daniel Jones will get -0- starts with the NY Giants 3. Dwayne Haskins will start week 1 for the Redskins 4. The Tampa Bay Bucs will go from 5-11 to 11-5 5. Cam Newton's play will continue to deteriorate due to his injuries 6. The New Orleans Saints will Win the Super Bowl, and then Drew Brees will retire. 7. The Lions will fire Matt Patricia mid season 8. The Packers win the NFC North....Matt LeFleur wins Coach of the Year 9. Kirk Cousins proves his mediocrity with as many Ints, as he has TD passes 10. The 49ers win the AFC West, over the Rams and Seahawks 11. The Rams suffer a Super Bowl loss hangover...and miss the playoffs altogether 12. The Bills challenge the Patriots for the division with a 10 win season 13. Josh Rosen's stats put him in the Top 10 QBs in the league this year 14. Leveon Bell will basically be a bust for the NY Jets 15. The Colts will win the AFC South...and represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, and Luck will be MVP 16. Nick Foles will lead the Jags to a wildcard playoff spot. 17. Ryan Tannehill will replace Marcus Mariota as the Tits starter at some point. 18. Cincinnati wins the AFC North 19. Robert Griffin III will have to step in and play half the season as Ravens starter because of injuries to Lamar Jackson. Ravens slump 20. James Conner and Juju Smith-Shuster will make Pittsburghers forget about L. Bell and A. Brown as Pisstown is the only challenger to Cincy for AFCN title. 21.Joe Flacco sucks for Denver and is replaced 22. The Chargers defense carries them to the AFC West title 23. Patrick Mahomes has a big dropoff, with like 30 TDs and 20 Ints 24. Derek Carr rebounds and makes the Pro Bowl. Oakland challenges for the playoffs....and they have to spend another year in Oak because the Vegas stadium will still not be ready next year. 25. The Browns will prove that they still do not know how to win and will suffer a 10 loss season! I agree with the ones in Bold. Zombo