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  1. Zombo

    Career Assessment Time

    Been down this Rabbit Hole before. Obviously The Perv is a first Ballot HOF. Manning is an above average QB with two SB trophies. Rivers is an excellent QB with no SB trophies. So it depends on where you want to put the emphasis on those two. I'd much rather have Rivers than Manning on my team. Zombo
  2. Zombo

    Survey Tuesday AFCN and beyond

    1. A report was given that Lamar Jackson claimed that the only reason the Ravens lost to the Titans last year was because he overlooked them, and that they would have probably won had he not taken them lightly. What say you about this claim? Sounds like horrible coaching and horrible leadership from the QB. I'm surprised that anyone on a John Harbaugh team would make a statement like that. 2. Another report claimed that now that the Steelers seem to be going to have Ben Roethlisberger back, apparently healthy, that the Steelers will be a juggernaut in the AFCN and the AFC overall. What say you about this claim? I really don't see why. Outside of the coach and the quarterback ... they are rather ordinary. 3. Colin Cowherd said that Joe Burrow will struggle mightily this coming year....and beyond perhaps primarily because the Bengals are such a bad organization, and that he may never live up to his potential until and unless he gets the chance to leave the Bengals. What say you about that claim? I think he'll do fine there. Maybe not this year, but he has all the tools and a good head on his shoulders. 4. The Carolina Panthers put together survey with a list of players that have played for that team since its inception in 1995, asking them to vote on that team's GOAT (Greatest of All Time). But, apparently, the Panthers left Cam Newton completely off the survey list. What say you about that move by them? Seeing as he was the NFL MVP I think that is a huge blunder. I imagine the only MVP in their history. Seems weird ... Maybe personal? 5. There could be any number of Browns subjects to ask your opinion on....but let's do this: Give your opinion on Something, Anything that peaks your interest to do with the Browns and/or their future prospects for the forthcoming season, or beyond. I will pick 5 players that could possibly have a breakout season: Drew Forbes, Chad Thomas, Mack Wilson, Greedy Williams, TakiTaki. Jamie Gilan is an All Pro Punter this year.
  3. A good private investigator is exactly what the Browns need. And the other chick is obviously serious about getting in the business. Kudos for them and kudos to the Browns. Do you hate everybody but white men? Actually seems like you hate a lot of them too. Z
  4. It would be nice just to have an actual 3rd WR ... since we didn't last year, and it was a disastrous. Zombo
  5. Zombo

    Browns players taking a knee

    Well, it seems that all of the regulars that are interested had a whack at it, I'll send it to the Poli Board and merge it with the other kneeling post and let everyone that goes over there bludgeon this horse. Die Hard & Gorka ... You might need a ComeToJesus moment. Not judging ... Just saying ... Gotta suck to carry hate in your heart. Zombo
  6. Zombo

    Browns players taking a knee

    So everyone that didn't serve is a pussy? I assume that covers Captain Bone Spurs as well? Z
  7. Zombo

    Browns players taking a knee

    I had black roommate in college. Had a black best friend in my 20s. Dated a black woman for awhile. Worked with many blacks. All great folks. And if you want to turn the table the other way my white daddy, my white uncles and my white Grandfather fought for the this country and my white uncle died on D-day. And they were all liberals. And they would all say they fought so that we could all be equal and have the freedom to protest. And don't tell me they wouldn't be liberals today, because my 90 year old Irish Catholic Mom will totally bitchslap you for such blasphemy. You know what, I'm just gonna this leave thread alone, put a NSFW on it and see where it goes. Just hit the bat signal if you get offended ... Kathy has two black kids. Zombo
  8. Zombo

    Survey Sunday Flag Day

    1. Pittsburgh. 2. Yes. 3. Yes. 4. Seattle and St. Louis 5. Strongest union/ Worst owners ... Not a good combination.
  9. Zombo

    Browns players taking a knee

    Um ... no. I think I laughed at it. Z
  10. Zombo

    Browns players taking a knee

    Baker's awesome. Z
  11. Zombo

    Cleveland Sports Mt. Rushmore (expanded)

    Paul Brown, Jim Brown, Bob Feller, Lebron James, Lou Groza, Jessie Owens. Zombo
  12. Zombo

    Browns players taking a knee

    It didn't bother me when players kneeled last time, and it won't bother me this time. Let me know when to lock this thread or send it to the poli board. Z
  13. Zombo

    Myles Garrett is a stand-up man

    He's awesome. And he hit a Steeler QB over the head with his own helmet. Let me repeat that ... He hit a Steeler QB over the head with his own helmet. Should never pay for a beer in Cleveland again. Z
  14. Zombo

    Survey Saturday

    Well he's the fucking backup right now, so we answered your question with the facts in front of us. Z
  15. Zombo

    Survey Saturday

    1. Do you think that any current member of the Cleveland Browns has a decent chance to make the Hall of Fame, just based on how they have done so far in their careers? Garrett, OBJ and Landry could do it, but long, long, long way to go and if anyone gets there it will probably be Myles. 2. Several parter based on current situation: A. Texas apparently is saying they will allow their sporting venues to be occupied by fans, but only up to 25% capacity. What say you if that were to apply to NFL games...at first, or for the entire season if necessary. OK B. Another option is that the league play with no fans. Melvin Gordon of the LA Chargers says, essentially: "that helps us, we have been playing games without any of our fans in attendance anyway". What do you make of his comments? His comments are funny, the idea is bad. C. I am hearing another possibility is that if the games are played with no fans, that the league might consider "pumping in" artificial crowd noise. What do you think of that horrendously bad idea? (oh...I am sorry...I didn't mean to prejudice any of your opinions) Anything with no fans is a bad idea 3. Which NFL backup QB do you think could end up stealing a job from the current starter, or at least play the most games this coming year? Tua 4. OK, I have a wife, and 4 sisters. We had a very small party last night (under 10 people) for my one sister's 50th anniversary. One thing that came up is that all 5 women at that party were talking about how "Hot" the new Cleveland Browns new HC Kevin Stefanski is. (and none of the 5 are particularly into football). Have you gotten similar comments from any of your female family members or acquaintances? No.