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  1. Zombo

    Browns waive LB Malik Jefferson

    Yes, and former coach with the Browns. Zombo
  2. Zombo

    Browns waive LB Malik Jefferson

    We signed DE Bryan Cox Jr., recently of the Panthers to replace Jefferson. Need depth at DE with Vernon out. If we bring Forbes back, I'm not sure who goes on the O-line? What did everyone think of Teller's start? Is Kush expendable now? Zombo
  3. Saw Kathy this past weekend, She is allowing Diehard back in 30 Days, if he wants to stay, and you all want to stay, the key is not to report things and not get reported. There are no personal or political vendettas on this board ... just don't be a pain in the ass, and don't make us work any harder than we want to ... for free, on this free site. Zombo Whatever is going on, PM Hoorta and/or I, and we will get to it ... eventually. Just act like grown ass adults in the meantime.
  4. Zombo

    Browns Board Survival!

    Ugh, forgot to make a pick last week ...
  5. This Week in the AFC North, The Great Zomboni is taking matters into his own hands. I have seen enough. This team is too talented. But something is missing. That missing something is ... Me I have never seen a game in the Baker Mayfield era, live. The Browns are waiting for The Great Zomboni to come to Mecca and watch The Chosen One live, so that we can all move on. There was a reason Earl Little jumped in my arms in 2000, and Johnny Manziel's girlfriend winked at me in 2015, they were letting me know that the franchise will move forward when I fully commit. So here I come in 30* weather, flying up Saturday Night and back Sunday Morning just to Reverse The Curse. But it is going to be Cold. Fucking cold. so I need a little hot salsa to bring with me to warm up the weekend, so here is my travel companion and Celebrity Guest Prognosticator, Sophia Vergara: And here is what happens after TGZ and Sophie V get to town: Buffalo at Cleveland 1:00 PM, Sunday Grow your Fu Man Chu back Baker, because it is time to unleash. They gotta cover Hunt out of the backfield, they gotta worry about Chubb up the gut, and your going to drop dimes on OBJ on the way to the end zone. Twice. Then you will look into the the stands and give The Great Zomboni the thumbs up ... and then we roll. BROWNS 31 BILLS 13 Baltimore at Cincinnati 1:00 PM, Sunday Dammit, the Bungles ruin everything. I saw this as a total trap game for the Ravens, coming off the big Patsie matchup, and I thought the Bungles would bite them ... with Andy Dalton, proven NFL commodity. But no, they are throwing a fresh, new ginger in against the Raven Defense. Ughh. They will still keep it close ... but lose. RAVENS 16 BUNGLES 13 LA Rams at Pittsburgh 4:25 PM, Sunday The Rams are a Sleeping Giant at 5-3, they are ready to roll down the stretch and Pittsburgh is due to be reminded that they suck this year. RAMS 35 STEELERS 19 You SUCK Steelers ... Go Home!
  6. Zombo

    Ghosts or Legends

    I always assumed he was a friend of yours, Tom. Not sure why. Always wondered where he went. Tom, as in me? If you are talking about me. No, only knew him through the board. Supposedly he begged off the NFL (not just this board) because of the supposed "kneeling" controversy. I don't know, it all seemed nefarious to me, but if in fact that is truly why he did it. so be it. And oddly enough, I am currently wearing one of the T-shirts that he made and distributed to a lot of the regulars. On that T-shirt he put a lot of names, here are some others from that who we have not seen in forever: Bacon Hound Bad News Browns Beef Jerky Bring Back Brownie Browns 57 Althaus Choco ERie Dawg Fear the Roo Harry Buffalo Horseballs Louisville Slugger Medicine Man Pumpkin Eater Richis where SlowBurn Cleveland Sound Tim Couch Pulls Out Xanthros DaBuckeye The T-shirt was for the Annual Tailgate Blowout Cleveland vs. Cincinnati 9/29/13 I have seen Horseballs around. And Browns 57 is still here. Ya, I assumed Mix left because of the kneeling. That is my favorite, most comfortable browns t-shirt, I will have it on Sunday in Cleveland (under layers and layers). Zombo
  7. Zombo

    Ghosts or Legends

    For some reason, I went way back into the archives of this board, and found some familiar names who did a lot of posting but who have not been around here in a long, long time. So I was just wondering if you all recall them, and/or know why they may have dropped out. Here is a list of names that I saw when looking at posts from a decade ago: Inspecta One of the leaders of the 08 insurrection. Started a bad website, became a bad stand up comedian, then sadly passed away. Orangenotbrown Solon16 VaporTrail Furnier Original Gangsta ... still lurks, still makes it to some tailgates. dencyguy A prolific poster in the beginning. Real smart ass, but knew his stuff. Had a hard time getting him to a tailgate. Eventually disappeared manbearpig RifferX Traitor in Stan's eyes. Stan promoted him to moderator then he booked to the Brady Quinn Homo site. We are Facebook friends and he was at the tailgate in Tampa last year. HowieDawg Howie doesn't come on here much because he;s too nice. big on FB and Twitter. Good friend of mine, makes it to Cleveland almost every year. Lumbergh Last seen on a Bills Board last year in a DA v. Peterman debate rich4eagle He's in all of the Fantasy Leagues. Once bet me a $ per yard William Green v. Maurice Clarrett, owes me $2,109.00, never paid up Kosar for President Isn't he still around? Ithika WPB Dawg Fan Ran like a little girl to the Brady Quinn homo board hammertime Damn, he was around a long time listercat firebiker Friend of Stan's cool guy, met him once OconRecon We Need Tom Tupa darubes He's an Original back to the AOL Days and Camp Couch THAAK Another original Camp Coucher Chicopee John We are still friends, mostly through e-mail GuestGhoolie Never heard of him
  8. Zombo

    JC Tretter extension 3 years

    Saw this coming when we gave up on Corbett. Solid dude, good signing. Z
  9. Zombo

    Attending Browns Bills game

    Damn ... I'll have toook at a map to see if that is via my walk to the stadium, I wanted to wear your skirt again! Z
  10. Zombo

    Attending Browns Bills game

    Sent. Really cool of you! I will be sure to get a picture of the toast! Z
  11. Zombo

    Attending Browns Bills game

    Sorry you wont be there Larry, I always assume you'll be there! Who is going to help me with the Wine List at the Flat Iron? Z
  12. Zombo

    Attending Browns Bills game

    I believe about 8 AM. You have my number, right? Hope to see you. Z
  13. Zombo

    Freddie: "I don't look at stats."

    I listened to the interview, which gives you the correct context. Basically, he is saying Baker is close. If Belichick said "I dont need stats, I know what I see" then everybody nods their head. When you are a slow-talking former running backs coach who is 2-6 with a 6-2 roster then it is fodder to pile on. I'm rooting hard for Freddy to turn this around, that would be great for everybody. Change is not appealing right now, figuring things out and punching Buffalo and Pittsburgh in the mouth is. Z
  14. Zombo

    Attending Browns Bills game

    Crap, wish were there. We will definitely hoist one to Stanley in your name. Z
  15. I will be in Cleveland this weekend to pay respects to the one year anniversary of Stan's passing (November 10) and to attend the Bills game. No formal tailgate is planned, but if you want to meet us at The Flat Iron Cafe before the game, we will be there early. to toast Atenears and change the Browns 2019 fortunes I have tickets to the game, but I know of a couple of people that are looking, so if you are selling, PM me. Hope to see some familiar faces, and some new ones too, stop by we will be easy to find, or send me a PM and I'll give you my number to text on gameday. Go Browns!!! Zombo