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  1. Zombo

    Risky Business?

    Of course "not on the same team" does not mean they weren't great picks. Stafford, Newton and Luck were great picks. Zombo
  2. Zombo

    Browns Draft Needs

    You don't think we'll be able to sign two free agents? We will. Free agency is how you fix holes for this season. The draft is all about the future, replacing contracts for starters that will be gone in a couple years, we have plenty on both sides of the ball. The focus should be on frre agency now, not the draft, let's fix some holes, and then talk about draft needs. But it won't be a DB in Round 1. Zombo
  3. Zombo

    Browns Draft Needs

    Everything I've read sounds promising. Sign Mitchell as an insurance policy and grab a slot corner in FA. Everyone keeps throwing our top picks at DBs in the mocks and it doesn't make for a sense full approach to me Z
  4. Zombo

    Browns Draft Needs

    I think you are confusing street free agent with actual veteran free agents. And I also think you are confused if you don't think I know what type of defense we run, as I always point it out in our depth chart. And I also think you have somehow confused a street free agent as > than third round draft pick. So I have us signing a top free agent slot corner, re-signing Mitchell, and drafting a db in the third round ... but you think I want a street free agent? I mean ... can you read? Z
  5. Zombo

    Browns Roster Moves 2021

    We are tendering TE Carlson and DE Gustin though. Z
  6. Zombo

    Browns Draft Needs

    What you got, Tia? Z
  7. Zombo

    Browns Draft Needs

    Grant Delpit and Greedy Williams will be starters next year. The other two starters in the backfield will be Ward and Harrison. We need a slot corner. Plenty available in FA. We can resign Mitchell for the extra corner or find/draft another guy. We need another 3rd safety, that guy is probably not on the roster. But we are talking Depth moves here ... we do not need to draft a defensive back at the top of the draft. Pass rusher, linebacker, DT, WR, and OL depth are all more, or equally important. We drafted a safety in the second round last year, there is nothing wrong with him. We'll grab a corner in free agency. Its not a draft need until at least round three. Z
  8. Zombo

    Survey Wednesday March 3.

    1. The Covid vaccine program is moving along...methodically. Do you think things will improve fairly well by September that the NFL can have fairly full stadiums at their games? Yes. 2. Apparently, Tom Brady's wife asked him this question: "What more do you have to prove?? Answer that as if you were Tom Brady. "I love to ball, Bitch, make me a taco salad and shut up." 3. There are supposedly some big name QBs that could move this offseason: Watson wants out, Russell may move, Prescott. Which team or teams in the NFL do you think are basically a Quarterback away from challenging for the title, and which, if they got one of these guys could really potentially be there? Miami has a solid team, but I would stick with the young guy. Washington has a pretty good team and no Quarterback. Patriots can win with the right QB. Bears need to do something while their D is good. 4. How freakish was Myles Garrett's leap.....and have you ever seen a more outstanding display of athleticism, and if so, what? I've seen him do it before.It's pretty freakish. 5. Baseball Spring training is underway. What are your expectations for the Indians this year, or , if you are a fan of another team, what are your expectations for them? Indians will win the World Series with that young pitching staff. 6. Speaking of Spring.....give us some nostalgia: Where, if anywhere, did you go on spring break when you were in college or when you were young? Ft. Walton / Destin. Drove my rusty powder blue Plymouth Volare box of bots down there ... Chicks were into it.
  9. Zombo

    Free Agent Tracker

    LB Kyle Van Now to be traded or released by Dolphins ... Better than anyone we have at the position. Zombo
  10. Zombo

    Survey Saturday

    1. Is there one particular NFL free agent you would particularly like to see the Browns snatch up....if they can? Not a real big fish, but we need a slot corner, and I'd like to see us steal Mile Hilton from the Steelers. 2. Is there one particular player that you would want to see the Browns snatch up with that #26 pick in the first round? I'm not in tune with the prospects, but ... Best Defensive Player Available. 3. Christian Kirksey has been released by the Packers. Any interest? No. But good luck to him, he was a warrior. 4. Steelers GM says he is excited to see what Dwayne Haskins can do. Does this auger something? Why do you use weird words? I don't know how to answer this, but Haskins sucks, if that helps. 5. Rumors are that Tim Tebow may join Urban Meyers staff in JAX in some capacity. Good move? For Tim? Sure. What is he going to coach ... Bible Studies? 6. Is there one particular city that you would like to spend a week in sometime in the next year? London or Honolulu Z
  11. Zombo

    Browns Drafts Data Points

    Officially, Don Strock started the Wild Card game against the Oilers, got injured early ... but he would take the L, not Pagel, right? Z
  12. Zombo

    Its Official , BOTH Pounceys retire

    Two pieces of shit that supported Aaron Hernandez. See ya ... Z
  13. Zombo

    JJ Watt to Cardinals

    A Realtor friend of mine in Cleveland told me he just bought a house in Strongsville. Z
  14. Zombo

    Browns Roster Moves 2021

    He looked lost out there. Z
  15. "Legal Tampering" sounds like a dude in his 20's sniffing around a 17 year old girl whose birthday is next week. Zombo