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  1. Zombo

    Are we done improving?

    We got Chubb, Callaway and Avery after the first round last year ... Dorsey will find us players. And if we need a part at the last minute ... a linebacker, a safety, an injury replacement on the offensive line ... there are always some quality vets floating around when camp breaks Z
  2. Zombo

    Browns Depth Chart 2019

    Updated 3/22/19 Guys in bold are guys that I think make the current final 53 QB B.Mayfield, D.Stanton FB RB N. Chubb, D. Johnson, D.Hilliard (Hunt Susp.) WR1 O. Beckham, A. Calloway, D. Willies, R. Louis, B. Jackson WR2 J. Landry, R. Higgins, J.Strong, D .Ratley, TE D. Njoku, D. Harris, S. Devalve, P. Brown LT G. Robinson, D. Harrison LG J. Bitonio E. Kush C J.Tretter K. Kalis RG A.Corbett, B. Witzmann RT C. Hubbard, K. Lamm B. Seaton DE Garrett, Smith, Thomas DT Ogunjobi, C. Davis, D. Lawrence DT S. Richardson,T Coley, B. Price DE O. Vernon, Ogbah, Zettle, MLB Schoebert, R. Armstrong OLB G. Avery, Hines OLB Kirksey, A. Thomas CB D. Ward , T. Thomas, H. Wilson CB T. Mitchell, T. Carrie, P. Gaines S D. Randall. J. Whitehead S D. Kindred K Joseph P Colquitt LS Hughlett KR (Hilliard) PR (Calloway) Updated Major Needs: Linebacker, Safety, Tackle, Cornerback Other concerns: Backup QB, Kicker
  3. What a different team we would be. Doubt we would have won as many games with Allen at QB, probably be drafting higher, all in on a cornerback, not trading our #1 for OBJ, or trading for Vernon for that matter. Good calls on Callaway and Harrison Zombo
  4. Zombo

    March Madness Tournament Challenge

    I think I will get every game right this year. Z
  5. Zombo

    Kiper Upgrades The Browns

    How many times did we win rookie of the week last year? Like 10? Thanks for the upgrade, Mel, it means a lot to us. Z
  6. Zombo

    Looks Like Ogbah Has Been Traded

    Ya, Chris Smith is not "better". He's a solid football player and a confirmed backup. Ogbah was not the right guy to be opposite from Garrett, he has failed that test. But he is extremely athletic and has knocked down 17 pass attempts in three years. He is a guy you can mix in on passing situations and create mismatches. If he is as bad as you imply, then virtually no one would trade anything for him anyway. Z
  7. Zombo

    Looks Like Ogbah Has Been Traded

    Don't know why we are in a hurry to get rid of players like Ogbah and Duke. Seems they have more value to us than the pick they would generate. Ogbah on a nice rookie contract, he may excel as a situational pass rusher. Duke is Duke, and those first 8 games count just as much as those last 8 do. Zombo
  8. Zombo

    So who wants Burfict?

    Can't rely on him, best football is behind him. hasn't played a 16 game season since 2013. The last thing we need is to be winning the AFC Championship game and this asshat draws a personal foul to keep a drive alive. Zombo
  9. Zombo

    Gettleman Speaks RE OBJ Trade

    The way I look at it, a lot of value on each side, but we got the only game-changer in Beckham. He's a rare talent at a true weapon position. Possible HOFer, they don't grown on trees at #19 overall. I understand it though, the Giants are building for the future, we are building for NOW. Zombo
  10. Zombo

    WR assignments

    Obj and Higgins wide with Landry in the slot. Callaway secret weapon that lines up all over. Z
  11. Zombo

    Baker Mayfield bats left handed

    Looks like a Ball Player. Let's challenge the Stillers to a ballgame. CF Callaway LF Landry 1B Nojoku DH Garrett RF OBJ 2B Chubb 3B Mayfield SS Ward C Schoebert P Stanton
  12. Zombo

    Everyone Wants Some

    Dorsey going all in on Baker at #1 was the game-changer. Enjoy the ride, boys. Especially happy for the young dudes who have been loyal through absolute crap. Hard to tell tell them how the fun the 80s were. This is lining up as bigger than that. Z
  13. Zombo

    Game on Cleveland

    Another Chief bites the dust? http://dailysnark.com/chiefs-wr-tyreek-hill-under-investigation-for-child-abuse/?fbclid=IwAR1gW1fcVviFcZJpMV2zdrCfSQFArAXUVLl0v-OnJvIbjC8rWOnEaRSNxY0
  14. Zombo

    Brown’s sign OL Kendall Lamm

    Cool. Z