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  1. Well, The Great Zomboni started off the season three-and-one straight-up in the division, but it wasn't enough for Lola to keep her job, sorry fans. Sure, everyone knew the Ravens would beat the Phins, and the Bungles would ultimately choke. And I have been telling you Pittsburgh sucks for years, I didn't need any help with that one. But she missed big on the most important game of the week, and that's just bad JuJu. So another National Search for an assistant begins, in the meantime we are going to have a celebrity guest this week, Friend of the Board Salma Hayek is putting on her best brown dress and advise TGZ on his picks this week. So, without further ado, here is what The Great Zomboni and the Spectacular Salmas came up with: Arizona at Baltimore 1:00 PM The Rats start their season with their second straight candy-ass team. Let their egos grow ... RAVENS 24 CARDINALS 14 San Francisco at Cincinnati 1:00 PM It's not the 80's, so don't expect anything Super. More like a sloppy win for the Bungles on their home turf. BUNGLES 22 49ERS 19 Seattle at Pittsburgh 1:00 PM In honor of our guest Ms. Hayek, I am going to throw you guys a curve here: Steelers can't be THAT bad, and a Tomilin-coached team will rebound against a West Coast team with the game in Pukesburgh. STILLERS 26 SEAHAWKS 20 Cleveland at New York Jets 8:15 PM Monday Night Football After opening in 1970 with Bill Nelson v. Joe Namath, the NFL was hoping to treat us to Mayfield V Darnold II during this historic 50th season of MNF. But apparently Sammy Boy was kissing boys in the bathhouse and came down with something viral. So now we get to watch Baker throttle the Jets in Primetime again and Myles Garrett make lead-footed Trevor Semen into his own personal voodoo doll. BROWNS 41 JETS 14
  2. Looked like a Phillip Rivers_type shotput approach, with a short loading time and then powerful release. Nobody does it like Danny:
  3. Wait ... what? Some guy that has started two games at Washington State has the quickest release since Marino?? Were you seeing if we were paying attention? Quicker than Tom Brady? Cause he's pretty quick. Peyton Manning, hell, Baker Mayfield has an awesome quick release. But some dude at Wash St. Is quicker than all of them? Z
  4. Zombo

    Darnold ruled out for Monday

    I think Ray Lewis murdered a knife. Z
  5. Zombo

    The Tavern

    Done. Z
  6. Zombo

    The Tavern

    Ya, post the link and I will connect it to the site. Z
  7. Zombo

    The Tavern

    Nice, Tour Z
  8. Zombo

    2019 Browns Board Fantasy Football

    ... So my Zombo's Death Dawgs in the Phil Dawson League that were picked by Yahoo to go 0-16 won by 22 points, 139-117, with Sammy Watkins 46 points foolishly on the bench. Both of my teams won without much help from all my Browns ... could be an interesting year. Z
  9. Zombo

    Genard Avery Inactive?

    Browns inactives vs. Tennessee: QB Garrett Gilbert, WR Taywan Taylor, LB Sione Takitaki, LB Genard Avery, C Austin Corbett, OG Wyatt Teller, TE Ricky Seals-Jones
  10. Zombo

    The Tavern

    So to recap ... the password to The Tavern is "tavern". Let me know how it goes, how we can improve it, and who wants to moderate etc, I think Mark usually hangs out there but he will be busy at the stadium tomorrow. Zombo
  11. The Browns went 5-2 down the stretch and then added PrO Bowlers Odell Beckham jr., Kareem Hunt, Sheldon Richardson and Olivier Vernon to what was already the most talented young roster in the division. The Steelers trimmed themselves of a couple prima donna drama queens and should be a leaner, meaner version of their historically tough selves. The Ravens won the division last year and retooled and are all in on the Lamar Jackson era The Bungles ... well, they fired the only decent thing about them ... their coach, and hired a guy who once shook Sean McVay's hand or something and did little to improve their team. So, we know who is going to suck ... but how do we separate the three contenders? For that, The Great Zomboni has brought in a new assistant ... Lola Lola once dated an athlete and looks real smart when she wears her glasses so she is going to be analyzing all intra-divisional games not involving the Bungles. I will just pick the Bungles to lose myself. She also looks good in orange. So without further ado, here is what Lola and TGZ came up with after a long night of research: Tennesee at Cleveland 1:00 PM The Tits were heavy in the running game at the end of last year behind Derek Henry, but they need Marriota to win some games with his arm or they are going to be cutting the cord and turning to Tannehill. The Browns should send them one game closer to that decision by applying fierce pressure all day to force sacks and turnovers. The powerful Browns offense can take their time getting in gear this week, as the Browns defense shall win the day. BROWNS 26 TITS 10 Baltimore at Miami 1:00 PM The Dolphins are taking tanking to new level this year, by not even trying to remotely hide the fact that they are tanking. Ryan Fitzpatrick should enjoy getting killed behind an offensive line that was assembled from various parts this week, while Lamar Jackson can pretend he is a stud for a week. RATBIRDS 27 DOLPHINS 7 Cincinnati at Seattle 4:05 PM The Seahawks are generously given one more tune-up before the regular season starts. SEAHAWKS 34 BUNGLES 17 Pittsburgh at New England 8:20 PM Sunday Night Football Steeler fans are already so jealous of the Patriots that they can't see straight, and after today's transaction I think a few heads will literally explode. Let's add to that misery with an OT FG win for New England ... hopefully on a bad call. PATRIOTS 34 STEELERS 31 OT TGZ
  12. Zombo

    Antonio Brown

    And ... I hope you weren't thinking the soap opera was over ... I'm gonna go ahead and say "sit him". Antonio Brown tells Raiders to 'release me' after team voids nearly $30M in guarantees https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/antonio-brown-tells-raiders-to-release-me-after-team-voids-nearly-30m-in-guarantees/
  13. Zombo

    The Great Zomboni Picks Em 2019

    Your Bears are going to need to score more than 3 points if they are going 13-2 the rest of the way ... and that is one bad-ass top-heavy AFC North. Z
  14. Zombo

    The Great Zomboni Picks Em 2019

    The First This Week in the AFC North is due, but I can't get my new assistant, Lola, off the beach ... The hurricane effect left us with some nice weather down here...
  15. Zombo

    OBJ- Nor the best news

    Ya, they are setting them up for a first quarter fly route off the play action fake. Zombo