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  1. Zombo

    Happy birthday Z

    I do ... I don't look too bad for as hungover I was that day! Z
  2. Zombo

    Happy birthday Z

    Thanks, Mofos!
  3. She is holding up well. Had to get a real job and everything. Still misses Stan a LOT. Zombo
  4. Zombo

    Browns sign DE Adrian Clayborn

    Sneaky good signing. Z
  5. Ya, we had a server problem, Kathy took care of it .. The Browns Board goes on!
  6. Zombo

    Browns Sign OL and rework another

    Really happy we re-worked Hubbard, good veteran to keep around. Good swing tackle who can play inside too. Don't necessary think he's a better guard than Teffler, and we have Forbes there too, but it gives us that vital depth everywhere, especially with a rookie going to be at LT. If he practices at four different spots it saves a roster spot for somewhere else too, solid ... Berry has really impressed me so far. Zombo
  7. Zombo

    Browns interested in Right Guard

    We got Forbes last year. Or move that overpaid RT from Pittsburgh inside for a year. But I thought Forbes looked good. Z
  8. Zombo

    Schobert to Jags

    I love when a guy leaves and we never learned to spell his name. Zombo
  9. Tom Brady is likeable all of the sudden. Z
  10. Link to follow. Highest paid TE. Z
  11. Zombo

    Survey Sunday, The Ides of March

    Modell. All other answers do not compare. Zombo
  12. Zombo

    Christian Kirksey Released

    I understand it is time to replace him, contract-wise and performance-wise (due to injuries) ... But don't let the door hit you on the way out?? This guy has bled brown and orange for us. One of the few good players that had to struggle through 1-31 and gave everything he had. A leader, a fighter, and a guy who outplayed his draft status (rare during this Browns era). He goes down as one of my favorite players. Good luck to him, Browns forever! Zombo --Where has fan loyalty gone?
  13. Zombo

    Survey Sunday

    1. Browns seem to be looking for a veteran backup QB........who is out there that they should choose? Taysom Hill 2. Browns and Packers look like they are going to be doing joint practices in Wisconsin. Thoughts about that? Cool 3. Tony Romo has re-signed for like 17 million dollars a year to stay as CBS's lead color commentator. I personally cannot stand to listen to his weak, gravelly, sounds like he constantly needs to clear his throat voice . Do you share that opinion? No, I think he is by far the best color guy working today. 4. Which opposing teams stadiums (non-Browns) have you been to a game to, if any? Miami, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, LA Rams, 5. The XFL is getting an average of about 17,000 attendance for their games. However, the team with the best attendance is the St. Louis team, with almost 30K average attendance. That is also the only current XFL city that does not currently have an NFL team located there. If the XFL expands, as you know they will....should they target more Non-NFL cities? I'm not so sure that they will expand ... or survive.
  14. Zombo

    Browns to let Schobert walk

    Dorsey dropped the ball by not re-signing him last year. This is how you lose draft picks that succeed ... you wait until they are hitting free agency to offer them serious money. Another Mitchell Scwartz case. Sign them on their way up through the system, don't wait until they can sniff money from 32 other teams ... you've lost leverage. Hopefully, Berry puts an end to this insanity. That said, Schobert is good, but not great. Mack Wison will be a very good player. We will be dipping in free agency to find another lb that fits what Joe Woods wants to do. Zombo
  15. Zombo

    Browns Board Mock Draft

    I don't get involved. PM when you need threads pinned, merged, etc. Z