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  1. Week 2 and we're searching for a new assistant already. So we will go back to Community, where Britta is sort of the Ginger to Annie's Mary Ann. So welcome Gillian (Not Gilligan) Jacobs: Now, let's get right down to business: Cincinnati at Cleveland, 8:20 pm, Thursday Night Football The Browns got punched in the mouth last week, which should wake them up this week, and we'll see the full-throttled version of Kevin Stefansky's offense, while Joe Woods has an opportunity to fluster a rookie QB on the road. Big night for Baker. BROWNS 40 BUNGLES 10 Denver at Pittsburgh, Sunday 1 PM The Broncos defense looked pretty tough against the Titans, even without Von Miller, so expect Vic Fangio's boy to get after the crip Big Slow Ben, and create havoc in this one. BRONCOS 20 STEELERS 13 Baltimore at Houston, Sunday 4:25 PM The Ravens have a tough assignment on the road, and I have a feeling Deshaun Watson, maybe the most under-rated player in the league, is going to snatch the spotlight from Jacko. TEXANS 34 RAVENS 27 TGZ
  2. Zombo

    The Great Zomboni's 2020 Predictions

    I was 7-6 against the spread, how did you do? Zombo
  3. Zombo

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    Whoops didnt see this one ... Good work. Z
  4. Zombo

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    I had to start this myself an hour before kickoff? Did our Bot get the Rona? Browns inactives vs. Baltimore: WR Donovan Peoples-Jones CB Greedy Williams CB Kevin Johnson LB Mack Wilson T Chris Hubbard DE Joe Jackson J.C. Tretter to start. Z
  5. Well folks, it was a long, Long, Long, Long, Long, Looooong Offseason. So long, that I actually watched TV shows, something I normally don't do. But boredom was rampant and Netflix stepped in. So this year, my lovely assistants will come from the shows I watched during the Pandemic ... the Covid Cover Girls of 2020 if you will. We will start with one of my favorites, Alison Brie, from Community and Glow. Here is what Ali and I think: Cleveland at Baltimore 1:00 PM The Browns new offense under Kevin Stefanski comes out smoking. And Joe Woods shows the league who you stop Lamar Jackson. Ravens won't know what hit them, Browns strike first in a rivalry that should be neck and neck all season long. BROWNS 34 RAVENS 23 LA Chargers at Cincinnati 4:05 PM I don't see big things from either of these teams this year, but I'll give the nod to former Brownie Tyrod Taylor to eek out a veteran win over the green rook. CHARGERS 17 BUNGLES 16 Pittsburgh at NY Giants , Monday Night Football, 7:10 PM It will be interesting to see how the Giants progress with Daniel Jones, he looked pretty sharp at times last year. Pittsburgh will go as far as Pig Ben can take them, and I'll take a chancy bet on him getting through game 1. STEELERS 23 GIANTS 20 TGZ
  6. The Great Zomboni Picks 2020 The Great Zomboni Ranks Them 1. Cleveland Browns 2. Kansas City Chiefs 3. Dallas Cowboys 4. New Orleans Saints 5. Seattle Seahawks 6. Baltimore Ravens 7. Minnesota Vikings 8. Indianapolis Colts 9. Buffalo Bills 10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 11. Las Vegas Raiders 12. Green Bay Packers 13. Pittsburgh Steelers 14. Tennessee Titans 15. Philadelphia Eagles 16. San Francisco 49ers 17. New England Patriots 18. Atlanta Falcons 19. Houston Texans 20. Los Angeles Rams 21. Denver Broncos 22. Chicago Bears 23. New York Giants 24. Miami Dolphins 25. Detroit Lions 26. Arizona Cardinals 27. New York Jets 28. Los Angeles Chargers 29. Washington Redskins 30. Carolina Panthers 31. Jacksonville Jaguars 32. Cincinnati Bungles The Great Zomboni Predicts them Buffalo* 10-6 New England 9-7 Miami 7-9 NY Jets 6-10 Cleveland* 11-5 Baltimore* 10-6 Pittsburgh 9-7 Cincinnati 2-14 Indianapolis* 10-6 Tennessee 9-7 Houston 8-8 Jacksonville 3-13 Kansas City* 11-5 Las Vegas* 10-6 Denver 8-8 LA Chargers 4-12 Dallas* 11-5 Philadelphia 9-7 NY Giants 7-9 Washington 4-12 Minnesota* 10-6 Green Bay* 9-7 Chicago 7-9 Detroit 6-10 New Orleans* 11-5 Tampa Bay* 10-6 Atlanta 8-8 Carolina 3-13 Seattle* 11-5 San Francisco 9-7 LA Rams 8-8 Arizona 6-10 AFC Wild Card Round Indy over Vegas Baltimore over Buffalo NFC Wild Card Round Seattle over Green Bay Tampa over Minnesota AFC Divisional Round Cleveland over Baltimore Kansas City over Indy NFC Divisional Round Dallas over Tampa New Orleans over Seattle AFC Championship Cleveland over Kansas City NFC Championship Dallas over New Orleans Super Bowl LII Cleveland 34 Dallas 33
  7. Zombo

    Protest Thread

    Well, you were responding to my post, so that is why you got my response. And no, I don't mind if someone makes a social stance before a football game. It doesn't change my day. Z
  8. Zombo

    Pro Pick'em!

    I really don't know the difference why some 1-0s are in first place, and rest of us are in 6th place ... But it will come out in the wash. Zombo
  9. Zombo

    2020 Browns Depth Chart

    Makes sense ... position wise. But I'll have to Google these guys. Z
  10. Zombo

    Pro Pick'em!

    It's a soft 1-0. Zombo
  11. Zombo

    Protest Thread

    Ah .. "The Left". I own my own business, I pay my share of taxes, I obey the law (mostly), I'm educated, I went to Catholic school, I go to church, I've only owned American cars, My Dad was a WWII Vet, my uncle died on D-Day, I like baseball, hot dogs and apple pie ... and I'm voting for Joe Biden. And protests don't ruffle my feathers, they are part of the American Process ... am I a "leftist"? Zombo
  12. Zombo

    2020 Browns Depth Chart

    Yep, can't wait to see that offense unleashed on Sunday. Z
  13. Zombo

    Dutch's 2020 Browns Questions

    1. Browns record? 11-5 2. Bengals record? 2-14 3. Ravens record? 10-6 4. Steelers record? 9-7 5. How many points will the Browns score in '20? How many do they allow? 403 / 325 6. How many yards, touchdowns and interceptions does Baker Mayfield throw for? 4501 / 30 / 12 7. Who leads the Browns in receptions? How many receptions? Landry 101 8. Who leads the Browns in receptions yards? How many yards? Beckham 1,244 9. Who leads the Browns in reception touchdowns? How many TDs? Beckham 9 10. How many rushing yards and rushing touchdowns does Nick Chubb have? 1301, 7 11. How many TOTAL yards (rushing and receiving) and TOTAL TDs does Kareem Hunt have? 1,000, 6 12. How many sacks does Myles Garrett have? 21 13. Browns record vs. AFC North? 4-2 14. What two teams play in the Super Bowl? Who wins? Browns & Cowboys ... Browns
  14. Zombo


    ... And Fernando VII takes a strike right down the middle of the plate. Actually I am surprised that only one guy forgot to make their picks. I'm the only one taking the Browns? Pussies. Z
  15. Zombo

    Protest Thread

    I find it REAL easy to separate Politics and my favorite sports. Same goes for Actors and Musicians. Nothing phases me. It's just an opinion or a gesture. A song, a knee, a speech ... We are all free to express ourselves. I was out with clients the other night and they were cancelling their NFL Package and Red Zone because of their feelings toward the NFL. That's OK too. But I'm glad I'm not that way. I am ready for my 51st Season of Browns obsession. Chomping at the bit, actually! Z