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  1. Zombo

    Terrelle Pryor

    He blows. Z
  2. Pressed for time, I will flesh this out if I get a chance: BROWNS 34 BUCS 28 Rookies Mayfield, Chubb and Calloway shine. SAINTS 33 RAVENS 20 Ravens are last team left for Brees to beat ... Not betting against him. CHIEFS 39 BENGALS 27 Back to earth, Bungles. TGZ is off to Tampa with his harem, take the OVER in all three of these games! TGZ
  3. Zombo

    It’s still not enough

    What you do with the other $999,999,990? Z
  4. Zombo

    The Big Four Rookie QBs

    Have fun, Larry, I'm not getting up there until Sunday morning, I'll be at the lot bright and early, hope to see Flugs and Russ too! Zombo
  5. Zombo

    Breshad Perriman

    I remember his Dad, Brett, well, catching passes from Vinnie T for Jimmy J at the U Then a real nice meat of his career with the Lions In 1995 he caught 108 passes for 1,488 yards and 9TDs. On the same team, Herman Morore caught 123 passes for 1,686 yards and 14 TDs and Barry Sanders rushed for 1,500 yards and 11 TDs... So don't tell me there was no offense in the 90's and all of the offensive stats now are a product of rules changes ... There was plenty offense in Motown in the 90's ... Z --12 yards away from 1,500 yard triplets!
  6. Zombo

    The Big Four Rookie QBs

    He's gone til Tuesday, enjoy. We'll be in Tampa, not fair to ask Mark to delete his nonsense all weekend. Go Browns!
  7. Zombo

    The Big Four Rookie QBs

    The team blows. Rosen is learning on the job. Not doing well, but way to early to make a call, tough spot for a rookie to learn how to win on a team that bad. But Denver's pass rush was ALL over him. Zombo
  8. Zombo

    Pluto again

    I agree, this is a good test for our team. I am surprised TB is only favored by 3.5, they are loaded with weapons. Not much of a running game, but no-names always run on us. Greg Williams is going to have to call a bend but don't break game like he did against Baltimore and we need at least three turnovers to get to them. Winston has great arm-talented and amazing receivers ... but he isn't the brightest tool in the shed, so we've got to give him some looks he hasn't seen and Garrett and Ogbah need to get after him, and hopefully an inside push from Obgonjobi too. We can't let him sit back there all day and pick apart coverage: Ward ----> Trying to neutralize the 6'5 Evans Carrie ---> Trying to stay with Desean Jackson averaging 24 yards per catch Calhoun ---> You get Chris Goodwin, no slouch TWO very good TEs for our safeties and linebackers to cover: O.J Howard and Cameron Bratte Just matchup nightmares. We are going to need 30 from the Baker Boys, this game will tell us a LOT of what we are made of. Zombo
  9. Zombo

    Tampa, Who's Going?

    That is very true Gip. Tampa is a good example, you can live a nice life there, or you can be a miserable fuck there. I don't doubt that Memphis is a shithole, but it would be less of a shithole if Ghoolie wasn't there. Zombo
  10. Zombo

    Tampa, Who's Going?

    You must have been on the shithole side of town. Of the four major Florida metropolises, Tampa is by far the most liveable IMO. Jacksonville is rednecky (and a little too cool in the wintertime for me). Lots of rebel flags and horns that play "dixie" if you are into that sort of thing. Miami and surrounding areas is a concrete jungle of mass clusterfuck, half of which does not speak English. Orlando is a living landlocked hell of shopping centers and chain restaurants with snot nosed kids whining Tampa I can deal with ... nice downtown area on the water, nice beaches. It has its bad areas and rednecks too ... but you can find some nice spots in the Tampa Bay area. Florida overall ... There are some decent towns in the panhandle, but Sarasota and Naples are by far the best two places to live in my book. Zombo
  11. So he''s been cut by the Browns, Bills, Patriots (twice), and now the Giants can make it five ... Zombo
  12. Zombo

    Use of players on offense

    He's a terrific leader and a prolific pass receiver with disciplined routes and great hands. He's not Randy Moss. He's Hines Ward. Nothing wrong with that. Z
  13. I certainly hope so. Just going by this: http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25016898/cleveland-browns-cb-ej-gaines-concussion-protocol-sunday
  14. Yep Gaines is out, and Tretter in a walking boot with a high ankle sprain ... Corbett is next man up at Center. Z
  15. Zombo

    A Case For Hue

    The trade was a full month before he was fired. They didn't get it done in time. If anything. The incompetence in executing the trade accelerated his exit. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21317473/sabotage-aj-mccarron-trade-cleveland-browns