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  1. How excited is The Great Zomboni's assistant, Minka Kelly, about going 4 and 0 last week? I'll let her describe it: There is a Covid Crunch in the AFC North this week, but after some creative scheduling, it looks like everyone will field a football team and this is what will happen when: New York Giants at Cincinnati, Sunday, 1 :00 PM A promising rebuild hit a major roadblock for the Bungles last week when Joe Burrow tore up his knee on his 56,000th pass attempt of the year. Brandon Allen makes the start for the Bungles ... and before you laugh or say "who?" ... He beat the Browns as a Bronco last year. But no such luck against the Giants, who are sniffing a tie for first place in the illustrious NFC East. GIANTS 26 BUNGLES 20 Cleveland at Jacksonville, Sunday, 1:00 PM The Browns have been hit so hard with injuries and Covid, that I'm not even sure who is playing on Sunday. But I'm pretty sure Baker is a go, and Chubb and Hunt will running behind a fairly healthy offensive line ... that's enough to beat these guys. BROWNS 30 JAGS 20 Baltimore at Pittsburgh, Tuesday Night, 8:00 PM As the week has gone on for me, this game has swung from a Thursday Night likely Ravens upset to a Tuesday Night likely Steeler coronation. I mean, if RG3 is starting, forget it. I don't even have a betting line on this one, but I'll go with Steelers by more than a touchdown, that ought to cover it. STEELERS 27 RAVENS 16 TGZ
  2. Zombo

    All Time Browns Depth Chart

    I'll update it in the offseason, when I can work in this year's accomplishments. Z
  3. Zombo

    Browns vs. Jaguars Data Points

    He was a good, consistent outside linebacker. Long rime starter. Z
  4. Zombo

    Browns vs. Jaguars Data Points

    Mike Johnson and Vince Costello made my all-time roster in 2019. Many others received recognition. A pretty good group overall.
  5. Zombo

    Survey Black Friday

    1. Will the Browns make the playoffs? Yes. 2. Will both Chubb and Hunt carry for 100 yards each on Sunday v. Jags? Can both of them get to 1000 yards for the season? Yes and Yes. 3. Which team will win the shitty NFC East? Skins 4. It is rivalry time in college football. What is the best college football rivalry...that is not OSU/Michigan? Notre Dame / USC 5. Apparently Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr......who each were the greatest boxers going in their day, are going to fight. Is this really a thing that should happen? No 6. Today is Black Friday. Did you make any purchases....get any really good deals? Have never participated.
  6. Zombo

    Browns vs. Jaguars Data Points

    Yes, I have sat in that stadium in Jacksonville and been disappointed many times. Remember, Jacksonville was in the AFC Central from 1995-2001. I think the Browns will be locked in this week, though ... But you always have to watch out for the wounded animal. Zombo
  7. Zombo

    Browns vs. Jaguars Data Points

    Bottlegate! I threw bottles! Z
  8. Zombo

    This Week in the AFC North

    My new assistant has inspired me.
  9. Zombo

    AFC Playoff Picture

    After 11 weeks, the Browns are 7-3 and seeded #6, the top 7 teams make the playoffs. Currently the Browns would be playing at Buffalo in the first round of the playoffs This week the Browns play at 1-9 Jacksonville and are 6.5 point favorites to win. This week's games with implications: 1. Baltimore at Pittsburgh. Pick your poison. If you are still holding out hope for the division, root for Baltimore. If you want the Rats buried behind us, root for Pittsburgh. Personally I am rooting for Covid in this one. Go Covid! 2. Tennessee at Indianapolis. Someone is going to lose , so that is good. I guess I wouldn't mind seeing the Tits win, and then we beat them next week and we hold the tiebreaker over both teams at that point. Go Neither! 3. Bills at Chargers ... Go Chargers! 4. Dolphins at Jets ... Go J ... oh, never mind. 5. Chiefs at Tampa ... Go Bucs!
  10. Zombo

    AFC Playoff Picture

    NFC Game tonight, so let's get right to it: Browns hold serve at home. Ravens lose, Raiders lose, Dolphins lose. Colts & Steelers win, so where does that leave us ...
  11. Zombo

    AFC Playoff Picture

    Browns win, Ravens fucked, Dolphins fucked ... follow me for more recipes. Z
  12. A little late getting this up this week as I was getting to now my new assistant better. Took Minka to a 5-Star resort, but all she wanted to do was stay in bed! But we did pull out the ol' crystal ball this morning ... eventually ... and here's what is said: Philadelphia at Cleveland, Sunday 1:00 PM A good old-fashioned November Mud Bowl for these Classic NFL Franchises. But only one of these teams is built the old-fashioned way, so look for the Browns to control the game on the ground with Chubb and Hunt and I see Baker running one in like ol' Otto Graham too. BROWNS 23 EAGLES 16 Cincinnati at Washington, Sunday 1:00 PM This is a hard one to handicap, but an easy one to know who to root for. I would love to see Alex Smith get a win. So be it. REDSKINS 27 BUNGLES 24 Pittsburgh at Jacksonville, Sunday 1:00 PM The Steelers get another stack of pancakes from the schedule makers this week. Someone named Jake Luton gets the start for the 1-8 Jags, but they'll probably keep it close anyway. And injure Ben. STEELERS 22 JAGUARS 18 Tennesee at Baltimore, Sunday1:00PM You can't be a running QB forever, eventually you have to be the better passer on the field each week, and that is never going to be the case for Jacko. Ratbird spiral continues against Tits desperate to bounce back. TITANS 37 RAVENS 24 TGZ
  13. Lets' roast some birds, you pancake-eating motherfuckers!!!! Z
  14. Zombo

    Browns/Eagles Data Points

    Hoyer never played for the Eagles. Z
  15. Zombo

    AFC Playoff Picture

    Way too early to delve into specific scenarios at this point, I just feel that the NFLs current policy of resolving divisional tiebreakers before conference tiebreakers is correct and fair. Z