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  1. OK Gip, way to not be cool about a couple nipples slipping past ... I do not want to moderate ... doesn't everyone know that by know? Be reasonable.
  2. Tannehill

    Z, get that silly notion out of your head about Cousins. The only thing we can offer him is $$$, not a chance to play in the SB any time soon. He'd pick the Dolphins over us anytime, too bad Miami is sort of cap strapped to make a realistic offer. Broncos could do the Manning revisited ploy- they have the cap space, and their window is closing fast. Closed. Try again? Z
  3. No one ever said we could or couldn't post naked boobs. I'm sure it will stick as long as it's "tasteful" Zombo
  4. What would you do???

    I didn't know there was more than one Barkley thread. I only merge what is on the fronnt page ... what moves on to Page Two is down the river ... Zombo
  5. Tannehill

    He signed a big front loaded extension , no? Could make sense a as bridge, but I don''t think we'd be the best place for him since, he'd just be a placeholder. He can go start in Washington after we sign Cousins. Zombo
  6. Fantasy Football

    Alright you homos, we'll go with my names, and I'm letting this loose ... See you all next Summer ... Zombo
  7. What would you do???

    I merge when I feel it is needed. Carry on. Zombo
  8. Had to prune this thread down from 30+ to 19 pages. It was tough to look at all these pics ... but somebody had to do it. Got rid of old pics that have disappeared and folks that didn't follow our one simple rule: Either post a hot chick or quaote a post with a hot chick in it. There should be a hot chick in every post. Carry on. Z
  9. Camp Barkley #1 Overall

    Should be available at 4 ... 2 QBs and the Tackle. If we get Cousins, Im Ok with trading down a alittle as long as we get Barkley and Fitzpatrick. If we don't get Cousins, gotta go Best QB with that #1 ... Zombo
  10. What would you do???

    We were all on here and said who we wanted before the picks. It's a matter of record for us regulars. The Browns have just been really. Really bad at drafting, no way around it. Coaching stability helps true, we are going that route now ... just changing the picker ... again... hopefully he picks better than the average yahoo on here. Zombo
  11. What would you do???

    I'm going to take this a little deeper: What I wanted to do versus what the Browns did since 1999: I will add PFF DrAV score ... Which is the AV score for the team that drafted him. All of my picks would have been available with the Browns original draft pick 1999 Zombo: Couch 30 Browns: Couch 30 2000 Z: Arrington 45 B: C. Brown 21 2001 Z: Leonard Davis 27 B: Gerard Warren 27 2002 Z: Ed Reed 103 B: William Green 14 2003 Z: Larry Johnson 50 B: Jeff Faine 11 2004 Z: Roy Williams 30 B: traded a second rounder to move up one spot and take Kellen Winslow 19 2005 Z: Derrick Johnson (could have traded down to get him) 84 B: Braylon Edwards 28 2006 Z: Tamba Hali 77 B: Kameron Wimbley 26 2007 Z: Adrian Peterson 88 B1: Joe Thomas 83 B2: Traded 2nd rounder and next years first for Brady Quinn 3 2008 Z: Never would have traded it for Quinn B: Traded it for Quinn 2009 Z: Michael Crabtree 33 B: Traded #5 for #17 and a 2nd rounder, Traded back two spots to #19 and took Alex Mack 35 2010 Z: Joe Haden 40 B: Joe Haden 40 2011 Z: Julio Jones 77 B: Traded #5 to Atlanta for #27, a 2nd and 4th in 2011 and a 1st and 4th in 2012. Traded #27 and a 3rd to move up #21 to take Phil Taylor 20 2012 Z1 & 2: Wanted to trade both picks + to move up and take Robert Griffin 32 B1: Traded a 4th, 5th and 7th to move up one spot and take Trent Richardson 7 B2: Brandon Weeden 11 2013 Z: Wanted to trade back for Cordarelle Patterson 18 B: Barkevious Mingo 10 2014 Z1: Khalil Mack 45 Z2: Kelvin Benjamin 19 B1: Traded #4 to Buffalo for #9 and a 1st and 4th in 2015, Traded a 5th rounder and move up one spot to take Justin Gilbert 3 B2: Traded #26 and a 3rd to move up to #22 and take Johnny Manziel 5 2015 Z1: Danny Shelton 16 Z2 Shane Ray 11 B1: Danny Shelton 16 B2 Cam Erving 7 2016 Z: Carson Wentz 24 B Traded #2 and 2017 5th for Philly's 1st (#8), 3rd and 5th, 2017 1st and 2018 2nd. Traded #8 and a 6th for Titans #15, a 3rd, and 2017 2nd. At #15 took Corey Coleman 5 2017 Z1 Myles Garrett 4 Z2 Deshone Kizer 5 (trade back) B1 Myles Garrett 4 B2 Traded #10 to Houston for #25 and 1st in 2018, at #25 took Jabril Peppers 5 B3 Traded back into firat round for David Njoku 2 Summary: Zombo ... Some guys great, some not-so great, some similar to Browns. Browns ... Always seem to make the wrong decision ... But loaded for bear in the future My Total DrAV: 858including HOFers Reed and Peterson. Browns Total DrAV: 429 including HOFer Thomas Zombo
  12. Survey Thursday. Final Four

    Here are today's survey questions. Give your answers or opinions: 1. This is Final Four week: A. Who do you want to win: Pats/Jags?......who do you think will win? Want Jags, Think Pats B. Who do you want to win: Eagles/Vikings....who do you think will win? Want Eagles, Think Vikings 2. What is your Go To source for draft information? The Browns Board 3. A. Who did the best coaching job in the NFL in 2017? Marrone, Pederson, McVeigh and Zimmer all worthy of that recognition B. Who did the worst coaching job in the NFL in 2017? (shouldn't bother to ask...but I did) McAdoo 4. Do you have a preference to take over the Browns OC job? If so...who? Whoever HueJack thinks will work best with him. 5. See this article.....and tell us who you are rooting for: (By the way....this took place in Zombo's back yard in Naples) https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/956fb0ef-69ac-3658-8515-b6575db6f44b/alligator-fights-python-in.html Gator every time.
  13. Mel Kiper says

    Again ... anyone that figure out the Browns were doing at the top of the draft in the last ten years, let me now. Garrett looks like he's going to be a good pick but the picks and moves where they actually had to think is mind-boggling. Zombo