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  1. My point is he had one of the most gruesome knee injuries ever seen. And his career lasted 10 years. Most healthy running backs are lucky to last 5-7 years.
  2. A lot of RBs have had major knee injuries. Willis Mcaghee, had almost 8500 yards in a 10 year career.
  3. Beef up front and a stud running back. I like it.
  4. Coyote

    Aaron Goldhammer has to eat Poop

    Amen. Hell I get the biggest piece of Oklahoma Horse crap I could find and make that little smuck eat every bite.
  5. Coyote

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    I wanted Darnold. But Mayfield is my QB now. Gotta pull for the kid.
  6. RB- Derrius Guice, LSURB- Nick Chubb, GeorgiaRB- Ronald Jones II, USCWR- Courtland Sutton, Southern MethodistWR- Christian Kirk, Texas A&MWR- James Washington, Oklahoma StateTE- Mike Gesicki, Penn StateOL- Orlando Brown, OklahomaOL- James Daniels, IowaOL- Will Hernandez, UTEPOL- Connor Williams, TexasDL-Harrison Phillips, StanfordDL-Maurice Hurst, Michigan---Major Medical concernDL-Da'Shawn Hand, AlabamaEdge- Harold Landry, Boston CollegeEdge- Sam Hubbard, Ohio StateLB- Malik Jefferson, TexasLB- Micah Kiser, VirginiaLB- Jerome Baker, Ohio StateCB- Josh Jackson, IowaCB- Carlton Davis, AuburnCB- Isaiah Oliver, ColoradoS- Ronnie Harrison, AlabamaS- Jessie Bates III, Wake ForestS- Justin Reid, StanfordS- Marcus Allen, Penn State
  7. Coyote

    Aaron Goldhammer has to eat Poop

    Emmitt Golden just told Baker about it in an interview. Baker let Goldhammer off the hook. "Nah man, he don't have to do that."
  8. Coyote

    The number #1 pick

  9. Coyote

    The number #1 pick

    Believe me, I cried a lot during the 80-90s. I hate Elway still, respect, but hate Jordan still........... Hate the Cubs..........was at game 6 of the World Series........ But the Cavs and 2016 help relieve a lot of that pain..............now I want MORE...........
  10. Coyote

    The number #1 pick

    Few teams go from basement to penthouse in 1 year. Be realistic. (It will cause less pain) If we start by beating our rivals, and getting 6-7 wins, after 1-31.......... that's a freaking monumental accomplishment. Then add some talent, fill some holes next year. Win 10 games in '19. Steps man, gotta walk before you can run...........
  11. Coyote

    The number #1 pick

    You have seen a lot of the great times and a lot of misery. Seen it all. That is why even after 40 years of being a Cleveland sports fan I have a great deal of respect for your opinion. Oh I may still think you are full of Sheet sometimes.......but after 15 years on the same message board............I'm allowed...............LOL
  12. Coyote

    The number #1 pick

    Maybe not special in the sense of number of wins. (I think 6-7 wins is reasonable.) But I agree "special" in the sense that we have a front office that knows what the hell they are doing and some talent that will not embarrass the fan base. Just Freaking beat Pittsburg, Cinci and the Ratbirds this year. Next year go for the Division.
  13. Coyote

    The number #1 pick

    1999, Ok you have seen a lot of pain. I can respect that. See, I remember when we were actually really, really good. Like shoulda won a Superbowl good. (Shmuckin Elway......) Dutch has his opinions, some of which I agree with, some I don't. But don't disrespect his knowledge. While you (or I )may not agree, he and MJP do know what they are talking about. It might be a different perspective due to experience, that does not mean its wrong. Until proven otherwise.
  14. Coyote

    The number #1 pick

    You don't impress me dude. I know you won't give a Sheet, but I been a Browns fan since 1979. 49 years old. Do the math. (And I know that doesn't impress you either, but I don't give a Sheet.) I do my own research for the draft and Darnold and Chubb make the most sense. (Or Darnold and Barkley) Dutch, myself and MJP come from another forum that lasted for 15 years till the owner shut it down. While our post count here (especially mine) may not be impressive, we have each others back and are not gonna take any Sheet from the likes of you. We know our Sheet, even though you might not agree... You want respect for being here so long........... earn it.
  15. Coyote

    The number #1 pick

    Can't wait till 8 PM brother. Get these smucks the Shmuck outa here........