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  1. Jonathan Paul Manziel

    I listened to a Tribe game as I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge on 1100, so maybe?
  2. Browns at Texans... Dec 2

    That game shall forever be known as "The Game That Kevin Hogan Broke PoG's Heart With His Noodle-Armed Interceptions".
  3. Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Is he going to marry a Playmate from Avon Lake who gets arrested for beating up Manziel's ex too?
  4. Jonathan Paul Manziel

    I think ESPN carries a weekly CFL game...
  5. It must be exhausting for conservatives to constantly overcompensate to prove to everyone - and themselves - how masculine they are.
  6. Jonathan Paul Manziel

    I won't lie.... I'll definitely watch some CFL games if Hamilton is on.
  7. Browns selected for Hard Knocks

    I could be wrong, but weren't the Bengals on two years in a row at one point?
  8. Browns selected for Hard Knocks

    So next year's team should get about 15 wins?
  9. Brogan Robeck

    Bruce Gradowski or something like that?
  10. Brogan Robeck

    I wish I could quit you Darren15...
  11. Boring Times - New Era

    Italy became a unified nation in 1861. Garibaldi was such a highly-regarded general that President Lincoln asked him to be a general in Union Army when the American Civil War broke out months later. Garibaldi said he would, under two conditions: 1. He had to be named head of the Union forces 2. Lincoln had to immediately end slavery Lincoln would have agreed to #1, but not #2 because he didn't want border states to join the Confederacy. Garibaldi refused the offer because he would only fight for the U.S. if it was for a noble cause. Keeping the Union intact was not enough for Garibaldi. When Lincoln two years later signed the Emancipation Proclamation, Garibaldi sent Lincoln a letter telling him that now the war was a noble cause, now the deaths of thousands of men meant something, and that Lincoln will forever go down in history as a righteous man.
  12. Unreasonably tough schedule?

    The Browns are one blocked field goal by Jamie Meder from a 36 game losing streak. That's staggering to think about. But it can't rain forever, can it?
  13. Unreasonably tough schedule?

    It would be difficult for it to be worse...
  14. You are starting your own football league

    -Shorter schedule, some years it isn't about who is best but who has anyone decent still playing
  15. Unreasonably tough schedule?

    Yeah, I didn't quite get all the "we were in a ton of games and a break here or there" talk. The last two seasons the Browns have not only been 1-31, but they were 32nd in the NFL against the spread. Basically, as bad as they've been, they have actually been worse than expected too.
  16. Unreasonably tough schedule?

    We'd still get points from 2 of the 3....
  17. Unreasonably tough schedule?

    For a schedule to be fair for the Browns of late it would have to consist of 16 home games scheduled against teams of the ilk of the Sisters of the Poor, The Blind, Deaf and Dumb Academy of South Indiana and the Benevolent Order of the Moose from Hackensack, New Jersey.
  18. Unreasonably tough schedule?

    Won't stop certain Browns fans from their victim conspiracies, though. Facts are optional in today's Mericuh.
  19. Highlights of the Chubb We Need

    Get four good seasons out of him, let him walk, next man up.
  20. Message Board Story about Peppers

    The reason the Browns have one win in their last 36 games! Wow... If it wasn't for Meder the Browns could be on a 36 game losing streak. Think about that. Yikes.
  21. Baker Mayfield Thread

    I can hear the breathing via the mouth and the dragging of the knuckles from here!
  22. Message Board Story about Peppers

    It's not hard to spot a player who looks like he's back to receive a punt, especially on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd downs... Glad to see him being moved to strong safety... I still think worry he's a "jack of all trades, master of none" type of guy (which is why I questioned using a 1st rounder on him), but at least he's being put in the position to play to his strengths.
  23. Baker Mayfield Thread

    This board is full of Renaissance men. You should have read the thread about Kizer being traded that evolved into a debate over the best post WWII abstract artists.
  24. Baker Mayfield Thread

    This is such a delightfully weird board sometimes...